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Herbal Gifts for Dad!

Can you believe that Father's Day is just a month away? If you find yourself stumped over what to get dear old dad this year, we've got some fun herbal ideas to help him feel loved, nourished, and look great too! We've pulled together some of our favorite herbal recipes for men including bodycare formulas and a tasty daily elixir made with adaptogens and cherry juice. We've also included a few gift recommendations from our shelves here at Mountain Rose that Dad will love!   The Recipes!   Blake's Fancy Man Stashe Wax This recipe comes from our incredible herb crafter Blake in Customer Service. She formulated this amazing moisturizing and water-soluble sculpting wax for Mason's impressive facial hair (see above), but it could also be used as a styling pomade for hair. Dad won't need to worry about stiff waxy build-up since this recipe washes out easily! Ingredients 4 tablespoons of beeswax pastilles 1 Tbsp […]

DIY Natural Deodorant Sprays

The ingredients used to make these herbal deodorant sprays are both astringent and antimicrobial to help keep you feeling fresh all day. These aromatic blends find a nice balance of masculine and feminine that can be enjoyed by anyone. Feel free to experiment with your favorite essential oils to create a perfectly blended scent for you!   Sweet Orange & Vetiver 1.5 oz organic Witch Hazel extract 10 drops organic Sweet Orange essential oil 1 drop of organic Vetiver essential oil   Cedarwood & Juniper 1.5 oz organic Witch Hazel extract 10 drops organic Cedarwood essential oil 2 drops of organic Juniper Berry essential oil   Directions Pour all ingredients into a 2oz glass bottle and top with a little more Witch Hazel. Cap with a mister top and shake well before spritzing liberally under the arms. Reapply as needed.  

Photo Thursday!

The Wild Roses are blooming! With their intoxicating fragrance and enchanting beauty, we find them simply irresistible.  Luckily for us, they grow along the neighboring West Eugene Wetlands where we are able to visit them and enjoy their alluring scent while on our afternoon walks. Not only are they incredibly gorgeous and fragrant, but Wild Roses have medicinal uses too.  The leaves are astringent and toning, they can be added to facial steams or infusions as a gentle astringent for normal, oily, or combination skin.  The fresh leaves may also be applied as a poultice for bee stings and insect bites. The petals are delectable when infused in honey or candied, and the hips can be made into jellies, teas, and syrups that are a delightfully fragrant source of Vitamin C. For more information about Wild Roses including harvesting and preparation tips, and recipes for Rose Petal Jelly, Crystallized Rose Petals, […]

Join Us In Saving Honey Bees!

Mountain Rose Herbs has gotten together with our long term partner Beyond Toxics on their most recent project called 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign. As most of your know, a large percentage of our honeybee colonies are being threatened by habitat loss, introduced diseases, the spread of parasites, and worst of all, the widespread use of pesticides. Many biologists agree that without the simple honey bee, our entire food system would collapse as would other essential plant systems. The problem is that pesticides poison the bees by direct contact with the plants and flowers they pollinate and from here the compound chemicals eventually contaminate the honey, pollen, and entire hive. Entire bee colonies have been collapsing at an alarming rate and the latest research points to pesticides as being the biggest culprit of these declines. But don’t let this shocking news get you down! Mountain Rose Herbs and Beyond Toxics are […]

Rosemary and Sage Boot Fresheners

With a tightly pinched nose, I’ve found myself once or twice carrying pairs of hot, sweaty boots out to the garage after a long summer hike. Desperate for an all natural odor-defying solution, I did my research. At first I considered making a foot powder, but hate the way it can gunk up your shoes and clump between toes. A spray just wouldn’t cut it. Then, I got crafty!  These potent herbal fresheners will absorb moisture and odor while deterring bacteria from making a home in your favorite boots.   Ingredients 1lb or 2 cups of Baking Soda 40 drops Organic Rosemary Essential Oil 1 cup of Organic Sage Leaf 6 Large Cotton Muslin Bags 6 Large Paper Tea Bags (optional)   Directions Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Fill the tea bags with the mixture and then stuff inside the cotton drawstring bags. Tea bags will keep the […]

Watch & Learn with Educational Herbal DVDs

DVDs are the perfect educational tool for the visual learner. Mountain Rose Herbs is delighted to offer you three Herbal DVDs packed with information and DIY recipes. From Master Herbalist Nicole Carter’s series The Herbal Experience, we bring you Herbs that Heal and Foods that Heal.  These instructional DVDs walk you through easy at home recipes that cover a range of herbal goodies and remedies to maintain your health. Elixircraft is an instructional DVD hosted by Daniel Vitalis, a nature-based health and super-nutrition expert. Daniel enthusiastically leads you through six tasty and nourishing blended drink recipes that combine herbalism and super food nutrition. Please visit our DVD page to view previews of all three Herbal DVDs!

Photo Thursday!

Quenching the thirst of our gorgeously pink Echinacea fields!  

Join Us At The Wildflower Festival!

We are excited to sponsor our favorite springtime event in Eugene! Visit our herb booth for free stickers, catalogs, recycled pens, posters, and more herbal goodies after you browse the amazing flower display and plant sale. And don’t forget to enter the raffle for a chance to win our beautiful basket of organic herbal prizes! Set aside Sunday, May 20th for a day of wildflowers, music, food, crafts, and microscopes! You don’t have to be a plant expert to love the upcoming Wildflower & Music Festival. The festival offers fun things to do for everyone in the family. As many as three to four hundred species of wildflowers will be on display, from Anemones to Vancouveria! Collected and organized for attendees to get a close look, top botanists of the region will be on hand to answer questions. For an even closer look, guests can use on-site microscopes. Nectar glands […]

Grow a Buzzing Garden!

Beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, lacewings, ground beetles, dragonflies, spiders, and ladybugs are an essential part of any healthy ecosystem. These tiny friends are responsible for pollinating plants and preying on destructive insects such as sap hungry aphids. Unfortunately, the future of beneficial insects is currently threatened. Habitat loss, introduced diseases, the spread of parasites, and worst of all, the widespread use of pesticides are causing populations to dwindle worldwide. In fact, it's estimated that more than 30% of honeybee hives in the US have been lost to Colony Collapse Disorder since 2006 – and many keepers have reported a decline between 60% and 90% over the past few years. However, you can support these critically important bugs by attracting them to your organic herb garden! Not only will growing these colorful and fragrant plants set your patch abuzz with insects, your yield will increase and you'll have an abundant supply of pesticide-free, homegrown herbs to use for food, spices, […]

Herbal Coffee Latte with Vanilla Ice Cubes

Now that the gorgeous sunshine is warming up my days, I can finally start sipping my favorite iced treat again – Herbal Coffee Lattes with Vanilla Rooibos Ice Cubes! Deliciously caffeine-free, this creamy coffee alternative satisfies any craving for fancy lattes. With notes of roasted earth, caramel, and chocolate, this blend of roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, roasted carob, and maca powder is just too good. The Vanilla Rooibos ice cubes perfume the latte with floral vanilla bean flavor as they melt. They also add a good kick of antioxidants, vitamins, and trace minerals in addition to the nutrient rich herbal coffee blend. Perfect way to greet the morning sun!   Herbal Coffee Latte with Vanilla Rooibos Ice Cubes   Ingredients – 8oz Herbal Coffee, brewed and chilled – 12oz Vanilla Rooibos, brewed strong and frozen in an ice cube tray – A splash of organic milk, cream, coconut milk, or alternative of your choice – Raw […]

What is Aromatherapy?

You may have noticed that this is not my normal Friday blog, bringing you exciting news about our products and packaging. Instead, once a month, I would like to share information about my other passion here at Mountain Rose Herbs – aromatherapy and essential oils! Natural aromatic plant materials, such as essential oils, have been used for thousands of years to support the wellbeing of the mind and body. Over time the distillation and extraction of these oils has been perfected, and the therapeutic qualities have been researched and studied. Today the use of essential oils and other aromatic plant materials is known as aromatherapy or aromatology. Did you know that the term aromatherapy was coined by accident? In 1928 the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé suffered from an extreme burn on his forearm. His first reaction was to plunge his arm into lavender essential oil. From this moment of intuition, he discovered […]

Photo Thursday!

Here’s a photo of our trusty pal Maggie “The Herbal Wonder Dog” taken during the last river clean-up we attended. She enjoyed a dip in the river while we pulled blackberry roots, English Ivy, and other invasive plants crowding out the native plant communities. You can learn more about the Mountain Rose River Project by visiting our website! Just for fun, here’s another shot of our darling Mags drying in the sun…