Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Northwest Herb Fest

This year’s Northwest Herb Fest was a lovely gathering of plant people from the Pacific States and beyond.  For two sunny days in July each year, Wise Acres Farm welcomes 200 excited attendees to explore their lush gardens, study with diverse teachers, browse handmade herbal goodies at the market, and make friends with other herbalists from the community. The festival offers a truly unique opportunity to learn different healing modalities and plant traditions from a plethora of botanical experience. To prepare for the weekend’s festivities, I harvested and bundled towering mugwort, catnip, spirea, lavender, milk thistle, and motherwort to decorate the Mountain Rose booth. As I hung the dazzling bouquets, our tent was instantly transformed with a bit of garden charm. So simple, yet so beautiful – assembling these herbal bundles quickly put me in the spirit for celebration! Classes began early Saturday morning as the sun perched on gently […]

Body Care with Wild Plants

What fun it is to explore fields and woods, bringing home wild plants to transform into healing products!