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2016 Winter Gift Ideas

We love being able to offer an array of goods that empower home herbalists and inspire homemade gifts, but sometimes even the best of us DIY folks are short on time. Here are a few ready-made ideas for you and the people you love. Want these gifts to arrive on your doorstep before December 25? Then make sure to order by next Monday, December 12! For the "I drink tea not coffee" person Have a friend or loved one who is tea-obsessed? We have two unique tea-inspired gift ideas too pretty to hide away in a kitchen cupboard. How about this quality cast iron teapot set decorated with festive gold flair? Or perhaps this contemporary glass teapot to match your tea lovers' modern aesthetic?   For the "I think I need a massage" person This permeating massage oil is one of our four new original blends of organic massage oils […]

  • Mountain Rose Herbs Fall Winter Catalog 2016

Our New Catalog is Here!

Our new catalog for Autumn / Winter 2016 has arrived! It's that time to cozy up with our newest catalog release, pour yourself a cup of certified organic tea, and get to planning all of the winter medicines, fall crafts, nourshing body care recipes, and other botanical goodies you'll be crafting this fall.   As always, we print on post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks. We hope you’ll keep our catalog around for a bit or share it with a friend. You can also view it online! Want a FREE copy all for yourself? Request a new catalog here!    

  • New in the Shop: Nebulizer with Wooden Base

New in the Shop: Nebulizer with Wooden Base

Check out this nebulizer that just arrived in our shop! This regal nebulizer features a solid hardwood base topped with hand-blown glass. It is truly as elegant as it is functional, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils in style. This nebulizer utilizes negative ion diffusing technology, has two speeds, and an optional color changing light that follows the diffusion cycle. Featuring a high and a low setting, this gorgeous unit runs on a two minutes on/one minute off cycle that continues for two hours and then shuts off automatically. The removable glass top makes this nebulizer quite easy to refill, and will easily fill a 400 square foot room with aromatherapeutic bliss! Visit our online shop to view our entire collection of diffusers and pure, steam-distilled essential oils.  

  • New in the Shop: Organic Horseradish Extract

New in the Shop: Organic Horseradish Extract

We are pleased to add organic horseradish extract to our line of handmade tinctures. Horseradish is a favorite ingredient in Fire Cider thanks to its hot, spicy, stimulating flavor. It provides diaphoretic action and can open up respiratory passages with just a whiff of the fresh-cut root! We love to have several preparations of this potent plant at our fingertips during the fall and winter seasons. Our certified organic horseradish extract is created in small batches using only the freshest roots and certified organic alcohol. The horseradish root, when left intact, has hardly any aroma at all. However, when cut or grated, enzymes from the broken plant cells help create the distinctive aroma of horseradish and become a pungent source of mustard oil. Our horseradish extract is made with freshly pulverized roots and is quite powerful! With horseradish, grated mash should be used immediately or preserved in vinegar or […]

2015 Sustainability Report!

We are excited to share our Mountain Rose Herbs’ 2015 Sustainability Report with you! People, plants, and planet before profit is at the heart of everything we do. Our core values of environmental stewardship, fair trade practices, zero waste production and community support steer the decisions we make. Thanks to our customers, vendors, and employees, we hold true those principles by monitoring and reporting on our greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, employee programs, charitable giving, and other key indicators. We appreciate your continued support and engagement guiding us to affect positive change!   2015 Highlights & Accomplishments Diverted 96.2% of company waste! Offset 295.5 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through Installed a 25 kWh solar array at main facility Collected 597 lbs of food and 304 lbs of clothing during our annual employee-led Food and Clothing Drive Completed Salmon-Safe projects, including a tree planting and rain garden installation […]

  • Free Herbalism Project with Guido Masé & Susan Leopold!

The Free Herbalism Project with Guido Masé & Susan Leopold!

We are excited to announce our next Free Herbalism Project event! Join us for an amazing lineup of free plant talks as we welcome Vermont herbalist Guido Masé and ethnobotanist Susan Leopold, PhD of the United Plant Savers. Registration is now open for this community event featuring a full day of free herbal classes (details below), free tea, live music, a plant sale, food carts, and more. Help us support the United Plant Savers with your purchase of books, t-shirts, herbs, and other botanical goodies in our Free Herbalism Project shop during the event! Register now and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates. We look forward to gathering with you!    FREE HERBALISM PROJECT  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016 Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR FREE ADMISSION $4.00 parking Click Here to Register!     Aromatics, Bitters, and Tonics:  A Simple System to Support Well-being Lecture by Guido Masé There are thousands of plants […]

People and Planet before Profit!

After our site visit in November, we’re overjoyed to be RE:think certified once again. Businesses achieve RE:think certification by practicing conservation and efficiency actions across five categories: materials and waste management, energy efficiency and conservation, water conservation, water quality, and purchasing. To learn more about how we reduce waste, offset our carbon emissions, develop employee wellness programs, and support our community, view our annual Sustainability Report!    We are humbled by this glowing praise… "Mountain Rose Herbs is the yardstick for how success should be measured, ‘People and planet before profit.’ Your practices are an inspiration to all businesses." – Angie R. Marzano, Director of Business Development & RE:think, BRING Recycling "Zero Waste companies like Mountain Rose Herbs that lead by example are creating a sustainable business network and culture in our community. Mountain Rose displays upstream thinking by ensuring that its waste materials are reused, recycled, composted, reclaimed, or returned to the […]

  • Mountain Rose Herbs Catalog - Spring/Summer 2016

Our New Catalog is Here!

Our new Spring/Summer 2016 catalog has arrived! Seeds are sprouting in the sunny soil as we begin another green cycle. We love spending time on our organic farms, surrounded by blossoming fields of herbs that are grown, harvested, and dried with great care. The healing vibrancy of color and aromatic bliss these plants offer infuse us with pure delight. We hope you’ll enjoy the herbal information, new botanical offerings, and fun recipes that fill these pages. Let them inspire you to try something new, make your favorite formulas with love, and prepare for the season ahead. As always, we print on post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks so you can recycle the cover and compost the rest, although we hope you’ll keep it around for a bit or share it with a friend. You can also view the catalog online by clicking here. Want a FREE copy all for yourself? Request a free catalog here!  

New in the Shop: Skullcap Herbal Capsules

We are pleased to bring organic Skullcap into our line of single herbal capsules! Spring is here! As the days continue to get longer, many of us find ourselves getting busier and busier with more activities filling our plates. A member of the mint family, skullcap has traditionally been used to help us find natural calm and relaxation, making it a valuable ally for that overwhelmed feeling we sometimes experience. Made with certified organic leaves and flowers, these Skullcap capsules are a convenient way to stay balanced in the midst of life's little challenges. Click here to view our entire collection of herbal capsules. Learn how to make capsules at home!    

It’s Our 10 Year Anniversary with!

In 2015, we offset 295.5 metric tons of carbon emissions! We couldn’t do it without our friends at This year we’re celebrating our 10 year partnership with and they will plant 100 trees in our honor! "Many thanks for Mountain Rose Herbs’ long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, and to your dedication to supporting’s mission and projects." – Linda Kelly, Foundation, Business Partnership Manager Over the past ten years, Mountain Rose has offset 2208.15 metric tons of greenhouse gases – that’s almost 5 million pounds or the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 1,810 acres of forests in one year. Energy conservation is paramount at Mountain Rose Herbs. Our facility was consulted to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, we use Energy Star appliances, we invest in a local Greenpower program, and we have gone solar! Working with allows you to reduce what you can and offset what […]

  • New in the Shop: Organic Light Oolong Tea

New in the Shop: Organic Light Oolong Tea

With the days and nights slowly achieving equilibrium, we are grateful for the balance that exists in nature. With the theme of balance in mind, we are happy to introduce a new tea that is sure to please both black and green tea aficionados…  Organic Light Oolong Tea This certified organic Indonesian tea is mellow and well-balanced making it an excellent choice for those who don't care for the astringency that's typical of many green teas. Light Oolong Tea undergoes a shorter, partial fermentation process, and the finished product contains a stunning array of green to black leaves. This tea is mild and refreshing, and has a wonderfully smooth aftertaste. Enjoy! Browse the entire collection of organic green teas in our online shop!

  • Update: Maca Market

Update: Maca Market Report

The old adage “what goes up must come down” was proven ever truer when looking at the maca root market this year. We gave our blog readers this analysis in a previous blog post and thought it would be necessary to provide an update on maca, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of international botanical markets. With dramatic fluctuations in supply and demand, the culprit could be a range of issues from drought in Europe, Dr. Oz’s newest remedy, an earthquake in Chile, or a craze in Asia over the latest herbal trend. Market conditions can normalize in a matter of months as new harvests become available, or take a few years to recover. Fads come and go, but factors of climate change, geopolitical instability, or low consumer confidence due to a range of concerns can be difficult to gauge.     Our model at Mountain Rose Herbs has always been to […]