Imagine taking the refreshing aroma of a whole peppermint plant and putting it into a tiny bottle, or the heart warming scent of rose petals into a single drop. Essential oils are produced naturally by all sorts of aromatic plants and we’ve learned how to extract these oils for fragrance and therapeutic possibilities through the art of distillation.

Aromatic plants create essential oils for a variety of reasons and can be found in multiple plant parts from roots to flowers and fruit peels, leaves and twigs to grasses. They are produced for protection from predators (animals or insects interested in snacking on the plant) or to attract those helpful critters and crawlers who pollinate and propagate.

Once extracted, essential oils are a highly concentrated aromatic material. Because it takes so much plant material to produce a small amount of oil, a little can go a long way. In fact, one drop of rose essential oil contains 60 whole roses!

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