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New In the Shop: Certified Organic Angelica Root Powder

We are pleased to announce that, just in time for the new year, our Angelica Root Powder is now certified organic. This amazing plant is traditionally cultivated in Europe. We are ever mindful of our carbon footprint here at Mountain Rose Herbs, and when the opportunity arose to source this herb from a certified organic farm in southern Oregon, we jumped at the opportunity. This member of the Apiaceae plant family is closely related to Dong Quai, one of the most respected female tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. Angelica is also used in many formulations intended for female reproductive wellness. In fact, Angelica Root is one of the most respected birthing herbs in Western herbalism. This herb is also warming and stimulating to the lungs, and it can be a valuable ally during this time of year. While the entire plant has a tradition of usage, the resinous roots are […]

New in the Shop: Organic Lemon Thyme!

We’re having a wonderful time experimenting with our new certified organic Lemon Thyme in our holiday recipes! This deliciously aromatic herb is a member of the mint family. Lemon thyme resembles and grows just like English thyme, but its fresh citrus flavor quickly reminds you that you are in unchartered culinary territory! This wonderful herb can be used as a substitute in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest, lemon flavoring, or English thyme (if you are feeling a bit adventurous and desire a distinct citrus flavor in your dish). We love to use Lemon thyme in marinades for light proteins such as chicken, fish, or tofu. This versatile herb also has a history of being used therapeutically in teas or tinctures. Visit our online shop to view our entire selection of herbs and spices.

Create Your Own Broth Mix Recipes

Soups are one of my all-time favorite things to cook. There is a meditation for me in the chopping, measuring and stirring that goes into making a wonderful pot of soup. Alas, like many, I don’t always have the time to make soup from scratch. I’ve also chatted with many folks who are intimidated by making soups and broths—they have a hard time getting the seasoning right so the soup doesn’t taste like bland dishwater. I stumbled upon the idea of making broth mixes when I passed by some packaged mixes at the store. Why couldn’t I create my own and have on hand to use in soups, for a basic broth, or even mixed in to pasta or ramen noodles? With a bit of experimenting, I came up with two very different broth mixes—both tasty, nutritious and great as all-purpose seasoning mixes too! These two recipes are made entirely […]

  • New in the Shop: Nebulizer with Wooden Base

New in the Shop: Nebulizer with Wooden Base

Check out this nebulizer that just arrived in our shop! This regal nebulizer features a solid hardwood base topped with hand-blown glass. It is truly as elegant as it is functional, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils in style. This nebulizer utilizes negative ion diffusing technology, has two speeds, and an optional color changing light that follows the diffusion cycle. Featuring a high and a low setting, this gorgeous unit runs on a two minutes on/one minute off cycle that continues for two hours and then shuts off automatically. The removable glass top makes this nebulizer quite easy to refill, and will easily fill a 400 square foot room with aromatherapeutic bliss! Visit our online shop to view our entire collection of diffusers and pure, steam-distilled essential oils.  

  • New in the Shop: Organic Horseradish Extract

New in the Shop: Organic Horseradish Extract

We are pleased to add organic horseradish extract to our line of handmade tinctures. Horseradish is a favorite ingredient in Fire Cider thanks to its hot, spicy, stimulating flavor. It provides diaphoretic action and can open up respiratory passages with just a whiff of the fresh-cut root! We love to have several preparations of this potent plant at our fingertips during the fall and winter seasons. Our certified organic horseradish extract is created in small batches using only the freshest roots and certified organic alcohol. The horseradish root, when left intact, has hardly any aroma at all. However, when cut or grated, enzymes from the broken plant cells help create the distinctive aroma of horseradish and become a pungent source of mustard oil. Our horseradish extract is made with freshly pulverized roots and is quite powerful! With horseradish, grated mash should be used immediately or preserved in vinegar or […]

  • New Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract!

New Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract!

We are so excited to introduce our Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract! This extract is a labor of love and comes from a unique partnership between Mountain Rose Herbs, United Plant Savers, the PCO Forest Grown Verification Program, and dedicated herb growers in Appalachia. Due to the decline of American ginseng and other wild forest botanicals, this program was created to encourage conservation through cultivation. This groundbreaking project brings us organically grown ginseng that is nurtured in its native woodland habitat. The roots and leaves are sustainably harvested from private forests that are stewarded by farmers dedicated to preserving this important plant for the future. Prepared separately, both the organic ginseng roots and leaves are extracted in organic grain alcohol, hand-shaken every day for up to two months, pressed, and blended to create this synergistic whole plant extract. Our organic forest grown ginseng root has been cared […]

New in the Shop: Organic Vitex Essential Oil

We are excited about this brand new addition to our line of essential oils – certified organic Vitex essential oil. This powerful essential oil comes from the distilled fruit of the vitex or chaste tree. Vitex is considered a balancing herb for women. In fact, it is said to support physical and emotional health during a woman’s menstrual cycle and in the transition into menopause, relieving mild mood changes, occasional cramps, water retention, and hot flashes.* This essential oil can be included in a diffuser blend or used topically.  While Vitex is not typically used within perfumery, it can add interesting notes to a blend. Vitex is quite strong, and should be diluted before being applied to the skin. The characteristic aroma of dried Vitex berries shines in this essential oils that is fresh with tenacious front notes that are dry and bitter.  As the aroma evaporates, the notes turn […]

  • New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

With so much love for organic sprouts and microgreens in health-conscious kitchens, we thought it would be fun to create a delicious sprouting seed blend so folks can easily grow a variety at home. It turned out great, and we’ve been adding these baby greens to fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies for a daily nutrition boost. Ready to try it? We are pleased to introduce our new Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend! This tasty blend of organic sprouting seeds is filled with the green leafy goodness of red clover, alfalfa, and radish sprouts, with a crisp, fresh flavor that will leave you feeling nourished.     Sprouting is an inexpensive and delicious way to obtain valuable nutrition from plants since sprouts are alive with enzymes, protein, and are easy to digest. Plus, they are super easy to grow at home, and this blend of seeds will sprout in just 4-6 days. You […]

  • New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

New in the Shop: Arnica/St. John’s Compound

Summer is upon us, and our long days are filled with epic hikes, river runs, and scrambling up the volcanic peaks of the Oregon Cascades. After a long day of adventuring out in nature, we are happy to have our Arnica/St. John’s Compound for sore muscles and minor irritations. Our Arnica/St. John’s Compound is made with the classic and much beloved Arnica/St. John’s Herbal Oil. We lovingly infuse the botanical goodness of St. John’s wort, arnica flowers, and calendula flowers into organic olive oil and combine it with beeswax to create a topical salve that is a favorite among runners, hikers, climbers, paddlers, and athletes of all stripes. A little organic lavender essential oil in the formula helps to provide a bit of calm after a long day of physical exertion. Packaged in a convenient lightweight tin, this salve is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear kit. Visit our online shop to […]

  • Free Download: Herbal Preparations eBook!

Free Download: Herbal Preparations eBook!

In celebration of Herb Day, we've created this free herbal medicine making e-book as our gift to you! Learn to craft tinctures, infused oils, herbal vinegars, salves, mushroom extracts, and more with this gorgeous guide. Soon you will be well-stocked with herbal goodness!  To make it super easy for you to find the supplies you need, we've included links to all of the ingredients, tools, and container options within these recipes. Simply click on the listed supplies to find that item in our shop.  We hope you enjoy the e-book and feel inspired to create these botanical formulas for your very own home apothecary. Let's honor and celebrate the plants growing all around us… Click here to view our free e-book!  

  • New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

New in the Shop: All Good Deodorants

We've introduced a new line of all-natural deodorants to our natural and organic body care products! All Good deodorants contain naturally-occurring enzymes and essential oils to provide long lasting coverage. The arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and dries underarms, while Aloe vera and homegrown, certified organic Calendula are gentle on sensitive skin.  This gentle yet effective deodorant utilizes a propanediol base which is made by fermenting plant material. This particular propanediol is produced from non-GMO sugarcane, while most in the industry is sourced from GMO corn. The formula also utilizes saccharomyces ferment, which are naturally occurring live enzymes that break down sweat molecules and fight both odor and wetness. Saccharomyces are a type of fungi that are closely related to the yeasts used to ferment wine and beer. Most exciting to us, these lovely deodorants are free of aluminum, baking soda, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates, and are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! Plus, they smell amazing… Choose from Tea Tree and Basil, Cedarwood […]

  • 10 Days of Gratitude & Herbal Giveaway

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away?  Let's take some time to celebrate those who've shown us motherly love over the years. She could be a close friend, aunt, grandma, mentor, or the woman who gave you life. No matter her role, these botanically infused gifts will surely express your gratitude for all she's given. From an organic spice rack refresh to a home spa pampering fest, here are a few of our favorite goodies for the special women that give us strength and make our days brighter…       The Culinary Adventurer Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? Freshen up mom's spice rack with a set of new aromatic seasoning blends. Our entire collection is certified organic and includes a variety of classics like Pumpkin Pie Spice, Lemon Pepper, Pickling Spice, and Italian Seasoning, to the fancy flavors of West Indies Rub, Thai Curry, and Cajun Spice. Add a few […]