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  • Herbs for Healthy Digestion: Digestif Lozenges Recipe

Herbs for Healthy Digestion: 3 Simple Recipes

Normal digestive functioning can get thrown off pretty easily when our routines change or during the transition of seasonal cycles. We might find ourselves less active and relying on hot cooked meals during the fall and winter, and then energized by sunlight when our summer gardens grow a bounty of fresh fruit and veggies. Along with dietary flux, energy shifts throughout the year can also have an impact. Whether traveling away from the comforts of home, eating lots of rich food we aren’t used to, or stressing about mounting obligations, herbs can help us keep digestion strong if we pay close attention to our own unique rhythms. Three important herbal properties that can be helpful when our digestive system is off balance include bitters, aromatics, and demulcents. Let's take a closer look…   Bitters Not everyone's favorite flavor and often snubbed in American diets, the bitter taste is actually a very important piece of the flavor spectrum for […]

The Sunday Steep!

We are known for our foggy, drizzly days here in the Pacific Northwest. So much so that many folks don't know our summers tend to be sunny, dry, and mild for weeks at a time! For now, however, the fog can serve as a metaphor for one's mental state: clogged, foggy, and settled in a drizzly haze. I created this tea for an afternoon pick-me-up on those days when my focus starts to wane, but it works well as a non-caffienated jumpstart to a groggy morning, too. You may not think of Rosemary as a tea ingredient, but it makes a lovely tea. For fun, you might want to substitute a Tablespoon of fresh rosemary for the dried herb in this recipe, if you really want to experience the piney, gardeny flavor.   Fog-lifter Tea 1 teaspoon organic Nettle leaf 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Orange Peel […]

  • DIY: Whipped Body Butter

Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter

I'll be the first to admit that I've been a little timid about making a lotion or a cream on my own. While I'm a big fan of facial serums for moisturizing my face and maintaining healthy hair, there is something so luxurious about a fluffy, buttery, moisturizing spread of organic carrier oils and essential oils that I just had to try it! The main difference between most body butter recipes and general cream and lotion recipes is that body butters are composed of mostly (often all, as in this recipe) carrier oils and butters – rather than the addition of an aqueous ingredient like water, hydrosols, aloe vera gel, etc. This makes body butters great for dry skin, as they instantly coat the skin and create a protective barrier between you and the elements.  If there's one season that makes me take extra notice of my skin, it's spring. Just after the long winter, when the weather begins to warm up […]

  • Tea in Nest Infuser

The Sunday Steep!

Despite what Kermit's song says, I find green to be one of the easiest inspirations for herbal tea blends. The leaves of so many wonderful plants are packed with flavor, nutrients, and other good-for-you constituents and the combinations are seemingly endless. Lately, I've been on a bit of a Lemongrass kick, adding the essential oil to my AromaMist diffuser for a fresh scent, and tossing the organic leaves into my cups of tea. This recipe is as aromatic as it is tasty, so make up a cup and enjoy your "greens"…     Luscious Leaf Tea 1 teaspoon organic  Alfalfa Leaf 1 teaspoon organic Blackberry Leaf 1 teaspoon organic Lemongrass 1 teaspoon organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower 1/2 teaspoon organic Spearmint Leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Lemon Balm pinch of organic Stevia Leaf, optional Combine herbs in a nest, infuser, strainer, or bag and pour 1 1/2 to 2 cups […]

8 Tips for Buying and Using Essential Oils

#1: What is an essential oil? First let's define what an essential oil is and how it's made. An essential oil is not an infused herbal oil. This is a very common misconception. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic oils produced by plants. Imagine fresh lemon balm leaves warming in the sun, rubbing rosemary between the palms of your hands, or bringing lavender flowers to your nose for a deep inhalation. Plants create smelly resins and oils to attract pollinators, warn predators, and to protect themselves against disease. The product you buy called "essential oil" is this aromatic substance concentrated through various methods. For example, it takes 60 whole roses to make just one drop of precious essential oil! That's a potent drop of plant material. Essential oils can be extracted in several ways… Steam Distilled Most plant aromatics can be captured through vaporization. Click here to view an infographic outlining the steam distillation process. You will find that most essential […]

  • magazines and tea

The Sunday Steep!

Is there anything better than settling in with a good book or a stack of magazines, pouring a nice hot mug or pot of tea, and spending some uninterrupted time reading? I don't get the chance to read as much as I'd like, but I generally manage to have a few "going" at once and reading time is one of my most cherished parts of the week! This recipe uses our delicious, organic Ceylon Tea as a caffeinated base and then I've added some delectably flavored herbs to the mix for a cup of tea that tastes as good as it smells. For fun, I like to add a bit of Rosemary with the hope it will help me remember what I've read!   Reader's Tea 1 teaspoon organic Ceylon Tea 1 teaspoon organic Red Roses, dried 1 teaspoon organic Rosemary leaves 1 teaspoon organic Peppermint leaves Combine all the herbs […]

  • DIY: Making Herbal Candy

DIY: Making Herbal Sweet Treats

Who says sweets and treats have to be junk food? I've never thought of myself as a great candy maker, but I felt inspired to create some sweet recipes for gifts, and for satisfying those everyday sweet cravings, using healthier organic ingredients. There's a fair amount of science involved in making candy and I have learned that a candy thermometer is a must! It also helps to measure out your ingredients in advance and have them ready. If you follow these measurements and temperature directions, you will have some amazing treats to share!   Vanilla Maple Cacao Brittle Ingredients 1 cup organic sugar 4 Tablespoons organic butter, cubed ¼ cup pure organic maple syrup ¼ cup water ¼ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon fine sea salt ¾ cup organic roasted cacao nibs 2 organic vanilla pods, seeds scraped or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Directions Prepare baking sheet by lining with aluminum foil and coating […]

  • Hops & Tea in Make Tea Mug

The Sunday Steep!

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get a little weary of winter! The cold, the grey, the drizzle and damp–I'm really quite over all of it. My gardener's soul is ready to be out with my plants but, alas, it is still quite the mud pit. I'm craving some spring-like inspiration, but I'm stuck inside for a little bit longer. This tea recipe seems just the thing for a day spent drawing out garden plans, making lists, and thumbing through seed catalogs. With its calming herbs and citrusy sweetness, it has me thinking spring while keeping my cabin fever at bay…   Mellow, Sweet & Soothing Tea 1 Tablespoon organic Lemon Tea 1 teaspoon organic Hops flowers 1/2 teaspoon organic Hibuscus flowers 1/2 teaspoon organic Sweet Cinnamon chips or 1 Sweet Cinnamon stick Combine the tea and herbs in a strainer, bag or infuser (this tea […]

  • DIY: Ginger Rose Room Spray

DIY Room Spray: Rosy Ginger Mist

Fresh, spicy, and floral – yet grounding – this aroma blend is just lovely with pleasingly complex layers. You can make up a batch in no time and spritz around the house or office for a little aromatic bliss. Of course, you can also play around with the formula to create a scent that's just right for you.    Rosy Ginger Mist Room Spray  Ingredients 3oz bottle of organic Rose Hydrosol with mister 14 drops organic Fresh Ginger essentail oil (NEW in the shop!) 12 drops Cedarwood Virginia essentail oil 8 drops Frankincense essentail oil 8 drops organic Geranium essentail oil Directions Remove mister top from the 3oz rose hydrosol bottle, add essential oils, and replace mister. Shake before use and spray as needed. Variations – If the Rose Hydrosol is too rosy smelling for you, replace the organic Rose Hydrosol with organic Witch Hazel Extract. – Substitute the organic Geranium essential oil […]

  • Cacaoffee Pour Over

Try This Coffee Alternative: Herbal Cacao-ffee Recipe

I love trying alternatives for coffee to mix up my morning routine. From our organic yerba mate and herbal coffee, to fun recipes like our Roasted Chicory Coffee, or stirring some of my beloved maca powder into a fresh fruit smoothie, there is no reason to get stuck in a morning rut! While some coffee alternatives, like this one, still have a little caffeine in them, their herbal constituents lead to a different sort of alertness, and often they are not associated with the jittery coffee stimulation some people experience.  A while back in the office, our Events Coordinator, Mason, had the brilliant idea of filling our tea press with roasted cacao powder instead of coffee. The results were wonderfully stimulating, and exceptionally delicious (as you can imagine). Since many people ingest chocolate daily, why not incorporate it at the most convenient time of day when the effects of unadulterated theobromine will get you delightfully zipping […]

  • Pouring Cinnamon Tea, Mountain Rose

The Sunday Steep!

While I drink tea daily for myself, there are times when one needs an impressive tea blend for company. This is a more simplified version of a tea blend I created for gifts and serving to guests at home. The recipe below makes enough for a nice pot of tea to share with cherished friends. It holds up well to a little milk and honey, or a little wedge of fresh lemon is nice as well! Even though it seems a little fancy, it's a nice all-purpose tea for health and pleasure…   Vanilla Spice Tea 1 teaspoon organic Raspberry leaf 1 teaspoon organic Oatstraw 1/2 teaspoon organic Elderberries or Hawthorn berries 1/2 teaspoon organic Ginger root 1/2 teaspoon organic Lemon peel 1/2 teaspoon organic Cinnamon chips 1/2 teaspoon organic whole Cloves 1/4 teaspoon organic Vanilla Bean powder Combine herbs in an infuser, nest, or tea bag and put in […]

  • How to Make Medicinal Syrups

How to Make Medicinal Syrups

Medicinal syrups are a great way to administer not so pleasant tasting herbs to young ones and bothered adults alike, or a great way to let your favorite herbs come to life in beverages and food dishes. Finding a nice combination of a pleasant aromatic herb and a medicinal herb can leave you with a tasty concoction perfect for many occasions and recipes! Herbal syrups make great additions to teas, desserts, bubbly beverages and cocktails, or all on their own by the spoonful! Syrups can be prepared with sugar or honey. If prepared with honey, my preferred method, medicinal syrup can be soothing and coating to the digestive tract membranes it comes into contact with, such as the throat. Besides being absolutely great for you, who doesn’t love a good honey coat when it’s cold outside? For proper preservation and a shelf stable syrup, it is recommended to use a ratio of 1:1 […]