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Zereshk Polo Recipe

Shannon Buck is the creative force behind Fresh-Picked Beauty, an inspirational collection of natural homemade beauty recipes, tips, and information. She calls herself a “Beauty Foodie” and spends her days making fancy homespun skincare in Seattle. Many thanks to Shannon for this exciting recipe and be sure to visit her blog for more DIY goodies!   I was so excited to learn that Mountain Rose Herbs would be carrying Zereshk (Barberries) that I wanted to share my recipe for Zereshk Polo using them! This is such a fabulous and delicious dish that many folks don’t know about. I learned this dish from an Iranian friend of mine and I cook it several times a year. I hope you will try it too! Zereshk Polo Basmati Rice with Barberries Makes 8 servings 1 3/4 cup Barberries (Zereshk) 1/4 cup butter or grapeseed oil 1 cup thinly sliced yellow onion 1/2 teaspoon ground saffron 1 tablespoon […]

Tips from a Master Recycler!

Troy is a Certified Master Recycler! On Friday, another member of our Zero Waste team was honored as one of Lane County’s newest Master Recyclers. Way to go, Troy! Through this Lane County Waste Management Division program, each Master Recycler receives rigorous training to gain an in-depth understanding of solid waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and compost education. And it doesn’t stop there! Students are required to commit 30 hours of volunteer time to share their newfound expertise with the community. Troy has been collecting twist ties for  the non-profit group M.E.C.C.A. (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts). MECCA is dedicated to diverting scrap materials from the waste stream into creative endeavors. Kids are using these ties instead of glue to make art projects that can be dismantled and transformed into little masterpieces again and again. Troy has also been collecting large plastic herb bags for the Eugene Mission. These bags are being distributed to homeless people as […]

New! Microplane Nutmeg Grater

By all accounts, it was the introduction of “punch”—a mixture of rum or brandy, fruit juice and sugar imbibed by the upper eschelon of society—that brought the pocket nutmeg grater into vogue in the late 18th century. In those days, it was über-fashionable to carry nutmeg in one’s own portable silver grater/vessel and use it to spice a serving of punch. These graters were not only useful tools, but also status symbols and often tiny, intricate works of art, appearing in the form of strawberries, acorns, seashells, eggs, and a myriad of other fanciful shapes. Today, these antique graters are collectors’ items, often fetching premium prices at auction. Mountain Rose offers a more affordable alternative, though no less stylish or convenient: The Microplane Nutmeg Grater! Its ingenious design allows you to quickly and efficiently grate nutmeg (and other hard spices, plus citrus and more) on the unique flat grating surface. […]

  • Lotion Bar Recipe by Mountain Rose Herbs

Herbal Lotion Bars

This wonderful recipe comes to us from our dear friend Rosalee de la Foret of! She is a clinical herbalist and Structural Medicine Specialist who lives on the edge of the wilderness in the Northeastern Cascade Mountains of Washington State. She contributes regularly to where you can find more fantastic recipes and she also writes about her herbal wisdoms and adventures at the Methow Valley Herbs Blog. Many thanks to Rosalee and the folks at for sharing this fun project! Herbal Lotion Bars Every week I spend a couple of hours with my young friend Tova Rose. We explore the plant world together, making herbal remedies, reading stories and playing games. Tova recently turned 10 and I wanted to give her something special for her birthday. I’d already given her every book I could find for kids involving herbs, including many coloring books. We’d already made salves […]

Growing the Herbalist's Garden

We are back in Oregon after an inspiring weekend at the Green Festival in San Francisco! A big thank you to all of the loving folks that came to visit our booth. It was beautiful to hear your herb stories and so fun to share our goodies with you. For  anyone who couldn’t make it out to this awesome sustainable living celebration, you can still experience a  little taste of it! We created this video for you to check out…     You might remember our blog post from last year that told the tale of how we built a tradeshow booth using only recycled materials. The “Herbalist’s Garden” booth is always a big hit and has become a sort of interactive art piece. It really showcases the beauty that can be created from our community’s waste.  Have you seen this cool photo montage of the booth being built? It’s definitely a labor of love!  

We Won!

  We just received word that the wonderful Organic Beauty Talk has named us Best Natural Essential Oils for their first annual eco-friendly product awards! We are thrilled to be honored by a community that helps educate consumers about toxic ingredients in the body care industry while supporting organic and sustainability-minded businesses. So, what are essential oils exactly and what makes ours so special? Potent and pure, essential oils are produced by steam distilling freshly harvested plants to extract and concentrate their properties. In fact, it takes 60 whole roses to make just one drop of essential oil. This process has been perfected over 5,000 years. Ancient civilizations across Egypt, India, China, and beyond created fine oils for perfumery, healing, and spiritual ceremonies. European distillers continued to refine the process throughout the Late Middle Ages. As the desire for perfume grew during the 16th and 17th centuries, the production of essential oils became an art […]

New! Whole Barberries

We’re excited to introduce you to this brilliantly colored, tart little fruit: the Barberry! A source of citric acid and vitamin C, barberries have traditionally been used to help with some digestive problems, and skin irritations. Tasty little barberries can be made into jellies and and are sometimes pickled. Perhaps the most popular culinary use for barberries is in Persian cooking, especially in the popular dish zereshk polo (Zereshk is another name for barberries). Here’s a delicious version of zereshk polo from The Spice and Herb Bible by Ian Hemphill (don’t forget that the oils, salt, saffron and turmeric can also be purchased on our web site): 1 tbsp (15 mL) salt 3 cups (750 mL) Basmati rice 6 tbsp (90 mL) olive or vegetable oil 1 medium onion, halved and thinly sliced 4-6 chicken thigh fillets, skinned and trimmed of fat ½ tsp (2 mL) turmeric 1 tsp (5 […]

Green Festival Giveaway!

We are all packed up and on our way to the Green Festival in San Francisco! This is the 10th year of this incredible event that features renowned speakers, a marketplace filled with eco-friendly products, delicious organic food, live music, workshops, and more. We’ll be raffling off exciting prizes all weekend at our “Herbalist’s Garden” booth made entirely of reclaimed and recycled materials! Visit us at booth #840 for free samples from our herb cart, dose up at our organic tincture bar, plaster your water bottle with fun stickers, take notes with our recycled pencils, find inspiration in herbal recipes cards, and enter the raffle for a chance to win one of our Essential Oil Samplers!     We’re giving away one Essential Oil Sampler each day during the festival and will announce one winner on Saturday, November 12th and one winner on Sunday, November 13th.   Don’t miss your chance to win! Stop by our booth, say hello, and enter the big giveaway at the […]

New! 2012 Herbal Roots Calendar

Q. What do you give the herbal enthusiast who has everything? A. How about a beautifully illustrated and thoroughly educational Herbal Roots calendar? From Herbal Roots Zine creator Kristine Brown, this stunning calendar contains a year’s worth of intricately drawn images of herbs, accompanied by educational information, Latin names, and recipes for herbal medicine, seasonings, foods and crafts. This spiral-bound calendar is printed in the USA on heavy, glossy card stock paper and folds out to 11 X 17. Perfect for the kitchen or other herbal workspace—or even in an office cubicle as a cheerful reminder of the fresh, natural herbal world. We’ll have these calendars for a limited time only, so don’t miss out—and don’t forget to order one for yourself!

  • How to make Herbal Sleep and Dream Pillows

Herbal Sleep & Dream Pillows

What type of dreams do you desire? Soothing, vivid, full of adventures or romance, or do you wish for deep, calm slumber? Simple to prepare, sewing aromatic herbs into small pillows can help bring peaceful sleep, enhance dreams, and encourage dream memory. The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries, and was originally done to protect against evil, calm bad dreams, foresee the future, bring good dreams, or conjure a lover into one’s life. No matter the reason, herbal pillows are beneficial for adults, children, and pets. To prepare an herbal pillow, first select a piece of fabric, preferably cotton or another natural fiber.  This is the perfect opportunity to use leftover fabric scraps, vintage pillowcases, bandanas, or scarves. Wash and dry the fabric, and cut it into whatever shape you wish. Squares and rectangles are simplest, but you can also sew whimsical animal pillows for children […]

Why Go Organic?

Over the past 100 years, industrial agriculture has altered our country’s landscape and culture. We have witnessed water and air quality, the food we eat, and our health decline as hunger for profits, cheap products, and productivity intensifies. Today’s conventional farming practices flush toxic waste into our beautiful rivers each day as the land becomes soaked with synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Chemical pollution is sprayed into the air that we breathe and drains into the precious water that sustains all life on our planet. Agricultural runoff along coastal areas has depleted oxygen in vast stretches of the ocean. Chemical fertilizers flow from rivers into the ocean encouraging algal blooms that cause enormous “dead zones” where no aquatic plant or animal can survive. Sadly, using poison is just one destructive practice among many. Conventional farms often use genetically modified seeds that are engineered to be pest resistant and easily grown in poor soil. Genetic engineering is […]

Win A $250 Gift Certificate From Mountain Rose Herbs!

Want to publicly announce your love of pristine rivers for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs? All you have to do is “Like” Pacific Rivers Council on Facebook and post a comment on their wall about why healthy rivers are special to you, pretty simple eh?  This little act by itself will put you into a drawing for a $250 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs and for complete (and easy) instructions, please see below. For the month of November, Mountain Rose Herbs will join forces with our partners at Pacific Rivers Council in a campaign to bring attention to the issue surrounding watershed and river protection which is important to all life as we know it. So please join us today by participating in this free, easy, and ultimately gratifying event! Instructions- 1. Log onto Facebook 2. Do a search for Pacific Rivers Council […]