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  • Dry Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Dry Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Many of us here at Mountain Rose Herbs are unabashed dog and cat lovers, and we are so grateful for the unconditional love that our furry friends bring to our lives. We are happy to bring in all natural products for our canine and feline friends, including this wonderful Dry Flea and Tick Shampoo. Made by our friends at Nava Pets, this natural flea and tick treatment is made with botanical ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals, essential oils, or artificial fragrances. Simply sprinkle a small amount of powder onto your pet, and gently massage into the fur and skin for deep penetration. Then brush or rub with a dry cloth to remove any excess powder. It's incredibly simple, not messy, and your pet will love you for caring enough to not use harmful chemicals on their skin! Choose from catnip-scented cat treatment or lavender-scented dog treatment. Please visit our online shop to […]

  • Natural Pet Care: Calming Dog Treats

Natural Pet Care: Herbal Dog Treats

Last winter I experimented with some herbal dog treats for daily support to give my pal a little extra boost. Now it's summer time and he is a healthy, happy, and energetic pup. However, with the sunny season comes road trips, gatherings, and the loud cracks of July 4th. I love these celebrations, but him, not always so much. So, I thought he might appreciate some calming treats for our summer adventures! As usual when doing pet care research, one of the first places I turn to is Dr. Kidd's Herbal Dog Care book. This is a great resource to have on hand if you practice herbal pet care at home or are just beginning to explore your alternative pet care options. The following powdered herbs can be used to give your dog a calmed spirit. Many of the herbs listed below are also used to help humans deal with the daily aggravations we all experience from time to time. It is highly recommend to try each herb […]

  • Photo of bee on flower

How to Celebrate National Pollinator Week!

Native pollinators are essential for ecosystem balance and ultimately for our survival. More than the food that feeds us, bees and other pollinators help 85% of plants reproduce and grow the next generation of trees, flowers, and plants. It is sobering to consider a world devoid of nuts, seeds, and fruit that feed all life, from blue jays to bears. Two-thirds of the food crops people eat every day require bees and other pollinators to produce a crop. These bees also ensure that home gardeners can produce fruits and vegetables to feed their families and grow flowers to enjoy. By purchasing our deliciously floral Pollinator Tea, you’re supporting pollinator recovery! Mountain Rose Herbs will donate 5% of the annual sales from this special blend to Beyond Toxics and their campaign to save the bees.   Why is Mountain Rose Herbs supporting Beyond Toxics?   Beyond Toxics was the first non-profit in Oregon to […]

8 Tips for Buying and Using Essential Oils

#1: What is an essential oil? First let's define what an essential oil is and how it's made. An essential oil is not an infused herbal oil. This is a very common misconception. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic oils produced by plants. Imagine fresh lemon balm leaves warming in the sun, rubbing rosemary between the palms of your hands, or bringing lavender flowers to your nose for a deep inhalation. Plants create smelly resins and oils to attract pollinators, warn predators, and to protect themselves against disease. The product you buy called "essential oil" is this aromatic substance concentrated through various methods. For example, it takes 60 whole roses to make just one drop of precious essential oil! That's a potent drop of plant material. Essential oils can be extracted in several ways… Steam Distilled Most plant aromatics can be captured through vaporization. Click here to view an infographic outlining the steam distillation process. You will find that most essential […]

  • Video: Salmon Stories with Shawn Donnille of Mountain Rose Herbs

Video: Salmon Stories with Shawn Donnille

Happy New Year from Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)! January brings many promises for healthy living and supporting positive changes. As such, it seems appropriate with the many resolutions swirling about to look at an area in need of goodwill and the people who are already inspiring change. Let’s talk about salmon! Salmon and steelhead populations are experiencing sharp declines due to a range of human activity, including pesticide pollution. At NCAP, working to protect water and wildlife is one of our three main program areas. In 2014 we won a victory where the EPA will reinstate no-spray buffer zones for five organophosphate and carbamate pesticides in salmon and steelhead habitat across Oregon, Washington, and California. These pesticides are highly toxic to salmon and keeping them out of water that salmon live in is important. Over the next year we will make sure the buffers are implemented and […]

  • Herbal Dog Treats - Mountain Rose Herbs

Homemade Herbal Dog Treats

Many dog treats on the market today are mainly composed of flour and low nutrient foods. With the recent addition of a puppy dog into my life, who really appreciates treats, I’ve taken to making some of my own puppy treats with some of the same wholesome ingredients I love. I’ve been reading Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care for a while now and picking through information to formulate special herbal blends for my furry friend. The herbal blend I use in this recipe is intended to be consumed at least once daily during times of need in order to help support Fido's natural immunity. Baking a healthy treat is a great way to administer herbal supplements in your pup's diet, especially if your dog doesn’t enjoy the taste of pet safe glycerine extracts. Last week I was attending a Pie Party at a dog friendly house, so I tried out a […]

New Organic Catnip Toys!

These are the cat's meow! We have two brand new herbal treats for your furry purring friends. Both are made from certified organic catnip buds grown and hand-harvested in Washington State. Safe, natural, and healthy toys for your favorite feline! Catnip Buds with Refillable Muslin Bag These organically grown catnip buds are cut straight from the plant and dried on the stem. Each 1/2oz bag comes with a 3×4 inch refillable muslin bag to keep your favorite feline happy. Catnip Toys These catnip filled muslin bags are the perfect stocking stuffer for your feisty kitty. Each 2×3 inch bag is stamped with playful cat and mouse images! So cute!

Photo Thursday!

We are in downtown Eugene setting up for our first ever Pop-Up Shop!  Come out and see us this weekend to experience our organic herbal goodies in-person. Enjoy free organic tea while you stock up on gourmet salts & spices, handcrafted bodycare products, plant medicines, organic tea, herbal books, and much more! Spend $25 or more and receive a free organic cotton “I Dig Herbs” tote bag while they last. There will also be AMAZING door prizes!   Mountain Rose Herbs Pop-Up Shop! When? Friday, June 6th from 4 pm – 9 pm during the First Friday Art Walk Saturday, June 7th from 9 am – 5 pm during the Saturday Market Where? Broadway Commerce Center 50 W. Broadway in Downtown Eugene, Oregon  

Photo Thursday!

Today was a little special! We were very excited to finally see one of our resident mother ducks march across our campus in the West Eugene wetlands to get her brand new family to the large pond next to our main facility.  For the last two years, this mama has built a nest in the flower bed in front of our building — but no one had ever seen her take her fluffy little hatchlings to the water. Spotted through the front pick-up parlor window, the news spread quickly and any staff who could get away jumped at the opportunity to aid these little guys safely to our native plant-lined ponds and bioswale. We felt proud that our commitment to being pesticide-free and Salmon Safe meant this family had a healthy journey through our campus.  They were enthusiastically greeted at the pond by fellow ducks and a few curious geese. […]

Beeginners! Giving Bees a Hearty Start with Herbal Bee Tea

We are three weeks into our new adventure as beekeepers.  My amazement every time I peek in the hive, or the saucy pride I feel when I notice some of our bees working away on lavender, kale, and fruit tree blossoms has yet to wear off.  At this point, it is hard to imagine I will ever take these hardworking little honeybees for granted! As a beginner (and I mean brand new, never-before, only-read-a-bunch-of-books novice), my first obsession was simply getting the bees to stay.  I wanted to make sure our home-built hive was as hospitable as possible and that the new bees had everything they needed to get off to a good start. We started by preparing our hive—since we built a Kenyan Top Bar beehive, we needed to make sure that each of the 28 bars was an obvious choice where the bees would know to attach their […]

New! Herbal Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats

The newest addition to our pet care line is here! This Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats is a natural and botanical way to keep your feline friends tick and flea free and their skin and fur healthy. No harmful chemicals, no essential oils, and no water needed! Sprinkle a small amount of powder on your cat (or into your hands), gently massage into the fur and skin for deep penetration, then brush or rub with a dry cloth to remove any excess powder. It’s that simple! Each resealable 8oz bag contains: Baking Soda/organic Corn Starch mix (food grade), Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), organic Oats, organic ground Flax seed, organic Catnip, organic Wheatgrass, organic Neem powder, organic Horsetail, and organic herbs mix. Visit our website to see our full line of pet care products!   That’s one happy meow!