We Won the 2015 Corporate Excellence Award!

We are so thrilled and humbled to be recognized for this national award! The Charities@Work Corporate Excellence Award is given annually to one company for overall excellence in employee engagement known as Corporate Social Responsibility. While we operate as a mission-driven business, we were amazed to receive an award that has historically been given to large corporations like Sprint and Ameriprise Financial. It is an honor for us, but also a chance to show big business how focusing on people and planet before profit can inspire employees to get involved with community, give of themselves, their time, and make a difference! The following criteria were considered for the Corporate Excellence Award: Conducting a highly engaged and successful workplace giving campaign Executive leadership is engaged in all Corporate Social Responsibility activies Leadership in employee engagement best practices and activities How did we meet these requirements? Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we offer employees a […]

  • Bee Pollen

The Sunday Steep!

I just finished mowing the grass in the back garden and flopped down on the hammock to survey my fine work. Watching the busy honeybees zooming in and out of the hive and flying up over the sprawling rose hedge gave me an idea for this delicious tea recipe. I feel so fortunate that seasonal allergies do not keep me indoors during this beautiful time of year, but where I live in the Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest, the sneezing and sniffles that come with tree and grass pollens are common. Many folks add Bee Pollen to their diet to help. Bees coat their legs with pollen while they are out gathering nectar and I love seeing our bees working around the yard with these golden yellow "saddlebags"–spreading pollen from plant to plant. This combination of herbs and black tea makes for an aromatic and delicious cup of caffeinated […]

  • moringa tea brewing

The Sunday Steep!

One of my very favorite things to do is to make a big mug of tea first thing on a bright spring morning, and head out into the garden and chicken yard. I wander around the garden with the steaming mug in my hands, looking at my growing plants, picking bits of herbs and veggies to munch on, and stretching easily as the sun warms my stiff limbs. I pull up a lawn chair by the chicken run and sit and watch what we call "The Chicken Channel" as the morning unfolds. Perfection! This is a lovely tea for just such a morning. The pinch of Stevia leaf is optional, but helps to balance some of the stronger flavors of the roots… Sunny Morning Tea Blend 1 teaspoon organic Linden Leaf & Flower 1 teaspoon organic Lemon Verbena 1 teaspoon organic Catnip Leaf & Flower 1 teaspoon organic Raspberry Leaf […]

  • Seed Bombs in Grass

Guerrilla Herb Gardening for the Earth

As a young child growing up in the 1970’s, there were all sorts of pro-peace slogans sprawled across t-shirts and stamped on psychedelic bumper stickers. One of my favorites was the “seeds not bombs” slogan. As a burgeoning punk in the 80’s, my protesting became a bit more radical and I was as equally “anti-“ many things as I was “pro” other things. While many folks wish we could eliminate some of the harsh language of war and protest from our lexicon, I think we can also reappropriate and use it for the greater good. The idea of Seed Bombs isn’t new! While I was working on these, one of my fellow Mountain Rosers and part of our hardworking facilities crew, Jon, shared tales of a couple of his guerrilla gardening heroes: Lady Bird Johnson who encouraged Texans to freeze native wildflower seeds in ice cubes and toss them out […]

Help Us Support The McKenzie River Trust!

“Mountain Rose Herbs values the health of the lands and rivers that surround our shared community. Year after year, we know we can rely on Mountain Rose Herbs to invest in our local land conservation work because the people behind Mountain Rose truly care.” -Brandi Ferguson, Donor Relations Manager, McKenzie River Trust For the month of April, Mountain Rose Herbs is sponsoring a $5000 matching gift challenge for our friends at the McKenzie River Trust. This means, we will match your donation to this important non-profit organization dollar-for-dollar! McKenzie River Trust is a local nonprofit partner working to protect special lands, rivers and waterways in Western Oregon by connecting landowners and community members with conservation efforts. The Trust helps connect Mountain Rose Herbs employees to these natural places through multiple volunteer projects as part of our Mountain Rose River Project. For over 5 years, we've been sharing in the growth […]

  • Herbal Tea

The Sunday Steep!

Some weeks are busy weeks full of long days and late nights! While I am not really a caffeine junky, I do like my cup or two of coffee brewed with cacao nibs every morning. On weeks like this past one, however, where we are visiting with lots of people, going to events far and wide, and still putting in a good day's work, I tend to reach for tea more than coffee throughout the day. I think my nerves and senses respond well to the calming ritual of tea, it helps to keep me hydrated, and it's a small way to pay attention to my body's needs when the wild world is calling! This tea recipe is made up of some of my very favorite herb friends… The Extrovert's Balancing Tea Blend 1 Tablespoon organic Skullcap 1 teaspoon organic Lemongrass 1 teaspoon organic Raspberry Leaf, Strawberry Leaf, or Blackberry […]

  • love-tea

New in the Shop: Organic Love Tea

Our herbal ode to Love…   Organic Love Tea The inspiration for many poets, artists and dreamers, it has even been said that love is all you need. The florally sweet flavor of this herbal blend will arouse your senses and melt away your cares- allowing your heart to become immersed in all that it holds dear. With the perfect amount of whole organic Rose Buds and a pinch of Vanilla, this tea is sweet and floral with earthy undertones, and a rosy and crisp aftertaste! Ingredients: Organic Rose petals, Organic Damiana leaf, Organic Orange peel, Organic Cacao nibs roasted, Organic Cinnamon chips, Organic Vanilla Bean powder. This newest addition to our Organic Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea Blends is available in a 4 oz box, 8 oz bag, and 1lb bulk sizes.  

  • Surely Spring Air Freshener and Diffuser

DIY: Purely Spring Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Here in the Pacific Northwest, winters tend to be damp, cold and…damp. Rooms can get a little heavy on the moist and stuffy after a few rainy months. Opening the windows only tends to let more of the wet stuff inside! I created this blend to use in both our nebulizer and the aroma mist diffuser, but it works great in a small diffuser or diluted in water for a room or linen spray. Since, I don't have any formal aromatherapy training, I like to combine what I think of as different "families" of oils–something herbal, something fruity, something spicy, and something from the wonderful world of trees. These scent combinations are fresh and garden-like, without being too floral and the combination has a very rounded scent–making one want to take nice deep breaths of the fresh air! The Lemongrass is fruity and citrussy, but not the slightest bit […]

The Sunday Steep!

We recently started offering organic Moringa leaf here at Mountain Rose Herbs and, like many of you, I'm not always exactly sure how best to consume some of the herbs that are new to me. I wanted to give this one a try because it sounded so wonderful and good for me, but I wasn't sure exactly what to do! With a little experimentation and a tiny bit of courage, I created this delicious tea recipe and it makes for a perfectly lovely Sunday Steep! With the addition of Holy Basil, Spearmint and Lemon peel, it has a leafy-fruity flavor, with enough spice to keep it interesting. A nice pick-me-up for a groggy afternoon… Mystic Moringa & More Tea Blend 1 Tablespoon organic Moringa leaf 1 teaspoon organic Holy Basil Rama 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Lemon Peel, dried 1/2 teaspoon organic Cinnamon Chips 3 organic Cardomom […]

The Sunday Steep!

It's time to get moving! Not only am I spending more time outside, but my body systems can also use a little inspiration, as well. I tend to naturally reach for lighter foods as the days get longer and I find it makes me feel better to start with a day or two of rooty infusions as the seasons change. I think of it as tonic for my tummy and beyond! A decoction is stronger than a tea–usually using larger quantities of herbs, often roots, barks and dried berries, and simmered and steeped for longer than a typical cup of tea. These are roots I like, and I love the extra zip and digestibility the cinnamon gives the beverage, but feel free to create your own spring "tonic" decoction using the roots, barks and herbs that work well with your body and needs.   Echinacea, Dandelion, & Cinnamon Spring Tonic […]

Farm Stories: A Look at Root Harvesting Techniques

The life of a root is born from its seed into an environment teeming with microbiology, loaded with organic matter, and abounding with nutrients. That soil protects it from the elements while a caretaker sporting rubber boots delivers precious water throughout the summer. To reach maturity it may be a season or two of dormancy followed by vibrancy. A root is the sole contributor to the lush foliage which is its only connection to the outside world, the photosynthetic life-force.  One of my earliest memories on my family’s farm was picking Echinacea purpurea roots out of a field with a dusting of snow. My siblings and I worked alongside workers and a handful of neighbors who turned up to help us “save” the harvest before winter truly set in. The financial significance of that harvest was immense. Being so young at the time, I only now understand how stressful that must have been for the adults. If […]

The Sunday Steep!

We are known for our foggy, drizzly days here in the Pacific Northwest. So much so that many folks don't know our summers tend to be sunny, dry, and mild for weeks at a time! For now, however, the fog can serve as a metaphor for one's mental state: clogged, foggy, and settled in a drizzly haze. I created this tea for an afternoon pick-me-up on those days when my focus starts to wane, but it works well as a non-caffienated jumpstart to a groggy morning, too. You may not think of Rosemary as a tea ingredient, but it makes a lovely tea. For fun, you might want to substitute a Tablespoon of fresh rosemary for the dried herb in this recipe, if you really want to experience the piney, gardeny flavor.   Fog-lifter Tea 1 teaspoon organic Nettle leaf 1 teaspoon organic Spearmint leaf 1/2 teaspoon organic Orange Peel […]