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  • Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned

Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned

With the start of Autumn comes vibrant red maple leaves, cooler temperatures, and the ubiquitous pumpkin pie spiced…everything! Did you know that at Mountain Rose Herbs we offer an organic Pumpkin Pie Spice blend that makes it easy to craft your own pumpkin pie inspired creations at home? While this spice blend is delicious on top of lattes and cappuccinos, it also makes a delectable addition to a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. We’ve made our recipe extra special by swapping out the traditional sugar with a simple syrup infused with our Love Tea and a homemade bitters. Ingredients: 1 tsp. Love Tea simple syrup (recipe below) 2 oz. bourbon 4 droppers of orange cardamom bitters (recipe below) 2-4 dashes of organic Pumpkin Pie Spice blend 1 organic navel orange 1 organic cinnamon stick Directions: Add simple syrup, bitters, bourbon, and pumpkin pie spice in the bottom of a double Old […]

  • Coconut Cremer Recipe

DIY Spiced Coconut Dairy-Free Creamer

You may have heard about the resurgence in returning to diets higher in fat. Ever since learning about this trend, I’ve been experimenting with ways to add fat back into my diet. I especially enjoy the luxury that a boost of fatty goodness can bring to a cold morning. While I used to only drink my coffee black, I’ve lately become accustomed to using a teaspoon of butter or a tablespoon of whipping cream. Thanks to a wonderful office-mate, who brought in an almond milk creamer the other day, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of finding more dairy-free, vegan alternatives. Their store-bought almond milk creamer tasted like an almond latte but without the artificial flavoring. It was delicious and just as rich and complex as my butter or whipping cream. I set forth to find a way to make my own dairy-free, vegan creamer using coconut oil from Mountain Rose […]

Create Your Own Broth Mix Recipes

Soups are one of my all-time favorite things to cook. There is a meditation for me in the chopping, measuring and stirring that goes into making a wonderful pot of soup. Alas, like many, I don’t always have the time to make soup from scratch. I’ve also chatted with many folks who are intimidated by making soups and broths—they have a hard time getting the seasoning right so the soup doesn’t taste like bland dishwater. I stumbled upon the idea of making broth mixes when I passed by some packaged mixes at the store. Why couldn’t I create my own and have on hand to use in soups, for a basic broth, or even mixed in to pasta or ramen noodles? With a bit of experimenting, I came up with two very different broth mixes—both tasty, nutritious and great as all-purpose seasoning mixes too! These two recipes are made entirely […]

New in the Shop: 32 oz. oils

We’ve got some new smaller sizes of three of our most popular oils to offer: 32 oz. refined Coconut, Palm Fruit, and Palm Kernel. Our expeller pressed and refined Coconut oil is certified Non-GMO and organic, and it’s great for general moisturizing. Coconut oil is generally used as a lather-producing agent in natural soap recipes.  Our refined coconut oil is also suitable for food use, the refining process actually removes the pungent coconut flavor and aroma. Palm Kernel oil is also an excellent ingredient to use in homemade soaps to increase its lather and hardness, and it can also be used for its moisturizing properties in a multitude of other cosmetic and body care products. Our certified organic Palm Kernel oil is refined through organic methods involving mechanical pressing.     Our certified organic Palm Fruit oil is cold pressed, unrefined, and extra virgin.  Palm Fruit oil is commonly […]

  • DIY Body Sprays with Essential Oils

DIY Body Sprays with Essential Oils

I love the feeling of cool mist on my skin, especially when scented with flowers and citrus and earth. As a teenager, I collected bottles of perfume and reveled in the transformative magic that aroma inspires. Soft honeyed amber, light fruity florals, and spicy evergreen woods set the mood each morning before I adventured out into the world. What I didn't know then was that these aromatic experiences I treasured so much…were actually synthetic. When I learned the truth about commercial perfumes and body sprays, I was heartbroken. For years, I had been spraying myself with potentially toxic petrochemicals, some of which are known allergens and hormone disruptors. Isn't it interesting that the ingredients aren't listed on all of those pretty bottles? Transparency is not the industry's forte it seems.  I immediately abandoned designer fragrances and discovered a new passion for crafting my own perfumes with natural botanical extracts. With so many […]

Labor Day Sale – Get 30% Off Aromatherapy!

We're celebrating summer's end with pure botanical bliss!  Don't miss your chance to save big on these aromatic favorites. Stock up now to create your own body mists, diffuser blends, massage oils, perfume blends, hair care formulas, natural cleaning solutions, and so much more with high-quality organic essential oils and flower waters. You can find recipes for them all on the blog! Take 30% OFF this incredible selection of aromatherapy products including organic essential oils, hydrosols, diffusers, and candles!    Labor Day  Aromatherapy Sale   Starts now through September 6!  

DIY: Herbal Tattoo Balm

I’ve gotten a few tattoos in my day and always question the quality of those over-the-counter ointments I'm handed at the tattoo parlor. Of course, the artists are trying to keep us safe while healing, but who needs petroleum products after that kind of skin trauma? We all know that taking sweet care of your tattoo after getting inked helps improve the life and vibrancy of the artwork. Why not skip the pre-packaged stuff for some herbal infused oils and non-GMO vitamin e oil woven together with beeswax and moisturizing botanical butters? This recipe is the best treat for your skin to protect that new piece!      Botanical Tattoo Balm Recipe Ingredients 1 Tbsp organic calendula infused oil 1 Tbsp organic plantain infused oil 1 Tbsp organic Oregon grape root infused oil (learn how to make your own!) 2 Tbsp organic refined shea or organic cocoa butter 1 Tbsp beeswax 1 tsp non-GMO vitamin E oil 3  1oz glass jars Directions Melt butter and wax together in […]

DIY: Yoga Mat Spray Recipe

When I lived in Culver City, California, I had a free membership to a small yoga studio, which was a lovely perk of working in the neighborhood. This precious little studio had just a few teachers who knew each student personally, and my practice there was guided through many special moments. Not only was this studio filled with people who were kind, open, and understanding of the journey, they also curated the front room with the most incredible handmade, earth-conscious products. They offered beautiful pink rose amethyst to ground and bring love to your life, they sold sustainably crafted yoga wearables, and a wonderful bottle of all-natural yoga mat cleaner that I fell in love with despite its price.  That bottle of organic witch hazel mixed with organic essential oils worked incredibly well. Cleansing my mat with this spritz of aromatherapy became part of my practice. Unrolling my mat and inhaling the fresh scent brought me back to where I was when I left the studio – a moment of peace, clarity, and […]

  • New In The Shop at Mountain Rose Herbs: Spicy Sprouting Seed Blend

New in the Shop: Spicy Sprouting Seed Blend

We just love eating sprouts during the warm summer months! Recently, we introduced our Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend to make it easier for you to eat your microgreens. This blend was such a hit that we wanted to try our hand at another mix. We are happy to introduce our new Spicy Sprouting Seed Blend! This blend will awaken your taste buds with a spicy sensation. Our delicious blend of organic sprouting seeds is filled with the robust flavor of radish, mustard and broccoli sprouts. We’ve been adding these to salads fresh from our garden, sandwiches, smoothies, and even pizza! This blend is easy to grow at home, and will provide you with a quick way to add additional nutrients, enzymes, and protein to your diet. Learn how to sprout here!    Visit our online shop to find more sprouts and our favorite sprouting supplies listed in kitchen tools. […]

  • New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

New in the Shop: Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend

With so much love for organic sprouts and microgreens in health-conscious kitchens, we thought it would be fun to create a delicious sprouting seed blend so folks can easily grow a variety at home. It turned out great, and we’ve been adding these baby greens to fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies for a daily nutrition boost. Ready to try it? We are pleased to introduce our new Leafy Sprouting Seed Blend! This tasty blend of organic sprouting seeds is filled with the green leafy goodness of red clover, alfalfa, and radish sprouts, with a crisp, fresh flavor that will leave you feeling nourished.     Sprouting is an inexpensive and delicious way to obtain valuable nutrition from plants since sprouts are alive with enzymes, protein, and are easy to digest. Plus, they are super easy to grow at home, and this blend of seeds will sprout in just 4-6 days. You […]

  • DIY Soda Pop: Root Beer Syrup

DIY Soda Pop: Root Beer Syrup

Okay, I’ll admit that I still occasionally crave the sweet, bubbly flavors of my favorite childhood sodas. Typically these cravings happen during special moments of postcard-like perfection, when for some reason, my taste buds feel the need to celebrate. Summer is ripe with these moments, and now I’ve got an amazing herbal solution… Homemade Root Beer Syrup!     If you're on the hunt for a natural soda recipe, you probably already know the benefits of avoiding all those sparkling cans and bottles of pop. Generally packed with more sugar than anyone needs in an entire day and lots of strange artificial ingredients, these formerly botanical-based soft drinks are no longer so easy to enjoy. Thankfully, bringing the old-timey flavors back is as simple as making tea.  Also, this recipe uses honey rather than white sugar. For a more neutral taste, you are welcome to use organic white sugar instead, but I love to use honey whenever I can. You can also spice […]

  • Spring Recipes: Stinging Nettle Harvest

Spring Recipes: Stinging Nettle Harvest

Nettle (Urtica spp.) is one of my all-time favorite herbs. Yep, that weedy plant that stings! This nutritious botanical can be cooked, steamed, baked, pickled, brewed into tea or beer, and it can even be made into hemp-like rope, woven into fabric, and used as a natural dye. Stinging nettle grows wild throughout North America. They usually grow in the same places every year, so once you find a good stand, you can return to it every year or grow it in your garden.  Look for nettles in rich soil and partially shaded areas, often in moist forests, along rivers, and in disturbed areas. It’s important to harvest the plants from clean and unpolluted areas, not in industrial or agricultural areas, roadsides, or where pesticides have been sprayed. The plants will absorb heavy metals and other impurities, so harvesting them in an uncontaminated area is of utmost importance.      Spring is […]