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Essential Oil Storage Tips

Let’s face it, essential oils are not cheap! They require a lot of plant material to produce a small amount of oil, and you want to get the most out of your little bottles of aromatic goodness. When stored correctly essential oils can last an extremely long time. Conservatively, you can keep properly stored oils for at least 1 year. I have oils in my collection that I have had around for over 5 years, and they still have a long life ahead of them. Factors that will affect your essential oil: Heat and Light: Essential oils are flammable. Each oil has a unique flashpoint, or the temperature at which it will ignite. These flash points are quite high. A comfortable room temperature storage place will suffice, but I would not store oils above a range or wood stove. Direct contact with sunlight can affect the color of an oil and […]

Photo Thursday!

Instead of one image for today’s Photo Thursday, we bring you a video produced by one of our local news stations here in Eugene for a series called the Sustainable Table. Come take a little peek inside our organic tea and spice blending room and learn about our sustainability efforts. Thanks, KEZI!  

350 Native Plants Restored!

Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we continuously try to improve both our workplace environment and the natural world. This month, we were able to do both by planting native trees and shrubs! Our landscaper, Holde Fink with Native and Urban Gardens, works to enhance our bioswale and beautify the backdrop at our facility by planting native trees. He is an Oregon Tilth Accredited Organic Land Care professional who employs no-spray methods and sustainable practices. In the warmer months, employees and furry friends alike enjoy the grassy knoll around the bioswale where they picnic and play. We also participated in two back-to-back tree plantings through the Mountain Rose River Project, an employee-led volunteer group focusing on riparian restoration, stream health, and aquatic habitat protection. March 8, 2013 – As a member of GreenLane, we linked up with McKenzie River Trust and a jubilant group of volunteers for a planting on Green […]

Plant a Bee Garden

Our foray into the world of urban beekeeping has me thinking about how to keep our bees busy and well-fed for a nice, long season. We live in a fairly diverse, funky, downtown neighborhood with lots of fruit trees (we have six of our own) and established gardens and we know there are other experienced beekeepers all around us, so we’ve been making our list and taking stock of what we have and what we want more of for the most bee-tabulous garden ever!     We have an average-sized, rectangular city lot in an older part of town. Since there are already honeybees and pollinators in our neighborhood, we are able to build on what we actually saw them visiting last year. I’ve learned that the bees and I are spiritually aligned when it comes to a preference for local native plants and heirlooms—turns out that hybridization has a […]

New! Fawn Lily Facial Care

We are thrilled to bring you this line of artisan facial care products from Fawn Lily Botanica, handcrafted right here in the Pacific Northwest! Each carefully crafted recipe is a synergy of luxurious botanicals created to cleanse, tone, and hydrate your skin. You will find the perfect combination of facial care products for any skin type within this line. Choose from: Botanical Face Wash: Tea Tree and Juniper, Unscented Herbal, or Vanilla and Elder Flower Facial Serum: Geranium Argan or Tea Tree Juniper Facial Toner: Lavender Willow and Calendula or Sage Mint and Yarrow Click Here to see a complete list of our Facial Care products.

Photo Thursday!

Here’s another beautiful reader submission for Photo Thursday! This gorgeous tea picture comes to us from Alexis over at Worts and Cunning. Check out this delicious blend of red rooibos tea, lycii (goji) berries, anise seed, and coconut flakes. Yum! Thanks for sharing, Alexis!  

Roots in Common ~ A Look at Four Qi Tonics

  Here’s the second installment in my series about Chinese herbal medicine and the herbs that Chinese and Western herbal medicine have in common. I hope that lots of fruitful conversations will grow from seeing these two traditions work side by side. Qi, sometimes explained as vital energy or life force, is the energetic current of the body, and we acupuncturists spend a lot of time talking about it. It’s our version of electricity, so to speak. From a biological perspective, I like to compare it to ATP, the force driving our cellular machinery. Qi is moving, immaterial, and heavenly. Many of the Qi tonics in Chinese medicine are seen as adaptogens and immunostimulants in the Western herbal tradition. Regardless of what you call it or how you classify it, these herbs are seen as tonics addressing deficiencies of various degrees. Because we’re discussing Qi tonics, these herbs will go to the […]

All About Vanilla!

Check out this fact-packed infographic we made that follows the fascinating and complex story of vanilla bean production. From orchid flower to ice cream, the luscious flavor and aroma of this cured fruit is powerfully enchanting. You’ll also find a few vanilla recipes and how-tos to try with our organic vanilla beans! Click on the picture below to enlarge… 

New! Fall Gold Ginkgo Leaf

We are so excited to add this chopped Fall Gold Ginkgo Leaf to our line of organic herbs and spices! Our Fall Gold Ginkgo has the wonderful distinction of being grown and harvested here in the United States. In contrast to our regular green ginkgo leaf, Fall Gold Ginkgo is harvested during the peak of the autumn season, after the leaves have achieved their delightful golden color. Some herbal traditions recommend the use of leaves that are harvested at this later point in the season when the medicinal properties of the plant are believed to be at their strongest. Click here to learn more about this beautiful new herb we’re carrying!

Photo Thursday!

Can it really be true? First sun tea of the year brewing in our new Tea-to-Go infuser! Yessss.  

Mountain Rose Pavilion at the Mother Earth News Fair!

We are so excited about the Mother Earth News Fair this year! For the first time ever, we will be hosting an entire pavilion at the show…   ~ Herbal Vendors ~ Of course you’ll find our herbal garden booth with tons of freebies and herbal samples to try, but this time around we’ll also be surrounded by sustainable and plant-loving businesses including seed companies, herb nurseries, garden tool blacksmiths, beekeepers, homesteading supplies, natural bodycare crafters, and more. We will also be raffling off a gift basket filled with organic teas and tinctures at our booth! Be sure to visit us at booths 916 and 817 for the free tincture bar, herb cart, organic aroma counter, and other botanical goodies.   ~ Herbal Classes and Workshops ~ Perhaps the most exciting part of the pavilion will be the Mountain Rose Herbs Stage. Throughout the weekend, our speakers will give herbal workshops and hands-on demonstrations on topics ranging […]

Spring Tonic Vinegar Recipe & Giveaway!

In celebration of this year’s Spring Equinox, we are excited to partner with our customers Elie and Kristen of the Portland Apothecary for this very special recipe and giveaway! That’s right…they are offering up an entire Spring Share of handcrafted herbal goodies to one lucky reader, plus a gorgeous infused vinegar recipe for us all to enjoy. Let’s meet the herbalists! Elie grew up on a biodynamic farm in the hills of Pennsylvania, where the rhythms of the four seasons were her first teachers. She helped her mother brew elderflower syrup in the spring, harvested wild raspberries in the summers, pressed apples for cider in the fall and helped her father tap maple trees for sap in the late winter. Since then, her intrigue with the magic and medicine of plants has been a calling and a journey. Elie interned on farms all over the world, attended Aprovecho Center for Sustainability, and completed […]