About Alyssa

Alyssa is the Director of Sustainability at Mountain Rose Herbs and an expert social butterfly. When not fluttering between community and non-profit events, she enjoys hiking, gardening, playing with her chickens, and organizing potlucks.
  • Group of Mountain Rose Herbs Volunteers Observing Salmon

Salmon Adventures at the River Clean-Up!

  We recently ventured outdoors for another Mountain Rose River Project! Nothing makes us happier than spending the day in the sunshine collecting trash from a section of riverbank that Mountain Rose Herbs adopted in 2012. And we had a surprise visitor who put the cherry on top! Shawn Donnille, co-owner and Vice President, shares his thoughts about the day: At midday we stopped for lunch on the banks of the scenic North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette River. As we approached the sandy riverbank, we saw a massive steel structure shaped like a cylindrical cup turned on its side and buoyed in the water by cables. Attached was a turbine spinning and making a whining noise. I am familiar with the odd machines used by the […]

Help Us Support The McKenzie River Trust!

  “Mountain Rose Herbs values the health of the lands and rivers that surround our shared community. Year after year, we know we can rely on Mountain Rose Herbs to invest in our local land conservation work because the people behind Mountain Rose truly care.” -Brandi Ferguson, Donor Relations Manager, McKenzie River Trust For the month of April, Mountain Rose Herbs is sponsoring a $5000 matching gift challenge for our friends at the McKenzie River Trust. This means, we will match your donation to this important non-profit organization dollar-for-dollar! McKenzie River Trust is a local nonprofit partner working to protect special lands, rivers and waterways in Western Oregon by connecting landowners and community members with conservation efforts. The Trust helps connect Mountain Rose Herbs employees to these natural […]
  • Mountain Rose Staff Planting Native Trees at West Eugene Facility

Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow!

  Last month we got our hands dirty outside the Mountain Rose Herbs’ facility in Eugene! We planted 19 native tree species including Valley Ponderosa Pine, White Alder, and California Black Oak around the retention pond which filters 100% of stormwater runoff on site. As the trees take root and canopies grow, they serve to sequester carbon, expand the riparian area, create habitat for numerous species, and provide shade for employees relaxing or eating lunch outside.     A crew of Mountain Rose folks from customer service, herb production, shipping, and members of the company’s GreenTeam came out to lend a hand and soak up some unusual February sun! This is one of 6 restoration projects we have planned this year through the Mountain Rose River Project. Employees […]

Update: How Can We Protect Osha Root?

  Take only what you need and leave the land as you found it. – Arapaho proverb Mountain Rose Herbs is honored to partner with the American Herbal Products Association’s Foundation for Education and Research on Botanicals, also known as AHPA-ERB. In collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Rio Grande National Forest Service, they are raising funds to continue a study that will help determine the range, availability, and recovery rate of Osha (Ligusticum porteri) after harvesting from the wild.    During the month of February, Mountain Rose Herbs will match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000 to fund this study!   Donate Online! An update about the Osha Sustainability Study from our friends at AHPA: Data from the Cumbres Pass area in the Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado shows that changes […]
  • DIY Herbal Fermentation Projects

Having Herbal Fun with Fermentation!

  What do cheese, beer, sauerkraut, bread, and yogurt have in common? They all undergo the magical, metabolic process of fermentation of course! This ancient method of preserving food converts sugars to acids, gasses, and/or alcohol. In the most basic of ways, fermentation breaks down foods into the most digestible form and encourages the growth of good bacteria. And if done well, they taste fantastic!     Earlier this month we attended the 6th Annual Fun with Fermentation festival, put on by the non-profit organization, Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance (WVSFA). More than 650 fermentation enthusiasts attended the fundraiser to learn about the health benefits of fermented foods and sample food and drink supplied by local businesses. Sharing information and introducing people to fermented goodies in our community warms […]
  • Mountain Rose Herbs 2013 Sustainability Report

Our New Sustainability Report is Here!

  Introducing our Sustainability Report for 2013! Mountain Rose Herbs operates in line with Margaret Mead’s celebrated words, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” We know that business practices impact the world. It is so important for everyone to do their part to support organic agriculture, reduce carbon emissions, protect the natural world, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. This is our mission as a company year after year. We hope you enjoy perusing our report which examines key sustainability indicators and guides us to affect positive change! View our 2013 Sustainability Report!  

Give the Gift of a Wild Future…

  Join Mountain Rose Herbs in supporting one of the Northwest’s finest environmental non-profits, Oregon Wild! This year they celebrated 40 years of working to protect and restore Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waterways for all to enjoy. For the next few weeks, you have an opportunity for your donation to go twice as far! Until December 31st, we will double your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $5000!   Donate to Oregon Wild today!     Sense of place is very important to all of us. It shapes who we are, calms us in stressful times, and inspires us to grow. Wherever you live, you probably have that place where you feel your best. Here in Oregon, Crater Lake is one of those places that makes me feel simultaneously calm and awe inspired. It stunned me to […]

Salmon Safe Projects for 2015!

What an honor! Mountain Rose Herbs recently received a beautiful Salmon-Safe plaque for our work around watershed stewardship. Salmon are key indicators of ecosystem health, so what better way to protect water quality and Mother Earth than by protecting our scaly friends? Salmon-Safe works across the West Coast to transform land management practices so Pacific salmon can thrive. Dan Kent, with Salmon-Safe Inc., joined us at the Long Tom Watershed Council’s 17th Annual Meeting and Celebration to present the award. We were blown away when he told us that they repurposed a traffic sign and transformed it into this work of art! As a Zero Waste company, we approve! We are committed to water conservation, riparian habitat restoration, elimination of conventional fertilizer use in landscaping, and improving stormwater […]

We Will Double Your Donation to Cascadia Wildlands!

Contribute to Cascadia Wildlands before November 30, 2014 and Mountain Rose Herbs will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $5000! We are extremely proud to support Cascadia Wildlands and the work they do to protect wild salmon, old growth forests, endangered predators, and the natural environment we hold dear. Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we are committed to conducting business in an ethically and environmentally sound manner. Part of our responsibility to the natural world is supporting organizations like Cascadia Wildlands that tirelessly work to protect predators, which are indicators of a healthy ecosystem. A keystone is an important piece of a larger whole; the stone in an arch’s crown which holds the other stones in place. Keystone species, like the gray wolf, play […]

We Love to Give with EarthShare!

Mountain Rose Herbs is a Business Member of EarthShare Oregon and we have setup a generous employee giving program that connects our staff with like-minded environmental organizations working to protect and defend the places we hold dear. Through this program, Mountain Rose Herbs generates thousands of dollars each year for numerous non-profits in the state of Oregon. Employees also work closely with many of these organizations through the Mountain Rose River Project. Our staff loves to give!   This year, Mountain Rose Herbs raised $4,064 in annual contributions and had 31 employees participate, 12 of which were entirely new to the program!   At the kickoff event for the employee giving campaign, Jan Wilson, Executive Director of EarthShare Oregon, thanked Mountain Rose Herbs employees for their generous support of […]

A Tale of the Herbicide-Free Butterfly Meadow

Once upon a time on a hot day in July, a group of dedicated Mountain Rose Herbs volunteers struck out to help one of our non-profit partners. With water in our canteens and homemade organic sun screen in tow, we followed the river path to our worksite – the herbicide-free butterfly meadow. Over 24 species of butterflies once called this former upland prairie and oak savanna home. Due to loss of habitat, only 7 remain. The Whilamut Natural Area is located in an urban park and is particularly special to both us and the Walama Restoration Project (WRP), who is working to provide a corridor for rare butterfly species with their seed collection and nursery program.     Walama Restoration Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental […]

Managing Stormwater Runoff for River Health

Last November, Mountain Rose Herbs was recognized as the first Eugene business to become Salmon Safe certified! Along with businesses, Salmon Safe helps farms, vineyards, campuses, developers, and parks transform land management practices to protect Pacific salmon. The team of experts evaluated our current practices and praised us for being on the right track. They also gave recommendations for how to improve, and we’re taking their advice! In the spring, we reached out to the Long Tom Watershed Council, a local non-profit devoted to improving water quality in our watershed. On a hot day in July, it felt like 97 degrees in the sun, but that didn’t stop us from walking the parameter of our campus, slogging through the bio-swale, and taking plant and sediment […]