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10 12, 2014

Inside Wild Carrot Herbals

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  In the far Northeastern reaches of Oregon, tucked quietly away beneath a mountain range and a lake cut away by ancient glaciers, a family run herbal business calls this remote landscape home. Wild Carrot Herbals has been making its high quality herbal goodies for 14 years and just recently transitioned from their Salem area home base to the wild side of the state, settling in Enterprise, Oregon. Jody Berry is the founder and creator of Wild Carrot’s well-loved blends and runs the business with her family and seven employees. Jody welcomed Mountain Rose Herbs to visit and take a tour behind the scenes of her small herbal business.     On a very brisk October, we made the beautiful drive through canyons and golden farm lands to the base of the Wallowa Mountains just south of Joseph, Oregon and Wallowa Lake. We took Main Street and drove down the wide road used long […]
21 11, 2014

The DIY Holiday Gift Guide

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    Creating thoughtful, hand-crafted holiday gifts doesn't have to be hard or complicated. I don't think of myself as a very craftsy person, but I do challenge myself to give those closest to me at least one handmade gift every year. Some years, everyone gets the same thing, while other times, I have the energy to make more personalized gifts for those on my list. These seasonally inspired gifts are easy to put together, not the slightest bit fussy, and perfectly-suited for the range of folks you have in your life. And the best thing? None of them have to be made far in advance, so you can spend one afternoon crafting these delightful and useful gifts and then put your feet up and enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea…   Body & Bath Treats   Spearmint & Eucalyptus Lip Balm 1 Tablespoon organic Cocoa Butter or 4 Cocoa Butter Wafers 2 Tablespoons Shea Nut oil […]
21 10, 2014

DIY: Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe!

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This is a classic topical formula that can be used to help ease occasional aches and pains associated with activities like hiking and biking or to help warm up the joints when faced with the chill of cold weather. I like to keep this healing ointment handy during the active summer months and throughout the wintertime for just these reasons. Such great medicine! It also makes a wonderful gift that’s super easy to whip up. Simply rub into sore joints and muscles for a little relief, avoiding broken skin, as needed.   Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe Ingredients 4 oz St. John’s Wort infused oil 2 tsp organic cayenne powder 1/2 ounce beeswax or 2 Tbsp beeswax pastilles Directions 1. Using a double boiler, mix the oil with the cayenne powder and warm very gently. Allow to cool and then heat up again, being sure not to let the oil bubble. 2. Remove from heat and allow to sit […]
15 09, 2014

Herbal Foot Care: The Perfectly Natural Pedicure

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We have a tendency to take our feet for granted—and yet, our feet get us everywhere we need to go each day! If you’ve spent a summer running barefoot or wrestle with dry, cracked feet, a regime of herbal self-care may be just what’s needed. For those of us who wear work boots, or spend all day standing, our feet may get especially sore or develop a bit of an odor. Fortunately, a little extra tending can help combat both of those challenges! These recipes are suitable for everyday use, or as a special occasional pampering. Feel free to experiment and use the herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils you like best!   The perfect pampering pedicure: Step 1: Get started by using a pumice stone to remove dry, loose skin. Step 2: Next, it’s time for a foot soak! Adapt your soak to suit your needs.     Rejuvenating Foot Soak ¼ cup organic Vegetable Glycerin ¼ cup organic […]
8 09, 2014

Argan Oil Cuticle Cream Recipe

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Many cuticle creams on the market today are mixed with yucky chemicals meant to “dissolve” your cuticle.  Sure they might be pesky at times, but cuticles serve a purpose. Their job is to protect your nail bed, and our job is to protect them! Keeping your hands and cuticles well hydrated is the first defense against cracking, peeling, and possible infection, as well as the key to keeping them looking great! If your cuticles are not well moisturized, they are more prone to break, crack, and thus become more vulnerable to bacteria. Maintaining well hydrated cuticles is what keeps them under control as well. So instead of trimming, try this weekly routine: soak nails in warm soapy water, pat dry and then gently push your cuticles back (with something soft) and slather on some of this cuticle ointment. You can also keep a tin of this cuticle cream in your bathroom, […]
22 08, 2014

Our Organic Coconut Oil is Now Fair Trade Certified!

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We are super excited about the newest addition to our Fair Trade Certified products! We have been working closely with our supplier over the past few years to make certification of our unrefined organic Coconut Oil happen. This is the same wonderful Coconut Oil that we’ve always offered, but now it’s both Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. This pure, healthy oil is perfect for cooking or as an ingredient in luxurious skin care products! Visit our website HERE to learn more about this beautiful oil. Visit our website HERE to learn more about our Fair Trade program.   A few Coconut Oil recipes for inspiration… Campfire Coconut Kettle Corn Homemade Lip Balm Rose Body Lotion Vegan Lavender Fudge DIY Natural Sunscreen   
18 08, 2014

How to Make a Cooling Herbal Compress in 3 Easy Steps

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    A gentle and effective treatment for too much heat or minor bumps and bruises can come in the tried-and-true form of an herbal compress. This preparation brings the healing constituents of herbs and the soothing sensations of a cool damp cloth close to your skin to accelerate the natural healing process. When draped around the skin, the moisture of the tea soaked towel softens the skin and allows the healing herbs to penetrate deep into your body. Unlike a warm compress, a cold compress constricts blood vessels, which helps ease swelling, as well as reduce some kinds of pain. You can use a cold compress to soothe insect bites, sunburns, and general skin irritations. Cold compresses can also help speed healing in situations of bruising, occasional swollen glands, and minor strains and sprains. The fun thing about compresses is that you don't need an excuse to make one up to enjoy! Making a cold compress […]
8 08, 2014

New Cradle Cap Salve!

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New Wild Pansy Cradle Cap Salve! This little jar of cradle cap salve is one of the newest formulas from our friends at Wild Carrot Herbals. It contains wild pansy (violet leaf) for its saponins and mucilaginous properties, combined with the calming and soothing properties of calendula and chamomile flowers. Violet is also the color for the crown chakra, making this salve the perfect combination for your little one’s scalp. Wild Carrot has adopted the American Pika as the face of their Baby Carrot line. They are donating a portion of the proceeds from their entire line of Baby Carrot products to help conserve and maintain the natural habitat of this smallest member of the rabbit family. Visit our Babies & Children page to see all of the botanical products that we offer for your little herbalists, including a large selection of Baby Carrot products!   photo by Mariah Blackhorse at Jackson Lake in […]
22 07, 2014

Revitalizing Solid Perfume Recipe

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Feeling burned-out or lacking energy from all your fun summer adventures? Well, it isn’t over yet! The last push of summer is coming, and with it opportunities to seek out long lost friends and enjoy every bit of the sun as it fades into fall and loved ones go into hibernation. Maybe you need something just a little extra sweet to keep you going? Thankfully, pure plant aromatics are here to lift us up. Just like stopping to smell the flowers, wearing fragrances you love can help boost your mood and keep energy up. Here’s a wonderful solid perfume recipe to excite the senses and stabilize your exhausted emotions. Simply apply a bit on the neck and pulse points to enjoy. Super easy to make and totally customizable, this harmonizing solid aroma balm is perfect for your summer fun. Feel free to formulate your own scent combination and check out some of our past posts for inspiration!   Revitalizing Solid Perfume   Balm Base […]
30 06, 2014

DIY Herbal Deodorant Recipe

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    We've all witnessed the deodorant revolution happen over the past few years.  From over-the-top chemical infused sticks to ruin-your-blouse white stuff, finding a healthy and practical alternative can be a challenge.  I've tried them all and even gone without for many years.  Most of the time I don't need it, but occasionally I like to go on multiple day hiking trips or enjoy the local music scene in small, warm venues. So, I experimented with lots of other recipes to create a formula that works perfectly for my needs. This isn't the normal wipe it on deodorant! The ingredients in this recipe, such as the cocoa butter and shea butter, will melt easily with body temperature, while maintaining a solid form in the tin throughout the day.  I push a little pea sized chunk off with my finger and rub it into my underarm just like I would body lotion. Once you see how easy it is […]
17 06, 2014

Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen!

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  If you love the sun as much as I do, you've probably been scouring the natural foods stores for the best natural sun protection out there. I worked at a grocery co-op for a while and even though we had the best products on the market for happy healthy skin with minimal additives, I've still always wanted to go a little further. I've spent the last couple of months perfecting a sunscreen recipe, and have finally created one that I'm happy to share with friends and family. For this recipe I combined all of my favorite skin-loving ingredients and combined it with the known protection of a small amount of zinc oxide (non-nano) for a super protective and perfectly nourishing sun screen. Right now is also the perfect time of year to utilize the powerful sun for infusing oils. This is a great way to add the healing properties of herbs to a body care […]
5 06, 2014

Photo Thursday!

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We are in downtown Eugene setting up for our first ever Pop-Up Shop!  Come out and see us this weekend to experience our organic herbal goodies in-person. Enjoy free organic tea while you stock up on gourmet salts & spices, handcrafted bodycare products, plant medicines, organic tea, herbal books, and much more! Spend $25 or more and receive a free organic cotton “I Dig Herbs” tote bag while they last. There will also be AMAZING door prizes!   Mountain Rose Herbs Pop-Up Shop! When? Friday, June 6th from 4 pm – 9 pm during the First Friday Art Walk Saturday, June 7th from 9 am – 5 pm during the Saturday Market Where? Broadway Commerce Center 50 W. Broadway in Downtown Eugene, Oregon