Herbs for Heartbreak


Herbs for Heartbreak


It’s been a little over a week and you still haven’t slept through the night or eaten a decent meal. That same sad song has been on repeat for days now, becoming the only shoulder you want to lean on as tears fall. Memories of time shared together haunt the hours and fog your thoughts. There seems to be no escape from the heaviness of loss. No way around it, but straight through the ugly shadows of ache without any comfort in sight.

Some relationships become so important to the core of our identity and our connection with the divine that our internal world shatters when they end. We are left with pain and longing, confusion and obsession – maybe even the agonizing hope that what’s happening isn’t really happening.

Breaking up isn’t an isolated event or an ephemeral experience. It takes a long time to untangle one life from another, and the slow transition alters your course.  Becoming separate from your partner can feel like a death, and truth be told, heartbreak is simply grief in disguise: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and with some time, acceptance. Throughout this natural grieving process our stress hormones can increase, causing all sorts of unwanted effects from general despondency to full on panic attacks. We lose the sleep and nourishment we need to heal, leading to emotional exhaustion, muscle tension, and lowered immunity against viruses and infection.


“Herbs can help us through the stages of grief by calming nerves, quieting upsetting thoughts, relaxing muscles, stimulating healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and encouraging deep, restful sleep.”


Turning to alcohol or sleeping aids may be a common path for someone during times of heartbreak, but relying on these alone to self-medicate can quickly take a toll on the body and mind. Pushing yourself into patterns of dependency, when self-care is really what’s needed, can invite chronic grogginess, dehydration, emotional numbness, digestive upset, cognitive instability, susceptibility to illness, isolation, more insomnia, and magnified worry. Alcohol and pharmaceuticals are strong band-aids that may hide the wound, but they certainly won’t heal it. Fully surrendering to grief and allowing yourself to experience the transformation is essential to finding wholeness again.


Herbs Heartbreak


Thankfully, there are plant allies growing all around us that support our whole being without causing harm. While herbs won’t make the pain or sadness disappear, they will make the grieving process endurable – allowing you to transition to a stronger place, faster and healthier. Herbs can help through the stages of grief by calming nerves, quieting upsetting thoughts, relaxing muscles, stimulating healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and encouraging deep, restful sleep. They work to strengthen the body’s innate coping abilities and can carry you through the day-to-day with less suffering and fragility.

The Many Helpful Herbs…

For the herbs below, I like to make tinctures and teas, along with the occasional syrup. These herbs can be combined into a customized formula, or used individually as needed. For tinctures, two to three dropperfuls is usually sufficient. This is a gentle yet effective mode of healing that works with the body, rather than overpowering it. Calming herbs like Skullcap and Valerian should never make you feel drugged, and if they do, take a smaller dose next time.



Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) is my favorite calming herb for any stressful situation, but it’s especially helpful for grief. Skullcap stops the cycle of circular thoughts and unshakable emotional tension. Take this plant as a tincture or a tea when you just can’t stop thinking about the breakup and your former love. You will feel the haze of obsession melt away and clarity return, allowing you to focus on work, school, or hobbies that bring you pleasure or much needed catharsis. Skullcap also eases debilitating sadness by softening nervous edginess and relaxing tight muscles. It’s great for headaches that accompany a long cry. The bitter flavor helps encourage hunger and stimulates digestion, which can become sluggish during times of stress. Plus, Skullcap is nutritive to the nervous system and can be taken daily to restore and strengthen your response to stress in the future. This is an herb that everyone should have in their medicine chest.

Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) is a wonderful and potent sedative herb for most people when sleep seems impossible. I like to take 3 to 4 squirts of the tincture on sleepless nights or sip on a cup of Fidnemed Nighttime Tea. Within minutes, I am in a deep sleep and feel well rested the next morning, not dazed or hungover. This herb can be taken along with Skullcap for the added benefit of quieting obsessive thoughts before bed. For some people, however, Valerian can have the opposite effect, causing more worry and stimulation.  If this happens to you, Valerian is not the right herb to use and Hops or Skullcap alone can be taken instead.

Hawthorn berries (Crataegus monogyna ) are recommended by the magnificent herbalist Rosemary Gladstar as an all-purpose tonic for the heart, both physiologically and emotionally. Rosemary says, “Hawthorn helps the heart flower, open, and be healed,” while also gently stimulating or slowing its activity as needed. These berries have a high concentration of antioxidant bioflavonoids and taste nice too. Take as a tincture, tea, syrup, or jam.


Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) offer gentle immune boosting properties to help you combat colds, flu, and other sicknesses that can creep in when the body becomes stressed. They taste delicious and can be used as tea, tincture, or syrup.

Rosehips (Rosa spp) are the fruits produced by roses. They provide one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the plant world, even boasting levels many times higher than citrus fruit. This is another wonderful immune supportive herb that tastes similar to tart cranberries. They can be used in teas, syrups, and jam.

Some other herbs that can be helpful include Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rose, Borage, St. John’s Wort, Eleuthero root, Passionflower, Damiana, and Kava Kava.


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

The most important thought to hold in your mind during this time of change is that losing love creates space in life for possibilities to grow and for new love to enter. So, hang in there with an open heart and a grateful spirit. Opportunity is just waiting to flow into your world.



“Heart Be Well” Immune Support Syrup Recipe

This is the perfect immune boosting and heart lifting formula to support your health through heartbreak and grief. You can add a teaspoon of syrup to Skullcap tea each morning, drizzle it over pancakes, ice cream, or just take it straight by the spoonful.  It’s easy to make and tastes wonderful. Take a teaspoon or two daily to support your heart and immune system during times of heartache.


3 cups cold water

½ cup organic Elderberries

½ cup organic Hawthorn berries

¼ cup organic Rosehips

1 organic cinnamon stick

¾ to 1 cup raw local honey

1.5 ounces brandy or Skullcap tincture (optional preservative)


Combine herbs with cold water in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and allow herbs to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from heat and mash the berries in the liquid mixture. Strain the herbs through cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice. Measure the liquid and add an equal amount of honey. Gently heat the honey and juice for a few minutes until well combined, but do not boil! Stir in brandy or tincture if you’d like and pour the finished syrup into sterilized glass bottles. Label and keep refrigerated for up to 6 months.


Further recommended reading:

Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Howie Brounstein

~ Erin

Originally published by Sadie Magazine.
For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

18 Responses to “Herbs for Heartbreak”

  1. avatar Bent Needle says:

    I wonder: do the same herbs and or combinations work well for grief caused by the death of a loved one?

    • avatar Erin says:

      Hi Brent,
      Yes, I think this information can easily translate to any kind of loss or grief one may experience. Keeping the immune system supported, digestion strong, and getting sleep is so important for emotional healing, and these herbs are wonderful helpers.

      Warm thoughts,

    • avatar herbladyca says:

      I love your site, your newsletter. Always pertinent and knowledgeable. This blog comes at a time when I am grieving for my Mother. You again have pulled me back to earth and to the herbs. Thank you.

  2. avatar 2Rosehips says:

    That happens to be a favorite of mine from Rumi..timeless..I also appreciate this article on herbs to help with grief, very timely. Thank you!

    • avatar Erin says:

      Thank you for reading and for your kind comment! I hope the information is helpful to you during this time, and that the herbs bring you some peace.


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  4. avatar MDMRTGN says:

    Thank you for this.

  5. avatar k.angel2 says:

    Thanks for this article. Just chatting with a friend today about a broken heart. I’m sure she can use this today.

  6. avatar ForestKate says:

    This is so fantastic ! Thank you so much. Great article & Brilliant recipe .. love, forest

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  9. avatar E Pyer says:

    Just found the article on Herbs for Heartbreak. It was absolutely right on. I do not, however, understand what a tincture is. I was noticing Skullcap. Can you tell me how this would be used as a tincture (not in tea). Thank you so much.

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  11. Excellent article. I will be going through a few of these issues
    as well..

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