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26 08, 2011

New! Circulation Care Extract

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Logan Pearsall Smith claimed that “the denunciation of the young is a necessary part of the hygiene of older people, and greatly assists the circulation of the blood.” Well, whether you agree with that (tongue in cheek) opinion or not, we can all agree that healthy circulation is important for people of all ages. Our 25th (and newest) combination herbal extract goes by the name Circulation Care. Like all of our amazing extracts, it’s painstakingly formulated with organic and wildharvested herbs in a base of organic grain alcohol. This new blend is formulated with herbs commonly used to encourage good circulation and send warmth to the extremities: Garlic, Cinnamon, Gingko, Eleuthero, Prickly Ash, Cayenne and Rosemary. Just reading the ingredients makes me feel warmer! Happy Friday! –Jessie
23 08, 2011

We are RE:think Certified!

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Mike Lasco has a big job as our Facilities Manager here at Mountain Rose Herbs, where he oversees our offices, herb warehouse, production areas, and more! He’s in tune with our daily power and water usage, waste reclamation program, mechanical repairs, and all other aspects of the company to ensure that we are adhering to strict green building standards. Thanks to Mike for sharing the exciting news that we are now RE:think Certified!     A few weeks ago, Mountain Rose Herbs was presented with a plaque naming the company the newest member of the RE:think Certified Business program! The RE:think program is a creation of Bring Recycling, Eugene’s premier used-goods marketplace and recycling center. RE:think Certification is awarded to companies in Lane County that are committed to reducing waste and conserving natural resources.    In order to become certified, the program requires all businesses to use paper products that contain a minimum of 30% recycled content, use biodegradable […]
19 08, 2011

New! Cyprus Flake Salt

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We love adding delicious new salts to our Epicurean Organics line! Here’s the latest exciting addition: Cyprus Flake Salt is not just salt, it’s history! For centuries, these delicately flaky, pyramid-shaped crystals have been harvested from lakes and salt rocks on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Long ago, this wonderful salt was a major export for Cyprus; the island’s “salty” history inspired the traditional Cypriot saying “we ate bread and salt together”, meaning that two people share a strong bond because they have gone through difficult times together. Today, these salt flakes are still made in the traditional manner, through the evaporation of sea salt. Like all sea salts, Cyprus Flake Salt naturally contains beneficial trace minerals. Unlike other sea salts, it has a uniquely beautiful pyramid shape which lends not only flavor, but also beauty to any food. The distinctive shape and texture of this gorgeous salt can […]
18 08, 2011

Rootstalk Video Contest Winner!

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   Congratulations to the winner of our Rootstalk Video Contest!  Not only is this family sweet and creative, they are also eco-conscience, forest-protecting, old-growth advocates. We’re thrilled to have them join us at Rootstalk this year! As the winner of our contest, they will receive two free passes to Rootstalk and two gift bags filled with goodies from Mountain Rose Herbs. We love the celebratory dance at the end of the video and can’t wait to boogie down with them at the festival!    A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. There were some fantastic entries and it was a really tough choice to make, so thank you for sharing your artistic energy and enthusiastic spirit with us! We hope to see you all at Rootstalk!
16 08, 2011

MaryJanesFarm Giveaway!

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We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with MaryJane Butters and MaryJanesFarm Magazine for several years now and couldn’t be more excited to have her join us at this year’s Rootstalk Festival! She’s a huge inspiration to us for her dedication to the message that organic living will lead to a healthy future for us all. MaryJane Butters pioneered the Farmgirl movement, which promotes organic farming with a do-it-yourself attitude. Articles in her magazine, as well as her beautiful website, will inspire you to harvest green garlic scapes, sew a garden apron, or bake fresh biscuits from your own home-milled flour. Cowgirl hat and all, MaryJane has always been a groundbreaker. She’s worked as a carpenter, wildfire lookout, founder of an environmental action group, and in 1976 she became the first woman station guard at the Moose Creek Ranger Station, the most remote Forest Service district in the continental US! Along […]
15 08, 2011

Natural Sunburn Relief

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It’s easy to underestimate the power of the sun, especially when busy playing, gardening, swimming, picnicking, hiking, and enjoying activities in the outdoors. The next time that you wind up with a sunburn, try these simple, homemade remedies utilizing herbs and natural elements.  Not only are they simple to whip up within a few minutes, the botanical ingredients are known for their ability to offer relief, assistance, and healing. Note: Before using any of the tips or suggestions in this article, make sure to cool off the sunburned area with a cool shower or with compresses, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and only use moisturizers that are  alcohol and perfume-free.  In case of a severe burn or blistering, consult with a doctor before using any of these recipes. Aloe & Calendula Mist Aloe Vera Gel is one of the very best ingredients for burns; it offers immediate relief, shortens recovery […]
12 08, 2011

New! Pastilles for Every Occasion

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In the midst of summer fun and excitement, it’s easy to forget that we can quickly go from feeling great to not feeling our best. A few unfortunate occurrences that can catch us off-guard: • Summer Colds. Who expects a cold in the middle of summer? Nonetheless, it happens—even to your friendly Mountain Rose Herbs staff! A few poor souls around here have been hacking, coughing and just generally not feeling too well. That’s why I’m glad we just brought in these Throat Soother Pastilles. Made with organic ingredients, these tasty pastilles are formulated with herbs commonly used to soothe dry, scratchy throats. Not just for summer colds; these are sure to be on everyone’s desk when the winter cold season hits! • Upset Tummy. Too much BBQ? Belly feels like a balloon? These yummy and refreshing organic Tummy Soother Pastilles are formulated with herbs traditionally used to relieve nausea, gas, […]
10 08, 2011

Meet the Artist ~ Erika Beyer

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     Erika Beyer grew up in Oregon and has always enjoyed exploring the outdoors, science, and art. She received a B.A. in Geology from Carleton College in 1999. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Erika spent most of her time exploring by bicycle before completing the intensive science illustration program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her illustration (and bug and monkey avoidance) skills were honed while working as a field illustrator for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Erika received her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon in 2010. She now works in Eugene as a freelance illustrator and art instructor. We have been working with the amazingly talented Erika for many years at Mountain Rose Herbs. She has created some of our most favorite designs including the original watercolor paintings found on our Epicurean Organics oil labels. We are so excited to learn how to […]
8 08, 2011

Hiker’s Iced Tea

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  This delicious iced tea is the perfect treat to quench your thirst and restore electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals during a long hike in the forest or after a hot day digging in the garden. I like to take a cold quart with me when heading out for an adventure in the mountains seeking blooms, berries, and birds, but this nutritive tea really is wonderful whenever thirst strikes. Hiker’s Iced Tea Ingredients: • 1 part Nettle Leaf • 1 part Red Clover Blossoms • 1 part Alfalfa Leaf • 2 parts Hibiscus High Tea • 1/8 tsp per brewed quart Himalayan Pink Salt Directions: Blend all of the herbs together and store in an airtight container. Steep 1 cup of the herbal blend per quart of boiling water overnight and add 1/8 tsp of mineral rich Himalayan Pink Salt to the tea as it cools. Refrigerate or pour over ice for a replenishing drink. Enjoy and stay hydrated out there!
5 08, 2011

2 New Products: Pink Rose Salt and Salt Grater

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What are these lovely pink objects? It’s Pink Rose Salt, hand-mined from the pristine Andes mountains! This precious salt was formed millions of years ago when lava flows covered sea salt deposits; the hardened lava protected the salt from pollution, resulting in a beautiful, pure salt that’s high in many trace minerals. Pink Rose Salt is a vastly preferable alternative to conventional refined table salt, from which virtually all trace minerals have been removed and which can cause mineral imbalances. Pink Rose Salt is also just gorgeous to look at! I keep a piece on my desk to admire; it reminds me of rose quartz. So how to get this tasty pink deliciousness into your food? Why, a salt grater, of course! The unique grating surface of this convenient tool is entirely flat, but sharp enough to do a fabulous job of easily and quickly grating salt chunks into […]
4 08, 2011

Healing with Calendula

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  Calendula’s cheerful blossoms repel garden pests and have incredible healing properties. Calendula is one of my very favorite herbs. The cheerful orange and yellow blossoms look gorgeous in the garden and have incredible healing properties.   My first experience with Calendula was during college when a friend developed an uncomfortable and embarrassing rash on her face. She diligently applied a cream prescribed by her doctor, but after several frustrating and miserable weeks, the rash had only become worse and was spreading. Wanting to help somehow, I consulted my herbal books and prepared a bottle of Calendula infused Olive oil for her. Neither of us had much faith in it, but she was willing to try anything. I was beyond awestruck when she excitedly called a few days later to let me know that the rash had not only improved, but was almost completely gone!  This was the first, but certainly not […]
3 08, 2011

Join us for a Greener Future

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  This year, Mountain Rose Herbs has teamed up with Mount Pisgah Arboretum to help create a greener future! Picture serene riverside trails, lush paths through evergreen forests, vibrant wildflower meadows, and breathtaking views of oak savannas… Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a delight for all ages and is an integral part of our community. Every year, Mount Pisgah Arboretum offers seasonal educational classes, workshops, walks, and hosts the much-anticipated Wildflower and Mushroom Festivals. Plus, they teach and inspire more than 3,000 Lane County children to become environmental stewards through their outdoor education programs. In this age when children seem less connected with nature than ever before, we believe Mount Pisgah Arboretum is changing lives and creating a greener future for Lane County and the planet. Summer camp banana slug races! The winning team poses next to Glider, the fastest slug at Mount Pisgah. We invite you to support these efforts. Get in on the fun […]