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Book Shelf News!

Posted by Christine|29 June 2012


We are thrilled to offer Rosemary Gladstar’s new book published earlier this year, Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide!

Throughout the pages of this book, Rosemary covers 33 of her favorite herbs, including Burdock, Calendula, Licorice, and Nettle. She offers expert tips on creating an herb patch in your backyard garden, as well as easy-to-follow recipes for brewing teas, blending soothing salves, making tinctures, oils, syrups, pills, and more.

This work of herbal knowledge and tradition comes complete with 124 of Rosemary’s favorite medicinal recipes, like Creaky Bones Cayenne Rub, Warming Cinnamon Bath Salts, Ginger Lemon-Aide, Brain Tonic Tincture, Rosemary’s Famous Face Cream, and Nutritive Heart Tonic Tincture.

A wonderful addition to your herbal book collection that will surely lead to cabinets stocked up with homemade goodies.

Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|28 June 2012




These are just a few of the photos taken during the Mountain Rose Herbs employee party this year!

We played herbal games while dancing to folky bluegrass tunes by the Conjugal Visitors, sipping on beer and wine, eating organic Cozmic pizza, and indulging in delicious gourmet ice cream from Red Wagon Creamery! They even made a few special herb-infused flavors for us like Meyer Lemon & Rose Petal Jam ice cream and Lemongrass-Thai Basil sorbet. Yum!

In the “company” of our awesome co-workers, much fun was had by all!


Homemade Baby Powder

Posted by Erin|27 June 2012


Look at that cutie pie!

The summer sunshine brings fun outdoor play for little ones like Amelia Sage, in flower filled parks and backyards around the city. But along with this seasonal merriment also comes skin irritating heat and humidity. Thankfully, making your own baby powder is cheap, easy, and allows total control over what ingredients go on baby’s precious skin. Most commercial baby powders contain talc which is potentially carcinogenic, as well as artificial perfumes that can bother a child’s sensitive respiratory system. Crafting your own customized powder only takes a few ingredients and can be put together in just minutes.

Wonderful for irritated skin and diaper rash, this healing and soothing herbal baby powder recipe is 100% natural. You can also formulate a less medicinal “everyday” body powder by leaving out the goldenseal and myrrh powder. Either recipe can be lightly scented with a few drops of pure organic essential oil if you’d like – just keep in mind that these oils are highly concentrated, so less is best for baby.


Baby’s Body Powder Recipe


12oz White Clay
6oz organic Arrowroot Powder
4 tsp organic Marshmallow Root Powder
4 tsp organic Comfrey Root Powder
2 TSP Myrrh Gum Powder
1 tsp organic Goldenseal Root Powder

Optional: no more than 10 drops of organic Sweet Orange or Lavender Essential Oil


Sift clay and arrowroot powder together and stir well. Add the herb powders and mix thoroughly. If using essential oil, add drop by drop and mix well. Store in a sealed container in a dry place until needed.

And don’t forget to pack some along in your diaper bag too…





Free Healing Herbs eBook!

Posted by Erin|25 June 2012

For all the fans of our Healing Herbs Poster made with the wonderful folks over at, check out The Healing Herbs eBook by Rosalee de la Forêt!

This eBook contains 56 PDF pages covering all 23 herbs listed on the Healing Herbs Chart in greater detail. Rosalee also shares remedies and recipes to accompany each herb! Basically, you get each herb on the chart expanded into a 2 page lesson. Such a special gift to the herbie community!


Here are the 23 herbs you’ll learn more about…













Lemon Balm





Red Clover

Slippery Elm

St. John’s Wort


Wild Rose



 Special thanks to Rosalee and for sharing this fantastic resource!

Download the free Healing Herbs eBook here!


New! Mezzaluna Choppers

Posted by Christine|22 June 2012


Chopping herbs and spices has never been easier with these classic Mezzaluna Choppers.

Did you know that “Mezzaluna” means half moon in Italian? The beveled shape of these stainless steel blades makes the perfect tool for chopping herbs and spices whether fresh or dried. Simply rock the blade(s) back and forth over the herb you’re preparing and watch the Mezzaluna chop with ease. A must have for the upcoming harvest season!

Choose from two styles including a single Italian made 10″ blade with wooden handles, or a double 6″ blade with an easy-to-grip plastic handle. Two wonderful tools for any kitchen herbalist!


Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|21 June 2012

Here’s a favorite from our archives!

This is a cherished photo of our company president and herbalist Julie Bailey collecting herbs from her well-loved garden in preparation for a day of medicine making. A very sweet reminder of the exciting growing and harvesting months ahead!


Lemon Iced Tea Pops

Posted by Erin|20 June 2012

Happy Summer Solstice! Today we get to enjoy the most sunlight we’ll have all year long and celebrate the beginning of summer. I’m so excited for what the season brings: potlucks, eating wild berries, camping trips in the mountains, tincturing fresh plants from the forest and the garden, and maybe best of all, swimming!

As the days grow hotter, who doesn’t love a cold glass of lemonade iced tea? Imagine turning that refreshingly sweet and tart tradition into a frozen pop. Oh, yes! Tea pops are fun treats for hot summer days, only much healthier, totally customizable, and packed with herbal goodness you won’t find in store freezers.

You can change up the recipe below with medicinal formulas too. These would be a great option for administering medicine to little upset tummies and sore throats. You can also make them using calming herbs as a before-bedtime-popsicle-treat, gently lulling kids to dreamland. Of course, adults love them too and the sophisticated flavor combinations are endless! I especially like stacking different flavors and colors by layering teas. It adds a little extra visual whimsy.

The important thing to remember when making your tea base is that a stronger brew will make a more flavorful pop, so use more herb than usual and allow the tea to steep longer than you would for a typical sipping cup. Also, sweetener is key. I like to use a good amount of raw local honey, but you can use organic sugar, maple syrup crystals, stevia, a pinch of licorice powder, or any other sweetener of your choice.

Summertime Lemon Iced Tea Pops

1 pint organic Mango Ceylon tea, brewed strong and sweetened

1 pint organic Lemon Tea, brewed strong and sweetened

Fresh squeezed juice from 2 organic lemons



Brew each tea separately, add sweetener while still hot, and stir well.  Allow the tea to cool and then mix 1/2 the lemon juice in the Mango Ceylon and the other 1/2 in the Lemon Tea. Fill 1/3 of your popsicle mold with Mango Ceylon. Freeze for 30 minutes or until solid. Next, pour a layer of Lemon Tea into the molds and freeze until solid. Top off popsicle molds with one more layer of Mango Ceylon and allow to freeze completely before enjoying in the sunshine…




Celebrate Summer Giveaway!

Posted by Erin|18 June 2012

Just in time to celebrate summer, Kami McBride is sharing one of her favorite recipes with us and giving away copies of her amazing book, The Herbal Kitchen! Kami teaches experiential herbal programs to revive the art of homemade herbal medicine. Her work is centered in sustainable wellness practices, creating self reliance and revitalizing relationships with the plant world. You can find her website here: Be sure to enter for a chance to win and enjoy the enchanting Summer Solstice Cordial recipe below!


Summer Solstice Cordial Recipe!

Summer is here and it is time to celebrate. I love to create special drinks for special occasions! Learn how to make herbal cordials and you will always have the most interesting parties! People stop asking you to bring food to the potluck and request that you bring the drinks instead!

Summer Solstice is the perfect occasion to capture the season in a delicious herbal cordial. It is so fun to get together with a friend and make a cordial that will add that extra touch to your summer feasts. Get yourself some small cordial glasses and toast your health and happiness this summer with this delicious Summer Solstice Cordial.


Summer Solstice Cordial

2 tablespoons dried organic elderflower

2 tablespoons dried organic rose buds

2 tablespoons chopped dried peaches

1 tablespoon fresh or dried organic lemon peel

1 teaspoon organic fennel seed

2 cups port wine

Steep herbs and fruit in the port wine for one month then strain the herbs from the wine and enjoy. Make a summer party cooler by putting this cordial over ice and adding seltzer water and fresh squeezed lemon or lime.


How to Make Summer Solstice Cordial

1) Put dried herbs into a mortar and pestle and mash them as much as possible

2) Chop dried peaches into small pieces with a knife

3) Put herbs, fruit and wine into a sterilized jar.

4) Let sit in a cool, dry place for one month


Decanting the Cordial…

After one month you will participate in the ancient art of decanting (Fancy term for straining out the herbs from the alcohol).

To decant your cordial you will need a clean sterilized glass jar, funnel and cotton muslin.

1) Place a funnel into the jar and lay the cotton muslin on top of the funnel

2) Pour the wine and infusing herbs and fruit through the muslin and funnel being careful not to let the herbs spill over the side of the muslin into the funnel and jar

3) If the herbs spill out of the muslin into the jar, get a clean jar and start over

4) When all of the liquid has drained through the cotton muslin cloth and funnel into the jar, then squeeze the rest of the liquid out of the dried plant material through the muslin into the jar.

5) Discard the strained out herb material into the compost or just put it on the dirt in your garden. The liquid left behind is your herbal cordial.

Cordials are alcoholic herbal drinks that have a variety of uses. Cordials can be sipped before and after dinner as digestive tonics. Cordials are perfect for toasts at special occasions and to pair with foods and desserts. Herbal cordials are also great cooking companions. Add them to cakes and desserts just as you would vanilla extract. Use them in marinades and glazes and put a dash into drinks. We add Summer Solstice Cordial to homemade whipped cream and put it on fresh summer fruit. Cordials can be stirred into jams and other dessert sweeteners or sprinkled onto yams and vegetables before baking. Add some cordial to your next batch of chutney or pie filling or put a tablespoon or two into morning pancake batter and French toast egg batter. During the cooking process the alcohol precipitates off leaving behind a melody of flavor for you to enjoy.


 The Giveaway!


Since this recipe comes to us from Kami’s book The Herbal Kitchen, she’s giving away 5 copies to our lucky winners! This captivating book explores the ancient tradition of using herbs to enhance the health benefits and digestibility of your food. With over 250 recipes for herbal oils, vinegars, pestos, dressings, salts, cordials, syrups, smoothies, and more, The Herbal Kitchen will teach you to prepare, store, and use herbs, unlocking the key to the extraordinary pharmacy that already exists in your own kitchen.

Plus! We’ll throw in a package of organic ingredients so the winners can make this amazing cordial recipe for the summer months ahead. Yay! The package will include 4oz each of certified organic Rose Buds, Elder Flowers, Lemon Peel, and Fennel Seeds!


How To Enter

There are several ways to enter and you can submit up to 5 entries for a chance to win a copy of Kami’s book and organic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs! Be sure to leave a comment below for each entry.

1. Leave a comment here telling us your favorite herbal recipe for summer!

2. Like Kami and the Living Awareness Institute on Facebook and leave a comment here to let us know that you’re a fan.

3. Like Mountain Rose Herbs on Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest and leave a comment here to let us know that you’re following.

4. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page and leave a comment here to let us know you’ve posted the link.

5. Tweet about our blog giveaway on Twitter using the hashtag #HerbalSummer and leave a comment here to let us know that you’ve tweeted. Be sure to follow us @MtnRoseHerbs!

You have until Sunday, July 1st at 11:59pm PST to enter. We will pick 5 winners at random on Monday, July 2nd and announce them on the blog and on Facebook!



 Congratulations to the winners!

12 ~ babsaroo

65 ~ jen123

173 ~ wildcraftwife

176 ~ herbalivette

236 ~ MorganneAubrey

We will be in contact with you soon via email to get the prizes in the mail! If we don’t receive a response from the winners by 7/9 new winners will be randomly chosen. Big thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your recipes. Wishing you all a beautiful summer!



Good Luck and Happy Solstice!


New! Organic Ear Oil

Posted by Christine|15 June 2012

We are excited to introduce our new Certified Organic Ear Oil infused right here in the Oregon sunshine! We combine organic olive oil herbal infusions of fresh organic garlic and organic mullein flowers to create this indispensable blend.

Deeply penetrating and soothing, this combination of pure botanicals is known for its anti-microbial and pain relieving properties. It is a must have for those with troubled ears.

You can find it on our website here:

Certified Organic Ear Oil

Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|14 June 2012


Soaking up the delicious rays and making some Easy Day sun tea with organic blackberry leaf, organic linden leaf & flower, organic peppermint, organic lemon balm, and organic marshmallow leaf.

Mmm…mmm…green goodness!


Are You Pinterested?

Posted by Erin|13 June 2012



Because we’ve been pinning herbal tidbits and inspirations on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a fun website that allows you to collect and organize your favorite links, recipes, and photos from around the internet, as well as search for new “pins” to collect on your interest boards.

We’ve connected with so many amazing herbie and foodie blogs through Pinterest and often “re-pin” the recipes and craft ideas we find there. It’s easy and free, so be sure to follow our profile here for even more herbal info…


Mountain Rose on Pinterest!



Campfire Coconut Kettle Corn

Posted by Erin|12 June 2012

Fun to make around the campfire after a day by the river or on the stovetop at home, this sweet and salty kettle corn is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Healthy virgin coconut oil adds a satisfying richness while a touch of sugar coats each kernel with a caramelized glaze. So good, you won’t miss the butter! Feel free to experiment with additional spices like smoked sea saltcinnamon, curry, Chinese 5 spice, or chipotle chili powder for a spicy kick.


¼ cup organic virgin coconut oil
½ cup organic popping corn kernels
1 tbsp organic sugar
fine sea salt to taste


Melt the coconut oil over medium-high heat in a large stock pot. Add the kernels and cover the pot with a lid. Be sure to shake the pot continuously over the flame to avoid burning. When the first kernel pops, add the sugar and cover the pot. Continue to shake the covered pot vigorously over the flame while the kernels pop. This will happen quickly! Once the popping slows down, remove from heat and keep covered until you no longer hear popping. Transfer your popcorn to a serving bowl and sprinkle liberally with salt and additional seasonings of your choice if you want to spice it up.

Happy snacking!


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