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Double Your Donation in April!

Mountain Rose Herbs will double your donation to McKenzie River Trust in April! We will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $5,000 from April 1st through the 30th.   Donate Now or Become a Member!   Online: To give your tax deductible donation now, please click here! Mail: Send a check to the McKenzie River Trust at the address below: McKenzie River Trust 1245 Pearl Street Eugene, OR 97401   McKenzie River Trust is our longstanding non-profit partner working to protect special lands, rivers, and waterways in Western Oregon. They connect landowners and community members to important conservation efforts. The Trust also helps Mountain Rose Herbs employees steward these natural places through multiple volunteer projects as part of our Mountain Rose River Project. We support each other! “The continued support from Mountain Rose Herbs brings us that much closer to our goal of making conservation inseparable from good business and strong community." – Joe Moll, McKenzie […]

It’s Our 10 Year Anniversary with Carbonfund.org!

In 2015, we offset 295.5 metric tons of carbon emissions! We couldn’t do it without our friends at Carbonfund.org. This year we’re celebrating our 10 year partnership with Carbonfund.org and they will plant 100 trees in our honor! "Many thanks for Mountain Rose Herbs’ long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, and to your dedication to supporting Carbonfund.org’s mission and projects." – Linda Kelly, Carbonfund.org Foundation, Business Partnership Manager Over the past ten years, Mountain Rose has offset 2208.15 metric tons of greenhouse gases – that’s almost 5 million pounds or the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 1,810 acres of forests in one year. Energy conservation is paramount at Mountain Rose Herbs. Our facility was consulted to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, we use Energy Star appliances, we invest in a local Greenpower program, and we have gone solar! Working with Carbonfund.org allows you to reduce what you can and offset what […]

  • Sowing Seeds of Hope

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Our hearts are so filled up!  We loved receiving these photos and a sweet thank you for donating tins, oil, herbs, and beeswax to the Seeds of Hope Farm teen internship program:   Dear Mountain Rose Herbs, Thank you for your generous donation to Seeds of Hope Farm’s teen program in Saint Louis, MO. With your help, our teens were able to reconnect to their roots in herbal medicine. Together, we made two salves, several tinctures, and got to know the various herbs growing on our farm. Attached are a handful of photos that document our herbal projects. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing to work closely in the future. Warmly, Deidre        The Community Action Agency of St. Louis County (CAASTLC) developed the Seeds of Hope Farm teen internship program in 2014 to inspire positive personal and community change by bringing underserved youth and […]

  • Update: Maca Market

Update: Maca Market Report

The old adage “what goes up must come down” was proven ever truer when looking at the maca root market this year. We gave our blog readers this analysis in a previous blog post and thought it would be necessary to provide an update on maca, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of international botanical markets. With dramatic fluctuations in supply and demand, the culprit could be a range of issues from drought in Europe, Dr. Oz’s newest remedy, an earthquake in Chile, or a craze in Asia over the latest herbal trend. Market conditions can normalize in a matter of months as new harvests become available, or take a few years to recover. Fads come and go, but factors of climate change, geopolitical instability, or low consumer confidence due to a range of concerns can be difficult to gauge.     Our model at Mountain Rose Herbs has always been to […]

  • Group of Mountain Rose Herbs Volunteers Observing Salmon

Our Employees Give Back!

Mountain Rose Herbs’ employees are passionate about protecting the environment and it shows! Last year, 35 employees contributed $4,328 to EarthShare Oregon and their 70+ conservation groups. Since 2011, we have partnered with EarthShare on workplace giving campaigns, making it convenient for Mountain Rose employees to donate to a host of environmental non-profits directly from paycheck deductions or one-time gifts. In workplaces throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, EarthShare has engaged thousands of people and raised millions of dollars to support Oregon's environmental legacy of clean water, fresh food, sustainable communities, healthy families, and access to nature. In July 2015, we hosted a “Green Bag” presentation from the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP). The Mountain Rose Green Team heard from Kim Leval and Jeremy Olsen with NCAP. They shared about their work to provide information, education, and influence policy for alternatives to pesticides. Specifically, Kim shared a major study from […]

  • New Sustainability Report!

New Sustainability Report!

We are pleased to present our 2014 Sustainability Report! This is our third annual report created to measure and monitor our sustainability metrics. We’re accomplishing great things! We are especially proud of being a Zero Waste company and diverting 93.6% of our waste – which is unprecedented for a company of our size. In addition, we offset 366 tons of CO2 emissions, collected 550 lbs of donations during the annual employee-led Food and Clothing Drive, founded the Mountain Rose Green Team, and won 2nd place in Eugene’s Business Commute Challenge!  Thank you for taking the time to review our progress. We continue to innovate and improve our sustainability practices, in large part because our customers inspire us and support our mission.   Read the full report here:  2014 Sustainability Report     Sustainability Accomplishment Highlights from 2014… Scored the highest performance level with IMO Fair for Life Fair Trade for both Hired Labor and Handler certificates. […]

Membership Drive: Win a $1,000 Gift Certificate!

Want to win a $1,000 gift certificate from Mountain Rose Herbs while protecting wolves, salmon, rushing rivers, and old-growth forests? Here’s your chance! We are excited to announce our first annual Mountain Rose Herbs’ Nonprofit Membership Drive. An important part of our mission is to support organizations that work tirelessly to defend our wild splendor. This year, we're spreading the word by highlighting three membership-based nonprofits and hope that you'll feel inspired to join us. Plus, you could be a winner in more ways than one…   Enter to win $1,000 worth of organic herbal goodness!   How to Enter: Step 1: Choose one of the non-profits that speaks to you and make a donation at the minimum membership level. The organizations to choose from during this year's annual membership drive include Oregon Wild, Beyond Toxics, and the Center for Biological Diversity.  Step 2: Once you’ve made the donation to become a member, send an email […]

  • Eco-Projects: Tree Planting

Let’s Plant More Urban Trees

Excitement was in the air as volunteers joined Friends of Trees staff in the first Eugene Neighborhood Trees planting of the 2015-2016 season! The planting, generously sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs, brought together 70+ volunteers to plant nearly 50 street and yard trees in South Eugene, Oregon. During morning registration, volunteers warmed their hearts and bodies while sipping on delicious Love Tea donated by Mountain Rose and filled their bellies with breakfast treats. Eight planting teams, each led by a trained crew leader, set out on their route to plant 6-8 trees at different houses. Homeowners worked with Friends of Trees staff to select appropriate street trees based on a comprehensive inspection process. This planting included: Oregon Myrtle, Oregon White Oak, Bigleaf Maple, Madrone, Black Tupelo, Lavelle Hawthorn, Goldenrain Tree, and Chitalpa, as well as a variety of fruit trees.     One highlight of the planting was having two […]

  • Giving Thanks and Celebrating the Symbiotic Relationship

Celebrating the Symbiotic Relationship

By Jeremy Olsen, and staff at The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides Working with organic farmers is a lot like working with biologists–at least in one critical way–they all understand mutual symbiosis.  Have you ever considered the relevance and significance of working in collaboration with those that have a mutual appreciation or benefit from your partnership? If you work with nature, you likely have. It’s a valuable consideration and one that, for me, invokes good feelings and much gratitude. The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) is almost 40 years old and we work to educate farmers about the reduction of pesticides as well as the science and training on important alternatives that will lead to healthier communities everywhere. We now do this across three program areas, working to address the problems pesticide use has brought upon our rivers, water, salmon, pollinators, soil, parks, schools, agricultural workers, children and more.   […]

Save Oregon’s Wolves: Double Your Donation in December!

During the month of December, Mountain Rose Herbs will double your donation to Oregon Wild up to $7,000! Donate Here! On Monday, November 9, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-2 in support of removing endangered species protections for our state’s most magnetic character in the rich mosaic of life that makes our ecological heritage in Oregon so unique. That’s right, the grey wolf is no longer protected by the State of Oregon as endangered, which is an embarrassing move that paints our wildlife values in very poor colors, especially when you take into consideration that our state is home to a measly 80+ wolves in a landmass that covers over 98,000 square miles. Back in October, on behalf of Mountain Rose Herbs, I testified before the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on the importance of maintaining protections for this iconic species. Sadly, we were the only business advocating […]

  • Buy Nothing Day - Mountain Rose Herbs

Buy Nothing Day!

5 Ways to Celebrate Buy Nothing Day 1. Clean out your closets and cabinets to collect warm clothing, food, and toiletries that can be donated to a local shelter. 2. Write heartfelt letters of gratitude to the people you love.  3. Do you have empty dropper bottles, extra herbs, or other herbal supplies around? Use them up by making gifts (woohoo, gift economy!) or send them to a free clinic! 4. Take a long walk and enjoy the beauty around you. 5. Host a clothing swap or leftovers potluck with friends.       Why Buy Nothing? It may seem strange for a business like Mountain Rose Herbs to promote Buy Nothing Day, but we believe that the health of the planet is more important than profit. The Buy Nothing Day movement has been around since 1992 and was organized in Canada to protest the hyped-up commercialization of Black Friday – the "shopping holiday" after Thanksgiving. […]

  • Farm Stories: Medicinal Herbs of Appalachia

Farm Stories: Herbs of Appalachia

We find ourselves deep in the heart of Appalachia, a land rich in botanical diversity and steeped in herbal tradition. The people and plants of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina welcome us with their hospitality and eclectic nature. The purpose of our visit to the oldest mountains in the world was to learn more about the botanicals we source from this region. Sassafras (Sassafras albidum), Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), and Stone Root (Collinsonia canadensis) are just a few of the many plants from this area offered by Mountain Rose Herbs. As much time as we spend researching these plants, we know that "boots on the ground" exploration supersedes all other forms of information gathering. There is nothing like sharing a real connection, plant to person, for learning from these beings.      These prized native plants have been harvested by the people of this region for generations and their uses have […]