Calling all herb crafters!

Are you aspiring to support yourself by supporting your community with homemade herbal goods? Well, the darlings over at PoppySwap are here to help yet again. This time with a FREE e-book that covers business savvy from online marketing, to product pricing, GMP compliance, business licensing, photography, and beyond. Yep, this e-book of wisdom is their gift to you and it’s totally free!

For the Herbalist in Business: How to Successfully Sell Online

This free e-book was created by Kiki, the founder of Poppy Swap, and Kristie Nackord of Spirit Horse Herbals. It’s the first edition of something that will become an ever-evolving guide to getting your business up and running on the internet. The goal is to provide the know-how AND the technology to make creative herbal dreams come true.

“We believe, that as each individual herbalist brings their own work forward, there is a greater potential for us to unite and enhance the power of our collective vision.” ~ Kiki and Kristie


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