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14 12, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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  'Tis the season…or so folks like to say this time of year. It ends up being a catch-all phrase to explain away all sorts of seasonal realities from busy shopping trips to snow days. For many of us, this is the season for a fair amount of stress and tension. People get a little edgy, a bit short-tempered, a bit overtaxed, and by people, I mean me too! When the stressors of the season start to turn me into a mid-winter crab, a soothing cup of calming tea is in order…and this recipe is ideal!   Merry & Bright Tea Blend 1 teaspoon organic Damiana leaf 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Alfalfa leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Barberries 1/2 teaspoon organic California Poppy 1/2 teaspoon organic Elderflowers Combine all the herbs in an infuser, nest, or tea bag. Pour 1 1/2 – 2 cups of boiling water over and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Add […]
7 12, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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While lolling about on a soggy Sunday is always a treat, there are times when I want caffiene! But, of course, I want the flavors of herbal tea (hopefully something with a little zing) and the goodness of a nice, organic black tea. This recipe is the best of several worlds by combining the smoothness of our organic Ceylon tea with some seasonal herbs and spices. You might as well make this one by the pot because one cup is just not going to be enough… Cedar & Cinnamon Ceylon Tea 2 Tablespoons organic Ceylon Tea 1 teaspoon Cedar Berries 1 teaspoon organic Cinnamon Chips 1 teaspoon organic Hibiscus Flowers 1 teaspoon organic Bitter Orange Peel 1/2 teaspoon organic Whole Cloves Combine the tea, herbs and spices into an infuser, strainer, nest, or filter. Pour 4 cups boiling water over (this is best done in a teapot, but a pot or bowl will do) and let steep […]
23 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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  It's coming! In fact, for many of us, it's already here. This week marks the start of some busy, invigorating, stressful, and downright overwhelming days as we plunge headlong into the holiday season. It's going to take some focus to make sure we take care of ourselves, get plenty of rest and give our bodies the nutrition and support we need to carry us through the coming weeks. For me, oatstraw, red clover, and lavender are musts for a nourishing, calming cup of herbal tea! I call this recipe my "Do All The Things" tea blend; it even has a boost of Lemon Balm extract or tincture for a little extra concentrated feel good! Do All The Things Tea Blend 1 teaspoon organic Oatstraw 1/2 teaspoon organic Lavender flowers 1 teaspoon organic Bilberries 1 teaspoon organic Red Clover herb 1 dropperful organic Lemon Balm extract Combine the herbs in a tea infuser, nest, or bag and pour […]
21 11, 2014

The DIY Holiday Gift Guide

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    Creating thoughtful, hand-crafted holiday gifts doesn't have to be hard or complicated. I don't think of myself as a very craftsy person, but I do challenge myself to give those closest to me at least one handmade gift every year. Some years, everyone gets the same thing, while other times, I have the energy to make more personalized gifts for those on my list. These seasonally inspired gifts are easy to put together, not the slightest bit fussy, and perfectly-suited for the range of folks you have in your life. And the best thing? None of them have to be made far in advance, so you can spend one afternoon crafting these delightful and useful gifts and then put your feet up and enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea…   Body & Bath Treats   Spearmint & Eucalyptus Lip Balm 1 Tablespoon organic Cocoa Butter or 4 Cocoa Butter Wafers 2 Tablespoons Shea Nut oil […]
16 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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I recently reorganized our “tea and herb station” at home for the upcoming season. This is the time of year when we are drinking hot tea just about every day and it was time to refill jars, freshen the stores, and get things reorganized to make creating tea blends easier and more fun. Organizing excites me, but I was also reminded of some of the amazing herbs that have been pushed to the side and neglected. It’s sort of like the seasonal organizing of my closet–things get moved to the front that I forgot about and it’s like discovering them all over again! Plus, I just love seeing all those gorgeous herbs lined up in labeled jars! This was one of the first teas I created from the newly tidy shelves (three full shelves of jarred and labeled herbs, mind you) and it was so sweet and delicious! Sweet Oat Tea 1 […]
15 11, 2014

A Trip to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference!

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It took four flights and almost 3,000 miles, but the adventure was well worth it when I walked up the path beneath a canopy of fall-colored trees in Black Mountain, North Carolina for the 10th annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. I was eager to get checked in, pick up my updated program booklet, and plot my classes for the next few days—not to mention, get a lay of the land and find all the booths, vendors, and activities! This was our first venture to this growing conference, so we’ve been super excited to experience it! As a sponsor, Mountain Rose has been looking forward to sharing in this wonderfully diverse community of women herbalists on the East Coast. I was determined to try to cover as much ground as possible during the gathering, by attending classes and activities, sampling the freshly-prepared meals, visiting the vendor booths, and chatting with folks at our […]
13 11, 2014

Photo Thursday!

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The leaves have fallen quickly and autumn has turned into winter for many. As the cold fronts move in across the country, don’t forget to stay cozy with a warm cup of tea! Here are a few of our favorite teas for sipping on these short and cold days: Classic Chai 21st Century 5th Chakra Tea The Blues Tea Tulsi Delight Mint Chocolate Mate You can find the mug and celestial strainer on our website too. Happy tea drinking!  
9 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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Elderberry syrup is delicious and oh-so-good-for-us, but what if you haven’t had time to make up a batch? Maybe you’ve just drizzled your last drizzle and are in need of some elderberry boost right now! There’s something a little decadent about this fruit and spice tea, but there’s also a lot of soothing deliciousness. Why not brew some up and snuggle in for a blustery day? (This recipe makes enough to share and can be made ahead and refrigerated too!) Elderberry Spice Tea 1 Tablespoon dried organic Elderberries 1 teaspoon dried organic Wild Cherry Bark 1/2 teaspoon organic Whole Cloves 1 teaspoon organic dried Echinacea Roots (if needed) 1 teaspoon organic dried organic Orange or Lemon Peel 1-2 organic Cinnamon Sticks Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan and add 1 quart water. Heat to boil and then turn down and simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain berries and herbs, add honey to taste, and enjoy!
7 11, 2014

Winter Care Extract is here!

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Our Winter Care Extract is now available! This harmonious blend of organic Echinacea root and organic Goldenseal root is a traditional combination of health supportive herbs and the perfect ally for winter. This blend can be taken when needed to help you feel your best and delight in the joys of the season. Find out more HERE. Visit our Combination Herbal Extract page to see all of our supportive blends.  
3 11, 2014

Making Herbal Jam & Jelly!

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I was really craving a “super fruit” jelly the other day, but with the bounty of summer long gone, I had to get creative. So, I set out to make some tasty spread with my favorite dried and powdered berries. The results were phenomenally delicious! When making jams and jellies from dried berries or herbs, you generally want to use half as much as you would when using fresh herbs or berries. So, if a recipe calls for one cup of fresh lemon balm or elderberries, you will want to use 1/2 cup of dried instead. The reason for this is that dried herb will absorb liquid and expand, producing less herbal tea or berry juice base to turn into jam. While I made two “superfruit” jellies from dried berries, you could easily combine these ingredients with your favorite fresh berry jam recipe.  For example: Cherry Bilberry Jam or Blueberry Acai Jelly. Yum! I […]
24 10, 2014

New Ultrasonic Diffuser for Essential Oils!

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Our new AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser is a must have for the home or office! Create a tranquil, fragrant environment in any room with this simple to use ultrasonic diffuser. The AromaMist diffuser uses half a cup of tap or bottled water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a continuous fragrant mist for up to three hours. This nearly silent unit has a built-in shut off for when the water level gets low. This pearl white diffuser also has an optional light setting that glows in blue, pink, or a revolving rainbow of colors. Ultrasonic diffusion creates a fine mist by using ultrasonic vibrations to dispense essential oils into the air using water as a carrier. This mist is created without the use of heat, and helps to add moisture into the air in addition to the aroma-therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Find more information on this wonderful […]
21 10, 2014

DIY: Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe!

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This is a classic topical formula that can be used to help ease occasional aches and pains associated with activities like hiking and biking or to help warm up the joints when faced with the chill of cold weather. I like to keep this healing ointment handy during the active summer months and throughout the wintertime for just these reasons. Such great medicine! It also makes a wonderful gift that’s super easy to whip up. Simply rub into sore joints and muscles for a little relief, avoiding broken skin, as needed.   Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe Ingredients 4 oz St. John’s Wort infused oil 2 tsp organic cayenne powder 1/2 ounce beeswax or 2 Tbsp beeswax pastilles Directions 1. Using a double boiler, mix the oil with the cayenne powder and warm very gently. Allow to cool and then heat up again, being sure not to let the oil bubble. 2. Remove from heat and allow to sit […]