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Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe!

Variations of this recipe have been treasured since Medieval times when it is said that a band of thieves raided homes of the ill, protected only by an herbal-infused vinegar formula the robbers had concocted. The herbs they used in this tale vary from story to story, but many other herbs can be combined to create this potent medicinal preparation. We've received quite a few questions from folks about using our Four Thieves Oil recipe internally (which we don't recommend, since essential oils are highly concentrated), and thought it would be helpful to post an effective vinegar-based recipe that can be consumed. This Four Thieves vinegar formula can be taken by the spoonful, added to water, used in place of regular vinegar in many recipes, or as a surface cleaning agent. Turning this classic remedy into a delicious salad dressing helps the medicine go down easy and has become one of my favorite ways […]

Our Favorite Fall Essential Oils

I will be the first to admit that I love Lavender essential oil. I will mix pretty much anything with it for a diffusing blend. With it's sweet floral aroma, lavender is mostly associated with the spring and early summer. Here are a few essential oils that I like to combine during autumn months when the weather is changing and I want to feel a little more cozy, but am not quite ready to turn on the heat. The scent pairings… Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis): with it's fresh, camphoraceous aroma, and slightly balsamic undertones, rosemary compliments lavender in a subtle way. I would consider rosemary to have a medicinal aroma, where the lavender is sweet and floral. They seem like an odd couple, but combine to make a blend with a sharp top note followed by smooth floral finish. Awakening and calming all in one. Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis): […]

Photo Thursday!

We have returned from the flower-filled Ponderosa Pine forests of northern Arizona, where hundreds of plant-lovers gathered for the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous! Here’s an action shot of our lab manager and herbalist Steven Yeager examining a beautiful chicory flower (or a head of ligulate flowers for the botany nerds out there) during 7Song’s plant walk. We have more photos from the conference over on Facebook!  

The Menopausal Journey: Emotions, Energy, & Anger!

In my old understanding of myself, I am a perky, pleasant and mellow sort who took a long time to anger or irritate.  My current reality, however, is one of a bit more emotional buoyancy.  I have surprised myself with a newly-shortened temper, a wide range of energy levels (from bursts of incredible creativity to unexplained exhaustion), and perplexing tears in the midst of a sunny, cheery day.  I joked with one of my friends that it is a bit like being a teenager, only now I have the experience, vocabulary, and bank account to really shake things up! My philosophy about some of this menopausal upheaval is to not just survive, but to also embrace the lessons and opportunities as I move toward what I trust will be an even more mature version of myself.  I’ve decided that self-care is in order: embracing the emotional depths and exploring the […]

DIY Guide to Tea Blending

This fun tool will help you find herbal synergy when creating your own tea blends. Start with the herbal action you need (immune support, calming, digestive stimulant, etc.) and use your preferred herb as the “active ingredient” base. Then add a “supportive ingredient” that is soothing to that particular body system. The final ingredient is the “catalyst” which adds a pop of flavor or offers stronger potency to the active ingredient by providing a complimentary action. These proportions are conceptual and not hard set, so you have freedom to experiment. Start with 3 parts active ingredient, 1 to 2 parts supportive, and 1/4 to 1 part catalyst, and then make adjustments as needed.  You will find that herbs often switch roles from one blend to the next. Keep this helpful guide in mind when you begin blending gifts for the holidays!    

Fresh "Picked" Hydrosols!

As harvest season is coming to an end, we are receiving freshly distilled hydrosols! Which means that all of your favorites are back in stock or will be soon. See our full line here! Hydrosols may also be referred to as hydroflorates, flower waters, or distillates. They are produced by steam distilling plant material, which is the same production method used for most essential oils. They have similar therapeutic properties as their accompanying essential oil, but are much less concentrated. These pure hydrosols are not by-products of essential oil production, but come from devoted distillers who steam small batches of plant material strictly to produce these wonderful products. Hydrosols have mild aromas when directly compared to their matching essential oil, this is because they only contain the water soluble constituents from the botanical material. They still have very beautiful aromas and are a versatile botanical product to have on hand for […]

Our 25 Year Retrospective Catalog is here!

Our very special catalog for Autumn/Winter 2013 is on the way! This time around, we’ve packed it full of our favorite recipes and stories to celebrate our 25 years in the herbal community. You’ll also find fun how-tos, exciting new products, gorgeous color photos, and plenty more herbal goodies. We truly hope you’ll enjoy strolling down our little memory lane as much as we did! As always, we print on post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks so you can recycle the cover and compost the rest, although we hope you’ll keep it around for a while or share it with a friend. Want a FREE copy all for yourself? Request a new catalog or view the digital version here!  

A Future for Ginseng

You may have seen the recent news report which outlined the alarming decline of wild Ginseng populations in the United States due to poaching. In response, the United Plant Savers have begun a petition to encourage the government to coordinate and better manage our most important and threatened woodland plants. Working to protect our woodland medicinals saves forests, supports rural livelihoods, and aides in our health and wellbeing. We want to encourage the herbal and plant community to join us in supporting United Plant Savers and others by signing this petition. American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is one of the most beautiful plants in our Eastern forests. It shines green under old hardwoods in deep cold Appalachian hollows.  It’s a sort of plant that you see glow from the corner of your eyes, but when you look at it straight on it disappears. In pre-colonial old-growth, this plant was a regular […]

Botanical Perfumes: Aroma Oils

Our collection of Aroma Oils offers a great way to enjoy natural botanical scents, without the harsh, synthetic chemicals found in many commercial products. Exquisite and alluring, our aroma oils make wonderful body perfumes that last for hours. These beautiful synergistic healing blends are crafted to evoke feelings of passion or relaxation. Each of our aroma oils are created in small batches, right here at Mountain Rose Herbs, and contain a perfect combination of jojoba and grapeseed oils with pure essential oils…     ~ Here are 4 of our classic aroma blends! ~ Aphrodite Aroma Oil: This sensuous blend has the perfect mix of spice and floral notes. Contains organic Palmarosa, organic Australian Sandalwood, Rose and organic Patchouli essential oils in a base of organic Jojoba and Grapeseed oils. Heart Aroma Oil: A warming and balancing blend crafted to inspire joy. Contains organic Lavender, organic Ylang Ylang, organic Roman Chamomile and organic Sweet Marjoram […]

Photo Thursday!

What a sweet photo of herbalist Paul Bergner and Brian, our Domestic Farms Representative, at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference last weekend! This gathering has deep roots in the herbal community and we are so happy to be a part of it every year. You can find more photos from this weekend on our Facebook page!  

New Video: How to Make Herbal Body Scrubs!

This body scrub is so easy to make and smells amazing. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed but not too minty as the soft vanilla bean aroma lightly perfumes your skin. Honey is a luxurious ingredient that helps moisturize, nourish, and protect the skin with its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and humectant properties. In fact, I love to use honey alone as a face mask several times a month. If you’re collecting recipes for this year’s herbal handmade holiday gifts, this one will be perfect for the vanilla lovers out there! Ingredients 1 cup fine sea salt or fine organic sugar 1/2 cup organic sunflower or sweet almond oil 1/4 cup raw organic honey 1 organic vanilla bean, split and scraped 10 drops organic peppermint essential oil 1 tsp organic vanilla extract (optional)  Enjoy!

Green Stories: Bike Path Clean-Up

    Our day began in the Mountain Rose parking lot here in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. If there is such a thing as perfect trash picking weather, this was it! Warm breeze, just a few raindrops to cool us off, cloud cover to shield us from the brutal sun and heat. Perfecto! Our team loaded tools, gloves, and trash bags into the Mountain Rose vehicle. Pickers and stickers in hand, we struck out to clean up a local trail. We recently adopted a section of the bike path that runs parallel to the Amazon Creek canal which empties into the Long Tom River. Many of us use the bike path to get to and from work and we feel it’s our responsibility to help maintain the path and keep trash out of the creek.     As the Director of Sustainability, it’s up to me to organize these volunteer days. […]