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Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|29 March 2012

This photo of our gorgeous organic bay leaves is just one in a series created by our talented Art Director Thomas Dick. We have them all hanging in a curved hallway to be “ooohed” and “aaahed” over when people come to visit our facility. Simply beautiful!

Recipe: Marbled Tea Eggs

Posted by Irene|28 March 2012

Marbled Tea Egg Recipe

Gorgeous eggs gathered by Elvira, our International Farms Manager.

I recently discovered something incredible: Marbled Tea Eggs.

I absolutely adore eggs, but transforming them into marbled tea eggs takes them to a completely different level. Not only are they stunning to look at, but the flavor is indescribable and the texture is amazing. I’m already dreaming of all of the potlucks that I’ll be taking these to this summer and have been envisioning ways to make them into the prettiest and tastiest deviled eggs ever. They are delicious when eaten alone but would also be a perfect addition to salads, ramen or miso soup, or rice dishes.  They would also be such a gorgeous addition to any Easter meal or celebration!

Tea eggs are a traditional food commonly sold by street vendors throughout China.  In China, there are many variations since each family makes their tea egg recipe a little bit differently, but they all contain black tea, soy sauce, and spices. I based my recipe on the ones I found online, but couldn’t resist the temptation to add some adaptogenic Licorice and Eleuthero roots!  Feel free to play around with the recipe and create your own version of this delectable treat.

Marbled Tea Egg Recipe

The inside of each tea egg is different. Carefully crack them open to reveal their unique design!

Marbled Tea Egg Recipe

Place the eggs in a medium sized pot and cover completely with cold water, submerging the eggs by at least 1 inch of water. Bring the water to a boil, then lower the heat and allow the eggs to simmer for 3 minutes. Remove the eggs from the heat and rinse in cold water. Once they are cool enough to handle, gently crack the eggshells using the back of a teaspoon. The more you crack, the more intricate the design will be. Make sure to crack the entire perimeter of the egg while being careful not to break the shell completely off.

Return the cracked eggs to the pot, cover completely with water, and then add the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 40 minutes to 3 hours. The longer they simmer, the more intense the flavor and color will be. Periodically, check on the eggs, turn them over, and add more water if necessary so that the eggs are always partially submerged.

Once they are finished simmering, remove your pot from the heat, cover with a lid, and place it in the refrigerator. Allow the eggs to steep overnight or longer in the marinade. The longer they marinate the more savory the eggs will be.

Peeling the eggs is one of the most rewarding parts as each one will have a unique web-like pattern. It feels like you are opening little gifts! Not only are the eggs themselves beautiful, but the tea-stained eggshells are gorgeous too.


The inside of the shells is beautiful too. Opening them is like unwrapping little gifts!

Journey to Biofach

Posted by On the Farm|26 March 2012

Each year in February the largest organic products fair in the world called Biofach Messe is held in Nuremberg, Germany.  Our Operations Manager Jennifer Gerrity and International Farms Manager Elvira Guelzow cross the ocean to attend the show, meet with our farmers, and make connections within the herbal industry. Here are some stories and photos from their exciting trip this year!


Tradeshow visitors were streaming into Biofach Messe when we arrived that chilly morning.  Being the largest organic products event in the world, the crowd was full of energy and anticipation. Jennifer and I were excited to meet with our longtime farmers and suppliers from around the globe in person. One of the companies that I had the pleasure of connecting with was our organic and fair trade Yerba Mate supplier. They had a wonderful bombilla and gourd display!



There were amazing sights around every corner. A colorful spring display by a Dutch bulb vendor enchanted us with a rainbow of tulips and daffodils. Jennifer and I also enjoyed wonderful performances by dance troupes dressed in traditional garb from Punjab to Romania. The dancers entertained show visitors while sharing their diverse cultural histories. We were also delighted to behold the amazingly long “legs” of a reishi mushroom by a Chinese vendor. An exciting surprise!



We decided to combine our trip to Biofach this year with a visit to the historic port city of Hamburg, for a chance to tour tea and spice museums in Speicherstadt. This is the warehouse district where ships loaded with spice, tea, coffee, and cacao cargo once arrived to be unloaded into multistory warehouses lining the canals. These warehouses are an incredible engineering feat.

We also spent some time touring the Hamburg Port. Founded in 1189, it is the second largest port in Europe after Rotterdam, 11th largest port in the world, and known as central Europe’s Gateway to the World.  Many of Mountain Rose Herbs shipments leave the old continent from this port to embark on their journey to our Oregon shores.



It was a great privilege to be able to visit the facilities of our business friends at a highly esteemed Hamburg tea company during our trip. They invited us to their historic building within the Hamburg Speicherstadt for a truly amazing tea tasting.

Individual ceramic tea cups held black, white, and green teas that were brewed for us with precise timing. Silver spoons were used by the tasters to slurp the tea with great noise, since slurping introduces oxygen to the taste buds to facilitate aroma recognition. We spat the tea out into a spittoon after sampling and moved on the next.  Only tea tasters with a minimum of 10 years of fulltime professional tea tasting experience are considered for positions at this firm. It was quite a deliciously educational experience!




I look forward to making this trip each year, as I always return with a deep appreciation for the people, farms, and relationships we’ve formed within the organic herb industry.

Until next year…

News From The Tea Shelf!

Posted by Erin|23 March 2012

Mountain Rose herbs News From the Tea Shelf!

Have you seen our gorgeous new tea boxes?

Did you know that they’re actually made from…recycled newspapers?

Oh, I know. They’re so pretty it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

After two years of planning, sourcing, and designing, we are overjoyed to finally introduce a sustainable package that’s worthy of our deliciously herby, certified organic, and fair trade teas. From a sea of packaging choices, we’ve carefully selected materials taken out of the waste stream and transformed into environmentally friendly alternatives. All of our 4oz teas will now arrive boxed in this recycled loveliness. Really exciting stuff!


News from the Tea Shelf!

Here’s what makes our new box so special…

It’s Sustainable

Cardboard Tea Box
• 100% post-consumer waste recycled newspaper
• Reusable
• Recyclable
• Biodegradable/Compostable
• Printed with soy ink and water-based varnish
• Recyclable labels

Inner Tea Bag
• Non-GMO tree cellulose, an industrial bi-product from the Pacific Northwest
• 100% Compostable
• Resealable with adhesive tab for freshness

Our Tea
• 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
• Earth Kosher Certified
• IMO Fair For Life ~ Fair Trade Certified varieties
• Time-tested formulas handcrafted by us for over 20 years
65 green, black, red, white, and herbal blends to experience

It’s Practical

• Prevents color and nutrient leaching by light
• Offers better protection during shipping to prevent crushed and broken bags
• Local co-ops and health food stores will now be able to stock our tea in the tea aisle
• Allows us to include detailed brewing instructions and a “resources saved” report
• The box can be reused to store future orders of bulk tea. Try it with glass canning jars!

It’s Beautiful

• Beautifully designed to sit on your kitchen shelf
• Perfect gift for tea lovers
• Embossed with full color photos of our tea printed using soy-inks & eco-friendly water based varnish

Now our organic teas are as sustainable as they are delicious!

So, sip sustainably and help us support organic agriculture one cup at a time…


Mountain Rose Herbs New from the Tea Shelf!

Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|22 March 2012


Yesterday we woke up to a very snowy wonderland in Eugene! This unexpected storm resulted in an impromptu spring snow day for many of us. Here’s a photo of our heron friend chillin’ in the neighboring West Eugene Wetlands. Such a beautiful surprise!


Queen of Hungary’s Water

Posted by Irene|21 March 2012

There is something so intriguing about recipes that have been used for centuries and passed down by oral tradition and folktales.  Below is one of my favorite herbal recipes with legend deeply rooted in folklore.  Not only does it have an interesting history, but the medicinal and cosmetic properties of this formula make it useful in our modern world.

There is much debate over the history of this ancient recipe.  Some say that it was created for the aging Queen of Hungary by an alchemist in the 1300’s to restore her youthfulness. According to the legend, it reversed her appearance so much that the 25 year old grand-duke of Lithuania asked for her hand in marriage when she was 70! Others believe that the recipe was formulated and marketed by early Gypsies as a cure-all for a myriad of cosmetic and medical uses.

Although the true origin of this recipe is a mystery, there is no doubt that Queen of Hungary’s Water is a wonderful astringent for all skin types and is especially beneficial for oily or acne prone skin. It gently tones, tightens pores, soothes itchy skin, normalizes the skin’s pH, and is a superb hair rinse. There are numerous variations of the recipe. I based my version on Rosemary Gladstar’s recipe, but please feel free to adjust it as you like to create your own.

• 5 parts fresh or dried organic Lemon Balm
• 5 parts fresh or dried organic Lavender
• 4 parts fresh or dried organic Chamomile
• 4 parts fresh or dried organic Roses
• 4 parts fresh or dried organic Calendula
• 3 parts fresh or dried organic Comfrey leaf
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Lemon Peel
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Rosemary
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Sage
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Peppermint
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Elder flowers
• 1 part fresh or dried organic Helichrysum flowers
• Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Combine all herbs in a glass mason jar and add vinegar until the liquid rises above the herbs by at least 1 or 2 inches. As the herbs swell, add additional vinegar if needed.  Cap the jar tightly and shake once or more per day. After 2-6 weeks, strain out the herbs and reserve the liquid.

The infused vinegar can either be used alone or combined with Rose hydrosol and a few drops of Lavender essential oil for an especially lovely facial toner.

If desired, use vodka instead of Apple Cider Vinegar to create a body splash or perfume rather than a facial toner.  Or, you can use Witch Hazel extract in place of the vinegar if you prefer a facial toner without the vinegary scent.

What’s Your Favorite Herb?

Posted by Erin|20 March 2012

Here’s a fun little video we created during this year’s Natural Products Expo West!

I visited some of our longtime Mountain Rose Herbs customers to find out their favorite herbs and how they use them. Check out these interviews with Earth Mama Angel Baby, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Oregon Soap Company, VaporBrothers, Moon Valley Organics, and Fearless Chocolate!


We’ll Double Your Donation To Land Conservation

Posted by Shawn|19 March 2012

Want to make your donation to land and river conservation go even further? Donate to the McKenzie River Trust by March 31st and Mountain Rose Herbs will automatically match your donation dollar for dollar up to $5,000. This is a perfect opportunity to double your investment in Western Oregon land conservation, and it will help advance the programs put into place by this priceless organization we all love and adore. Please help McKenzie River Trust secure these much needed funds by sending them your contribution by the deadline, and remember for each dollar you donate, Mountain Rose Herbs will match it up to $5,000.
To learn more about the Mountain Rose Herbs matching gift campaign and to donate please visit


Vegan Marshmallow Recipes!

Posted by Friends|19 March 2012

These amazing recipes come to us from Jennifer and Jaclyn at Sketch-Free Vegan Eating! These twin sisters love to create delicious vegan, gluten-free, and raw dishes that are both visually appealing and adventurous. They’ve been experimenting with our organic Marshmallow Root Powder for a few months now and recently posted some incredible recipes that we just had to share!

Herbalicious vegan marshmallow fluff? Yes, please!


Hot Chocolate Mousse with Marshmallow Root Fluff

So, a while ago we were given Marshmallow Root Powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. I thought, hey! Maybe I can make my own vegan marshmallows! Believe it or not, it actually worked. I couldn’t believe that it has the exact same texture as marshmallow fluff! Obviously, it would taste more like fluff if you added powdered sugar, but we’re sticking with stevia for health purposes. You seriously have got to get your hands on some of this magical powder. Marshmallow fluff still lives!

To celebrate this new discovery, we made a “hot chocolate mousse”…

Chocolate Layer
1 avocado
2 tbsp carob powder
1/4 cup + 1 tbsp coconut milk or water
about 8 drops stevia

Marshmallow Layer
1/3 cup full fat coconut milk
1 – 2 tbsp marshmallow root powder (depending on how thick you like it)
8 drops stevia

Blend chocolate layer in a blender or food processor. Layer on the bottom of a glass jar or bowl. Mix together marshmallow layer by hand. Layer on top of chocolate mousse. Top with cacao nibs, vanilla bean powder, or chocolate sauce. Amazing and healthy!


Toasted Coconut Banana Marshmallow Tartufo

I remember when I was little, I told my Dad I had a genius idea! Why don’t people sell individual scoops of ice cream you can eat just like that? After hearing my excitement, he took us to a “surprise” location. It was an Italian cafe that sold little tartufos in packages. This memory became inspiration for my latest recipe!

I am going a little bananas over this Marshmallow Root Powder. I just can’t stop using it! The powder gives the ice cream a marshmallow-y flavour and texture, which goes so well with the toasted coconut and keeps it from getting too hard in the freezer.




2 bananas (frozen and sliced)
1/3 cup full fat coconut milk
3 tbsp brown rice protein powder (I used vanilla flavoured)
1 tbsp marshmallow root powder

1 cup of unsweetened, shredded coconut flakes, toasted

*To toast the coconut, just put coconut shreds in a frying pan over medium heat and stir constantly until it turns a golden colour.*

Blend the bananas and coconut milk in a food processor. Stir in protein powder and marshmallow root powder, place in a container and freeze for about 1 hour. Remove from the freezer and stir up. You’ll notice that it has become thicker. Scoop out ice cream with a spoon and use another spoon to smooth it out. (You could also use one of those nifty ice cream scoopers that scrapes the spoon for you). Slip ice cream ball into the toasted coconut and coat evenly. Repeat until all ice cream has been rolled in coconut. Freeze for another 2 hours. Makes about 8



Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|15 March 2012

Here’s a photo we took last weekend at Expo West! A mountain of Evening Repose Tea welcomed guests to our booth with its fresh floral and cool minty perfume. Aren’t those cerulean blue cornflowers gorgeous?


Summer 2012 Catalog!

Posted by Erin|14 March 2012

Our new catalog is hot off the press and we’re excited to share it with you!

We love this time of year – the wildflowers in bloom, daylong mountain hikes, birds singing, picnics, camping trips, and dips in the river! In celebration, we’ve included our favorite summertime recipes, new product announcements, and news from around Mountain Rose Herbs. Be sure to browse our amazing selection of certified organic seeds too as you plan this year’s garden!

To view our latest catalog electronically or to order a copy, visit us here!


New! Glass Tea Pots

Posted by Erin|02 March 2012


We’re excited to introduce two new glass tea pots!



Available in two designs including the 32oz Classic seen above

and the 10oz or 17oz Contemporary seen below…



Glass teapots allow you to marvel at the art of tea brewing. Especially suited for flowering teas, these pots set the stage for unfurling tea leaves and colorful herbs. Our beautiful glass tea pots are made of borosilicate glass that is temperature resistant, lead-free, and made from 20% recycled materials. Each pot is fitted with a glass infuser for your favorite loose leaf. A lovely choice for any tea connoisseur, these gorgeous glass pots are also dishwasher and microwave safe.


May you sip in beauty!


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