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New in the Shop: Organic Frankincense Hydrosol

We are pleased to announce a fantastic addition to our line of certified organic hydrosols, the inimitable Frankincense Hydrosol. Our Frankincense Hydrosol is produced through steam distillation in the United States from organic Boswellia carteri resin that is harvested in Somaliland. This hydrosol is useful in meditation and energy work as well as skin care and fragrance blends. Frankincense Hydrosol has a fresh scent that is resinous and sweet with woody undertones. Frankincense makes a wonderful ingredient in facial care products designed for oily and mature skin. Astringent and toning, it can be blended with organic Witch Hazel Extract or other hydrosols and used as a daily facial toner or aftershave. It can also be used as the water base for skin creams or butters. This Frankincense Hydrosol possesses almost limitless blending possibilities due to its unique aroma. Aromatically, this hydrosol blends well with blood orange, lavandin, douglas fir, and […]

Recipe: Frankincense & Myrrh Hand Balm

I love this season of celebration. This time of year I'm often dreaming of chocolate truffles, forests covered in snow, and catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Making special foods, festive treats, and gifts while singing along with my favorite songs brings a glow of happy cheer to my heart—but my favorite part of the holidays is seeing the joy and excitement in other people as they unwrap the gifts I have made for them! This year I decided to create a rich and moisturizing balm to soften the appearance of rough dry skin, using the scents of sacred resins and trees that are often associated with this time of year.   Let's make our holiday hand balm! Ingredients: This recipe makes roughly 9 oz. of salve mixture. 1/2 cup organic olive oil 1/4 cup organic grapeseed oil 1/4 cup organic avocado oil 3 level Tbsp beeswax pastilles 1 […]

  • New Organic Massage Oils Mountain Rose Herbs

New Look: Certified Organic Massage Oils!

We are excited of offer our new Certified Organic Massage Oils exclusive to Mountain Rose Herbs. These unique blends are lovingly crafted in our body care kitchen from the finest organic ingredients. Our carrier oil bases are solar-infused with organic botanicals for two weeks and hand-blended with organic essential oils. Each oil comes packaged in a 4 oz. plastic amber bottle with a convenient flip cap. Wonderful for self-massage, sharing a candlelit moment with your partner, or incorporating into your professional practice, our organic massage oils have four original blends to choose from; all based on classic Mountain Rose Herbs formulas that have been with the company for over 20 years. Our Autumn Moon Massage Oil is comforting and grounding with a warming autumnal scent filled with cinnamon and vetiver. Celebrate your inner goddess with our Goddess Dreams Massage Oil. This blend combines orange blossoms, clary sage, and lavender to […]

New in the Shop: White Rose Hydrosol

  We have a decadent new addition to our line of certified organic, steam-distilled hydrosols, the luxurious White Rose Hydrosol. Our White Rose Hydrosol comes to us from artisan distillers in Bulgaria who specialize in cultivating, harvesting, and extracting this delicate flower. With beautiful rosy notes that are soft and delicate, this hydrosol offers a lighter floral scent than our Rose Hydrosol and is an intriguing scent to experiment with. You can enhance the uplifting floral aroma by blending with other hydrosols like rose geranium, ylang ylang, or neroli. Adding earthy essential oils such as vetiver or oakwood will create a rich grounding floral scent. The possibilities are endless! White Rose Hydrosol is also a popular single ingredient facial toner for all skin types and is often seen in formulas for dry or mature skin. With a sensual scent that is associated with love and the heart, […]

New in the Shop: 32 oz. oils

We’ve got some new smaller sizes of three of our most popular oils to offer: 32 oz. refined Coconut, Palm Fruit, and Palm Kernel. Our expeller pressed and refined Coconut oil is certified Non-GMO and organic, and it’s great for general moisturizing. Coconut oil is generally used as a lather-producing agent in natural soap recipes.  Our refined coconut oil is also suitable for food use, the refining process actually removes the pungent coconut flavor and aroma. Palm Kernel oil is also an excellent ingredient to use in homemade soaps to increase its lather and hardness, and it can also be used for its moisturizing properties in a multitude of other cosmetic and body care products. Our certified organic Palm Kernel oil is refined through organic methods involving mechanical pressing.     Our certified organic Palm Fruit oil is cold pressed, unrefined, and extra virgin.  Palm Fruit oil is commonly […]

DIY: Herbal Tattoo Balm

I’ve gotten a few tattoos in my day and always question the quality of those over-the-counter ointments I'm handed at the tattoo parlor. Of course, the artists are trying to keep us safe while healing, but who needs petroleum products after that kind of skin trauma? We all know that taking sweet care of your tattoo after getting inked helps improve the life and vibrancy of the artwork. Why not skip the pre-packaged stuff for some herbal infused oils and non-GMO vitamin e oil woven together with beeswax and moisturizing botanical butters? This recipe is the best treat for your skin to protect that new piece!      Botanical Tattoo Balm Recipe Ingredients 1 Tbsp organic calendula infused oil 1 Tbsp organic plantain infused oil 1 Tbsp organic Oregon grape root infused oil (learn how to make your own!) 2 Tbsp organic refined shea or organic cocoa butter 1 Tbsp beeswax 1 tsp non-GMO vitamin E oil 3  1oz glass jars Directions Melt butter and wax together in […]

  • New in the Shop: Organic Grapefruit Peel

New in the Shop: Organic Grapefruit Peel

We’re excited about the newest addition to our herbs and spices: organic grapefruit peel! Grapefruit is a bit of an anomaly in the world of citrus. Not even 300 years old, it was thought to be the byproduct of a horticultural curiosity gone awry at the time of its discovery. Though no record exists to prove it, scientists theorize that the grapefruit is a delicious cross between a pomelo and a sweet orange. The grapefruit made its way to Florida in 1823, and today, the U.S. is the world’s leading producer. The common name refers to the way the fruit clusters on the tree in a similar fashion to a bunch of grapes. Interesting botanical tidbit! We love this grapefruit peel in tea blends, ground for a body scrub, added to bath salts, and many other body care recipes that call for a sweet and tart hit of citrus. […]

  • New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

Summer is upon us, and our long days are filled with epic hikes, river runs, and scrambling up the volcanic peaks of the Oregon Cascades. After a long day of adventuring out in nature, we are happy to have our Arnica/St. John’s Compound for sore muscles and minor irritations. Our Arnica/St. John’s Compound is made with the classic and much beloved Arnica/St. John’s Herbal Oil. We lovingly infuse the botanical goodness of St. John’s wort, arnica flowers, and calendula flowers into organic olive oil and combine it with beeswax to create a topical salve that is a favorite among runners, hikers, climbers, paddlers, and athletes of all stripes. A little organic lavender essential oil in the formula helps to provide a bit of calm after a long day of physical exertion. Packaged in a convenient lightweight tin, this salve is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear kit. Visit our online shop to […]

  • New in the Shop: All Good Lotions

New in the Shop: All Good Lotions

From natural products tradeshows to local co-ops, we have searched all over North America for the finest body lotions in the land. As with many things in life, the cream eventually rises to the top, and we are pleased to add these All Good Body Lotions to our line of organic body care products. These luxurious All Good Body Lotions nourish your dry skin for a natural, non-greasy feel. Made with the finest organic botanical ingredients, this is the best organic lotion we've found created with the purest plant oils, butters, and extracts for a gorgeous glow. These lotions are free from chemicals, are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, non-nano, and biodegradable. Choose from luscious Coconut or refreshing Lemongrass.  Find all of our organic body care offerings in our online shop!  

  • DIY Liquid Roll-On Deodorant

DIY Liquid Roll-On Deodorant

I like to feel fresh and confident during the hot summer months, but hate worrying about synthetic ingredients. With consumer awareness growing to avoid nasty chemicals on our sensitive underarms, natural deodorants have become one of the most desired personal care products. While there have been lots of "natural" options on the market over the years, many popular brands are now manufactured by larger umbrella companies that might not have your ethics at heart.  Thankfully, there are herbal ingredients that really work! While not antiperspirants – because sweating is actually healthy for us – some botanical ingredients can help you feel secure in any temperature by deterring the growth of heat-thriving underarm bacteria. That's what inspired me to create a recipe for a solid deodorant that I love many moons ago! My new liquid roll-on recipe below is especially nice when you forget to apply something in the morning and need a little refreshment before you get on with your daily adventure. It's super convenient.  This recipe is […]

  • New In The Shop: Organic Refined Shea Butter

New in the Shop: Organic Refined Shea Butter

We've received so many requests from customers over the years for an organic refined shea butter that lacks the distinct nutty odor of the unrefined shea butter we offer. Still looking for a more neutral option?  Your pleas have been heard! We are happy to introduce this luxurious organic and Fair Trade certified refined Shea butter to our line of body butters. This opulent shea butter is expeller pressed, refined, and naturally deodorized. Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa to hydrate and protect the skin when exposed to extreme elements. Shea butter naturally contains vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids. In addition, shea butter offers a low level of UV protection (approximately SPF-6) and may be incorporated into natural skin care recipes. It's also wonderful to use in the summer as a moisturizer before and after sun exposure to promote radiant skin. For a real treat, combine the refined and unrefined shea butters to […]

  • New in the Shop: Calendula Flower Powder

New in the Shop: Calendula Flower Powder

We are excited to welcome Organic Calendula Flower Powder back into our selection of organically grown herbs! A versatile favorite, this sunny yellow flower is a staple in the home apothecary.  Calendula is an uplifting garden plant that's also one of the most well-known medicinal herbs. It has been used in formulations, ceremonially, and as a dye plant for centuries. Calendula is prized for its use as a tea, wash, tincture, infused oil, or salve.  This powder is made from perfectly dried orange or yellow flowers and contains many important constituents. Our gorgeous calendula powder can be used in the same manner as the flowers, and because of its form, it blends wonderfully into body care creations.   Calendula recipes for inspiration… Calendula Infused Oil and Salve After-Sun Spray Herbal Soap Mama & Baby Massage Oil Herbal Mouthwash Wildcraft Face Cream Herbal Bath Salts Queen of Hungary's Water Lotion Bars     You can find Organic Calendula Flower Powder […]