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  • New Tea Blend: Tropical Guayusa

New Tea Blend: Tropical Guayusa

We are absolutely in love with our new Tropical Guayusa tea blend! The lush notes of coconut and lemongrass have us all feeling transported to paradise. Guayusa is the dried leaves and stems of a South American rainforest holly that’s a close botanical relative to the more well-known Yerba Mate.  A tall tree native to the Upper Amazon, Guayusa has only rarely been collected by botanists and is known almost exclusively as a cultivated plant. Indigenous hunters often make an infusion of Guayusa leaves to help keep them awake and alert. There’s also anthropological evidence that this herb may have been traded, as famous Harvard ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes found a 1500-year-old bundle of guayusa leaves in a shaman’s tomb high in the Bolivian Andes, which is far beyond the plant’s natural range. Our new blend featuring this incredible tea is deliciously smooth and fruity. The organic Guayusa gives […]

  • New in the Shop: Calendula Flower Powder

New in the Shop: Calendula Flower Powder

We are excited to welcome Organic Calendula Flower Powder back into our selection of organically grown herbs! A versatile favorite, this sunny yellow flower is a staple in the home apothecary.  Calendula is an uplifting garden plant that's also one of the most well-known medicinal herbs. It has been used in formulations, ceremonially, and as a dye plant for centuries. Calendula is prized for its use as a tea, wash, tincture, infused oil, or salve.  This powder is made from perfectly dried orange or yellow flowers and contains many important constituents. Our gorgeous calendula powder can be used in the same manner as the flowers, and because of its form, it blends wonderfully into body care creations.   Calendula recipes for inspiration… Calendula Infused Oil and Salve After-Sun Spray Herbal Soap Mama & Baby Massage Oil Herbal Mouthwash Wildcraft Face Cream Herbal Bath Salts Queen of Hungary's Water Lotion Bars     You can find Organic Calendula Flower Powder […]

  • 10 Days of Gratitude & Herbal Giveaway

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away?  Let's take some time to celebrate those who've shown us motherly love over the years. She could be a close friend, aunt, grandma, mentor, or the woman who gave you life. No matter her role, these botanically infused gifts will surely express your gratitude for all she's given. From an organic spice rack refresh to a home spa pampering fest, here are a few of our favorite goodies for the special women that give us strength and make our days brighter…       The Culinary Adventurer Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? Freshen up mom's spice rack with a set of new aromatic seasoning blends. Our entire collection is certified organic and includes a variety of classics like Pumpkin Pie Spice, Lemon Pepper, Pickling Spice, and Italian Seasoning, to the fancy flavors of West Indies Rub, Thai Curry, and Cajun Spice. Add a few […]

  • Mountain Rose Herbs Catalog - Spring/Summer 2016

Our New Catalog is Here!

Our new Spring/Summer 2016 catalog has arrived! Seeds are sprouting in the sunny soil as we begin another green cycle. We love spending time on our organic farms, surrounded by blossoming fields of herbs that are grown, harvested, and dried with great care. The healing vibrancy of color and aromatic bliss these plants offer infuse us with pure delight. We hope you’ll enjoy the herbal information, new botanical offerings, and fun recipes that fill these pages. Let them inspire you to try something new, make your favorite formulas with love, and prepare for the season ahead. As always, we print on post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks so you can recycle the cover and compost the rest, although we hope you’ll keep it around for a bit or share it with a friend. You can also view the catalog online by clicking here. Want a FREE copy all for yourself? Request a free catalog here!  

New in the Shop: Clear Glass Storage Jars

We love these stylish new glass storage jars! Sporting a sleek and modern look, these glass jars are perfect for storing your dried herbs and spices. They also make a beautiful option for storing your botanical infused oils and other liquid preparations. These soda lime glass jars are made from 100% recycled material and come with a metal screw cap. Available in two different sizes: 1/4 kg and 90 g. Click here to view our entire selection of containers for all of your homemade herbal recipes.  

  • The Home Medicine Cabinet: First Aid Liniment

DIY First Aid Liniment

Liniments are one of the easiest preparations for the home herbalist to make. Using a basic recipe to get started, you can change up the herbs and essential oils to create various types of remedies. Along with homemade salve, liniment is a must-have topical formula for any first aid kit. To make this spray, herbs are soaked in a solvent to infuse it with the helpful properties found in so many roots, leaves, barks, and flowers. Liniments can be sprayed and rubbed into the skin when and where needed. Traditionally, basic rubbing alcohol has been used as the base for topical liniments, but witch hazel, vinegar, and vodka can also be used with good results. All of these options make it possible for the herbal properties to easily penetrate the skin.    Basic First Aid Liniment Ingredients 1 part organic comfrey root   1 part organic arnica flowers 1 part organic St. John's wort 1 part organic peppermint leaf organic witch hazel […]

DIY Exfoliation: Sweet Lime Lip Scrub

As we slowly come out of winter to welcome spring, our skin has been exposed to a long, harsh season of blustery cold. My lips feel neglected and chapped from dodging rain and chilly air, bouncing from cold and damp to warm and dry. My delicate lip skin, if not properly protected and moisturized throughout the season, always starts to peel. Trying to rub away the dry skin can feel gratifying and helpful, but quickly results in cracked lips when a little TLC is really what's needed.  Lip scrubs are the answer! Perfect for this time of year, this easy to make recipe is gentle and leaves your kisser feeling smooth and soft. Great for exfoliating the dry, excess, weathered, skin on your lips, while moisturizing and restoring thanks to pure botanical oils and butter. Such a sweet treat for your skin, your lips will be happy all spring.  NOTE: I love citrus, so this recipe uses just a little bit of lime peel essential oil. Because citrus essential oils can cause photosensitization in […]

New Book: The Pure Power of Maca

This new book will make an excellent addition to your growing herbal library!  Detailing the numerous benefits of this amazing root vegetable grown high in the Peruvian Andes, explore how maca has been harvested and used by indigenous cultures for centuries. Its fascinating history winds through the plant's economic and cultural importance, including how maca was traded for lowland tropical food staples such as corn, rice, manioc, and papaya, as well as being valued as viable currency for Spanish imperial taxes.  In The Pure Power of Maca, Beverly Lynn Bennett reviews maca's nutritional and healing properties. She thoroughly covers how to incorporate powdered maca into daily meals and provides 32 delicious recipes, including beverages, snacks, sides, main dishes, and treats. Click here to view our entire collection of herbal literature.    

  • New Non-GMO Certified Citric Acid

New Non-GMO Verified Citric Acid

We are so pleased to add Citric Acid to our growing list of Non-GMO Project Verified products! Citric acid is a very useful and effective preservative, obtained from naturally occurring organic acids. It exists in many different fruits and vegetables, but is especially concentrated in lemons and limes. Although some citric acid is produced in refineries by using cane sugar (oftentimes genetically modified), molasses, and dextrose, our Non-GMO Citric Acid is derived from the fermentation of crude fruit sugars. Citric acid is present in almost every life form, and is consequently easily metabolized and eliminated by the body. We've been working with the Non-GMO Project to verify a selection of our products. These ingredients have been chosen because they are produced from plant crops that are known to be at risk of GMO contamination. Thankfully, most herbs and spices are not in danger of industrial genetic modification yet, so organic certification has been […]

  • The Healing Art of Bathing

The Healing Art of Bathing

Whether submerged in a forest-nestled hot spring, floating on the surface of a high mountain lake, or luxuriating in the warm lapping ocean, water is an essential element for physical and emotional wellbeing. Taking time to bathe in the ancient healing power that water offers can be transformative, and sometimes this simple pleasure is the perfect medicine for whatever ails us. The sensuous comfort water provides connects us back to both our bodies and the Earth’s beauty. Creating an oasis evocative of these experiences is not far out of reach in our daily lives, and can be done easily at home. Rather than rushing through another quick shower, try lighting a few natural beeswax candles, play some soothing music, and draw a warm bath infused with fragrant oils, relaxing salts, or therapeutic herbs. Making this a regular ritual, even just once a month, can improve your health in many ways. […]

Herbal Love Gift Guide!

If you find yourself plucking petals over whether or not you actually love Valentine's Day, it's good to remember that February 14th is a nice excuse to honor that special someone in your life. Why not reinvent the holiday by pampering your beautiful lover, best friend, or fluffy cat with pure herbal decadence?  These all natural and organic gift ideas will be thoroughly enjoyed by the one you hold dear. Whether sipping rose tea during a candlelit bath, offering a soothing massage with aromatic oils, or crafting homemade chocolates and perfume, your love will shine bright.       Essential Oil Kits Did you know that there are 60 roses in every drop of rose essential oil? These sets are much better than a bouquet! We love the romantic collections of sensuous and arousing essential oils found in both the Lovers and the Rose Essential Oil Samplers. Each pure botanical oil comes in its own glass vial, […]

  • New in the Shop: Organic Arjuna Bark Powder

New in the Shop: Organic Arjuna Bark Powder

We've added Organic Arjuna Bark Powder to our medicinal herb offerings! The Arjuna tree is usually found growing on river banks or near dry river beds in south and central India. The outer bark is smooth and white-gray with a stunning reddish-pink color on the inside. The tree sheds its bark once a year like a snake’s skin that flakes off in large, thin, flat pieces.  This tree has a long history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition. It is said to have an affinity for the heart chakra. Traditionally prepared as a milk decoction, a water decoction would work beautifully as well. In Theravada Buddhism, the arjuna tree is said to have been used as the tree for achieved enlightenment, or Bodhi, by the Tenth Lord Buddha Anomadassi. Please click here to visit our online shop and find out more about our selection of medicinal herbs.  All of us here at Mountain Rose Herbs wish you and yours a happy and […]