• DIY Liquid Roll-On Deodorant

DIY Liquid Roll-On Deodorant

I like to feel fresh and confident during the hot summer months, but hate worrying about synthetic ingredients. With consumer awareness growing to avoid nasty chemicals on our sensitive underarms, natural deodorants have become one of the most desired personal care products. While there have been lots of "natural" options on the market over the years, many popular brands are now manufactured by larger umbrella companies that might not have your ethics at heart.  Thankfully, there are herbal ingredients that really work! While not antiperspirants – because sweating is actually healthy for us – some botanical ingredients can help you feel secure in any temperature by deterring the growth of heat-thriving underarm bacteria. That's what inspired me to create a recipe for a solid deodorant that I love many moons ago! My new liquid roll-on recipe below is especially nice when you forget to apply something in the morning and need a little refreshment before you get on with your daily adventure. It's super convenient.  This recipe is […]

  • New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

We've introduced a new line of all-natural deodorants to our natural and organic body care products! All Good deodorants contain naturally-occurring enzymes and essential oils to provide long lasting coverage. The arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and dries underarms, while Aloe vera and homegrown, certified organic Calendula are gentle on sensitive skin.  This gentle yet effective deodorant utilizes a propanediol base which is made by fermenting plant material. This particular propanediol is produced from non-GMO sugarcane, while most in the industry is sourced from GMO corn. The formula also utilizes saccharomyces ferment, which are naturally occurring live enzymes that break down sweat molecules and fight both odor and wetness. Saccharomyces are a type of fungi that are closely related to the yeasts used to ferment wine and beer. Most exciting to us, these lovely deodorants are free of aluminum, baking soda, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates, and are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! Plus, they smell amazing… Choose from Tea Tree and Basil, Cedarwood […]

  • 10 Days of Gratitude & Herbal Giveaway

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away?  Let's take some time to celebrate those who've shown us motherly love over the years. She could be a close friend, aunt, grandma, mentor, or the woman who gave you life. No matter her role, these botanically infused gifts will surely express your gratitude for all she's given. From an organic spice rack refresh to a home spa pampering fest, here are a few of our favorite goodies for the special women that give us strength and make our days brighter…       The Culinary Adventurer Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? Freshen up mom's spice rack with a set of new aromatic seasoning blends. Our entire collection is certified organic and includes a variety of classics like Pumpkin Pie Spice, Lemon Pepper, Pickling Spice, and Italian Seasoning, to the fancy flavors of West Indies Rub, Thai Curry, and Cajun Spice. Add a few […]

  • Newly Redesigned Classic Essential Oil Kit!

Our Classic Essential Oil Kit is Back!

We're excited to announce that our Classic Essential Oil Sampler Kit is back in the shop! With a sleek new look and an amazing new selection of oils, this set will introduce you to the art of aromatherapy. Perfect for anyone who's interested in aroma-crafting, it also makes a wonderful gift!   Hand-picked by our certified aromatherapist, the Classic Set includes a collection of versatile essential oils that can be used to create body care recipes, diffuser blends, massage oils, salves, natural cleaning products and so much more. Each set contains 1/8 ounce vials of certified organic Atlas Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree essential oils. These pure, undiluted essential oils are steam distilled or cold-pressed from organic botanicals.      Each Classic Essential Oil Sampler Set comes with storage information, basic blending and dilution tips, two droppers for counting and measuring, and detailed essential oil descriptions including aroma notes, suggested uses, and blending ideas.  Click here for […]

  • New in the Shop: Organic Clary Sage Hydrosol

New in the Shop: Organic Clary Sage Hydrosol

Spring is almost upon us, and we are beginning to see the first blooms of the season here in the Willamette Valley. With flowers on our collective minds, we are happy to add organic Clary Sage Hydrosol to our line of hydrosols! Our luxurious Clary Sage Hydrosol is gentle and calming with a pleasantly herbaceous and bittersweet floral aroma. It is reminiscent of the essential oil, but has a much softer scent that is more grassy and almost tea like. This astringent hydrosol is often utilized as a fixative for top note essential oils. It is emotionally calming, and some consider the aroma to be very sensual. It has similar constituents to lavender, and the two are often used together in formulas. Clary sage also blends well with citrus oils and other floral notes such as rose and jasmine. Click here to view our entire collection of organic, steam-distilled hydrosols.  

  • DIY: Focus Aromatherapy Mist

DIY: Focus Aromatherapy Mist

As a self-identified busybody, I need to recharge each day through special moments of solitude. Sipping herbal infusions, taking walks outside, and enjoying a fresh spritz of plant scents can help stimulate focus when I feel myself fading. Aromatherapy is a wonderful practice that can be used to gently alter your current state. Like the pleasant hum of a bell, scent can bring you back to the present moment and remind you of your intention. This awesome blend of hydrosol and essential oil keeps me levelheaded and inspired when I need it most. Bay Laurel has long been associated with scholarly pursuits, and offers a sweet, rich, invigorating aroma. When combined with rosemary for memory, clary sage for calm, and just a bit of uplifting citrus, this mist becomes a warm, floral, sweet, and delicately musky blend that's sure to keep you in positive spirits, especially when the task at hand seems like a mountain to conquer. Great for endurance focus, I keep it next to my desk for those post-work […]

  • New Book: Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy

New Book: Aromatherapy & Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy

We've received many questions over the years from mamas-to-be seeking information about safe practices when using herbs and essential oils during pregnancy. That's why we are so pleased to add Demetria Clark's Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding to our herbal library! This comprehensive sourcebook explains how essential oils and herbal remedies can provide natural, alternative solutions to the many health needs that arise during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Experienced aromatherapist and midwife Demetria Clark guides you through exploring the safe, gentle, and effective treatments for conditions specific to this transformative time in a woman's life. Clark carefully outlines which essential oils and herbs are safe to use (and which aren't) for each stage of this amazing process, from pregnancy, labor, and birth to breastfeeding and recuperating from delivery. Click here to browse our library of herbal literature.  

  • New Certified Organic Hydrosols!

New Certified Organic Hydrosols!

We've just added four new certified organic, steam-distilled hydrosols to our line of aromatherapy products! These hydrosols come from devoted distillers who steam small batches of freshly harvested flowers and leaves to produce flower waters, or hydrosol. Hydrosols have similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, yet they are much less concentrated with about 5% essential oil remaining within the resulting distillation.   Our Bay Laurel Hydrosol has a bright, slightly medicinal, spicy green aroma, reminiscent of freshly crushed bay leaves. Our Eucalyptus Hydrosol has a brilliant camphoraceous odor that is cooling with herbal undertones. Our Ylang Ylang Hydrosol is absolutely spectacular, with a sweet and intoxicating floral aroma which is pure pleasure. Last but certainly not least, our Douglas Fir Hydrosol is a staff favorite. With a soft forest-like aroma that has coniferous and slightly balsamic undertones, this extraordinary hydrosol will transport you to the old-growth forests of Cascadia.  Find more information about our entire line of hydrosols here.    […]

  • New Video: Artemisia Medicine with Susun Weed

New Video: Artemisia with Susun Weed

Next up in our video series from the Free Herbalism Project, wise woman herbalist Susun Weed illuminates the history, lore, and traditional preparations made with Artemisia vulgaris. Learn Susun's favorite uses for the plant including dream work, smudging, and moxa, her discovery of the herbal feminine triad, and why she no longer calls this green being Mugwort…   Want to experiment with these herbs on your own?   Find them here: Organic Mugwort Organic Motherwort Organic Chickweed Wise Woman Tea Dream Tea Dream Balm   DIY: Homemade Sleep & Dream Pillow Tutorial How to Make Mugwort Bundles    Click here to watch the video!  

  • The Healing Art of Bathing

The Healing Art of Bathing

Whether submerged in a forest-nestled hot spring, floating on the surface of a high mountain lake, or luxuriating in the warm lapping ocean, water is an essential element for physical and emotional wellbeing. Taking time to bathe in the ancient healing power that water offers can be transformative, and sometimes this simple pleasure is the perfect medicine for whatever ails us. The sensuous comfort water provides connects us back to both our bodies and the Earth’s beauty. Creating an oasis evocative of these experiences is not far out of reach in our daily lives, and can be done easily at home. Rather than rushing through another quick shower, try lighting a few natural beeswax candles, play some soothing music, and draw a warm bath infused with fragrant oils, relaxing salts, or therapeutic herbs. Making this a regular ritual, even just once a month, can improve your health in many ways. […]

  • New in the Shop: Poplar Bud Absolute

New in the Shop: Poplar Bud Absolute

We are so pleased to introduce our luxurious Poplar Bud Absolute to our array of essential oils and absolutes. Poplar Bud Absolute is a rich, dark oil with balsamic undertones and heavy vanilla-honey top notes. This lovely oil will impart a resinous and tenacious aroma to your favorite blends. Poplar Bud Absolute brings warmth and comfort at first sniff. It is a wonderful fixative for forest notes, and creates a subtle base for floral blends without overpowering their delicate scents. This fabulous oil blends well with needle oils such as Black Spruce, Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir, sour citrus oils such as Grapefruit, Lime, or Lemon, or floral oils like Rose, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile. Please click here to visit our online shop and browse our comprehensive selection of essential oils.  

Herbal Love Gift Guide!

If you find yourself plucking petals over whether or not you actually love Valentine's Day, it's good to remember that February 14th is a nice excuse to honor that special someone in your life. Why not reinvent the holiday by pampering your beautiful lover, best friend, or fluffy cat with pure herbal decadence?  These all natural and organic gift ideas will be thoroughly enjoyed by the one you hold dear. Whether sipping rose tea during a candlelit bath, offering a soothing massage with aromatic oils, or crafting homemade chocolates and perfume, your love will shine bright.       Essential Oil Kits Did you know that there are 60 roses in every drop of rose essential oil? These sets are much better than a bouquet! We love the romantic collections of sensuous and arousing essential oils found in both the Lovers and the Rose Essential Oil Samplers. Each pure botanical oil comes in its own glass vial, […]