Monthly Archives: August 2010

In the Key of Flowers

Sunlight peeks through the misty morning canopy and dapples the open book in my lap with gold. A soft breeze whispers through the forest carrying the fragrance of May blossoms and bird songs. I sit in a wet patch of fluttering Oxalis, a wild yellow violet smiling into my hand lens, and read the couplet aloud… 26a – Leaves finely dotted, flecked, or reticulately mottled with purple, rather firm and coriaceous, persistent and generally pubescent, plant stoloniferous; mostly in moist woods. Viola sempervirens 26b – Leaves not flecked with purple, thin, generally withering during the winter, often glabrous, plant not stoloniferous; montane to alpine. Viola orbiculata After careful examination of snaking shoots and leathery leaves, I discover that this spring beauty is indeed Viola sempervirens, the Evergreen Violet! Learning to identify lovely little flowers will surely enrich how we experience these special places. All friendships require a bit of curiosity, patience, […]

Herbal Infused Honey

Honey infused with herbs is pure decadence!