New in the Shop: Making Plant Medicine Book

    We’ve got a fantastic addition to our collection of books that we’d like to share with you: the classic Making Plant Medicine. Originally published over 15 years ago, Making Plant Medicine has become a preferred reference for learning to make herbal tinctures, teas, syrups, herbal oils, salves, and poultices. This is a modern medicine-making book and formulary with roots in original herbalism. It’s designed for medicinal herb gardeners and wildharvesters to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship. In the newest fourth edition, beloved Oregon herb farmer Richo Cech shares intriguing stories based on his experience as a global wanderer, herbalist, and medicine-maker. In the context of his lifelong love of gardening, this insightful book is original, amusing, and […]

Helping Ensure A Fair Trade Future

    The smiles on the faces of the farmers as I handed them their organic cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, and clove saplings were ear-to-ear grins. Today, I had the pleasure of hand-delivering the saplings to one of the 60 farms we collaborate with as part of our innovative Fair for Life Project. It was the winter of 2016, and over the course of two weeks, I visited about 25 of these organic farming projects in India. These are the farms and farmers that Mountain Rose Herbs is working with as part of its Fair for Life Project. Each bioregion in India is known for growing its own unique crop types, so our farms are spread out across hundreds of miles and dozens of […]

DIY Spiced Coconut Dairy-Free Creamer

You may have heard about the resurgence in returning to diets higher in fat. Ever since learning about this trend, I’ve been experimenting with ways to add fat back into my diet. I especially enjoy the luxury that a boost of fatty goodness can bring to a cold morning. While I used to only drink my coffee black, I’ve lately become accustomed to using a teaspoon of butter or a tablespoon of whipping cream. Thanks to a wonderful office-mate, who brought in an almond milk creamer the other day, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of finding more dairy-free, vegan alternatives. Their store-bought almond milk creamer tasted like an almond latte but without the artificial flavoring. It was delicious and just […]

1 oz. Sizes of Herbs and Spices Now Available

We’ve received a lot of customer feedback over the years suggesting that we offer smaller sizes of our extensive line of herbs and spices.  We are happy to announce that the day is finally here!  Every single one of our herbs and spices is now available in a 1 oz. size. This makes it much easier for you to experiment with the different herbs that you’ve been curious about.  Many tea blends and other herbal recipes call for small amounts of herbs, and the 1 oz. size may be perfect for making a tiny batch of tinctures or sampling a new-to-you spice in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless! All of your favorite herbs and spices will still be available in […]

The Journey of our Turmeric

From the fields of India to your kitchen I recently visited the remote agricultural Indian village of Kollegala, based at the foothills of the Western Ghats. It’s a fertile farming land with a dry growing season and heavy summer rains. The community in this area makes its living primarily off of the sales of turmeric (Curcuma longa). The turmeric growers here represent the largest farming group in our innovative Fair for Life Project, and grow turmeric exclusively for Mountain Rose Herbs. Read more about the project in my recent blog post. I was there to check up on some new construction projects that our Fair for Life premiums funded. This year, Mountain Rose Herbs helped rebuild several of the resident farming […]

New in the Shop: White Rose Hydrosol

          We have a decadent new addition to our line of certified organic, steam-distilled hydrosols, the luxurious White Rose Hydrosol. Our White Rose Hydrosol comes to us from artisan distillers in Bulgaria who specialize in cultivating, harvesting, and extracting this delicate flower. With beautiful rosy notes that are soft and delicate, this hydrosol offers a lighter floral scent than our Rose Hydrosol and is an intriguing scent to experiment with. You can enhance the uplifting floral aroma by blending with other hydrosols like rose geranium, ylang ylang, or neroli. Adding earthy essential oils such as vetiver or oakwood will create a rich grounding floral scent. The possibilities are endless! White Rose Hydrosol is also a popular single ingredient facial toner for all skin […]