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5 Calming Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate people who share motherly love with us. Whether she’s a friend, aunt, grandma, sister, or the woman who gave you life, these recipes will surely express your loving gratitude. And what better way to celebrate "Mom" than with the gift of pure relaxation? These herbal formulas will leave her feeling nourished, grounded, peaceful, and ready for the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. . . . . . .   Mom’s Relaxing Room Mist This easy to make aromatherapeutic blend of pure essential oils will refresh any space with calming fragrance. Spray liberally in the air, on mattresses, pillows, or on bed linens before retiring for the night. The gentle perfume will help inspire relaxation and peaceful sleep after a busy day being Mom. Ingredients: 16 oz spray bottle 3 oz unflavored vodka 4 drops each of organic Lavender, Orange, and Sandalwood essential […]

New! Madder Root

With a growing interest in natural textiles and plant based dyes, we are happy to introduce you to Madder Root! Considered an ancient or heirloom dye plant, Madder Root (also known as Dyer's Madder) has been used throughout history for the brilliant orange and red hues it can produce. To learn more about this color rich root, visit our Madder Root Profile on-line. Want to learn more about creating beautiful, natural, and colorful dyes at home? Check out The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes. Through step-by-step instructions and color-saturated photographs, textile designer Sasha Duerr will show you how to utilize natural dyeing methods using herbs and botanicals for your fabric, yarn, and other natural materials. It's a wonderful resource for any crafter looking to incorporate plant dyes into their work.

Photo Thursday!

Little blue Forget-Me-Nots are blooming again now that spring has sprung in Eugene. Here’s a photo of my homemade botany flashcard for the pistil nestled in a patch of them – to help me remember the essentials while identifying plants in the wild. You might remember a post I wrote a few years ago about the poetic nature of botanical language and the disappearing art of keying plants called In the Key of Flowers. The post includes information about plant identification resources if you’d like to learn more. Happy keying!  

The Herb Fairies are Coming!

Did you hear the exciting news? Our friends at have just announced a new herbal learning experience for kids!   Herb Fairies ~ A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies   So fun! Kimberly Gallagher (the creator of the Wildcraft Board Game) has written 13 interactive books that teach children about plant identification and herbalism through the art of storytelling. In this series, a group of friends discover that herb fairies and other magical beings exist all around them. Together they learn about medicinal plants and work to restore healing plant magic to the world. This special collection of herbal children’s stories has been in the making for over 3 years and includes activities, coloring sheets, recipes, and more! Here’s a sneak peek…       Visit now to watch a video about the Herb Fairies and learn more about this upcoming series!  

Wild Weed Frittata Recipe

I woke up Sunday morning to soft rays of light pouring through windows, illuminating each room with warm sparkle. After what feels like uncountable months of cozy gray skies and cold Oregon drizzle, the first burst of warm sun is a welcomed shock. I run outside only to become nearly blinded by the gorgeously bright rainbow of weeds all abuzz with honeybees and big fuzzy bumbles in the garden. After my sleepy eyes adjust to the dazzling smorgasbord of color, I feel deep belly growls anticipating breakfast. A really amazing breakfast. I grab my gloves, my clippers, and begin gathering inspiration… First in the basket go some of my favorite greens this time of year…Nettles! The nettle tops are young and tender, turning their broad leaves out to greet the emerging sun. I snip several tops and move on to collect…     …dandelion flowers! A few handfuls of these beautiful […]

New! Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder

We are thrilled to offer you this powdered organic superfruit! Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carotene, and essential fatty acids, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder makes a wonderful addition to your medicinal herb and spice cabinet. Traditionally used as a staple throughout Chinese and Tibetan medicine, preparations of the fruit and seeds cover a wide variety of applications. Considered a superfruit, this berry is becoming widely popular as a general skin healing and overall health boosting botanical. The Sea Buckthorn Fruit is naturally bitter, but with a little sweetening it has a passionfruit-like flavor. This powder is a wonderful addition to herbal smoothies or yogurt. Try adding it to some of your favorite sauces or dressing, baked goodies, or even your homemade beauty care products. The possibilities don’t end there! Learn more about this amazing superfruit by visiting our Sea Buckthorn Fruit profile online. Click on “Contemporary Info” to read […]

Photo Thursday!

Keeping with the “dandelion love” theme we’ve had going for the past few weeks, here’s a photo of a happy little dandelion growing on one of our first sunny spring days. Check out those style-ish curly stigmas emerging from individual ray flowers! We’ll have more delicious dandelion recipes “coming up” next week to help you celebrate this beloved plant. If you’re looking for new inspirations before then, be sure to browse through the comments from our Bitter Giveaway, where plenty of amazing ideas, tips, and recipes for using dandelion (and other helpful weeds) are posted!  

Salted Chococonut Chip Cookies

While I like to call these “Flourless Salted Chocolate Chocolate Chip Coconut Hemp Seed Brownie Cake Cookies” in my mind, I went with the short moniker Salted Chococonut Chip Cookies even though it doesn’t quite express just how out of this world they taste. Deliciously rich, crunchy, salty, sweet, and gooey all at the same time, these cookies are also gluten-free and packed with amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, B-vitamins, flavonoids, fiber, and oh, yeah…some sugar too. The original dough recipe is the perfect blank canvas for any chocolate-based cookie creation you can dream up, like Ginger & Cinnamon, Almond Butter Cup, Dried Cherries & Walnut, or maybe Cardamom & Rose? Yum! The flavor possibilities are endless. Here’s my favorite version of the recipe which brings cacao, coconut, hemp seeds, and a touch of salt into harmony.   Salted Chococonut Chip Cookies Ingredients: –  3 cups organic powdered […]

New! Babies and Children Line

Due to popular requests, we are excited to announce our new line of products specifically designed for those precious little ones bringing smiles to our faces! After months of research and to the benefit of my own little cupcake’s skin, we have put together the most natural, gentle, and botanical ingredient based line of baby and children skin care products that we could find. Babies and children’s soft skin is delicate and deserving of the most gentle care. You will find no synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals in this line of care products. All of the delights offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are of earth origin and made exclusively with natural, botanical, renewable, or vegetable based sources. We are excited to offer a large range including bath care, skin care, and diapering needs. And the research does not stop there! We are still searching the botanical world for more gentle […]

Photo Thursday!

We welcomed some very special visitors to Mountain Rose yesterday! Nick and Justin of the Compass Green Project brought their incredible mobile greenhouse for us to check out, alive with a lush garden of edible greens. This food growing, veggie oil running, composting education truck visits schools, health food stores, and other community centers around the country to teach practical farming tools and raise awareness about sustainability through presentations and workshops. The curriculum is focused on organic and bio-intensive methods of sustainable farming to produce the maximum yield with the minimum amount of resources. Happily growing on the bus were beds of organic kale, chard, spinach, lettuces, amaranth, stinging nettles, quinoa, and more. If they can grow it on a truck, you can grow food too! “With an ever-increasing population and an alarming decrease in farmable soil, we feel it is important to share practical solutions to turn our situation […]

Free e-Book from PoppySwap!

Calling all herb crafters! Are you aspiring to support yourself by supporting your community with homemade herbal goods? Well, the darlings over at PoppySwap are here to help yet again. This time with a FREE e-book that covers business savvy from online marketing, to product pricing, GMP compliance, business licensing, photography, and beyond. Yep, this e-book of wisdom is their gift to you and it’s totally free! For the Herbalist in Business: How to Successfully Sell Online This free e-book was created by Kiki, the founder of Poppy Swap, and Kristie Nackord of Spirit Horse Herbals. It’s the first edition of something that will become an ever-evolving guide to getting your business up and running on the internet. The goal is to provide the know-how AND the technology to make creative herbal dreams come true. “We believe, that as each individual herbalist brings their own work forward, there is a greater potential for us […]

10 Spice Blend Recipes

These delicious DIY seasoning blend recipes come to us from Katie at Wellness Mama! With a background in nutrition and journalism, Katie’s wonderful blog helps you sort through a sea of health advice on the path to wellness. Be sure to visit her blog for more recipes and tips for natural living. Thanks for sharing, Katie!   If you’ve never made your own spice blends, I’d encourage you to try it! It’s simple, saves money, and you avoid the additives that are in many store bought spice blends. Most are very easy to make, and if you order your ingredients in bulk, you can make 14 (or more) different spice blends using under 30 herbs. You’ll be able to eat the cuisine of another country every night for two weeks. Having quality spice blends can make even the most plain meat and vegetable dish exciting. Personally, I order all the […]