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New at Mountain Rose Herbs: Herbal DVDs!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added a new herbal DVD section to our website! Here is the new page, which features the first DVD we’ve chosen for your viewing pleasure. It won’t be by its lonesome for long; we’ll soon be adding more informative and educational titles for you to choose from. The first DVD we’ve added is (drum roll, please) Numen: The Nature of Plants. Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to be a sponsor of this fascinating 95-minute documentary film focusing on the healing power of plants and the natural world that produced them. This video is chock-full of stunning footage of medicinal plants and insightful interviews with well-known veteran herbalists, and presents an inspiring vision of how we can transcend conventional healthcare and move towards safe, effective and sustainable plant-based medicine. Through this video, the producers aim to raise awareness about medicine and the medical industry in […]

Mountain Rose Gruit!

Exciting news! There’s a Mountain Rose Herbs beer on tap in the Pacific Northwest!   The beermakers at Oakshire Brewing in Eugene crafted their very first Belgian Style Gruit (pronounced grew-it) this year. They used 9 of our organic herbs to make the wort, so when it came time to name the beer, a light bulb sparked…Mountain Rose Gruit! Clever, right?   A gruit is an ancient style of beer that uses a blend of bitter and aromatic herbs instead of Hops. Oakshire chose our Mugwort, Dandelion root, Dandelion leaf, Burdock root, Licorice root, Milk Thistle seed, Blessed Thistle, Chamomile flowers, and Grapefruit peel. They first made a tea from each herb to determine how much bitterness, sweetness, and aromatic character the roots, seeds, leaves, and peel would bring to the beer’s flavor. Through this tasting process, the brewers were able to formulate ingredient ratios for the mash. Bitter herbs were […]

Nettle Garlic Buttermilk Biscuits

It’s time once again to harvest the tender green tops of the glorious Stinging Nettle! Growing happily in herb gardens, wet woods, and riparian eco-systems this time of year, Urtica dioica is used around the world as a springtime tonic. Whether taken as a tincture, nutrient rich tea, sautéed with garlic, added to green juice, or blended fresh into smoothies and pesto, this versatile and delicious herb is much beloved – stinging trichomes and all! How humans came to trust this lovely but very well armed perennial is a mystery to me. When I told my mom that Nettles make tasty greens, her voice filled with pain as she recounted childhood memories of neighborhood kids chasing each other with spiky stems full of the dreaded burning chemical cocktail! For those who brave the sting, Nettles are a true powerhouse offering us potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicic acid, iron, zinc, and a […]

Meet the Herbalist ~ Giveaway!

    Richo Cech is an internationally known herbalist, the founder of Horizon Herbs, and the author of one of our favorite herbal books, Making Plant Medicine.  He started his professional work as an archaeologist and ethnobotanist in East Africa and has propagated over 1,000 medicinal herb species gathered from all around the world to grow on his organic certified farm in Williams, Oregon.  Horizon Herbs sells an impressive array of  rare medicinal herb seeds that are grown on their farm.  Recently, he has botanized in China and Africa, resulting in the introduction of many new and exciting medicinal herb species to gardeners throughout the world.     The Giveaway! We are excited and honored to have Richo Cech share his incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for plants with us at Rootstalk! To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of his book The Medicinal Herb Grower: A Guide for Cultivating Plants that Heal and […]

Friday Featured Product!

A lovely card can be a sweet and thoughtful way to say “I love you”, “happy birthday”, or simply “I’m thinking of you”. It’s even better when the card is sustainably manufactured and contains a hidden herbal gift! These stunning and environmentally friendly handmade cards from our friends at Green Journey seeds are crafted from 50% recycled paper and 50% sugar cane. A beautifully illustrated packet of organic seeds is mounted on the inside of each card so that the gorgeous artwork shows through the die-cut window in the front of the card. Long after receiving the card, the your loved one will be enjoying fragrant herbs they’ve planted themselves. At their small organic farm in the foothills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Aline and Steven at Green Journey Seeds have been organically growing and saving seeds for 15 years. Besides growing and harvesting the seeds together, each member of this […]

Photo Thursday!

We’re excited to partner with several Oregon breweries to create custom herbal beers using organic herbs and spices for the Rootstalk Festival this September! All profits from beer sales will be donated to Cascadia Wildlands. Be sure to check out our new Rootstalk Festival Activities page for more details! Cheers!  

Meet the Herbalist!

  We are excited and honored to have K.P. Khalsa join us at this year’s Rootstalk Festival! K.P. Khalsa, Yogaraj, D.N.-C., R.H., has over 37 years of experience in alternative medicine, and is one of the foremost herbal experts in North America. He is President of the American Herbalists Guild, and a respected teacher, writer, and lecturer who has presented at over 150 national conventions and conferences. He has authored 30 books, including his most recent The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs. He’s also a faculty member in the Botanical Medicine Department at Bastyr University, in Seattle, where he trains naturopathic medical students, and a professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Khalsa is the curriculum director and principal instructor of the Nutritional Therapy Program at Portland Community College and the curriculum designer and principal herbal medicine instructor at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda. He also serves as Senior Research Scientist and […]

  • Herbal Hair Care Recipes by Mountain Rose Herbs

Herbal Hair Care

The majority of hair products commercially available, even among those touted as all-natural, contain synthetic detergents, fragrances, petrochemicals, and known allergens. These ingredients are harsh, stripping natural oils from the hair and scalp and resulting in imbalances to the scalp and hair. By making our own hair care products, we can help repair the health of our hair and scalp – all while saving money! Homemade hair care products are simple and inexpensive to create while also being gentle and nourishing for the scalp and hair. They do not have the synthetic ingredients and chemicals often found in commercial products; instead they rely upon botanicals and other pure ingredients to give you healthy hair and scalp. Not only can you harvest many of the ingredients from your garden, but you can customize the recipes so that they perfectly fit your specific needs.   Homemade Herbal Shampoo Infused with Sage, Rosemary & […]

Sensational Szechuan Pepper!

Q: When is a pepper not a pepper? A: When it’s Zanthoxylum bungeanum, a delicious member of the Rutacae (rue or citrus) family known as Szechuan Pepper! Also known as Chinese prickly ash or Chinese pepper, it’s tart, lemony and creates a tingling sensation on the taste buds, followed by a cool numbness. It’s an entertaining taste experience, as we can tell you from sampling the pods! While it’s fun to try the peppers by themselves, a more customary way of using them is to lightly toast the tiny reddish-brown outer seedpods, then crush them before adding them to food. Native to China, the aromatic shrub that produces Szechuan Pepper is now grown in temperate zones of Asia and North America. As you may have guessed from its name, Szechuan Pepper is used in the spicy cooking of the Szechuan province in China, as well as Tibetan and Bhutani cooking […]

Photo Thursday!

Check out this incredible photo from our awesome fan Christina! She trekked across the globe with our organic cotton Pesticides Suck! tote bag. This tote may have been made in the USA, but it’s vacationing in China! Pretty amazing!

Meet the Herbalist!

  Daniel Vitalis is a leading health, nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist, as well as a nature based philosopher, teaching that our invincible health is a product of living in alignment with our biological design and our role in the ecosystem. He incorporates the wisdom of indigenous peoples into our modern lives with an entertaining, motivational, and magnetic teaching style. He is also the creator of, a resource helping the public find clean, fresh, wild water, free of pollutants wherever they live. We are thrilled to have Daniel share his wisdom and experiences with us at this year’s Rootstalk Festival! He will present two classes throughout the weekend, as well as ignite the ceremonial fire for us on Friday evening as we celebrate the autumnal equinox with folklore!  We hope you enjoy this fantastic interview with Daniel!   1. What classes will you be teaching at Rootstalk this year? The Quest for the Mushroom of Immortality […]

Just In!

   We’re thrilled to announce that we have added more new liquid herbal extracts (also known as tinctures) to our line of single extracts! This time, we’re adding a whopping 11 of them: Artichoke, Cinnamon, Garlic, Gynostemma, Holy Basil, Maitake, Oregano, Reishi, Rhodiola, Sage, and Shatavari. These new extracts are truly exquisite and will make excellent additions to any at-home herbal pharmacy. We’re also hard at work on an upcoming select line of about 20 combination extracts—stay tuned for their imminent arrival! Click here to see our complete line of herbal extracts. Also, instead of buying our herbal extracts, you can very easily make your very own from freshly harvested materials from your garden or surrounding area, which is infinitely more fun and satisfying. If this is something that might interest you, check out this video… How to Make Herbal Tinctures