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  • Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!

The Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!

We are excited to announce our next Free Herbalism Project event! Spring has sprung here in beautiful Eugene and we can’t wait to celebrate Herb Day with an amazing lineup of free herbal classes, free tea, live music, wildflowers in bloom – and wise woman herbalist Susun Weed! This time around will be a fundraiser for the United Plant Savers through the sale of books, t-shirts, herbs, and more botanical goodies. Let's support plant conservation!     HERB DAY CELEBRATION! SUNDAY, MAY 3RD 2015 Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR FREE ADMISSION $4.00 parking Click Here to Register for FREE!     Lecture by Susun Weed My Favorite Herbs for a High Energy Lifestyle If you want to take a big, juicy bite of life, join me for a high-energy session about the five simple herbs that will do the most for you. You will learn which plant gives you unlimited amounts of grounded, focused energy. You will […]

  • Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

Stories from the Herbal Path: Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

A few weeks ago I ventured up to the National College of Natural Medicine with our Domestic Farms Rep, Anna, for the sixth annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering. What a lovely event! This was my second year attending PPMG, so I knew I could expect a fantastic time. We kicked it off Friday evening with a fun and inspiring keynote from the one and only Robin Rose Bennett. She had us sing while she drummed on a djembe, and we honored the four directions. She then flowed right into an uplifting discourse about herbalism and its importance as a healing modality. We both came away from the keynote feeling uplifted and inspired. If you ever get a chance to hear Robin speak, I highly recommend it! Saturday morning began with the bustling Plant Medicine Marketplace. It’s always fun to chat with fellow plant people and meet with our incredibly […]

  • Wild Carrot Herbal Tour - Mountain Rose Herbs

Inside Wild Carrot Herbals

In the far Northeastern reaches of Oregon, tucked quietly away beneath a mountain range and a lake cut away by ancient glaciers, a family run herbal business calls this remote landscape home. Wild Carrot Herbals has been making its high quality herbal goodies for 14 years and just recently transitioned from their Salem area home base to the wild side of the state, settling in Enterprise, Oregon. Jody Berry is the founder and creator of Wild Carrot’s well-loved blends and runs the business with her family and seven employees. Jody welcomed Mountain Rose Herbs to visit and take a tour behind the scenes of her small herbal business.     On a very brisk October, we made the beautiful drive through canyons and golden farm lands to the base of the Wallowa Mountains just south of Joseph, Oregon and Wallowa Lake. We took Main Street and drove down the […]

  • Horizon Herbs

Planting Herb Seeds in the Fall: A Visit to Horizon Herbs

The Mountain Rose Herbs’ procurement team pulled into a long driveway, following the handpainted signs of flowers pointing the way to park. We stepped out into the warm mid-morning air of Southern Oregon, smelling the smoky undertones of nearby wildfires. As our car doors opened, a flock of birds flushed out of a happy feeding frenzy; sparrows, juncos, and other small song birds were only mildly disturbed from the meal of seeds and small red berries. A wonderful herbal garden sat before us laden with their fruits of early fall. We made our way down the driveway on foot and noticed small crops of plants scattered throughout an open area. Just ahead of us sat a large greenhouse and an outdoor shade cloth shelter harboring an incredible assortment of potted plants. Halfway up the drive, we were warmly greeted by the owner of this plant paradise carrying his sweet […]

New Video: Essential Oils for Beginners with Kathi Keville

We have a wonderful new collection of YouTube videos with aromatherapist Kathi Keville! Kathi takes us through the top 8 essential oils you need to create a starter set at home. In this series, she teaches us about the emotional, cosmetic, and medicinal properties of Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree found in our Classic sampler, as well as Citrus and Marjoram essential oils. We are so grateful for the time we shared with Kathi and the amazing wealth of knowledge she brought to our community during the Free Herbalism Project. We hope you enjoy the videos too! Be sure to watch in HD 1080 for the best quality. Be sure to grab a copy of Kathi’s book Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art and one of our Classic Essential Oil Kits to help you get started experimenting on your own! Click here to watch!

Free Herb Day Event this Sunday!

Our free Herb Day Celebration is coming up on May 4th! Rain or shine, we’ll gather with the plants once again to sip free tea and learn from renowned herbalists! Come experience aroma-herbalism with our special guest, California herbalist and aromatherapist Kathi Keville, be inspired by health activist Sue Sierralupe, and tour the spring wildflowers with Oregon’s own Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager!   Free Herbalism Project Herb Day Celebration! Sunday, May 4th 2014 Mount Pisgah Arboretum Eugene, OR   Spring Plant Walk 11 am to 12:00 pm To begin the festivities, Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager will take us on a trip through the forest to meet our wild beauties of spring! From lilies and orchids, to violets and Oregon grape, come learn how to identify the gorgeous blooms around you, discover their names and uses, and gain a deeper understanding of their ecosystems. The number of participants for […]

New Video: Sage & Thyme with Rosemary Gladstar

Here’s our next video from the Rosemary Gladstar’s Garden Wisdoms series! Rosemary joined us in this beautiful garden to share her deep plant love as part of the Free Herbalism Project. In this new video, Rosemary discusses the healing properties and uses for the wonderful duo, but often uncelebrated, Sage and Thyme. Want to grow, make medicine with, or learn more about these herbs? You can find organic dried Sage leaf and Thyme leaf, Sage and Thyme essential oils, Sage and Thyme seeds, and more on our website! Curious about the Free Herbalism Project? You are invited to our next free event on Sunday, May 4th in Eugene! You can learn more about that by clicking here. Hope to see you there!    

The Free Herbalism Project ~ Herb Day Celebration!

We are getting ready for the best Free Herbalism Project event yet! Spring has sprung here in beautiful Eugene and we can’t wait to celebrate Herb Day with an amazing lineup of free herbal classes, free tea, and blooming wildflowers galore.   You are invited to join us for a spring plant walk, a street herbalism workshop with Occupy Medical, and a hands-on lecture about aromatherapy and the many uses of essential oils with California author and herbalist Kathi Keville! This time around, the event will be a fundraiser for Occupy Medical and the American Herb Association! All profits raised during this event from the sale of t-shirts, essential oils, books, and other herbal merchandise will be donated to these two amazing organizations.   FREE HERBALISM PROJECT HERB DAY CELEBRATION! SUNDAY, MAY 4TH 2014 Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR   Click Here to Register!   ~ Event Schedule ~   11:00am to 12:00pm     Plant Walk:  Pacific Northwest […]

New Video: Yarrow with Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar, our dear “fairy godmother” of North Armerican herbalism, joined us in this beautiful garden to share plant wisdoms as part of the Free Herbalism Project. In this new video, Rosemary discusses the healing properties and uses for our ancient ally, Yarrow (Achillea millefolium). Want to grow, make medicine with, or learn more about yarrow? You can find organically grown dried Yarrow leaf and flower, tincture, seeds, and more on our website! Want to support Rosemary’s work with the United Plant Savers? Become a member today and help them reach their goal during the March Membership Drive. You could win a basket full of herbal goodies while helping to protect our wild medicinal plants!   Click here to watch the video!    

New Video: Hawthorn and the Heart with jim mcdonald

In this video, our herbalist friend  jim mcdonald shares some of the more unusual ways of incorporating Hawthorn into your life. He also discusses using the plant for the physical heart, as well as the emotional or spiritual heart. This is the 2nd plant walk video with jim in a series recorded at our Rootstalk Festival in September 2011. Enjoy!

The Free Herbalism Project ~ Fall Event News!

Are you attending the Free Herbalism Project’s fall event this Sunday? We are just a few days away from gathering together with the plants to sip free tea and learn from beloved Oregon herbalists Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager! All of us here at Mountain Rose Herbs are so happy to be hosting this special free series of herbal gatherings and hope to see you there! This is going to be good… Free Herbalism Project featuring Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager Sunday, October 20th 2013 Mount Pisgah Arboretum Eugene, OR FREE! Event Schedule: Basic Botany Workshop 12pm to 1:30pm Howie and Steven will help us explore basic terminology needed to identify medicinal, edible, and poisonous plants growing in the garden or local forest! Designed to give participants the skills to understand botanical descriptions in herbal texts and gardening books, and become familiar with important vocabulary for the identification and appreciation of plants. We’ll investigate […]

Cardamom Chia Pudding Recipe!

This post (and tasty recipe!) comes to us from herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt! She is the creator of Taste of Herbs, an exciting new course teaching practical herbalism by LearningHerbs and Mountain Rose Herbs. Rosalee is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and founder of Herbal Remedies Advice who lives on the edge of the wilderness in the northeastern Cascadian mountains of Washington state. Many thanks to Rosalee for sharing!   How often do you use your sense of taste to understand how herbs work? There are many ways to learn about herbs. Oftentimes when people first begin to study herbalism they attempt to memorize long lists of what an herb can do. Or they might memorize a list of herbs that are good for a particular reason. Of course, there is no wrong way to learn about herbs! But learning herbs by memorizing lists can be a bit overwhelming (not to […]