Summer Recipe Sale: 25% off Arnica Massage Oil

It's time for the next recipe in our Summer Sale of 2015! We love to make this deeply penetrating and soothing herbal massage oil for the occasional aches and pains we endure. Ideal for sore muscles and the minor bumps and bruises that result from hiking, gardening, long bike rides, yard work, and other physical activities. This oil also makes a wonderful salve base! For the next two weeks only, you can stock up on select sizes of organic Olive Oil, Arnica Flowers, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil at 25% off!  

Double Your Donation to Protect Wild Fish!

  For the month of August, Mountain Rose Herbs will double your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $5000! Pete Frost, an attorney at the Western Environmental Law Center, shared his thoughts about one topic close to his heart: As you may know, most wild salmon and steelhead trout runs in the West are dwindling. The size of many runs is now less than 10% of historical numbers, and hatchery fish—not wild fish—make up most of these runs. If the native wild salmon and steelhead trout runs in our home region are to survive, immediate action is required. The nonprofit I work for, the Western Environmental Law Center, uses a powerful tool to fight for wild salmon and steelhead—the law. Our legal team is in court […]

The Sunday Steep!

  I tend to start most days with a plan. My resolve and energy are at their best first thing in the morning as I go about making healthy choices and getting the day going with a burst. By mid-afternoon, however, I have a tendency to start to wane. My focus might drift and I can be tempted to give into cravings for junky snacks or beverages. Fantasies of a nap might take hold. Since I fancy myself pretty ordinary, I'm quite certain I'm not alone! As I learn more about health, nutrition, and how my mind and body perform best, I'm discovering some new ways to beat the afternoon slump. I like to make a big mug of this tea […]

New in the Shop: Organic Flowering Tea Sampler

  We are delighted to offer a new sampler set of our favorite organic flowering teas! This collection was born out of many hopeful wishes from our tea-adoring customers, since it's really difficult to choose between these delicious, visually-stunning flowering teas. Why not enjoy them all? Lovingly hand-crafted in the organic tea gardens of China’s Yunnan province, each package contains two of each flavor we offer for a total of 8 flowering buds. Dawn’s Delight features choice organic green tea buds blissfully combined with fragrant organic jasmine flowers. Evening Star contains the same delightful combination of herbs, but sewn in a more traditional “loop” pattern. Marigold Embrace features organic green tea sewn around a gorgeous organic marigold flower, and our Rosebud Revealed tea has the remarkable trifecta of organic green tea, jasmine, and rose.  Just add hot […]

Farm Stories: Sourcing Egyptian Herbs

  Egypt stands alone as the primary producer of core medical crops to serve the world market. Demand for these medicinal and aromatic plants has only increased since ancient times and Egypt has a long and rich history of export and trade stemming back thousands of years. The fertile Nile River Valley is the birthplace for precious resinous plants that grow nowhere else in the world. The hot African sun brings out the essential oils and healing properties of these incredible plants.  The main crops grown in Egypt are a refined and unwavering line of essentials. We don't find fringe or esoteric plants here…but only those evolved through thousands of generations of heirloom cultivation to thrive in this arid desert climate. Mountain Rose Herbs relies on […]

How to Make Herbal Salt Blends

  Making your own herbal salt offers a wonderful way to add herbs to every meal with just a sprinkle. It can also help you cut down on the amount of salt you use to season your meals, adding the benefit of a flavor, medicinal, or mineral boost, depending on the herbs you choose. Green with plant power, I like to keep my herbal salt in one of these beautiful salt jars on the counter next to my rainbow peppercorns for a fun burst of color in the kitchen.   With such a variety of gorgeous salts and herbs to formulate with, these blends can be as inventive as your creativity can stretch. I've included a great basic recipe to follow below, as well as a list of other possibilities to consider for your special […]