• How to Make Herbal Potpourri

How to Make Herbal Potpourri

Making your own herbal potpourri is super easy and a fun wintertime project! Plus, it's a great gift idea, perfect to make with kiddos, and a great addition to holiday ambiance, sock drawers, cars, or the laundry basket. Who doesn't love all-natural botanical fragrance?  So, is crafting potpourri as simple as it looks? Yes, with one unexpected but important step – adding a fixative mixed with essential oils. A fixative can be any number of ingredients including orris root powder, frankincense powder, myrrh gum powder, angelica root powder, calamus root powder, or benzoin gum powder. I prefer to use orris root powder, which comes from the rhizome of two species of European iris. The rhizomes resemble ginger and are harvested in August, stripped of their rootlets and bark, and dried until they have a chalky appearance. Dried orris root smells like violets and is commonly used in natural toothpastes and as a fixative […]

  • Wild Carrot Herbal Tour - Mountain Rose Herbs

Inside Wild Carrot Herbals

In the far Northeastern reaches of Oregon, tucked quietly away beneath a mountain range and a lake cut away by ancient glaciers, a family run herbal business calls this remote landscape home. Wild Carrot Herbals has been making its high quality herbal goodies for 14 years and just recently transitioned from their Salem area home base to the wild side of the state, settling in Enterprise, Oregon. Jody Berry is the founder and creator of Wild Carrot’s well-loved blends and runs the business with her family and seven employees. Jody welcomed Mountain Rose Herbs to visit and take a tour behind the scenes of her small herbal business.     On a very brisk October, we made the beautiful drive through canyons and golden farm lands to the base of the Wallowa Mountains just south of Joseph, Oregon and Wallowa Lake. We took Main Street and drove down the […]

Photo Thursday!

This week was so much fun! We got to have a tea party photo shoot with one of our favorite little herbalists. Big thanks to Amelia (and her dad Mason) for sipping some organic Hibiscus High with us. More cuteness from this shoot coming soon…  

Gluten-Free Pizza Party Recipes!

It’s time for a pizza party… I have been gluten-free for just about a year now.  The thing I miss most?  Pizza!  I used to love bringing home dough from my local co-op and rolling it out with my nieces and nephews for a personal pizza party.  Once I had to give up the gluten, I wasn’t exactly motivated to figure out how to make a gluten-free dough that would satisfy my pizza urges.  In the past year, I have only had pizza a handful of times, and it was rather expensive when I did – so I set out to finally make some gluten-free pizza bread myself! This dough is not your normal dough. It’s a twist on a regular gluten-free pizza dough recipe and is easily enjoyed, even by our gluten-loving friends.  The mesquite powder (find it here) and teff flour combine to make a subtle sweetness with a […]

The Sunday Steep

Recently, my energetic co-worker, Mason, and I were chatting about the joy of the Toddler Tea Party! As the proud papa of a three-year-old, the daily tea parties have become a cherished part of his life. This brought back a flood of memories of raising my own kids, as they used to love tea parties or just the special comfort that a hot cup of tea could bring. In fact, all my adult kids are still avid tea drinkers and I like to think all those adorable tea parties helped lay the foundation for the joy of a good, flavorful cup. As a student at Columbines School of Botanical Studies, Mason has been learning a great deal about plants, herbs, and the offerings of the natural world. I tend to be more of a cook and gardener, so between the two of us, we had a variety of ideas […]

Flower Infused Ice Cream Recipes

Flowers bring a rainbow of joy to our world each summer. On those gloriously hot sunny days, what could be better than a cold, creamy, flower flavored treat inspired by the garden? Now is the time to stop and taste the roses! These ice cream recipes are not only super easy to make, they also taste like they’ve bloomed in a sweet tooth’s paradise. Perfect for late summer parties in the backyard, DIY wedding celebrations, or a sweet bite at sunset, these unique ice cream flavors are well balanced, without being perfumey, and are sure to charm the tastebuds.   Let’s gather an ice cream bouquet…     Vanilla Rose Ice Cream Ingredients: 2 cups organic half-and-half 1 cup organic heavy cream ½ cup organic sugar 1 cup organic rose buds or petals 1 tsp organic rose water 1 organic vanilla bean, split and scraped Combine half-and-half, cream, sugar, scraped […]

New Cradle Cap Salve!

New Wild Pansy Cradle Cap Salve! This little jar of cradle cap salve is one of the newest formulas from our friends at Wild Carrot Herbals. It contains wild pansy (violet leaf) for its saponins and mucilaginous properties, combined with the calming and soothing properties of calendula and chamomile flowers. Violet is also the color for the crown chakra, making this salve the perfect combination for your little one’s scalp. Wild Carrot has adopted the American Pika as the face of their Baby Carrot line. They are donating a portion of the proceeds from their entire line of Baby Carrot products to help conserve and maintain the natural habitat of this smallest member of the rabbit family. Visit our Babies & Children page to see all of the botanical products that we offer for your little herbalists, including a large selection of Baby Carrot products!   photo by Mariah Blackhorse […]

Photo Thursday!

Last month the Great Plains Nature Center held a free public event called Outdoor Kansas Kids (OK Kids). The event focused on encouraging children to be active and involved in nature.  The theme for this year’s event was Blast from the Past.  Activities focused on the natural world and included bird house building, all natural herb tie-dying projects, pioneer-era crafts, archery, and animal displays. We were very happy to have the opportunity to donate organic Turmeric Root Powder, Parsley Leaf, and Madder Root for the natural tie-dying activity. Pictured above is one of the participants displaying his newly herbal dyed t-shirt. How fun is that? Thanks to Friends of Great Plains Nature Center for inviting us to be a part of this day of creative learning!  

Photo Thursday!

We are in downtown Eugene setting up for our first ever Pop-Up Shop!  Come out and see us this weekend to experience our organic herbal goodies in-person. Enjoy free organic tea while you stock up on gourmet salts & spices, handcrafted bodycare products, plant medicines, organic tea, herbal books, and much more! Spend $25 or more and receive a free organic cotton “I Dig Herbs” tote bag while they last. There will also be AMAZING door prizes!   Mountain Rose Herbs Pop-Up Shop! When? Friday, June 6th from 4 pm – 9 pm during the First Friday Art Walk Saturday, June 7th from 9 am – 5 pm during the Saturday Market Where? Broadway Commerce Center 50 W. Broadway in Downtown Eugene, Oregon  

New Video: Sage & Thyme with Rosemary Gladstar

Here’s our next video from the Rosemary Gladstar’s Garden Wisdoms series! Rosemary joined us in this beautiful garden to share her deep plant love as part of the Free Herbalism Project. In this new video, Rosemary discusses the healing properties and uses for the wonderful duo, but often uncelebrated, Sage and Thyme. Want to grow, make medicine with, or learn more about these herbs? You can find organic dried Sage leaf and Thyme leaf, Sage and Thyme essential oils, Sage and Thyme seeds, and more on our website! Curious about the Free Herbalism Project? You are invited to our next free event on Sunday, May 4th in Eugene! You can learn more about that by clicking here. Hope to see you there!    

What do Herb Fairies Drink?

Spring flowers are blooming and that means the Herb Fairies will be returning soon! To celebrate their arrival, let’s make one of their favorite tea recipes… Plantain Fairy Tea! Plantain is thought to be the 2nd most common weed we find here in the US after dandelion, and thankfully it offers wonderful food and medicine. The leaves can be eaten in salads when young and tender – before they become tough and stringy with age. When used medicinally, the soaked seeds offer slimy demulcent action and the leaves are often used to make a “green bandage” or chew poultice for drawing out splinters and relieving bug bites. Dried leaves can also be infused to make a nice soothing and nutrient rich tea.       Want more recipes from the Herb Fairies? Click here for a FREE download of their cookbook!    

New Organic Baby's Bath Herbs

While going through the Mountain Rose Herbs recipe archive for our latest catalog, we found new inspiration to craft these Organic Baby’s Bath Herbs! This herbal bath blend has a sweet floral aroma that is calming for both infants and adults. Adding herbs to your little one’s bath is a gentle way to absorb the healing properties of these soothing botanicals. These loose bath herbs come with a reusable muslin bag, so you are free to add as much or as little of this aromatic blend to a bath as you wish. The filled bag also makes a gentle washcloth for sensitive skin, or a delightful squishy toy to play with as your kiddo splashes around. Contains: organic Calendula flowers, organic Chamomile flowers, organic Oat tops, organic Lavender flowers, and organic Rose petals.   Find the new Baby’s Bath Herbs here!