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Salted Rose Walnut Caramels

Posted by Jackie|30 October 2012

I absolutely love this time of year. People all over town are keeping warm and listening to the crackling sound of a wood stove, making home-cooked meals, and spending quality time with cherished friends and family.

There is something about soft, chewy caramel that conjures memories of this wonderful season. I remember childhood days at the pumpkin patch with my family. These pumpkin adventures always seemed to include handfuls of sweet treats! Along with our pumpkins, my brother and I would carry small, paper bags filled with sweet, chewy caramel delights. To this day, fall just isn’t complete without a caramel or two, wrapped in festive wax paper.

This cozy season offers a perfect excuse to spoil loved ones with this creamy, chewy, rosy treat!


Salted Rose Walnut Caramels


• 3/4 cup heavy cream
• 3/4 cup dried, organic rosebuds or petals

• 1/4 cup local honey
• 1 cup organic sugar
• 3 tablespoons butter
• 3 tablespoons finely chopped organic walnuts
• 1 teaspoon Cyprus flake salt



1. In a small saucepan, heat heavy cream until gently boiling. Add rosebuds, cover, and remove from heat. Let steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain cream into a small bowl.

2. Combine honey and sugar in a medium pot. Stir constantly over medium-high heat until the mixture liquefies, boils, and turns amber in color.

3. Turn heat to medium and quickly stir in the butter. Once the butter is mixed in, turn the heat to low and quickly whisk in the cream.

4. While stirring constantly, cook the caramel to 250 degrees. Quickly add walnuts and salt before pouring into a loaf pan lined with wax paper.

5. Cool overnight.

6.  Pull the caramel and wax paper out of the pan and set it on a cutting board. Carefully remove wax paper from caramel and cut caramel into 1 inch rectangle cubes.

7.  Cut wax paper into wrappers. To wrap: center the caramel on one side of the square paper. Roll to form a tube and twist to close on each end.

8. For best results, keep the wrapped caramels in an airtight container.



Essential Herbal Giveaway!

Posted by Jackie|25 September 2012


Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina Sams, the ever-so inspiring editor of The Essential Herbal bi-monthly magazine! Each beautiful issue motivates you to embark on your own wildcrafting journey, plant a flourishing garden, create an herbal formula, or even make your very own plant press. Since 2002, The Essential Herbal has provided a collection of stories, recipes, tips, lore, and project ideas for the adventurous cooks, foragers, crafters, and family herbalists among us. We get pretty giddy with excitement when a new issue arrives in the mail – such a treat! You can check out a free sample issue of the magazine by visiting

So, fall is here yet again with the promise of glorious changing leaves and chilly breezes, but we know that running noses and scratchy throats are not far behind. Tina has kindly shared one of her favorite herbal cold-fighting recipes with us. This syrup blends strong aromatic, antibacterial, soothing, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory herbs to help with those nasty colds that like to settle in your respiratory system. Potent stuff!


Tina’s Deep Chest and Throat Syrup Recipe



4 “finger sized” pieces of Osha root

2 – 6″ Licorice root sticks

1/2 oz Elecampane root

1/2 oz Wild Cherry Bark

1 tbsp Horehound

3 or 4 sprigs of Thyme or 1 tsp dried

zest and juice from one organic lemon

3 or 4 inches of fresh organic Ginger root sliced, or 2 tsp of dried Ginger root

4 cups water

1 1/2 – 2 cup raw local honey



Combine all ingredients, except the honey, with the water and allow to soak at room temperature for several hours.

Next, gently simmer all ingredients – except the honey – together until the liquid is reduced by half.  Strain and press as much liquid as possible from the herbs.  Measure the decocted liquid and add an equal portion of honey while the liquid is still warm. Store in a sealed glass jar or bottle in the refrigerator and use as needed.


Essential Herbal Giveaway!


Ready to make your own cold season syrup?

Three lucky winners will be chosen to win the ingredients for Tina’s Deep Chest and Throat Syrup recipe and a subscription to The Essential Herbal! That’s six issues of this amazing magazine plus 4oz of these goodies: osha root, licorice root, thyme, wild cherry bark, elecampane root, ginger root, and horehound!

How to Enter:

There are several ways to enter the Essential Herbal Giveaway! You can submit up to five entries for a chance to win these prizes.

1. Leave a comment here telling us about your favorite cold-fighting herb!

2. Post a link to our Essential Herbal giveaway on your Facebook page and leave a comment here to let us know you’ve shared.

3. Tweet about our Essential Herbal giveaway on Twitter using the hashtag #essentialherbal and leave a comment here to let us know you’ve shared. Be sure to follow Essential Herbal and MtnRoseHerbs!

4. Like Essential Herbal on Facebook or subscribe to The Essential Herbal Blog! Leave a comment here to let us know you’re following.

5. Subscribe to the Mountain Rose Herbs YouTube Channel, our recipe-packed newsletter, or follow us on Pinterest, and leave a comment here to let us know you’re following.

You have until Tuesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm PST to enter. We will pick three winners at random on Wednesday, October 3rd! Prizes can only be shipped within the United States.

. . . . . . .


Our winners have been randomly selected! Congratulations to the following readers:

Result: 401 ~ kristenterga

Result: 802 – Jessie K

Result: 26 ~ Finamoon

Thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your favorite cold herbs! Be well!

Building Healthy Rivers One Herb at a Time

Posted by Jackie|12 September 2012

Destructive land practices degrade our water quality and threaten its future each day. With an increasing global population and burgeoning climate change, scientists agree that dangers to our precious freshwater ecosystems are everywhere. Now is the time to sound the alarms and support organizations that work to protect our waterways.

Recently, we partnered with the Pacific Rivers Council, an incredible non-profit that is committed to protecting and restoring rivers, their watersheds, and the native species that greatly depend on them.

Every living creature depends on water. Streamed from flowing rivers, water brings life to our lands and provides the vital force our herbs need to grow. Without moving to sustainable practices and an emphasis on organic farming, there is little chance that future generations will have healthy rivers full of thriving fish populations and clean drinking water. Imagine the consequences.

To help get the word out, we decided to create an ad highlighting the tireless efforts made by the Pacific Rivers Council. Our talented Art Director, Tom, made these gorgeous fish sculptures by hand, using our certified organic herbs. Check out that detail! These sculptures perfectly illustrate the unbreakable connectedness between plants, animals, water, and all life on our planet.

To learn more about the Pacific Rivers Council and the important work they do, please visit:  

Showroom Show and Tell!

Posted by Jackie|05 September 2012


Each day, we’re visited by local customers who are eager and excited to pick up their organic herbal goodies. Upon entering the glass doors, customers are greeted with the warm fragrance of fresh herbs, comfy chairs, and friendly smiles from our welcoming staff.



Pieces of history are sprinkled throughout our showroom. Rich, natural tones surround furniture from Shawn and Julie’s collection of gorgeous antiques. Aromatic displays of colorful herb filled jars line the shelves, while bundles of lavender, giant reishi mushrooms, tinctures, essential oils, spices, and more peek out from within the rich cabinetry around the room.



Stop by, pick up your order, and browse our extensive herbal gallery! Our friendly and attentive staff will be around to answer questions, fetch orders, and offer knowledgeable information about the many products available here at Mountain Rose!

Be sure to order ahead of time if you plan to pick up your herbs, since we’re not able to fill orders from the showroom. To ensure next-day pick up, simply place your order by 2:00pm Monday through Thursday by phone or in person. Then, we’ll have the goodies ready for you by noon the next business day! For more ordering information and pick-up details visit this page or call Customer Service at 800-879-3337.

Venture down to West Eugene and pay us a visit if you’re in town! We’d love to meet you!


Herbal Gallery and Pick-up Parlour Info

4060 Stewart Road, Eugene, Oregon 97402

Monday – Friday

9:00am to 5:00pm


How We Do Zero Waste

Posted by Jackie|29 August 2012


With a fierce commitment leading the way and many dedicated employees, Mountain Rose has successfully implemented a number of aggressive policies to lessen our environmental footprint. Our ambitious Zero Waste policy plays a large role! Thanks to the hard work of our Zero Waste Team, led by Master Recycler, Troy, we are able to make use of virtually all of our company waste.

After introducing our Zero Waste policy, Mountain Rose Herbs went from producing 3,300 gallons of waste per month, to 80-100 gallons per month. This is a huge reduction when you consider that 80-100 gallons is the standard amount of waste produced by a family of four. With 130 employees and four facilities, we’re pretty proud of this accomplishment!

Sadly and far too often, “garbage” tossed into landfills is just an accepted part of life. Through our Zero Waste program, Mountain Rose Herbs hopes to eliminate waste completely. To accomplish this goal, all potential waste is evaluated for recycling, compost, and reuse.



How do we turn waste into resources?


  • Used paper hand towels are collected for composting at a local facility
  • Office paper, press board, and scrap paper is recycled
  • Metal and plastic drums are cleaned for re-use or recycled
  • Oil from our bulk vegetable and carrier oils is collected for bio-diesel salvage
  • Electronic and computer components are taken to a local facility for salvage and disposal
  • Tin, steel, and aluminum is sorted for collection
  • Break room and staff waste is composted
  • Scrap plastics are reclaimed by a local facility to be melted down into saleable material
  • Scrap metal, steel, and iron is collected for melting
  • Cardboard and pressboard is recycled
  • Wood and unusable pallets are sent to be chipped for landscaping materials
  • Botanical refuse material is collected for composting at local nurseries
  • Styrofoam is sent to a re-claimer for re-use in shipping computers
  • Essential oil is collected for natural pest control products and natural weed killers

These are just a few procedures in place through our program. We want to follow the cycle of the natural world, which produces no waste and utilizes all resources to support life on our precious planet.

How do you reduce waste where you live and work?


Organic Farming Education in North Carolina!

Posted by Jackie|22 August 2012


Mountain Rose Herbs is a proud supporter of the Organic Growers School, a truly inspiring non-profit!

This wonderful organization is passionate about advancing organic agriculture and promoting sustainable living in the beautiful Southern Appalachian region. They provide organic growing skills, valuable education, and unique networking opportunities to people in hopes of beginning or enhancing their own sustainable agriculture system.  For those of you who live in the Carolinas, we highly recommend connecting with this stellar non-profit!


Attendees learned to make mushroom logs during this conference workshop.

The Organic Growers School Annual Conference is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! Mountain Rose Herbs will sponsor this weekend event, which is filled with over 70 exciting workshops and networking opportunities near Asheville, North Carolina. These informational workshops include a variety of interesting topics and attendees will have the opportunity to learn the basics of vegetable gardening, baking delicious bread, saving on home energy expenses, and even learn how to raise a herd of goats!

The 20th Annual Spring Conference is scheduled for March 9-10th, 2013.

We hope to see you there!



To learn more about the Organic Growers School and the important work they do, please visit:


A Forward-Thinking Commute!

Posted by Jackie|15 August 2012


Over the years, Mountain Rose Herbs has aggressively implemented new and innovative ways to lessen our environmental footprint and protect the natural legacy that inspired us to move to this beautiful state. Our company is made up of passionate people who make conscious efforts in their own lives to help protect the precious resources that surround us.

One such effort is to combat excessive automobile usage, which is a primary contributor to global warming. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, American cars are driven further each year and burn more fuel per mile than the international average. The United States has five percent of the world’s population and 30 percent of the world’s automobiles. Shockingly, the US contributes a massive 45 percent of the world’s automotive CO2 emissions!

Wanting to become part of the solution, many Mountain Rose employees choose to carpool and bike to work.  Rain or shine, our bike shed is regularly stacked with employee bikes!



To support the commendable efforts of these dedicated employees, Mountain Rose Herbs started a revolutionary program that offers cash incentives for carpooling and biking to work. This unique project pays staff members who carpool to work 12¢ per mile for each passenger, and 20¢ per mile for those who bike to work. In addition to the cash reward for each mile, the staff member who has logged the most miles each year is granted a $500 cash bonus!

Excess automobile usage is an environmental burden with frightening consequences. Driving cars requires non-renewable resources and heavily contributes to the growing problem of Co2 emissions and global climate change. Our carpool and bicycling program works in a small way to help alleviate these problems on a local level.

The carpool and bicycling to work incentive is just one program in a long line of forward-thinking sustainability programs we have implemented! You can read more about these exciting programs on our website:

The Guiding Principles at Mountain Rose Herbs! 


Keep the Earth Wild!

Posted by Jackie|08 August 2012

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with a truly incredible non-profit!

The Center for Biological Diversity is currently the nation’s leading defender of endangered wildlife across the world! With fierce dedication, the mission of this organization is to ensure a future for all species hovering on the edge of extinction. We are truly honored be an annual financial donor!

All of us here at Mountain Rose Herbs strongly support the inherent right of threatened species to exist on this lifegiving planet we share. Sadly, as a result of habitat destruction, swelling human population across the globe, and drastic climate change, species are becoming extinct at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate. This reason alone illustrates the importance of supporting organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity.



From filing petitions to advocating for sound conservation policies, the Center for Biological Diversity works tirelessly to protect our natural world. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that without a complex habitat full of multi-tiered species (predators, prey, foragers, scavengers, decomposers) the cycle of life will be broken and our global ecosystem will quickly collapse.


We cannot allow this to happen.



To learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity and the important work they do, please visit: 


Our Right to Know about GMO!

Posted by Jackie|01 August 2012


As fear continues to grow over the long-term health effects of GMOs, more and more consumers fight for their right to know what’s in their food. Without thorough testing, the safety of genetically modified food is unnervingly questionable. The limited safety tests that are currently in place are often conducted by the very companies that use GMO ingredients. This reason alone illustrates the importance of labeling and transparency.

Mountain Rose Herbs began its campaign for mandatory labeling of genetically modified food in 1999. Since taking this stance, we’ve eagerly stood behind organizations that share this passion to educate consumers and create industry change. We’re proud to support California’s Right to Know Initiative, which would require GMO food that is sold in retail outlets to be labeled. This initiative would also prohibit GMO food from being advertised as ‘natural’ products.

Volunteers, inspired by a belief that people should have the ability to make informed food purchases, allowed California’s Right to Know initiative to become a possibility. Thousands of volunteers flooded the streets in hopes of gathering signatures for this measure. Nearly one million Californians signed the petition, which will now appear on the ballot for the November 6, 2012 election.

In support of initiatives like California’s Right to Know, Mountain Rose Herbs hopes to end the widespread lack of information about this practice. We should all have the ability to make informed decisions about the food we eat and feed to our families.


Wolves Mean Good Business

Posted by Jackie|25 July 2012

{Click photo to view larger image}

In partnership with our friends at Oregon Wild, we’ve proudly released a new ad to help raise awareness about the ecological benefits of Gray Wolf reintroduction in Oregon. We hope to protect the rich legacy of wildlife that inspired us to move to Oregon in 2001.

Often fueled by misinformation and fear, industry lobbyists and anti-wolf activists aim to break the already feeble protections currently in place to defend these magnificent wolves. In reality, wolves have an immensely positive impact on the native ecosystem and their return has sparked interest in Oregon’s wolf country, ultimately fueling tourism and awareness.

There’s an exciting opportunity coming up for people interested in a chance to see or hear Oregon’s 29 adult Gray Wolves.  We hope you’ll join us at the Third Annual Oregon Wild Wolf Rendezvous event in Wallowa County this August! In addition to learning tracking techniques and photography, this four-day adventure into Oregon’s wolf territory will also offer guests a chance to meet predator friendly biologists, ranchers, and other local community members. This event takes place Friday, August 17th to Monday, August 20th, 2012 and we hope to see you there!

To learn more, you can see our press release on EcoSeed.

For more information about Gray Wolf recovery in Oregon and the event, please contact our friends at Oregon Wild:

Fun at Bite of Eugene!

Posted by Jackie|24 July 2012


Mountain Rose Herbs sponsored the 4th annual Bite of Eugene this year!

This delicious event, hosted by our friends at Eugene Magazine, is a celebration of our local food scene here in Eugene. Participating food booths offered hungry attendees “bites” of their locally created delights from herbal sodas and hand-churned ice cream, to garbanzo burgers and jalapeno hushpuppies.



With support from Hideaway Bakery, who generously donated gorgeous loaves of fresh bread, Mountain Rose Herbs offered gourmet samples from our Epicurean Organics line. Attendees who stopped by our booth got to taste a rainbow of artisan salts, fresh-pressed oils, exotic seasoning blends, and zesty peppercorns.



Our herbal blogger and culinary mastermind, Erin, created some delicious oil infusions with popular spice blends. A few crowd favorites included a fun swirl of Pumpkin Seed Oil, West Indies Rub, and Smoked Sea Salt, as well as Macadamia Nut Oil mixed with Red Alaea Salt and Herbs de Provence. So simple, yet so flavorful!



In addition to the local music that had us jamming all night, attendees were invited to watch a live “Iron Chef” competition. Congratulations to Jeff Strom with Koho Bistro for winning this impressive culinary battle!

Donations from the event benefited the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, a community based non-profit with a fierce commitment to develop and secure sustainable food systems within Lane County. To learn more about this crucial non-profit, please visit:



To see more photos from this event, visit our Facebook album here!

Hope to see you out there again next year!


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