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Photo Thursday!

They’re here! We are SOOO excited to debut these beautiful new botanically adorned Free Herbalism Project t-shirts during our next gathering on October 20th. We’ll be selling these gorgeous t-shirts along with other herbal goodies at the Mountain Rose booth and all profits will be donated to the Columbines School of Botanical Studies to help them create a student scholarship, purchase classroom microscopes, and to upgrade the school’s computer! At our first event featuring Rosemary Gladstar, you all helped us raise $900 for the United Plant Savers though t-shirt, book, and other merchandise sales. Woo hoo! What an amazing impact! We hope you can join us again to spread more love and support throughout the community. You can find more details about the next Free Herbalism Project here!  

Photo Thursday!

Here we are…all gathered together at sunset taking in words of inspiration from herbalist Rosemary Gladstar during the Free Herbalism Project. The kick-off to our new series of free herbal events exceeded all of our hopes and expectations with roughly 500 attendees! Many thanks to everyone who attended and to those who wished to be there with us. It was a magical night we will cherish. We’re really looking forward to the next free gathering on October 20th, featuring Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager from the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. They will be offering a botany basics workshop, as well as a lecture on medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest. Sure to be an amazing event! Stay tuned here for more details. Want more photos from the Free Herbalism Project? Check out our photo album on Facebook!  

Free Herbalism Project News!

Are you attending our first Free Herbalism Project event this Friday? The excitement is growing, as we are just a few days away from gathering together with the plants to sip free tea and learn from beloved herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Rose Madrone. This unique event will bring our community together to celebrate access to herbal education for all. We are so happy to be hosting this special series and hope to see you there! We’ve got some important new details regarding the event schedule, parking, what to bring, delicious food options, a map to the arboretum, and much more… Click Here for Event Details!  

New Herbal Interviews Book!

Have you seen this exciting new book of interviews created by our friends at the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous? 21st Century Herbalists is a truly unique piece of our community history and you won’t find it on store shelves just anywhere. Jesse Wolf Hardin presents intimate conversations with 21 of the most intriguing herbalists and foragers of the 21st Century. Perfectly subtitled, “Rock-Stars, Radicals & Root Doctors,” this book is filled with previously unshared stories, underutilized herbs, herbal healing traditions, and inspiring advise from a collection of well-known herbalists. Read the stories of our “rock star” herbalists in this eclectic collection of interviews!    

Free Herbalism Project Update!

    We are so excited to announce that the new Free Herbalism Project website is up and running! For event details, teacher profiles, a peek at the venue, maps, and other important information, you can now visit You’ll also see that we’ve announced our very special guest plant walk guide for the August 9th event with Rosemary Gladstar, as well as our exciting teacher line-up for the Fall 2013 event! Future events will be posted soon, so be sure to check back.   Planning to attend? Simply complete the short registration form and we will be in touch about event details and upcoming workshops. There’s even an option to print out a ticket with the date, time, and location if you’d like – though no ticket is required to attend. The Free Herbalism Project is the first free herbal event series of its kind, and we hope that you’ll be able to join us or help spread the word in your community! […]

Twitter Chat: Herbs for Men with Guido Masé

We are so excited to partner with Guido Masé of Urban Moonshine to celebrate herbal remedies for the men in our lives! Just in time for Father’s Day, we’ll be hosting a chat on Twitter covering a range of topics like male tonic herbs, herbal body care and hair tips, andropause, nutrient considerations and herbal supplementation, prostate health, aphrodisiacs, athlete’s herbs, and much more, plus a general Q&A! All are invited and welcome to participate in this herbal info sharing chat. Guido Masé is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, though his approach is eclectic and draws upon many influences. Guido works clinically and teaches at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, holds the position of Clinical Herbalist on staff at Urban Moonshine, is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and is a part of United Plant Savers and the American Botanical Council.   Men’s Herbal […]

Talking Nettles with jim mcdonald ~ Video ~

Well, well…a bit of time has passed since the Rootstalk Festival happened back in 2011, but we are SO excited to finally bring you a new video series from the event featuring some of our favorite herb walks and storytelling moments. These videos are fun and informative, and really make our hearts smile to experience this wonderful gathering all over again. Such sweet memories! Next up is herbalist jim mcdonald’s entertaining exploration of a favorite spring herb: nettle! There are so many different ways to use nettle and you’ll probably learn some new preparations from jim during this in-depth 25 minute video. He’ll teach you about nettle sting therapy, share his secrets of raw spiced nettle treats, his favorite herbal combinations for nettle infusions, using nettle seeds, and more interesting tidbits. Plus, he also gives a great description of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how nettle can be helpful. There might even be a surprise guest star herbalist in […]

Free Spring Herbs Teleseminar with Rosemary Gladstar!

Rosemary Gladstar writes, “Spring is here! It’s time to come out and play. To review our lives, and make new plans…to dream alive! It’s also a time of renewing and re-nourishing our precious bodies.” In this free online class, Rosemary will cover the importance of wild greens, both nutritionally and energetically. Dandelions, plantain, nettle, chickweed and many more favorites will be covered, as well as her favorite ways to prepare wild greens, and ethical wild harvesting. We hope you’ll join us Thursday night for this free online event in celebration of the upcoming 11th International Herb Symposium, which Mountain Rose Herbs and are excited to sponsor again this year!    Plus, you could win these goodies…   You won’t want to miss Rosemary’s wisdom or the amazing giveaways during the teleseminar including this herbal gift set from Mountain Rose Herbs: Tea-to-Go Glass Infuser, Evening Repose Tea, Peace Tea, Blossoms of Health Tea, Dandelion Tincture, Elder Berry Tincture, and Skullcap Tincture!   Sign […]

Mountain Rose Pavilion at the Mother Earth News Fair!

We are so excited about the Mother Earth News Fair this year! For the first time ever, we will be hosting an entire pavilion at the show…   ~ Herbal Vendors ~ Of course you’ll find our herbal garden booth with tons of freebies and herbal samples to try, but this time around we’ll also be surrounded by sustainable and plant-loving businesses including seed companies, herb nurseries, garden tool blacksmiths, beekeepers, homesteading supplies, natural bodycare crafters, and more. We will also be raffling off a gift basket filled with organic teas and tinctures at our booth! Be sure to visit us at booths 916 and 817 for the free tincture bar, herb cart, organic aroma counter, and other botanical goodies.   ~ Herbal Classes and Workshops ~ Perhaps the most exciting part of the pavilion will be the Mountain Rose Herbs Stage. Throughout the weekend, our speakers will give herbal workshops and hands-on demonstrations on topics ranging […]

Spring Tonic Vinegar Recipe & Giveaway!

In celebration of this year’s Spring Equinox, we are excited to partner with our customers Elie and Kristen of the Portland Apothecary for this very special recipe and giveaway! That’s right…they are offering up an entire Spring Share of handcrafted herbal goodies to one lucky reader, plus a gorgeous infused vinegar recipe for us all to enjoy. Let’s meet the herbalists! Elie grew up on a biodynamic farm in the hills of Pennsylvania, where the rhythms of the four seasons were her first teachers. She helped her mother brew elderflower syrup in the spring, harvested wild raspberries in the summers, pressed apples for cider in the fall and helped her father tap maple trees for sap in the late winter. Since then, her intrigue with the magic and medicine of plants has been a calling and a journey. Elie interned on farms all over the world, attended Aprovecho Center for Sustainability, and completed […]

The Free Herbalism Project

Busy as bees over the past few months, we’ve been planning something very, very special for our wonderful herbal community! The time has finally come to share this happy news with you and we are bursting with excitement…   You are invited to a FREE herbal lecture by the legendary Rosemary Gladstar!     Please join us for this first lecture in our new ongoing series of visiting herbalists. It’s called The Free Herbalism Project! Mountain Rose Herbs will be hosting this free community event several times a year and each lecture will feature a different herbalist and topic. Not only will every event be FREE to the public, we’ll also be serving up free organic tea and an herb walk before the main event as an added bit of herbal excitement. Want to show your support? Each event will also be a fundraiser for the featured herbalist’s school, free clinic, or non-profit organization through the sale of fun merchandise, […]

Herbal Living by the Seasons: Spring Qi Tea

The Awakening ~ Winter into Spring In my kitchen window hangs a prism twirled by a solar-powered motor. It hasn't budged an inch since about mid-Autumn. At least, that is, until a few days ago. We now find ourselves on the cusp between the seasons; Winter is turning into Spring. The sun is being reborn from the darkness of Winter, lighting the sky for more hours each day. Nature begins to awaken from its slumber. In Chinese medicine philosophy, Winter is the season of quiet, of storage, and of stillness. The ground water has sunken down to the deepest soil, and frozen there. It’s as if Nature has been put on pause. The days are short, and the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic tells us to wake late and retire early to match the season. We lead busy lives. Luckily, Nature has built a period of the year when the […]