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Join Us In Saving Honey Bees!

Posted by Shawn|23 May 2012

Mountain Rose Herbs has gotten together with our long term partner Beyond Toxics on their most recent project called 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign. As most of your know, a large percentage of our honeybee colonies are being threatened by habitat loss, introduced diseases, the spread of parasites, and worst of all, the widespread use of pesticides. Many biologists agree that without the simple honey bee, our entire food system would collapse as would other essential plant systems.

The problem is that pesticides poison the bees by direct contact with the plants and flowers they pollinate and from here the compound chemicals eventually contaminate the honey, pollen, and entire hive. Entire bee colonies have been collapsing at an alarming rate and the latest research points to pesticides as being the biggest culprit of these declines.

But don’t let this shocking news get you down! Mountain Rose Herbs and Beyond Toxics are addressing the impacts that pesticides cause to honeybee populations and we need your support! 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood and city-by-city project dedicated to the preservation of the honeybee. The goal of 1000 Friends of Bees Campaign is to create pesticide-free zones in communities throughout the Pacific Northwest so that we can live together with our pollinators in a healthy and safe environment free of harmful chemicals.

Our goal is to have 1000 new friends of bees and you can do this by liking Beyond Toxics on Facebook which will give you up to date information, action alerts, and essential bee information. Please see

Many thanks for helping us spread the word on pesticide free living and many cheers for a happy and healthy future!


We’ll Double Your Donation To Land Conservation

Posted by Shawn|19 March 2012

Want to make your donation to land and river conservation go even further? Donate to the McKenzie River Trust by March 31st and Mountain Rose Herbs will automatically match your donation dollar for dollar up to $5,000. This is a perfect opportunity to double your investment in Western Oregon land conservation, and it will help advance the programs put into place by this priceless organization we all love and adore. Please help McKenzie River Trust secure these much needed funds by sending them your contribution by the deadline, and remember for each dollar you donate, Mountain Rose Herbs will match it up to $5,000.
To learn more about the Mountain Rose Herbs matching gift campaign and to donate please visit


Win A $250 Gift Certificate From Mountain Rose Herbs!

Posted by Shawn|01 November 2011

Want to publicly announce your love of pristine rivers for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs?
All you have to do is “Like” Pacific Rivers Council on Facebook and post a comment on their wall about why healthy rivers are special to you, pretty simple eh?  This little act by itself will put you into a drawing for a $250 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs and for complete (and easy) instructions, please see below.

For the month of November, Mountain Rose Herbs will join forces with our partners at Pacific Rivers Council in a campaign to bring attention to the issue surrounding watershed and river protection which is important to all life as we know it. So please join us today by participating in this free, easy, and ultimately gratifying event!

1. Log onto Facebook
2. Do a search for Pacific Rivers Council and “Like” them. Or you may click here…..
3. Post a comment on their wall about why healthy rivers are important to you
4. On December 1st we will randomly select one winner to receive a $250.00 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs and we will contact you through Facebook with the good news!


We Are Now An EarthShare Business Member!

Posted by Shawn|30 September 2011

We are utterly thrilled to announce that Mountain Rose Herbs is an EarthShare business member and we have setup a generous employee giving program which connects our staff with like-minded environmental organizations that work to protect and defend the places we hold dear. This further outlines the legacy of generosity which is fundamental in the operational foundation of Mountain Rose Herbs, and the simple act of setting up a workplace giving program through EarthShare will guarantee that the natural gifts this planet offers us will always be protected. If you are employed by a company that is not an EarthShare member, we would like for you to encourage your employer to become one, and if you are a business owner who is not an EarthShare member, we would love to see you become one! To learn more please see…..

Introducing The Mountain Rose River Project!

Posted by Shawn|11 July 2011

As most of you know, all of us at Mountain Rose Herbs have an unbridled soft spot for our wilderness areas and the great outdoors. In fact, our love for wild places is so strong that we dedicate time, staffing, and money to the preservation and expansion of our state’s natural heritage, and in doing this we realized that we could accomplish something much larger.
Just over a year ago we began the groundwork for a company run grassroots program called the Mountain Rose River Project which focuses on the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of our Northwest rivers, and we are happy to announce that the Mountain Rose River Project is now official!

When you live in the Pacific Northwest (or the Cascadian Bioregion) you quickly learn how vitally essential wild fish populations are to our regions ecology, and when you come to Oregon you might hear folks say that “Salmon is King” or “Salmon is found in the fabric and fiber of our culture”. This just goes to show how intimately linked Cascadians are to their aquatic species, and it is not just Salmon, but also wild Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbow Trout that contribute to the vibrancy of our watershed.

This connection to rivers and aquatic communities is what inspired us to create the Mountain Rose River Project which is a company run project with an exclusive focus on riparian ecosystems, stream health, and fish habitat. Each year we manage 6-8 restoration or enhancement projects that are fully staffed by Mountain Rose Herbs employees and these employees are compensated for their work by our Paid Time for Community Involvement Program. Getting paid for cleaning our rivers? Yes, it’s really true.

To see how we pulled this off and to learn more about the project please see……

Fish Love US Because Of Our Bioswale

Posted by Shawn|08 June 2011

Sadly I will admit that up until 5-6 years ago, I had no idea what a bioswale was and when I first heard the term I thought it was another name for a biologically rich prairie. Thankfully for me things have changed and recently Mountain Rose Herbs finished the enhancement and expansion of our bioswale located at our West Eugene headquarters, where this system collects and filters all of the storm water runoff from our 2 acre industrial complex.
The restoration of this bioswale was done through low-impact methods and we only used native trees, shrubs, and plants that are rated high for their ability to soak up pollutants and other particulate matter. Bioswales often get overlooked for their environmental contributions, and having them in place is essential for healthy rivers, aquatic communities, fish, and waterfowl. Now that I think about it, my only regret was that we did not get one into place sooner! Unfortunately most folks still don’t know what a bioswale is, but I will give you the brief summary on the essential mechanisms of a functional bioswale system, so here goes….

Typically rain water hits impervious surfaces such as concrete, roads, rooftops, etc, and here it collects pollutants from our streets and is immediately discharged into our rivers via storm runoff. With a bioswale in place, Mountain Rose Herbs diverts 100% of its runoff into a bio-logically enhanced on-site pond which is replete with flora and fauna that acts as natural filters, thus preventing polluted runoff from going directly into our rivers. We are happy to announce that our bioswale is home to beavers, ducks, numerous water-fowl, rough skinned newts, herons, and more!

Here is a concise and handy breakdown on the numerous benefits that can be realized with the installation of a bioswale….

· Filtering Pollutants
Studies have found that properly designed and constructed bioswales are able to achieve excellent removal of heavy metals, total suspended solids, and oil/grease. Bioswales remove suspended solids through settling and filtration and the dissolved pollutants are removed and/or transformed as runoff filters through the bioswale.
· Retention and Infiltration
Bioswales can be used to temporarily store runoff water and increase infiltration. Resulting benefits can include the reduction of runoff volumes, the re-charging of groundwater, and the sustaining of stream-flows.
· Thermal Pollution
Bioswales can also reduce thermal pollution. Storm water can rise in temperature as it washes across impervious surfaces, e.g. hot parking lots in summer. Heated storm water flowing into streams can impact fish and other wildlife that depend on cold water streams to live and breed.
Heated runoff from impervious surfaces can be cooled as it filters through a bioswale. One study observed a temperature drop of 12°C between storm water entering a bioswale and storm water filtering out of the bioswale. 4
· Protecting the Quality of Rivers
With a bioswale in place you prevent all the pollutants that storm water collects from immediately discharging into a river where it has the potential of contributing to fish-kill.
· Other Benefits
Larger bioswales planted with native flowering perennials can be attractive landscaping features that provide food and shelter for birds and butterflies.

Bioswales are easy to install and there are many sources online to help you create your very own, so please get out there and start digging! Many thanks to the Upper Des Plaines River Watershed for providing some of the information for this blog.

A serene shot of the Mountain Rose Herbs bioswale

A happy beaver brought down this Red Alder on the edge of our bioswale

Double Your Donation To Wilderness Conservation!

Posted by Shawn|05 April 2011

Cascadia Wildlands is a small but fierce organization of planet guardians who educate, agitate, and work to inspire a movement to protect and restore Cascadia’s wild ecosystems. This amazing group fights to preserve and rebuild a Pacific Northwest with vast old-growth forests, rivers full of wild salmon, wolves howling in the backcountry, and vibrant communities sustained by the thriving temperate forest zones found from central Alaska to northern California. These unique landscapes of the Cascadian bioregion are crucial to the health of our world and to the abundant natural splendor we hold so dear in our lives.

During the month of April every donation you make to Cascadia Wildlands will be automatically doubled by Mountain Rose Herbs which is a great way to make your conservation dollars go even further! Your donation to Cascadia Wildlands will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $3,000 and all contributions must reach Cascadia Wildlands by April 30 to qualify for this incredible matching gift opportunity! Please help them secure these much needed funds for the priceless conservation work they provide and remember, Mountain Rose Herbs will match every dollar you donate up to $3,000!

You can donate to Cascadia Wildlands online using your credit or debit card by visiting them online at

You can also send your donation by mail to Cascadia Wildlands, PO Box 10455 Eugene, OR 97440 and please remeber to send your donation by April 30th to have your gift matched by all of us at Mountain Rose Herbs! While you are pondering a donation to these fine folks we highly recommend that you give them a few moments of your time by visiting them online and you will learn how indispensable this fine organization is to our bio-region.

Good cheers to you all!

Marvelous Maqui!

Posted by Shawn|29 March 2011

Three cheers for Maqui berry! We would like to introduce you all to this amazing little fruit (we hate to call them “super fruits” simply because we consider all fruit “super”) that comes to us from our Chilean contract farm as a wild forest item. One interesting bit that we would like to share with you is that there are no commercial orchards that produce Maqui on a commercial scale and most of the world’s supply is from wild gathered areas. This delectable little beauty has several trade names and it is most commonly referred to as Chilean Wineberry because of its use in producing experimental wines during the last 4 centuries.

Maqui or Chilean Wineberry has been successfully cultivated in England since the 1700s, and was cultivated sparingly in the United States by the early 1900s. In 1844 the French botanist Claude Grey documented that Maqui berries were widely consumed by the Mapuche natives as a tonic to improve stamina and strength, and it was also used to prepare chica, a low-alcohol fermented drink. The berries, which taste like tart huckleberries, can be used to make jam or eaten raw, and they are a source of antioxidant and anthocyanin properties.

Maqui berries are relatively new to the American herbal market, and are primarily being sold as one of the latest “superfoods” with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other beneficial properties. But we should emphasize that most of the research conducted thus far is preliminary and has its sources from Chile which has a strong interest in proving this berry’s effectiveness in alternative healing, but so far we like what we see. Some interesting research which surfaced recently shows that a majority of the constituents exist in the seed of Maqui berry and not the rind or fruiting body as most originally thought.

Maqui can be used in countless ways but here are a few of my favorites……

  1. Sprinkle berries into your cereal of frozen dessert
  2. Make a tea using Maqui, Hibiscus flowers, and Honeybush for a super “zingy” beverage.
  3. Make 1 gallon of juice (dark skinned like grape, cranberry, etc) and pour ½ cup of Maqui into the pitcher of juice. Allow this to sit in the juice for at least 3 days. Once done you can strain out the Maqui for super charged juice drink.
  4. Maqui can be easily blended into a smoothie and it juices marvelously without leaving “crunchy bits” in your finished drink.
  5. A great idea and one I just heard about is that they can be used in beer making to produce a fruit bodied ale.

Good cheers and enjoy!

Double Your Donation To Land Conservation

Posted by Shawn|08 March 2011

Want to make your donation to land conservation go even further? Donate to the McKenzie River Trust by March 31st and Mountain Rose Herbs will automatically match your donation dollar for dollar up to $2,500. This is a perfect opportunity to double your investment in Western Oregon land conservation, and it will help advance the programs put into place by this priceless organization we all love and adore. Please help McKenzie River Trust secure these much needed funds by sending them your contribution by the deadline, and remember for each dollar you donate, Mountain Rose Herbs will match it up to $2,500.

To learn more about the Mountain Rose Herbs matching gift campaign and to donate please visit

Just In!

Posted by Shawn|15 February 2011

We just love expanding our liquid herbal extract (also known as tinctures) line and recently we completed 5 new single extracts which we are now offering. They include Catnip, Cilantro, Blue Vervain, Alfalfa, Raspberry, and Rosemary. Oh boy are they good! We are also working on a select line of about 20 combination extracts and with a little luck they should be available in the next month or so. Click here to see our complete line of herbal extracts.
Also, instead of buying our herbal extracts, you can very easily make your very own from freshly harvested materials from your garden or surrounding area, which is infinitely more fun and satisfying.
If this is something that might interest you, check out this video….

Let Nature Design Her Own Blueprints

Posted by Shawn|02 February 2011

As most of you have heard, we have been sadly hit with another defeat by the USDA’s recent deregulation of genetically modified Alfalfa. All of us at Mountain Rose Herbs don’t like the idea of folks in funny lab suits manipulating nature’s blueprint and for these people who have always promoted that it COULD be done, we have always retorted with SHOULD it be done.
In 1999 Mountain Rose Herbs began campaigning for mandatory labeling of genetically modified food items and at that time we had partnered with a ground breaking organization called Mothers For Natural Law. Sadly they are no longer with us but we have not stopped the fight! Currently our regulatory compliance manager Bryan Burnette has begun developing a partnership with Organic Consumers Association as the Oregon representative for the national campaign for mandatory labeling of genetically modified food crops and you can be rest assured that we have forcefully voiced our opposition to the USDA’s recent deregulation of genetically modified Alfalfa. We will continue to petition all of the agencies involved in labeling law that items which contain GMO’s be labeled as such because we firmly believe that if the American public knew what they were buying, they would not buy it all.
If nobody buys the product, we win, and they lose.
We urge you all to participate in a little action yourself and our friends at the Organic Consumers Association have created an online form which can be sent directly to the USDA. We implore you all to give up 1-2 minutes of your time to address this pressing issue and we guarantee it will make you feel good all over.
Organic cheers and good luck!
Shawn Donnille

Organic Consumers Association Petition

A Passion For Organic

Posted by Shawn|10 January 2011

Back in 2001 I began the process of re-structuring Mountain Rose Herbs with an exclusive focus on certified organic materials- simply because I could not blithely ignore the harsh realities that conventional agriculture was causing to our communities, landscape, rivers and wildlife. This was a daunting task because it meant that no conventionally grown materials could enter our warehouse, which is much more difficult to enforce than you can imagine! However it fills all of us at Mountain Rose Herbs with an immense sense of pride knowing that we remain the only herbal products company that does not offer its customers conventionally grown items, nor do we allow them into our facilities.

I was recently given an awesome opportunity to speak candidly with Organic Connections magazine about why organic agriculture is important to Mountain Rose Herbs and why other companies are not following our lead. It’s a great article and I promise it won’t produce yawns. Check it out at…..

Shawn Donnille and Julie Bailey inspecting the quality of our freshly harvested organic Echinacea root at our Northern Farm


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