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15 12, 2014

How to Make Herbal Potpourri

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    Making your own herbal potpourri is super easy and a fun wintertime project! Plus, it's a great gift idea, perfect to make with kiddos, and a great addition to holiday ambiance, sock drawers, cars, or the laundry basket. Who doesn't love all-natural botanical fragrance?  So, is crafting potpourri as simple as it looks? Yes, with one unexpected but important step – adding a fixative mixed with essential oils. A fixative can be any number of ingredients including orris root powder, frankincense powder, myrrh gum powder, angelica root powder, calamus root powder, or benzoin gum powder. I prefer to use orris root powder, which comes from the rhizome of two species of European iris. The rhizomes resemble ginger and are harvested in August, stripped of their rootlets and bark, and dried until they have a chalky appearance. Dried orris root smells like violets and is commonly used in natural toothpastes and as a fixative in perfumes to […]
14 12, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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  'Tis the season…or so folks like to say this time of year. It ends up being a catch-all phrase to explain away all sorts of seasonal realities from busy shopping trips to snow days. For many of us, this is the season for a fair amount of stress and tension. People get a little edgy, a bit short-tempered, a bit overtaxed, and by people, I mean me too! When the stressors of the season start to turn me into a mid-winter crab, a soothing cup of calming tea is in order…and this recipe is ideal!   Merry & Bright Tea Blend 1 teaspoon organic Damiana leaf 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Alfalfa leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Barberries 1/2 teaspoon organic California Poppy 1/2 teaspoon organic Elderflowers Combine all the herbs in an infuser, nest, or tea bag. Pour 1 1/2 – 2 cups of boiling water over and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Add […]
12 12, 2014

New Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

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    Sustainably Grown Palo Santo Smudge Sticks! These aromatic sticks are roughly 3 1/2" long and come packaged in a 6 pack. Palo Santo, literally meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, is a tree that is widely distributed throughout Central and South America. Palo Santo is used in South America in much the same way as White Ceremonial Sage is used in North America – to combat negative energy and to cleanse the space. Palo Santo is often burned by Amazonian shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies. Rising smoke from a lit stick is believed to enter the energy field of ritual participants to clear misfortune, negative thoughts, and to chase away evil spirits. This use in ritual dates back to the Inca era. The Palo Santo offered by Mountain Rose Herbs comes from a 50 acre farm in Ecuador that contains both naturally occurring and replanted Palo Santo. They have replanted over 5,000 Palo Santo trees on […]
10 12, 2014

Inside Wild Carrot Herbals

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  In the far Northeastern reaches of Oregon, tucked quietly away beneath a mountain range and a lake cut away by ancient glaciers, a family run herbal business calls this remote landscape home. Wild Carrot Herbals has been making its high quality herbal goodies for 14 years and just recently transitioned from their Salem area home base to the wild side of the state, settling in Enterprise, Oregon. Jody Berry is the founder and creator of Wild Carrot’s well-loved blends and runs the business with her family and seven employees. Jody welcomed Mountain Rose Herbs to visit and take a tour behind the scenes of her small herbal business.     On a very brisk October, we made the beautiful drive through canyons and golden farm lands to the base of the Wallowa Mountains just south of Joseph, Oregon and Wallowa Lake. We took Main Street and drove down the wide road used long […]
8 12, 2014

DIY: Herbal Infused Wine

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  Maybe you’ve fantasized about making dandelion wine, but never found the time? Looking for a special beverage to commemorate a special celebration? Perhaps you have gift giving on the mind and want to create something unique and delicious to give and share? This delightfully simple project is the perfect way to go. Herbal infused wines are easy to make, beautiful, and even have medicinal properties—depending on the herbs and combinations you choose to create! The process for creating wines infused with herbs can be adjusted depending on your needs and inspiration. You can choose store bought or homemade wine, and both red and white wines make for delicious concoctions. All it takes is a little time… My basic “recipe” for creating an infused wine follows, and then I have some suggestions for some particularly tasty combinations. Make sure you clean and sterilize the jars or bottles you plan to keep the wine in, as you […]
30 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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  We're still working on the leftovers from Thursday's big feast and we've already jumped into the hustle and bustle of the upcoming season with great abandon. After all, we're staring headlong into the frosty eyes of December! My belly could use a reprieve from all the tasty treats and maybe more of a boost than can be had from an ordinary cup of tea. This is the perfect time for a stronger infusion or a decoction. While tea is a type of infusion, sometimes it is helpful to steep herbs for longer than the usual 3-5 minutes–especially some of the woodier roots and nutrient-packed plants. For this infusion, I like to let the herbs steep in water overnight and then drink the next day…   Rejuvenation Infusion 1/8 cup organic Burdock Root 1/8 cup organic Marshmallow Root 1/8 cup organic Dandelion Root 1 Tablespoon organic Cinnamon Chips optional (Anise, Fennel seed, Spearmint leaf, or other digestion-friendly herbs) Put […]
14 11, 2014

New Editions of Rosemary Gladstar’s Classic Books Are Here!

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These classic texts from the herbal community’s beloved Rosemary Gladstar are hot off the press. This collection of new 2014 editions have a wealth of herbal knowledge and how-to information with updated looks. Herbs for Common Ailments Previously sold under the title Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest, this informative guide profiles more than 50 herbs that are safe and effective for treating common ailments and injuries. Discover recipes for salves, teas, tinctures, and more, along with instructions for making an herbal first aid kit. Herbs for Stress & Anxiety This new edition was previously titled Herbs for Reducing Stress & Anxiety. Throughout this text, Rosemary Gladstar shows you simple herbal remedies that strengthen and build a healthy nervous system. She profiles 21 herbs proven to be effective at soothing common stress symptoms. Enjoy the herbs in tea decoctions and infusions, take them as capsules or tinctures, and relax in warm baths enhanced by […]
10 11, 2014

Planting Herb Seeds in the Fall: A Visit to Horizon Herbs

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The Mountain Rose Herbs’ procurement team pulled into a long driveway, following the handpainted signs of flowers pointing the way to park. We stepped out into the warm mid-morning air of Southern Oregon, smelling the smoky undertones of nearby wildfires. As our car doors opened, a flock of birds flushed out of a happy feeding frenzy; sparrows, juncos, and other small song birds were only mildly disturbed from the meal of seeds and small red berries. A wonderful herbal garden sat before us laden with their fruits of early fall. We made our way down the driveway on foot and noticed small crops of plants scattered throughout an open area. Just ahead of us sat a large greenhouse and an outdoor shade cloth shelter harboring an incredible assortment of potted plants. Halfway up the drive, we were warmly greeted by the owner of this plant paradise carrying his sweet granddaughter […]
9 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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Elderberry syrup is delicious and oh-so-good-for-us, but what if you haven’t had time to make up a batch? Maybe you’ve just drizzled your last drizzle and are in need of some elderberry boost right now! There’s something a little decadent about this fruit and spice tea, but there’s also a lot of soothing deliciousness. Why not brew some up and snuggle in for a blustery day? (This recipe makes enough to share and can be made ahead and refrigerated too!) Elderberry Spice Tea 1 Tablespoon dried organic Elderberries 1 teaspoon dried organic Wild Cherry Bark 1/2 teaspoon organic Whole Cloves 1 teaspoon organic dried Echinacea Roots (if needed) 1 teaspoon organic dried organic Orange or Lemon Peel 1-2 organic Cinnamon Sticks Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan and add 1 quart water. Heat to boil and then turn down and simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain berries and herbs, add honey to taste, and enjoy!
3 11, 2014

Making Herbal Jam & Jelly!

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I was really craving a “super fruit” jelly the other day, but with the bounty of summer long gone, I had to get creative. So, I set out to make some tasty spread with my favorite dried and powdered berries. The results were phenomenally delicious! When making jams and jellies from dried berries or herbs, you generally want to use half as much as you would when using fresh herbs or berries. So, if a recipe calls for one cup of fresh lemon balm or elderberries, you will want to use 1/2 cup of dried instead. The reason for this is that dried herb will absorb liquid and expand, producing less herbal tea or berry juice base to turn into jam. While I made two “superfruit” jellies from dried berries, you could easily combine these ingredients with your favorite fresh berry jam recipe.  For example: Cherry Bilberry Jam or Blueberry Acai Jelly. Yum! I […]
28 10, 2014

Free Herbal Webinar!

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Oooh, check this out! Our friends over at Learning Herbs are hosting a free webinar tomorrow night all about herbs for winter wellness. What a gift! You can sign up for free by clicking here!  
27 10, 2014

New Video: Elderberries with Rosemary Gladstar

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We had so much fun wandering through the garden with Rosemary Gladstar last summer! A highlight of our day was when Rosemary spotted this towering elder swaying in the breeze. She shared lots of stories and passed down traditional knowledge about this important plant, as well as her favorite recipes using elderberries. (You can find organic elderberries in our shop by clicking here.) We hope you enjoy the video!   Looking for more elderberry recipes? Berry Rooty Syrup Fermented Elderberry Soda Elderberry Oxymel Even more elderberry recipes!