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  • Thieves Oil Recipe by Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs’ Version of Four Thieves® Oil Blend

The recipe for this blend is believed to have originated from thieves during the 15th century. According to popular theory, the concoction was created by a group of four thieves® and grave robbers to protect themselves from contracting the plague while robbing the bodies of the gravely ill and deceased. When apprehended, the thieves admitted to using the formula and disclosed the recipe in order to receive a less severe punishment for their crimes. Whether or not this story is true, the essential oils in this blend may help maintain healthy well-being during the winter months and are commonly used to freshen the air. This is a classic recipe, but you can customize it by adjusting the quantities or adding other essential oils such as Tea Tree, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Ravensara, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Hyssop, Bay Laurel, or Scotch Pine. Ingredients: 40 drops organic, fair trade Clove Bud essential oil […]

Sowing Seeds at Horizon Herbs

Mason is our new assistant in the Marketing department, but he’s been with Mountain Rose for well over a year. You might’ve spoken with him on the phone while he was in Customer Service! Eugene born and raised, Mason found an early interest in nutrition which eventually brought him to the world of herbalism. Last year, he became papa to a sweet baby daughter and now looks forward to sharing many plant adventures with her. One of those adventures was a trip to Richo Cech’s Horizon Herbs Farm! Here’s the story…          Last Sunday I traveled south on the ol’ I-5 to visit beautiful Williams, Oregon. I set out for Horizon Herbs, the grower of our medicinal herb seeds. Richo and Mayche Cech are the owners and operators of this wonderful company, and they gladly obliged when I invited myself to their farm. I originally met these two […]

Ode to Spinach Powder!

Oh, spinach powder. How do we love thee? Let me count the ways… As the famous cartoon sailor Popeye taught us in childhood, spinach is truly a nutrition-packed power green. You can look to Spinach as a source of chlorophyll and antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, and B6, magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, and the list goes on and on! This dense combination of vitamins and minerals makes spinach a potent ally. Studies show that this popular green has lots of health benefits. Plus, we know for a fact that spinach is delicious. Spinach is thought to have crossed the ancient seas of Persia as traders brought spinach to India and China. This nourishing plant wasn’t enjoyed in England and France until the 14th century, where it was quickly prized as an early spring green. In fact, the queen […]

Photo Thursday!

We’re getting ready for this year’s Natural Products Expo West in sunny Anaheim, California! Here’s a stack of the ever-popular stickers we’ll be giving away along with delicious tea samples, organic tote bags, new catalogs, recycled pens, pencils, and other goodies! Be sure to visit our booth #2820 in the Organic Pavilion to grab some of these freebies. Hope to see you there March 9-11, 2012!

10 Herbal Activities for Kids

This wonderful article comes to us from Kristine Brown of the Herbal Roots Zine. She has been teaching herbalism for nearly a decade and has studied plants for over 17 years. Kristine empowers her community by focusing on local plants that are easy to access and identify, gifting the knowledge and skill to harvest these plants for medicine. In 2009, she began writing and illustrating the Herbal Roots Zine, a monthly publication for children. She also offers a monthly herbal study group, presentations for adults, and summertime workshops for kids. Thanks for sharing this, Kristine!   Kids are the future, teach them well! “We must take our children into the wild, introduce them to the plants, and teach them of their connection to the earth. In instilling in our children a respect for plant medicine, we not only care for their tender bodies but help pass along the seeds of […]

Formulas for Winter Wellness

Achooo! Well, pardon me! It's that time of year again when noses are red and running, throats are scratchy, and ginger-onion-garlic soup is on the stove. Whether answering the phone at work, borrowing a pen at school, or grabbing a few groceries at the store, our immune systems are bombarded with these microscopic viruses each day. Sickies around us can be contagious even before a fever hits and germs continue to spread for up to 7 days. Since these sneaky little organisms far outnumber us, it’s just a matter of time before the tell-tale symptoms appear. Herbal formulas make wonderful alternatives to over-the-counter seasonal medications because herbs can help support your immune system before or during the sickness, rather than just masking the unpleasantness. So, here are three of our favorites for your natural medicine cabinet: The Flew Away Elixir from Terra Firma is a tasty mix of organic elder berries, echinacea root, and […]

Photo Thursday!

Thanks so much to our friends over at Coconut Bliss for sharing this amazing bounty of Lunaberry Swirl with us! We’re having a little ice cream social in celebration and enjoying the deliciously organic, vegan, coconutty, berry goodness! Yummmm!

Mark Your Calendar!

Each year, Mountain Rose Herbs sponsors and participates in amazing events all across the country! From herb festivals and organic farming conferences, to natural products tradeshows and wilderness conservation fundraisers, we love to be part of these communities. Here’s where you’ll find us this year… February 2012 MOSES Organic Farming Conference La Crosse, Wisconsin February 23-25     March 2012   Organic Growers School Conference Asheville, North Carolina March 3-4     Oregon Wild Wednesday Eugene, OR (Date To Be Announced, Quarterly)     Natural Products Expo West Booth #2820 Anaheim, California March 9-11     Oregon Midwifery Council’s Spring Continuing Education Conference Portland, Oregon March 16     Florida Herbal Conference Ocala National Forest, Florida March 23-25     May 2012   Gaia Gathering for Women Charlottesville, Virginia May 4-6     EastWest Seminar Ben Lomond, California May 4-11     Mount Pisgah Wildflower Festival Eugene, Oregon May 20th       June […]

Sweetheart Recipe Exchange Winners!

Wow! I hope you all had a chance to drool over the beautiful recipes shared in our Sweetheart Recipe Exchange. (If not, you can still find them in the comments section here.) Choosing just three winners just about broke our hearts, since we fell in love with each and every one of them. However, petals have been plucked and decisions have been made! These are the winning recipes of amazing prizes from our Valentines over at Poppy Swap … Body Butter “Candy” Trio This stunningly lovely and clever idea comes to us from the Woodwife’s Journal! Coffee Bean Toning Butter/Lotion Bar 4 oz coffee infused oils (almond, argan, castor, and jojoba) 4 oz cocoa butter 4 oz beeswax 40 drops cellulite busting essential oils of your choice. optional whole coffee beans for extra scrubbing power and interest. (I added a little pumice to mine and my skin is like a baby’s bottom but I think it […]

Matcha Shortbread Cookies

One of our favorite teas has found a new home! Our certified organic Matcha Tea now comes packaged in a beautifully designed tin! Functional and reusable, these tins will keep your precious Matcha powder protected from light and incredibly fresh. Matcha is a very special green tea with deep historical roots in Japanese tea ceremonies. To produce this delicacy, the sweet and tender young leaves of Camellia sinensis are ground to a fine powder. When you drink Matcha, you consume the entire green tea leaf, which is alive with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Whether whisked hot in the traditional preparation or combined with milk and honey poured over ice, Matcha offers a truly remarkable flavor experience. I remember my first sip of Matcha. Its grassy sweetness and soft melon nose enchanted me. It was gently stimulating and gave a bright boost of mental clarity. With that first sip, I was in bliss. Since that day, I've experimented with the powder as an ingredient […]

Photo Thursday!

  Okay, who’s ready to geek out? What’s better than a microbial incubator? How about a great big digital microbial incubator! This week, we upgraded the incubator in our lab to accommodate larger herb samples for Salmonella testing. We are now able to test 2.5 times more material of each herb than required by industry standards! When a new harvest arrives, the herbs are quarantined in our warehouse. Samples are prepared and taken to our state-of-the-art laboratory where our lab techs perform microbial, physical, and identity testing to ensure purity and quality. Testing for Salmonella is a multistep process that takes two days, several mediums, and specific incubation temperatures. Having this sweet new incubator will help us test more herb efficiently. Let me tell ya, we are pretty excited! You might even be able to spot Steven, our QC Lab Manager, in his white coat as he peers into the warming incubator during the first test… […]

The Hands Behind the Photo

  Jennifer Gerrity is the Operations Manager here at Mountain Rose Herbs. With a diverse background of interest and experience in the botanical world, she is the perfect person to oversee our staff and day-to-day production. Jennifer also travels the world, procuring herbs and connecting with organic farmers to ensure that quality and working conditions meet our strict standards. Last year, Jennifer traveled to India and returned with a real jewel of a photo. Her gorgeous shot of nutmeg was used in our latest ad highlighting our fair trade practices. Have you seen it? We’ve received an incredible response to the ad with people wondering where the photo was taken. Here’s the story behind her trip to India and the hands behind the photo…   Kibbachlu is a small tropical area in Karnataka, home to the farming projects that produce many of our beloved Indian spices. Composed of amazing agro-forest plots, this vast jungle farm grows betel nut, bird’s eye chili, […]