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  • New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

With so much love for organic sprouts and microgreens in health-conscious kitchens, we thought it would be fun to create a delicious sprouting seed blend so folks can easily grow a variety at home. It turned out great, and we’ve been adding these baby greens to fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies for a daily nutrition boost. Ready to try it? We are pleased to introduce our new Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend! This tasty blend of organic sprouting seeds is filled with the green leafy goodness of red clover, alfalfa, and radish sprouts, with a crisp, fresh flavor that will leave you feeling nourished.     Sprouting is an inexpensive and delicious way to obtain valuable nutrition from plants since sprouts are alive with enzymes, protein, and are easy to digest. Plus, they are super easy to grow at home, and this blend of seeds will sprout in just 4-6 days. You […]

  • New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

Summer is upon us, and our long days are filled with epic hikes, river runs, and scrambling up the volcanic peaks of the Oregon Cascades. After a long day of adventuring out in nature, we are happy to have our Arnica/St. John’s Compound for sore muscles and minor irritations. Our Arnica/St. John’s Compound is made with the classic and much beloved Arnica/St. John’s Herbal Oil. We lovingly infuse the botanical goodness of St. John’s wort, arnica flowers, and calendula flowers into organic olive oil and combine it with beeswax to create a topical salve that is a favorite among runners, hikers, climbers, paddlers, and athletes of all stripes. A little organic lavender essential oil in the formula helps to provide a bit of calm after a long day of physical exertion. Packaged in a convenient lightweight tin, this salve is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear kit. Visit our online shop to […]

  • Free Download: Herbal Preparations eBook!

Free Download: Herbal Preparations eBook!

In celebration of Herb Day, we've created this free herbal medicine making e-book as our gift to you! Learn to craft tinctures, infused oils, herbal vinegars, salves, mushroom extracts, and more with this gorgeous guide. Soon you will be well-stocked with herbal goodness!  To make it super easy for you to find the supplies you need, we've included links to all of the ingredients, tools, and container options within these recipes. Simply click on the listed supplies to find that item in our shop.  We hope you enjoy the e-book and feel inspired to create these botanical formulas for your very own home apothecary. Let's honor and celebrate the plants growing all around us… Click here to view our free e-book!  

  • New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

We've introduced a new line of all-natural deodorants to our natural and organic body care products! All Good deodorants contain naturally-occurring enzymes and essential oils to provide long lasting coverage. The arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and dries underarms, while Aloe vera and homegrown, certified organic Calendula are gentle on sensitive skin.  This gentle yet effective deodorant utilizes a propanediol base which is made by fermenting plant material. This particular propanediol is produced from non-GMO sugarcane, while most in the industry is sourced from GMO corn. The formula also utilizes saccharomyces ferment, which are naturally occurring live enzymes that break down sweat molecules and fight both odor and wetness. Saccharomyces are a type of fungi that are closely related to the yeasts used to ferment wine and beer. Most exciting to us, these lovely deodorants are free of aluminum, baking soda, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates, and are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! Plus, they smell amazing… Choose from Tea Tree and Basil, Cedarwood […]

  • 10 Days of Gratitude & Herbal Giveaway

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away?  Let's take some time to celebrate those who've shown us motherly love over the years. She could be a close friend, aunt, grandma, mentor, or the woman who gave you life. No matter her role, these botanically infused gifts will surely express your gratitude for all she's given. From an organic spice rack refresh to a home spa pampering fest, here are a few of our favorite goodies for the special women that give us strength and make our days brighter…       The Culinary Adventurer Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? Freshen up mom's spice rack with a set of new aromatic seasoning blends. Our entire collection is certified organic and includes a variety of classics like Pumpkin Pie Spice, Lemon Pepper, Pickling Spice, and Italian Seasoning, to the fancy flavors of West Indies Rub, Thai Curry, and Cajun Spice. Add a few […]

  • Mountain Rose Herbs Catalog - Spring/Summer 2016

Our New Catalog is Here!

Our new Spring/Summer 2016 catalog has arrived! Seeds are sprouting in the sunny soil as we begin another green cycle. We love spending time on our organic farms, surrounded by blossoming fields of herbs that are grown, harvested, and dried with great care. The healing vibrancy of color and aromatic bliss these plants offer infuse us with pure delight. We hope you’ll enjoy the herbal information, new botanical offerings, and fun recipes that fill these pages. Let them inspire you to try something new, make your favorite formulas with love, and prepare for the season ahead. As always, we print on post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks so you can recycle the cover and compost the rest, although we hope you’ll keep it around for a bit or share it with a friend. You can also view the catalog online by clicking here. Want a FREE copy all for yourself? Request a free catalog here!  

New in the Shop: Skullcap Herbal Capsules

We are pleased to bring organic Skullcap into our line of single herbal capsules! Spring is here! As the days continue to get longer, many of us find ourselves getting busier and busier with more activities filling our plates. A member of the mint family, skullcap has traditionally been used to help us find natural calm and relaxation, making it a valuable ally for that overwhelmed feeling we sometimes experience. Made with certified organic leaves and flowers, these Skullcap capsules are a convenient way to stay balanced in the midst of life's little challenges. Click here to view our entire collection of herbal capsules. Learn how to make capsules at home!    

  • The Home Medicine Cabinet: First Aid Liniment

DIY First Aid Liniment

Liniments are one of the easiest preparations for the home herbalist to make. Using a basic recipe to get started, you can change up the herbs and essential oils to create various types of remedies. Along with homemade salve, liniment is a must-have topical formula for any first aid kit. To make this spray, herbs are soaked in a solvent to infuse it with the helpful properties found in so many roots, leaves, barks, and flowers. Liniments can be sprayed and rubbed into the skin when and where needed. Traditionally, basic rubbing alcohol has been used as the base for topical liniments, but witch hazel, vinegar, and vodka can also be used with good results. All of these options make it possible for the herbal properties to easily penetrate the skin.    Basic First Aid Liniment Ingredients 1 part organic comfrey root   1 part organic arnica flowers 1 part organic St. John's wort 1 part organic peppermint leaf organic witch hazel […]

  • Turmeric Tea: Golden Milk & Chai Recipe

Turmeric Tea: Golden Milk & Spicy Chai

Swoooon…check out that gorgeous color! Turmeric is a tropical perennial plant in the same family as ginger, native to India, and cultivated throughout the tropics. Growing to a height of about three feet, it has beautiful lance-shaped leaves on alternate sides of the stem. At the base of the stem, there is a knobby rhizome somewhat resembling ginger with a vibrant orange glow. Turmeric root can be prepared as a tincture, encapsulated, added to tea blends and fire cider, or made into a topical paste. Boasting many benefits, turmeric has become very popular as an herb to help support normal joint mobility.* You can cook with it too! A wonderful ingredient in many savory dishes including stocks, sauces, curries, and spice blends, its distinct fragrance is mildly hot and gingery. The dried powder is most commonly used in the kitchen and gives mustard and curry powder their gorgeous golden hue. Because of its vivid color, it's also used as […]

  • Sowing Seeds of Hope

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Our hearts are so filled up!  We loved receiving these photos and a sweet thank you for donating tins, oil, herbs, and beeswax to the Seeds of Hope Farm teen internship program:   Dear Mountain Rose Herbs, Thank you for your generous donation to Seeds of Hope Farm’s teen program in Saint Louis, MO. With your help, our teens were able to reconnect to their roots in herbal medicine. Together, we made two salves, several tinctures, and got to know the various herbs growing on our farm. Attached are a handful of photos that document our herbal projects. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing to work closely in the future. Warmly, Deidre        The Community Action Agency of St. Louis County (CAASTLC) developed the Seeds of Hope Farm teen internship program in 2014 to inspire positive personal and community change by bringing underserved youth and […]

New Book: The Pure Power of Maca

This new book will make an excellent addition to your growing herbal library!  Detailing the numerous benefits of this amazing root vegetable grown high in the Peruvian Andes, explore how maca has been harvested and used by indigenous cultures for centuries. Its fascinating history winds through the plant's economic and cultural importance, including how maca was traded for lowland tropical food staples such as corn, rice, manioc, and papaya, as well as being valued as viable currency for Spanish imperial taxes.  In The Pure Power of Maca, Beverly Lynn Bennett reviews maca's nutritional and healing properties. She thoroughly covers how to incorporate powdered maca into daily meals and provides 32 delicious recipes, including beverages, snacks, sides, main dishes, and treats. Click here to view our entire collection of herbal literature.    

  • New Book: Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy

New Book: Aromatherapy & Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy

We've received many questions over the years from mamas-to-be seeking information about safe practices when using herbs and essential oils during pregnancy. That's why we are so pleased to add Demetria Clark's Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding to our herbal library! This comprehensive sourcebook explains how essential oils and herbal remedies can provide natural, alternative solutions to the many health needs that arise during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Experienced aromatherapist and midwife Demetria Clark guides you through exploring the safe, gentle, and effective treatments for conditions specific to this transformative time in a woman's life. Clark carefully outlines which essential oils and herbs are safe to use (and which aren't) for each stage of this amazing process, from pregnancy, labor, and birth to breastfeeding and recuperating from delivery. Click here to browse our library of herbal literature.