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Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|31 January 2013


Today’s gorgeous herb photo comes to us from the Fresh-Picked Beauty Blog!

Doesn’t this Seaside Salt Scrub recipe look luscious?

Do you have a beautiful herby photo to share with us for an upcoming Photo Thursday? If so, share it on our Facebook Page and you might just see your work of herbal art posted here in the coming months!

Harvesting Willow with 7Song!

Posted by Erin|30 January 2013


Oooh! We’re so excited to share this Mountain Rose Herbs exclusive look at herbalist 7Song’s first video course on herbal first aid! In this video sneak peek, 7Song shows you how to harvest willow bark sustainably.

You might already know 7Song as the director of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY – an endeavor he began in 1992. He also practices community herbalism at the Ithaca Free Clinic, which is one of the only integrated free clinics with an herbalist on staff. 7Song sees herbal medicine as an excellent blending of two favorite activities: studying nature and helping community. Now, you have the chance to learn from his many years providing herbal first aid to people in need on the streets, at concerts and festivals, and in the clinic.

Learn more about 7Song’s exciting new video course here:   



A Future for Osha

Posted by On the Farm|29 January 2013


This post comes to us from Josh, our Administrative Assistant! Josh has worked in shipping and administration at Mountain Rose Herbs since 2010. He’s excited to report the news about Mountain Rose Herbs’ participation in an important Osha study.

How many of us have relished in Osha’s gorgeous aromatic potency, relying on this special healing power when a cough settles in or our throat feels scratchy? Well, now we have a chance to support Osha and show our thanks for the extraordinary medicine it provides.

Growing within the soil of the Rocky Mountains, Osha roots are beloved by herbalists for their medicinal effects and historical significance. Native American tribes referred to the root as “bear medicine” due to the animal’s affinity for chewing Osha and rubbing it over its fur. Osha is used today in herbal cough remedies and for promoting wellness. Unfortunately, Osha root is difficult to cultivate successfully and has a limited range within a sensitive environment.

Commercially available Osha root is wild harvested, and it is important to understand the long term viability of current harvesting techniques. To that end, the AHPA-ERB Foundation is funding a study to determine the range, availability, and recovery rate of Osha after harvesting. Mountain Rose Herbs is enthusiastic about the reaches of such a study, and we are proud to donate $1000 in order to help fund the research. The study is certain to provide vital information that will protect the long term sustainability of Osha and the surrounding ecology. These findings will allow us to make the best decisions for protecting the environment and procuring our herbs responsibly. Our goal will always be to place plants, people, and planet before profit!

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to study the effects of osha harvest on its sustainability,” says researcher Kelly Kindscher, Ph.D., who is collaborating with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Rio Grande National Forest Service on the research. “We are already collecting data on Osha populations and have started on a harvest experiment in which mature plants are harvested from plots at different rates. We will monitor these plots for three years to see what the recovery rates are from harvest. We intend to collect very thorough data in order to study the sustainability of harvest.”

The AHPA-ERB Foundation is still seeking donations to help fund the Osha Sustainability Study.




Photos by Patrick Alexander and Kristina Park.

Herbal Love Gift Guide!

Posted by Erin|28 January 2013


If you find yourself plucking petals over whether or not you actually love Valentine’s Day, it’s good to remember that February 14th is a nice excuse to honor that special someone. Why not reinvent the holiday by pampering your exceptionally beautiful lover, best friend, or fluffy cat with pure herbal decadence? These all natural and organic gift ideas will be well enjoyed by the one you hold dear!



Essential Oil Kits

Did you know that there are 60 roses in every drop of Rose essential oil?

These sets are much better than a bouquet! We love the romantic collections of sensuous and arousing essential oils found in both the Lovers and the Rose Essential Oil Samplers. Each pure botanical oil comes in its own glass vial, beautifully packaged in a crimson gift box.

Lover’s Essential Oil Sampler

Rose Essential Oil Sampler



Massage Oils

Everyone loves to have their aches and pains soothed away by touch. Light a few candles and enjoy massage oils infused with roses, lavender, damiana, and other sweet aphrodisiacs. Both the Goddess Dreams Massage Oil and the Rose Moon Massage Oil take our top pick for Valentine’s Day.

Massage Oils



Natural Botanical Perfumes

What better way to love someone than with the gift of all natural aromatic pleasure? These aroma oils are made with pure plant resins and essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base – nothing synthetic! You only need a drop or two to experience the warmth and beauty of these enchanting botanical blends.

Aroma Oil Perfumes


Gentle Oil

Crafted with the finest organic botanicals and oils, this 100% natural herbal lubricant will encourage closeness and awaken arousal. Perfect for times of sensual intimacy, Gentle Oil is specifically formulated without synthetic chemicals or petroleum derived ingredients to be safe and effective. A lovely blend of organic Sweet Almond oil, organic Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E oil infused with organic Calendula flowers, organic Plantain and organic Marshmallow root. This romantic oil will definitely spark the flames!

Gentle Oil



Chocolate Elixirs & Love Inspiring Extracts

We love, love, love these rich and delicious blends of organic dark chocolate, local honey, and herbs formulated to help you relax and enjoy the moment. The honey sweet and cocoa deliciousness is sure to bring a smile to your face, and can be used in cocktails or drizzled on dessert! Sharing a taste or two with that special someone is a very good idea.

And don’t forget about our amazing Libido Care Extract made with Damiana, Kava Kava, Cinnamon, Rose Hips, Kola Nut, Vanilla Bean and Organic Grain Alcohol. This classic aphrodisiac blend will inspire divine feeling!

Chocolate Herbal Elixir

Libido Care Extract

 Damiana Extract



Herbal Bath Salts

Isn’t this beautiful? We are so in love with our newly redesigned Bath Salts, packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles with lovely botanical artwork and a cork top. This is the perfect treat after any long day or for a romantic soak with a glass of wine and candles, made with only the purest salts, essential oils, and botanical extracts. Choose from Woodland, Midsummer, and Relaxing.

Bath Salts




Natural Wax Candles

Who can resist the romantic glow of candlelight? Well, the natural glow these candles provide is especially nice as the pure beeswax or lightly scented soy wax melts and releases warmth. Choose from small tea lights and votives to large pillars and columns!

Natural Wax Candles


Purrrfect Catnip Toy

Give your cat an herbal Valentine, too!

Cats LOVE carrots…well, when they are filled with the finest organic catnip leaf around they do! Cute, sweet, and a completely natural toy that will seduce your furry friend into a frenzied infatuation!

Catnip Toy


Ready to make your own love treats?


Salted Walnut Rose Caramel Recipe

Herbal Sweetheart Recipes

Vanilla Mint Honey Scrub Recipe

Blossom Wood Mist Perfume

Love Inspired Cacao Recipes

Love Inspired Body Care Recipes


Wishing you all much love!

Essential Oil Dilutions & Conversions Guide

Posted by Christine|25 January 2013

Dilutions and Conversions

Have you ever been happily crafting herbal treats with your favorite essential oils and suddenly realized there are different units of measurement to convert from drops to ounces to milliliters, which leads you down the inevitable path to a math headache? Well, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to converting ounces to milliliters to drops and diluting essential oils with ease.



1/8 oz. = 3.75 ml.          1/4 oz. = 7.5 ml.          1/2 oz. = 15 ml.

1 oz. = 30 ml.          4 oz. = 120 ml.          8 oz. = 237 ml.          16 oz. = 473 ml.


Technically, there are 29.57 ml. in 1 oz., however, this is usually rounded up to 30 ml. on labels and in recipes. This gives you a nice whole number to work with and less agonizing over decimals.

There are around 20 drops of essential oil in 1 ml. This works out to be…


1/8 oz. = 75 drops          1/4 oz. = 150 drops          1/2 oz. = 300 drops          1 oz. = 600 drops


See our Essential Oil Blending Tips article for blending basics and techniques. These drop conversions will help you increase any 10 drop blend to the appropriate size that you need.

Dilutions and Conversions


Essential oils are very strong and must be diluted (usually in a carrier oil) or incorporated into a finished product such as a massage oil, lotion, or aroma spray. Whether diluting an essential oil or adding it to a finished product, the oil content should only account for 1 to 2% of the total blend. Here is the break down of how much essential oil to add to 1 oz. of carrier oil or to a  finished product. These dilutions for 1 oz. can easily be multiplied for larger batches of finished product or divided for a fraction of an ounce.

We are going to use our conversions from above!

1% dilution: 1 oz. = 30 ml. = 600 drops of oil. 1% of 600 drops is 6, so………. for 1 oz. of carrier oil or finished product you are going to add 6 drops of essential oil.

2% dilution: 1 oz. = 30 ml. = 600 drops of oil. 2% of 600 drops is 12, so………. for 1 oz. of carrier oil or finished product you are going to add 12 drops of essential oil.

Visit our website to stock up on some awesome blending supplies: essential oils, carrier oils, glass droppers, glass bottles.

Happy blending and diluting!

Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|24 January 2013


Look what we found floating around the Good Earth Home and Garden Show this weekend?

Imagine coming upon this jellyfish on the beach! This sculpture is made entirely of plastic litter and water bottles found on the Oregon coast. Why not choose glass or a reusable canteen like this one instead of single use bottles that so easily end up in our wild environments? We found this jellyfish to be an inspiring way to raise awareness about waste!

See more photos from last weekend’s show on our Facebook page


How To: Hot Oil Treatment

Posted by Erin|23 January 2013


Oil treatments help to deep condition your hair from root to tip while stimulating the scalp and strengthening individual strands. Infusing oil with the healing benefits of herbs like rosemary and calendula makes this luxurious treatment wonderful for normalizing either dry, itchy scalp or oily conditions. To learn more about herbal hair health, check out the book Naturally Healthy Hair by Stephanie Tourles.


1 Tbsp organic Rosemary Herbal Oil
1 Tbsp organic Calendula Herbal Oil
5 to 10 drops cedarwood or orange essential oil (optional)


Mix the oils together in a glass bottle and shake well. Fill a separate bowl with near boiling water. Place the bottle in the bowl and allow the oil to heat slowly for a few minutes. Test a drop of oil on your wrist to check the temperature. Rub some of the oil in your fingertips and massage into the dry scalp starting at the front. Using a circular motion, work backward toward the crown and add more oil as needed until the entire scalp has been massaged. Next, massage oil into dry hair from the scalp to the ends using a gentle motion. Cover your hair with a shower cap or recycled plastic bag and wrap a hot damp towel around your head. Relax for 20-30 minutes before shampooing out. Enjoy your soft, beautiful hair!

Rooted in Giving!

Posted by Alyssa|21 January 2013

Each year, we work with amazing environmental non-profits around the country to support crucial projects like restoring riparian ecosystems, protecting wolf populations, and replanting native trees, shrubs, and herbs. It is my great pleasure to announce three new non-profit organizations that Mountain Rose Herbs will support in 2013!



Friends of Trees – Since 1989, they’ve planted more than 450,000 trees in the Portland-Vancouver and the Eugene-Springfield metro areas. As a sponsor of their Green Space Initiative, this partnership is more than just a monetary donation. Mountain Rose Herbs’ employees have the opportunity to get their hands dirty to increase urban canopy cover and inspire residents to care for existing trees, as part of the Mountain Rose River Project.




Long Tom Watershed Council – This organization serves to improve water quality and watershed condition in the Long Tom River basin through education, coordination, consultation, and cooperation. One of their many programs, the Amazon Creek Initiative, works to educate businesses located on Eugene’s urban stream about pesticide alternatives and wildlife restoration.



Predator Defense – As a nonprofit, member-supported organization, they’ve been working since 1990 to protect vital native predators and help people learn to coexist with wildlife. Through fieldwork, information-sharing, advocacy, and legislative reform, they speak out for wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, bears, and other predators that have undeservedly gotten a bad rap.


Learn about the many other wonderful organizations we support here!


All About Cardamom!

Posted by Erin|18 January 2013



Native to the forests of India, Cardamom is a member of the Zingiberaceae family and grows in tropical climates. The green pods slowly ripen before they are harvested and then dried for just one day to preserve their beautiful color and pungency. A prized spice for food, medicine, and perfume in eastern cultures for thousands of years, it is known as the Queen of Spices in India.  This sweetly aromatic fruit boasts a bold and complex flavor of ginger, black pepper, clove, eucalyptus, and lemon.

Traditional Preparations

Cardamom can be used to season curry sauces, rice dishes, homemade breads, ice cream, and sweet pastries. A classic ingredient in Chai tea, it’s also lovely in coffee. The seeds can be chewed as a natural breath freshener and digestive aide.

Herbal Curiosities

Whisperings throughout history rumor that Cleopatra found the scent of cardamom so alluring that she made incense from the seeds to perfume her palace when Marc Antony came to visit.


Want to experiment with the enchanting flavor and aroma cardamom offers?

Find the organic pods here, chai tea here, and essential oil here!



Photo Thursday!

Posted by Erin|17 January 2013

Look at this delicious pairing!

We sure do love shiitake mushrooms seasoned with rosemary, and what a wonderful combination for cold and flu season. Whip up a batch of rosemary miso butter, rehydrate and coat the mushrooms, and then bake until nice and hot. Mmm mmm!


50 Ways to Spice Up Your Life!

Posted by Erin|14 January 2013

1. Add Lavender flowers to shortbread, cupcake, and ice cream recipes for a floral twist.

2. Use DulseKelp, Wakame, and other seaweeds in soups or make gomasio and use as a salt substitute.

3. Grind Cardamom or Cacao Nibs with your coffee beans and brew for a unique treat.

4. Make your own Vanilla Extract using Vanilla Beans and Vodka or Rum.

5. Rehydrate organic Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms, roast in the oven with salt and olive oil, and add to soups.

6. Use Cinnamon sticks in coffee, tea, or hot toddy drinks as a stir stick.

7. Make homemade Chai with Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Black Peppercorns.

8. Freeze Rose petals or Calendula flowers in ice cubes and add to your iced tea.

9. Add Curry powder to omelettes and tofu scrambles and top with a mint yogurt sauce.

10. Mix Pumpkin Pie Spice and raw local honey into cream cheese for a delicious bagel spread.

11. Sprinkle Smoked Sea Salt on creamy pasta dishes with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil.

12. Mix Chives and Chilies into cornbread recipes for a spicy kick.

13. Swirl your favorite Culinary Oils, Salts, Peppercorns, and Seasoning Blends  together to create unique baguette dipping experiences. Try a delicious combination of Pumpkin Seed Oil, Smoked Sea Salt, and West Indies Rub!

14. Use Stevia leaf powder instead of sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, and baked goods.

15. Add Juniper Berries to meat, tofu, or tempeh marinades.

16. Use whole Mustard seeds in salad dressings, marinades, or make homemade mustard.

17. Add Lemongrass to coconut curries and soups.

18. Use Rosemary, Garlic, and Black Pepper or Thai Curry seasoning on baked potato wedges.

19. Infuse local honey with Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Rose Petals, Ginger, Sage, Vanilla Beans, or Red Chili Peppers.

20. Grind fresh Nutmeg on pies, crisps, squash soups, and ice cream.

21. Make herbal infused salts with Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, or Chili Pepper - or infuse sugar with Vanilla Beans, Roses, Lemon Peel, Ginger, or Lavender.

22. Sprinkle a few crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt or Cayenne on homemade chocolate truffles.

23. Galangal is used in Asian cuisine and gives an earthy, yet spicy ginger-like note to soups and sauces.

24. Add Chinese 5 Spice to your vegetable stir fries, grilled tempeh, or stews for a spicy and warming meal.

25. Roll fresh local butter in Tarragon, Basil, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Oregano, and Marjoram and spread on warm bread.

26. Use Fenugreek in curries, rice dishes, and in flatbread dough.

27. Add Anise seeds to biscotti or Italian pizzelle cookies for a traditional treat.

28. Make your own flavored spirits by soaking Black Peppercorns, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon, or Rosemary in vodka, rum, gin, brandy, or tequila.

29. Fennel seed is a classic sausage spice and common in Mediterranean bread recipes.

30. Add Caraway seeds to savory rye breads, crackers, sauerkraut, and soups.

31. Make a Licorice root infusion or use a pinch of the powder in recipes to add a natural sweetness.

32. Infuse red wine with oranges, Cinnamon sticks, whole Cloves, Star Anise Pods, honey, and apple cider.


33. Brew roasted Chicory Root and roasted Dandelion Root as a coffee substitute.

34. Mix Chives, Garlic, fresh ground Peppercorns, Spinach powder, and Ancho Pepper powder into sour cream for a party dip.

35. Use fresh or dried Cilantro in Mexican dishes, Thai and Indian curries, or Vietnamese Phở.

36. Make an infusion of Lemon balm and freeze into ice cubes for iced tea.

37. Add Coriander seed to curries, masalas, pickles, and barbecue rubs.

38. Use Dill Weed in sour cream and yogurt based dips and dressings, or use with seaweeds to create tofu faux fish patties.

39. Make a batch of Spiced Tea Eggs!

40. Add ground Cinnamon and Chia Seeds to smoothies and shakes.

41. Infuse cream with Lemon Verbena to make ice creams and cheesecake recipes.

42. Use Turmeric in curries, tofu scrambles, and rice recipes.

43. Add Chili Pepper flakes and Herbs de Provence to spice up pizza, pasta, and calzones.

44. Use Celery Seed in stuffing recipes, creamy soups, blue cheese dressing, and Bloody Marys.

45. Add Thyme to roasted vegetables and red wine braises.

46. Use Smoked Paprika in barbecue rubs and savory cream sauces.

47. Add Sage leaves to gravies, brown butter sauces, and fancy grilled cheeses.

48. Make Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, or Cinnamon syrup for cocktails, coffee, or to drizzle on desserts.

49. Infuse apple cider vinegar with Italian Seasoning or with spices like Garlic, Ginger, or Cayenne.

50. Create unique pestos with unconventional ingredients like holy basil, sage, arugula, parsley, thyme, cilantro, lemon balm, jalapenos, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Oil, or Black Lava Salt.

New! Soapstone Diffuser

Posted by Christine|11 January 2013

We can hear your “ooohs” and “ahhhs” over this loveliness from here!

This elegant one-piece essential oil diffuser is made of pure hand carved black soapstone and features a striking leaf and twig pattern that swirls around the piece. To use, simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend into the bowl with a little water and ignite a tea light in the bottom for the ultimate aroma experience. At just 3.75″ tall and only 2.5” in diameter, its small and sleek design easily compliments any bedroom, desktop, or bathroom. Because these beauties are handcrafted, the patterns will vary slightly between diffusers, making each piece truly unique.

Find them on our website here!

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