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Herby Summer Salad Dressings

It is salad season!  For me, this means a lot of hearty salads from home-grown veggies.  A trip through the garden with my harvesting basket over one arm right before supper tends to inspire some amazing meals.  What really makes these salads taste treasures, however, is the dressing! I tend to go in stages and phases and what was my favorite last year, might not be the tastes I’m craving this year.  A couple years ago, I was crazy about a honey poppy seed dressing I created (so yummy on fruit salads), but this year I’ve been reaching for a dandelion vinaigrette and a simple ranch-style dressing for salads.  Here are the recipes for all three!     Honey Poppy Seed Dressing ½ cup raw, local, organic honey ½ cup organic Sweet Almond Oil 4-5 Tablespoons Blackberry or Blueberry Vinegar * 3-4 Tablespoons organic Poppy Seeds Pinch of sea […]

Partners for Change!

At Mountain Rose Herbs, we plant seeds. We like to see them grow, so we water and nurture them. We talk to them and give them lots of love. This is the same philosophy we use to support our non-profit partners. Check out two new organizations that Mountain Rose Herbs will encourage to bud, bloom, and flourish! Walama Restoration Project The Walama Restoration Project is a grassroots non-profit organization that serves the community by protecting and enhancing riparian areas, forests, and grassland ecosystems. They are a savvy organization that couples education with action as they work to raise awareness and inspire change within the community. Mountain Rose Herbs supports this group through annual financial contributions and by helping to disseminate literature. In addition, we partner with WRP for employee-led volunteer days through the Mountain Rose River Project.       Western Environmental Law Center This public interest law firm has […]

New Chocolate Elixirs!

Our friends at Terra Firma Botanicals have expanded their line of yummy chocolate elixirs! Made with unfiltered Pacific Northwest honey, organic fair trade cacao powder, and pure botanicals, these elixirs are a decadent way to bring herbs into your life…   Adapt Chocolate Elixir A delicious blend formulated to induce harmony and balance amidst life’s everyday stressors. A tasty treat made from pure botanicals to strengthen and support the body. Fuego Chocolate Elixir Awaken your senses with this spicy yet smooth circulatory elixir. Packed with cayenne and tulsi, this botanical tonic will warm and invigorate the body while supporting mental clarity and cardiovascular health. Passion Chocolate Elixir This sensual elixir has been formulated to stimulate vitality. A mixture of pure botanicals including maca root, which is a nourishing herb known to promote hormonal balance and stamina. Share a little with your partner over ice cream or fresh berries. Rhapsody Chocolate Elixir Formally […]

Photo Thursday!

We love our city bike path! It’s so exciting to see this sign along the Amazon Creek bike path here in Eugene. Folks from Mountain Rose will be cleaning, clearing, and maintaining a section of the path near City View throughout the year. The City offers this rewarding program to provide citizens of Eugene an opportunity to assist in maintaining the appearance of our multi-use path system for the public good. Many of us use this path to commute around town, so we are more than happy to help!  

Spicy Quick Pickled Red Onions

I fell in love with this traditional Mexican condiment from the Yucatán several years ago while noshing on tacos at my favorite little taquería. Complimentary bowls kept appearing as I greedily stuffed the pickled rings between folded tortillas. A harmonious combination of salty-sour-herby-sweetness gave the perfect pop of brightness to each bite and I was immediately smitten. Last summer I decided to hunt down a recipe and became just a tad obsessed with making them at home. A must have for summertime barbeques and fiestas, I like to keep a jar on hand year round. The process is quick and super easy, plus you can play with different herbs and spices to customize the flavor. My recipe has a little kick from red chili flakes and black peppercorns. Try them on burgers, sandwiches, chopped into a relish for grilled fish, salads, pizzas, stews, bloody mary garnishes, cheese plates, and on and on!   Spicy Quick Pickled Red Onions Ingredients 1 tbsp […]

Farm Stories: Calming Herbs

Driving up the Columbia River Gorge early in the morning, I was worried that my farm visit would be all grey skies and summer storms. However, once I drove up out of the Gorge, the skies opened up and it was absolutely beautiful. We grow skullcap, lemon balm, valerian, and many other water-loving plants on this organic farm. The Pacific Northwest has abundant rains, plenty of surface water, and healthy recharge rates for ground water. The glacial flows from Mount Adams help this farm to stay happy and green in the heat of summer.     The Skullcaps are one of my favorite genus of plants. It was wonderful to see the fields of Scutellaria lateriflora. The flowering buds, with their identifying ridge on the calyx, were just starting to open up on many of the plants, which means it’s time to start harvesting! This farm grows the Skullcap as a […]

New Natural Herbal Deodorant!

We have finally found a natural deodorant that really works! These effective deodorants from Primal Pit Paste are handcrafted with organic and natural ingredients. Made with no aluminum or parabens and no antiperspirants, these deodorants are just that – deodorant! The jar of primal pit paste is simple and easy to apply. Simply dab a pea size amount and rub gently into your underarms. For those who prefer a more traditional method of applying deodorant, primal pit paste is also available in a push up stick. Both made with the same great formula (the stick contains a little beeswax), you will find the perfect herbal protection for your needs.   Choose from the following 2 oz. options Lavender: jar or push-up stick Thyme Lemongrass: jar or push-up stick Primal Spice: push-up stick Find them on our website here!   Contains: organic Arrowroot powder, Coconut oil, organic raw Shea butter, non-aluminum baking soda, […]

Photo Thursday!

Here’s a shot of our lovely salt bar from the Bite of Eugene last year! Ready to sample some luscious Red Alaea, Black Lava, Himalayan Pink, Alder Smoked, and other gorgeous gourmet salts? We will be there again this year pouring bowls of rich culinary oils swirled with salts, peppercorns, and spice blends just waiting for you to soak up with some fresh baked artisan bread. Visit the Mountain Rose “Food as Medicine” Pavilion this Saturday to try this heavenly flavor experience for yourself! Bite of Eugene Saturday, July 20th Alton Baker Park Eugene, OR 11 am – 10 pm $5 admission The Bite of Eugene is a celebration of our local food scene and culinary culture with a focus on sustainability. This year’s event will once again benefit our friends at the Willamette Farm & Food Coalition. Food booths will be offering “bites” of their locally created provisions. […]

Three Cheers to Beyond Toxics!

Mountain Rose Herbs sponsored a victory party for Beyond Toxics’ recent success, Oregon House Bill 3364.  Beyond Toxics, a statewide environmental health non-profit based in Lane County, defied the odds to mobilize passage of a bold and effective environmental protections law in the 2013 Oregon Legislature. In appreciation of their tireless work, Mountain Rose Herbs will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $2500 in the month of July. Donate today and double it up! Select “Matching Grant” from the dropdown menu   Why are we celebrating? On June 4th, Governor Kitzhaber signed into law HB 3364, the State Integrated Pest Management Act. The new law, which goes into effect immediately, protects public health from pesticides, including the most vulnerable members of our communities. It safeguards our rivers, state forests and ecosystems. Overall, Oregon will see less pesticide use as well as more accountability and public input regarding state […]

New Herbal Interviews Book!

Have you seen this exciting new book of interviews created by our friends at the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous? 21st Century Herbalists is a truly unique piece of our community history and you won’t find it on store shelves just anywhere. Jesse Wolf Hardin presents intimate conversations with 21 of the most intriguing herbalists and foragers of the 21st Century. Perfectly subtitled, “Rock-Stars, Radicals & Root Doctors,” this book is filled with previously unshared stories, underutilized herbs, herbal healing traditions, and inspiring advise from a collection of well-known herbalists. Read the stories of our “rock star” herbalists in this eclectic collection of interviews!    

Photo Thursday!

Check out this lovely summer shot of Brian, our new Domestic Farms Representative, taken during a visit to our glorious skullcap farm last weekend. We’ll have a bunch of beautiful photos from our Pacific Northwest farms to share next week!  

Free Tote Bags Celebrate a Greener Eugene!

Since the City of Eugene’s plastic bag ban went into effect May 1, 2013, we’ve been giving away organic totes to customers who pick up their orders at our showroom. We’re giving away a total of 500 reusable,100% organic cotton bags! I sincerely hope that the City of Eugene will inspire others to reject single-use plastic bags and adopt practices to reduce and reuse waste. Featuring our new Support Organic Agriculture design, these bags offer a perfect way to celebrate our dedication to recycling, reusing, and phasing out harmful materials from the waste stream. Plastic bags have long been favored by retailers and consumers for their light weight and durability, but this convenience has come at a high cost to the environment. Produced from non-renewable fossil fuels, these bags take hundreds of years to decompose and often find their way out of the landfill, littering our neighborhoods, killing marine animals, […]