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9 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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Elderberry syrup is delicious and oh-so-good-for-us, but what if you haven’t had time to make up a batch? Maybe you’ve just drizzled your last drizzle and are in need of some elderberry boost right now! There’s something a little decadent about this fruit and spice tea, but there’s also a lot of soothing deliciousness. Why not brew some up and snuggle in for a blustery day? (This recipe makes enough to share and can be made ahead and refrigerated too!) Elderberry Spice Tea 1 Tablespoon dried organic Elderberries 1 teaspoon dried organic Wild Cherry Bark 1/2 teaspoon organic Whole Cloves 1 teaspoon organic dried Echinacea Roots (if needed) 1 teaspoon organic dried organic Orange or Lemon Peel 1-2 organic Cinnamon Sticks Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan and add 1 quart water. Heat to boil and then turn down and simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain berries and herbs, add honey to taste, and enjoy!
3 11, 2014

Making Herbal Jam & Jelly!

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I was really craving a “super fruit” jelly the other day, but with the bounty of summer long gone, I had to get creative. So, I set out to make some tasty spread with my favorite dried and powdered berries. The results were phenomenally delicious! When making jams and jellies from dried berries or herbs, you generally want to use half as much as you would when using fresh herbs or berries. So, if a recipe calls for one cup of fresh lemon balm or elderberries, you will want to use 1/2 cup of dried instead. The reason for this is that dried herb will absorb liquid and expand, producing less herbal tea or berry juice base to turn into jam. While I made two “superfruit” jellies from dried berries, you could easily combine these ingredients with your favorite fresh berry jam recipe.  For example: Cherry Bilberry Jam or Blueberry Acai Jelly. Yum! I […]
2 11, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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We are entering the season of hearty, heavy, rich, and delicious meals! Parties and potlucks abound, as do cozy meals around the hearth at home. I don’t know about you, but that means my digestion could use a boost in helping to make sense of all those delicious treats and homemade goodness. I created this tea recipe for savory sipping either right before or right after a heavy meal.  It can be sipped hot or cold and has a nice, savory aroma too! Hops & Spice Tea 1 Tablespoon organic Hops Flowers 1 teaspoon organic Yarrow Leaf and Flower 1 teaspoon organic Orange Peel 1/2 teaspoon organic Fennel Seed 5 organic Cardamom Pods      If you’d like a delicious, ready-made tea blend, try our Happy Tummy tea – minty and caffeine free!
27 10, 2014

New Video: Elderberries with Rosemary Gladstar

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We had so much fun wandering through the garden with Rosemary Gladstar last summer! A highlight of our day was when Rosemary spotted this towering elder swaying in the breeze. She shared lots of stories and passed down traditional knowledge about this important plant, as well as her favorite recipes using elderberries. (You can find organic elderberries in our shop by clicking here.) We hope you enjoy the video!   Looking for more elderberry recipes? Berry Rooty Syrup Fermented Elderberry Soda Elderberry Oxymel Even more elderberry recipes!    
26 10, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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We’ll be spending this Sunday at one of our favorite local events…the Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival! Every year, we look forward to sponsoring and attending this event and celebrating all things fungi. Since we also love serving up free tea to all the attendees, our Events Coordinator, Mason, has come up with this delectable Reishi Chai tea recipe and we will be offering it by the cupful. It is absolutely perfect for a cool fall day, and full of spicy herbs and yummy mushroom goodness… Mason’s Reishi Chai Tea First, decoct the reishi by adding 4 slices of dried reishi to a saucepan and add 4 cups of water. Bring this to a boil and then simmer for 1-2 hours (the longer the better.) You can do this the day or evening before or right before you make your tea. Strain out the reishi. If you make the reishi decoction in advance, reheat and […]
23 10, 2014

Photo Thursday!

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Alieta braved the rain today to warm folks up with mulled cider! She sampled out 200 cups of hot spiced organic apple cider along with recipe cards, and free bags of mulling spice made with organic herbs at the Kiva Grocery in downtown Eugene. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat! Want our Mulling Spice recipe? You can find it here!  
21 10, 2014

DIY: Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe!

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This is a classic topical formula that can be used to help ease occasional aches and pains associated with activities like hiking and biking or to help warm up the joints when faced with the chill of cold weather. I like to keep this healing ointment handy during the active summer months and throughout the wintertime for just these reasons. Such great medicine! It also makes a wonderful gift that’s super easy to whip up. Simply rub into sore joints and muscles for a little relief, avoiding broken skin, as needed.   Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe Ingredients 4 oz St. John’s Wort infused oil 2 tsp organic cayenne powder 1/2 ounce beeswax or 2 Tbsp beeswax pastilles Directions 1. Using a double boiler, mix the oil with the cayenne powder and warm very gently. Allow to cool and then heat up again, being sure not to let the oil bubble. 2. Remove from heat and allow to sit […]
19 10, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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As much as I always hope the end of summer will bring on easy relaxing times, it actually seems that my world gets even busier as the leaves start to fall! There is still plenty to do in the garden and the last of the preserving (the figs are just getting ripe and the persimmons look quite promising this year!) Meanwhile, between trips to the pumpkin patch, parties, and the autumn blast of fundraisers and community events, I find that extra boosts of nutrition, antioxidants, and vitamins are definitely in order. Tea is such a delicious and easy way to inoculate myself  throughout the day and this combination has some of my favorite flavors and good-for-you elements…     Berry, Oat , & Mint Tea 1 teaspoon organic Acai Berry powder 1 Tablespoon organic Oatstraw 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint Leaf 1 teaspoon organic Yarrow Leaf & Flower I like to make this tea in my Tea-to-Go infuser, so […]
14 10, 2014

33 Herbal Smoothie Boosts!

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  Here's a question we've heard a lot from our Facebook and blog friends: "What's the deal with powdered herbs and how can I use them differently from cut and sifted herbs?" There are a number of different ways you can use powders, but one really awesome thing about powdered herbs is that you can easily add a bit of herbal magic to your smoothies! The herbs listed below are often called superherbs, superfruits, or super foods – although, we think all plants are pretty super! However you choose to define them, be sure to do your own research to see how they will best fit into your daily health regime.  It's always a good idea, and fun, to diversify.  So, with that said, I'm excited to offer my master list to help you herb up your smoothie!   Here's the master list of herbal boosts for your super smoothie!   Acai Powder – Acai berry is relatively new to the US and has quickly become […]
6 10, 2014

How to Make Glycerine Extracts

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Have you been searching for an alternative to alcohol-based tinctures? Looking for a way to extract the benefits of herbs and preserve them? Maybe you like your medicine a little on the sweet side? Vegetable glycerine, the sweet principle of oils, was discovered in 1789 and came into use by medicine makers around 1846. This liquid is obtained by the hydrolysis of vegetable fats or fixed oils. The food grade vegetable glycerine offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is certified organic and kosher, making it a great option. Sometimes referred to as glycerol, glycerine is a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid with an incredibly sweet taste having the consistency of thick syrup. Glycerine has been used as an ingredient in toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, herbal remedies, and other household items. Glycerine is also a great solvent for extracting constituents from plants without the use of alcohol. These extracts are known as “glycerites” and are an excellent choice for administering […]
5 10, 2014

The Sunday Steep!

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Preparing a simple decoction is one of my favorite ways to consume roots. While leaves and flowers lend themselves well to a quickly-brewed tea, the roots can take a little more planning. A decoction is a method of simmering roots, barks, berrries, etc. to extract their properties. It takes a little more effort, but it is well worth it – especially when you can enjoy a lovely combination like the following…     Digestion Root Tea 2 Tablespoons organic Burdock Root 2 Tablespoons organic Dandelion Root 2 Tablespoons organic Astragalus Root 1 Tablespoon organic Ginger Root Combine all the herbs in a saucepan with 3-4 cups cold or tepid water. Bring to a boil for a few minutes before turning the heat down to low and letting the herbs simmer and steep in the hot water for another 5-10 minutes. At this point, you can either strain the herbs and drink the tea or you can let the […]
29 09, 2014

Gluten-Free Pizza Party Recipes!

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It’s time for a pizza party… I have been gluten-free for just about a year now.  The thing I miss most?  Pizza!  I used to love bringing home dough from my local co-op and rolling it out with my nieces and nephews for a personal pizza party.  Once I had to give up the gluten, I wasn’t exactly motivated to figure out how to make a gluten-free dough that would satisfy my pizza urges.  In the past year, I have only had pizza a handful of times, and it was rather expensive when I did – so I set out to finally make some gluten-free pizza bread myself! This dough is not your normal dough. It’s a twist on a regular gluten-free pizza dough recipe and is easily enjoyed, even by our gluten-loving friends.  The mesquite powder (find it here) and teff flour combine to make a subtle sweetness with a soft and […]