An Herbal Joy History and Giveaway!


Ever since its arrival, we’ve been treating ourselves to big communal bottles of Joy Tonic by Urban Moonshine around the office. You’ll find a bunch of us crowded around the bottle at break time, adding it to afternoon tea or taking droppers straight for a little boost. Lovingly formulated with aromatic herbs and flowers, the refreshing lemon balm and rose flavors really stand out to inspire smiles, even when the Oregon sun is in hibernation.

We thought you might enjoy some Joy Tonic in your life too, so we’re partnering with herbalist Guido Masé of Urban Moonshine for a “joyful” giveaway! He’s also sharing this wonderful article to help us understand the power of calming herbs throughout time and during our often stressful modern lives.

Good timing for the upcoming season, ya know?


Aromatic Herbs: Uplift the Spirit and Gladden the Heart

Guido Masé, RH (AHG) 2012

In today’s world of tight schedules, constant communication, and high-speed movement we often find ourselves disconnected from what matters most, from what truly brings us joy. Whether from an endless to-do list or a lack of time spent quietly outdoors, our spirit is endlessly stimulated and yet feels dissatisfied, unsettled, and sometimes even sad.  In a different time, we might have retreated to the corner of a scented garden to find a moment’s peace and solace, but without such a refuge readily available, internal tension can manifest as anxiety, irritability, and sleeplessness – or leave us feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, fatigued, and unhappy. It is a malaise that has been creeping up on us in these modern times.

There are so many options set forth to cure this malaise and researchers are always looking for the next “blockbuster” drug to help those suffering from depression and anxiety, but many of these choices have problematic side effects as well – from sexual dysfunction to weight gain. Not exactly the best way to heal an uninspired spirit!

Herbalists have an entire class of plants – the nervines – that can help support a balanced state of internal tension, nourish the mind and spirit, and thereby bring joy to frazzled days and restorative sleep to restless nights. They have been used for thousands of years: from the incenses and infused wines of Egypt and China, to the warming mulling spices served on a winter’s night. They are generally highly scented plants, a source of volatile oils, and are as safe as a cup of chamomile tea (still used today to soothe a worried, colicky child). Many are standby features of aromatic gardens: lemon balm, lavender, rose, and mugwort in the temperate zones, and lemongrass, cardamom, holy basil and jasmine in tropical climates. Just like a retreat into the garden itself, these fragrant herbs are a time-honored and effective way to gently rebalance internal tension without being habit forming, intoxicating, or sedating.

The chemistry of these plants goes to work on our heart and arteries, relaxing their state of tension and improving circulation to the hands and feet. The molecules responsible for the aromatic quality of the nervine herbs are also great at relaxing our bellies, urinary systems, and the smooth muscle that makes up the uterus. Thus they feature in remedies for stress and nervousness, unfocused and scattered personalities, worry and sleeplessness and – believe it or not – menstrual cramping! Beyond this, one cannot overestimate the havoc that chronic stress wreaks upon us: over time, the effort of maintaining such a high state of tension can make us feel sluggish, apathetic, and withdrawn – in a word, depressed. The aromatic, nervine plants are a blessing in two ways: they help keep our anxiety and worry in check on a day-to-day basis, but can also re-enliven us when we feel sad and despondent. Think of a bouquet of flowers from a friend: it’s hard to stay upset, closed within your shell, when presented with such a fragrant gift!

In the Czech Republic, the linden tree is sacred. In fact, this tree – whose incredibly sweet-smelling flowers bloom almost the entire month of July – features on traditional currencies, flags, and palace insignia. It is rumored that  in order to maintain an even temper and render swift and just judgment, all legal proceedings in the rural villages are still conducted under a linden. The flower tea is a national beverage, though it is also prized from Provence to Scandinavia. Here in the darker, colder reaches of northern Europe, country folk rely on linden (and other aromatic nervines such as lemon balm and rose) to lift their moods during the long stretches of night at the heart of winter. When the sun barely peeks above the horizon for an hour or two, the scented herbs recall the garden’s summer delights, and give us that moment’s retreat that can make all the difference when the spirit feels low, disconnected, and undernourished.

If you look around, you might see that this very traditional practice is missing from our modern lives. Yet it seems so important, and so easy! When we cannot visit a garden for renewal, perhaps we can re-learn to cultivate our own inner gardens with the sweet-scented nervine plants. In doing so we will see tension melt away, relieve the weight of worry, and inspire a depressed spirit. Rest will come more easily, and creativity will be enhanced. Our stress might then become a challenge to meet and overcome with grace and joy – and all this using safe, aromatic, nourishing herbs that have been a part of the human experience for thousands of years.  Aromatic nervines are still a delicious, refreshing cure for our modern malaise.


The Giveaway!

We want you to be filled with herbal joy, so here are the exciting prizes up for grabs:

 We will choose 2 lucky winners to receive a bottle of Joy Tonic and an Urban Moonshine t-shirt available in both men’s and women’s styles!



How to Enter  

There are several ways to enter the Joy Tonic Giveaway! You can submit up to 5 entries for a chance to win these prizes from Urban Moonshine…

1. Leave a comment here telling us about your favorite calming or joy inspiring herb!

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You have until Tuesday, November 20th at 11:59pm PST to enter. We will pick two winners at random on Wednesday, November 21st. Prizes can only be shipped within the US!


The winners have been selected and we will be in contact with them via email! Thanks so much to everyone for participating. Wishing you a JOYful holiday!

Good Luck!

353 Responses to “An Herbal Joy History and Giveaway!”

  1. avatar juchello says:

    My favorite soothing herb would definitely be the lemon balm I grow in my back yard. I also enjoy tulsi, lavender, and chamomile. I didn’t know Linden was calming so I’ll be sure to give that a try, too.

  2. avatar suleklo says:

    My favorite calming herb is lemon balm.

  3. avatar Egrain says:

    I live with and care for my 90 year old grandfather. One of our favorite herbs to enjoy together is lemon balm, which grows very happily in our garden here in southern California. There are so many ways to experience this beautiful herb — some mornings just trailing my fingers across the green leaves is more than enough to bring a grin to my face! My grandfather loves a simple infusion of lemon balm, enjoyed hot or at room temperature, almost every day of the year. I also give him occasional sips of lemon balm glycerine tincture — a true delight that recalls the sun shining on our plants. I sometimes think if I were stuck on an island and could grow only one herb, it would be lemon balm!

  4. avatar ladybug.llj says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender. It is so versatile!

  5. avatar somna says:

    In times of crisis, I always reach for tulsi. It is my favorite herb for restoring a sense of calm.

  6. avatar UniqueGarden says:

    I have always favored lavender and chamomile for calming/soothing herbs and I add some lemon balm when I need an added pick me up or some sunshine!

    I liked both MT Rose Herbs and Urban Sunshine on facebook.

    I followed both on Twitter.


    And I tweeted about this giveaway!

  7. avatar HolisticOwl says:

    I shared on Facebook under Lisa Gallarini

  8. avatar mae says:

    i love my lavender straight from my garden…but for some reason, the scent of tuberose vibes with me in a way that it just mellows me out like no other scent! i shared on facebook to spread the joy.


  9. I shared on our farm’s facebook page and I have liked both Mountain Rose herbs and Urban Moonsine on facebook as well.

    My favorite calming herbs are lemon balm and chamomile. For aromatherapy nothing beats lavender and ylang ylang.

  10. avatar moonsprig says:

    I love to make St. John’s Wort and chamomile tea to help me relax. Also nothing like lavender EO on my hair brush or in the bath. Just shared this great give away on my FB page.

  11. avatar HolisticOwl says:

    I believe chamomile in my green tea is one of my favs for calming

  12. avatar beth murphy says:

    my favorite calming herb is peppermint :)

  13. avatar beth murphy says:

    & i liked you both on facebook

  14. avatar HolisticOwl says:

    Tweeted about giveaway

  15. avatar ssweatman says:

    It has to be lavender! It smells so good! I truly believe it relaxes my kids and helps them get a great night sleep! I have shared this on facebook and twitter and I was already subscribed to your blog. Thank you so much for the wonderful contest!

  16. avatar kbmama says:

    Chamomile with honey :) yum

  17. avatar beth murphy says:

    i also subscribe to your blog and newsletter

  18. avatar futurowoman says:

    I love to use lavender and cammomile from my garden! I made a great camo-balm using your bees wax pastilles, too! <3

    • avatar KLNobles says:

      I enjoy hawthorne berries and leaves in a tea, with hibiscus and mint. It strengthens my heart, evens out the heartbeat, and just tastes wonderful. I am sharing this on FB, have liked the proper pages, and am subscribed to the blog.

    • avatar yogaluna says:

      I Love Lavender

  19. avatar diligenthousewife says:

    Nettle and lavender are my favourite calming herbs.

  20. avatar somna says:

    I shared a link to this post on Facebook, liked Mountain Rose Herbs & Urban Moonshine on Facebook, and tweeted a link.

  21. avatar MaggieMae says:

    Lavender is my all time favorite- already subscribe and i have shared this on facebook

  22. avatar kbmama says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.
    Karibeth Myers Soto

  23. avatar kbmama says:

    I subscribe to blog and newsletter

  24. avatar diligenthousewife says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  25. avatar herbalivette says:

    I already like your pinterest, and facebook pages for Mountain Rose and Moonshine. My all time favorite calming herb is Kava kava! Love love love it, and it makes my mouth tingle ;)

  26. avatar kbmama says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  27. avatar carrieh says:

    My favorite calming herbs are lavender and patchouli!

  28. avatar carrieh says:

    I shared the contest on facebook!

  29. avatar carrieh says:

    I follow Mountain Rose Herbs on facebook.

  30. avatar carrieh says:

    I am subscribed to both the newsletter and to the Pintrest feed.

  31. avatar jperry1000 says:

    Vanilla tulsi tea :) And, signed up for the newsletter, like y’all on fb, and will be sending out a link. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. avatar kbmama says:

    I like Urban Moonshine on Facebook
    Karibeth Myers Soto

  33. avatar musicaldreamer says:

    I love mint and lavender!

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  36. avatar mom462216 says:

    Lavender is the best. Liked everyone on facebook. Signed up for blog, youtube, pintrest and newsletter. Don’t tweet.
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  39. avatar diligenthousewife says:

    I shared your link on facebook as Kirstin Pilkey.

  40. avatar hailwright4 says:

    Lavender and Chamomile are my favorite calming herbs

  41. avatar jlsaven says:

    Lemon balm is my favorite – helps me sleep! :)

  42. avatar jlsaven says:

    I also subscribe to the blog/newsletter

  43. avatar Stacey Magliaro says:

    My favorite calming herb is scullcap. Just a drop or two of tincture on a difficult parenting day helps me release tension and be a better mom. Ten drops is enough to calm my mind and help me sleep when I have insomnia.

  44. avatar jlsaven says:

    I also liked you both on Facebook

  45. avatar hailwright4 says:

    I also liked both Facebook pages!

    And subscribed to your blog :-)

  46. avatar wanderer says:

    My favorite go to herb for stress and inflammation is holy basil or tulsi. Because it blends so well with other herbs, it can synergize and enhance the benefits for an added punch!

  47. avatar wanderer says:

    facebooked this give away

  48. avatar brewbunny says:

    I love lemon balm and holy basil.

  49. avatar brewbunny says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  50. avatar TribeMom says:

    My favorite calming herbs have to be chamomile and catnip.

  51. avatar brewbunny says:

    I liked you both on Facebook

  52. avatar NikkiParks says:

    My favorite calming herb would be a mixture between my Lavander, Mint, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, and Jasmine. I have a great little tea I mix together on long hard days. I am a homeschool Mom and I find that it even helps my kiddos.

    I already like your facebook page and am subscribed to your newsletter and blog. :)

    I did share this on Facebook…yeah me :)

    Thank you so much for a great opportunity.

  53. avatar NikkiParks says:

    Ooo…I also already get all your pinterest stuff and youtube videos as well. :)

  54. avatar babsaroo says:

    I also love chamomile and lavender…my two absolute favorites!

    Barbara M

  55. avatar crowlady13 says:

    I subscribed to the blog and shared the info on my FB page. Thank you!

  56. avatar brewbunny says:

    Follow both on twitter

  57. avatar wanderer says:

    Liked Urban Moonshine on twitter…(already following MRH)

  58. avatar wanderer says:

    I’m already subscribed to MRH in several places!

  59. avatar caramia says:

    Wise woman ethnobotanist, Kat Harrison, taught me to appreciate mugwort in this capacity–definitely an herb worth slowing down and getting to know.

  60. avatar kimsalerno says:

    st. john’s wort has always been an ally….but since having kids i think that lavender is the most useful……

  61. avatar Khenningsen says:

    Hmm…my latest favorite is milky oats. I have so many other friends that I use as well though!

  62. avatar Khenningsen says:

    I just posted a link to my FB page.

  63. avatar Khenningsen says:

    And liked Urban Moonshine!

  64. avatar babsaroo says:

    I like Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on FB. (Barbara Jo Marlow)

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    And finally subscribed to the blog. Thanks!

  66. avatar kfb119 says:

    Just subscribed to all your newsletters–and I’ve been following you on Pinterest. Thanks!

  67. avatar TribeMom says:

    Posted a link on my facebook page The Tribe’s Creations

  68. avatar babsaroo says:

    I already subscribe to your Blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest, & newsletter!

    Barbara M

  69. avatar CaliforniaSunshine says:

    I ‘liked’ Urban Moonshine on Facebook. As for my favorite joy inducing herb it has to be Eucalyptus.

  70. avatar kirrashi says:

    I adore the Tulsi i have here, anytime i’m feeling down a visit to the tulsi plants makesme feel better, rain or shine!

    I tweeted the giveaway, and I’m already following the twitter, fb, and newsletter!

  71. avatar TribeMom says:

    Tweeted about give away and follow Mountain Rose and Urban Moonshine.

  72. avatar kimsalerno says:

    i like mountainrose and urbanmoonshine on FB!

  73. avatar starflower99654 says:

    ONE of my favorite herbs to bring me joy is Lavender.

  74. avatar kimsalerno says:

    i subscribe to your newsletter and pinterest!

  75. avatar starflower99654 says:

    I have been a fan of both Mtn Rose Herb’s and Urban Moonshine’s facebook pages for quite awhile now.
    Thats more contest entries!!

  76. avatar starflower99654 says:

    Just shared the giveaway link on my facebook page.

  77. avatar Lorraine says:

    My favorite calming herb for tea is chamomile. I also love to just smell lemon balm, lavender and thyme. My cat loves my lemon balm and holy basil plants so much I have to hide them. I guess we all need to relax and take in the herbs.

  78. avatar starflower99654 says:

    I have also been a long time subscriber to your YOUTUBE page. Love the videos about how to tincture herbs.

  79. avatar Lorraine says:

    I shared on facebook! Hope I win.

  80. avatar disfordelicate says:

    Chamomile is my favorite calming herb, though lavender is really a close tie for second.

  81. avatar disfordelicate says:

    I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

  82. avatar disfordelicate says:

    I am also following Mountain Rose Herbs on Pinterest.

  83. avatar hernandez8186 says:

    My favorite nervine is Lemon Balm. I also liked both Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on facebook. I have also shared this link on my facebook page.

  84. avatar kelly323 says:

    I’m loyal to lavender for calming. It has even helped me with a sleep disorder (sleep paralysis) and I keep some near my bed at all times.

  85. avatar Spendant says:

    I’m following on Pinterest!

  86. avatar sylvia says:

    I’m very interested in this product. Right now I use chamomile, passion flower and sometimes st. john’s wort for calming.

    I liked both MRH and Urban Sunshine on facebook.

    I posted the link to this contest on my facebook

    I posted a comment about the contest and #HerbalJoy on Twitter

    I followed both MRH and Urban Sunshine on Twitter

    Also, I subscribed to the Blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest, AND newsletter

  87. avatar michelledarensbourg says:

    Favorite calming herb is Lemon Balm. :)

  88. avatar michelledarensbourg says:

    Shared on FB.

  89. avatar Bonne Maman says:

    It’s got to be lavender when I need to chill out :)

  90. avatar michelledarensbourg says:

    Both “liked” on FB.

  91. avatar michelledarensbourg says:

    Already subscribed and I LOVE it!!!

  92. avatar kelly323 says:

    Liked Urban Moonshine on Facebook (I had already liked Mountain Rose!) and shared the giveaway, under Kelly Blanchette.

  93. avatar littlegreenism says:

    sweet orange and lavender for me!

  94. avatar littlegreenism says:

    and sage!!! ahhhh…sage!

  95. avatar brookejocelyn says:

    I love chamomile! Just the smell relaxes me. I liked Facebook and Pinterest! Great contest!

  96. avatar lalamurphy says:

    My favorite calming herb is lemon balm!! I love curling up with a hot cup of the tea before bed (especially with a pinch of lavender). Lemon balm also seems to be very uplifting to me….like it contains the sun itself! :)

  97. avatar littlevalentine says:

    what a perfect coincidence, as I am drinking chamomile tea while reading through your blog :) Chamomile may be my favorite, although I also use St John’s wort daily.

  98. avatar littlevalentine says:

    I posted a link to the giveaway on facebook! My facebook name is Suzanna PV Moore

  99. avatar littlevalentine says:

    I’ve liked both you and Urban Moonshine on fb!

  100. avatar littlevalentine says:

    I subscribe to your Pinterest, as well as your newsletter!

  101. avatar merry says:

    Lavender! Calming and Joyful!

  102. avatar l.rae says:

    Bergamot is my go-to scent.
    I (Lisa Reichert) am a fan on Facebook of both Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine and
    I follow you on Pinterest and subscribe to your blog!

  103. avatar mia reid says:

    My favorite calming herb is chamomile~ I’ve been growing it for years now. Harvesting and drying it, then storing it for tea time.

  104. avatar ilisajasmine says:

    Like so many others, I love chamomile tea, sometimes with a dropper of valerian tincture on a stressful day. For use in aromatherapy, I prefer lavender and ylang ylang to calm down and relax. For uplifting my spirits, I prefer homemade ginger candy. Peppermint and honey tea also has an uplifting effect on me.

  105. avatar mia reid says:

    I Posted a link to the Joy Tonic Giveaway on my Facebook page

  106. avatar mia reid says:

    I Like Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

  107. avatar mia reid says:

    I subscribed to your blog : )

  108. avatar heathersteas says:

    My favorite calming herb is lemon balm. The taste, the scent, the effects. Bliss.
    I shared this on my facebook, I tweeted it.
    I have been a facebook follower for a long time and I liked Urban Moonshine just now.
    I have also been following your blog, youtube, and receiving your newsletter for some time. I don’t follow on pinterest because I am not on there…yet.

  109. avatar Meri says:

    Sounds great!

  110. avatar Meri says:

    and posted a link on Facebook!

  111. avatar Lisa says:

    I love lavender for calming and helping me get to sleep!

  112. avatar Lisa says:

    I have liked you on Facebook for a long time!

  113. avatar Lisa says:

    I posted about the giveaway on my Facebook wall!

  114. avatar Lisa says:

    I liked Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

  115. avatar TammieH says:

    I love St. Johns wort, borage lavender, lemon balm and a little bit of mint. Sitting down to a hot tea with a little of each helps me feel calm and relaxed.

  116. avatar Lisa says:

    I follow you on Pinterest and have also subscribed to your Youtube channel!

  117. avatar ociana says:

    I love peppermint (makes me so happy), lavandar, and chamomile.

    I am sharing your give away link on Facebook and follow you and Urban Moonshine (love the name!) and on Twitter also.

    Alice Birchfield (on Facebook) and ociana48 (Twitter)

  118. avatar farmgirl74 says:

    My favorite calming herb is Linden, it tastes so wonderful & the smell of Linden trees in the Spring gladdens my heart!

  119. avatar Marsha says:

    I really don’t have a favorite yet as I justed started my journey of learning about herbs and all of their wonderful uses.

  120. avatar lcjherbs says:

    My joy inspiring herbs right now are rosehips and hibiscus. I make a tea that combines them with other herbs, but those two have a special place in my heart right now. How brilliant is the deep red color? It makes me feel delicious every sip I take. I shared the giveaway on my fb page, I liked both Mtn Rose and Urban Moonshine on fb, and I subscribe to Mtn Rose blog, newsletter and Pinterest.

  121. avatar Marsha says:

    I am a fan on Facebook

  122. avatar michelledarensbourg says:

    Tweeted :) Looking for the Herbal Joy!

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    I’ve subscribed to the blog and newsletter

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    I have liked Mountain Rose herbs on pintrest.I also liked both MT Rose Herbs and Urban Sunshine on facebook.

  125. avatar farmgirl74 says:

    I already like Mountain Rose Herbs on Facebook :)

  126. avatar Tabolty says:

    Lavender, Chamomile and Peppermint…:)
    I posted this on my facebook page and I have to say, I’m REALLY excited about just the THOUGHT of an Joy Tonic by Urban Moonshine. :D Thanks for hosting the give-away!

  127. avatar LeahS says:

    My favorite calming herb is lemon balm :)

  128. avatar LeahS says:

    I liked both MRH and UM on facebook :)

  129. avatar LeahS says:

    I subscribe to your blog and newsletter :)

  130. avatar natemya says:

    My favorite relaxing, joy-invoking herbs at the moment are lavender and bee balm.

    I just liked Urban Moonshine’s facebook page.

    Laura Loewen

  131. avatar klyle says:

    A few drops of lavendar in my babys bath will calm him instantly and shortly thereafter, it sends him into a peaceful sleep. We LOVE lavendar:)

  132. avatar rachel37 says:

    I like lavender and roses. When I went to get my herbs blessed by my priest, he mentioned that the linden tree was used in Poland as an important herb, too. I’ve never used it though. I shared your offer on Facebook.

  133. avatar Jessica says:

    My favorite herbs are lavender and rosemary. I love lavender in the evenings when I am trying to wind down. Rosemary during the day when I need a little pick-me-up! Both scents are very powerful and moving for me.

  134. avatar Jessica says:

    I liked MRH and UM on Facebook!

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    I subscribed to your newsletter. Looking forward to reading them!

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    I shared the giveaway on Facebook (and tagged you guys!)

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    I tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter (@DeliciousObsess). Thanks for such a fun giveaway! :)

  138. avatar KimR says:

    Lavendar! I posted the contest on my wall…

  139. avatar says:

    Ylang ylang for smelling and kava for drinking!
    I love Bitters!!

  140. avatar burgundeejones says:

    I love lavender and lemonbalm… I also shared this giveaway on Facebook!!!

  141. avatar amy says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB – my favorite calming tea is chamomile with spearmint and rosehips.

  142. avatar ladyalpha says:

    Shared and liked Urban Moonshine. I am already subscribed to the newsletter and like Mountain Rose Herbs.
    Rose is my favorite for calming for myself. Chamomile is my go to for my kids, it works great for fighting dehydration also when they are sick. I have found that chamomile and catnip work great for those with add/adhd issues.

  143. avatar denclebren says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender. I love the smell and how it makes me feel!

  144. avatar denclebren says:

    I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

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    I shared the facebook link on my wall.

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    I am already subscribed to the moutain rose herbs pinterest. :)

  147. avatar wendyc says:

    My calming herb is camimille

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    Shared on FB :)

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    Like Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

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  151. avatar Dutchbrosluv says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender relaxes me when in pain love it!

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    Shared on Facebook and Following Mountain Rose Herbs Linda S Davison and left comment

  153. avatar Dutchbrosluv says:

    3.Tweeted about our Joy Tonic Giveaway on Twitter using the hashtag #HerbalJoy following @MtnRoseHerbs and @UrbanMoonshine on Twitter @Dutchbrosluv

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    5.Subscribed to newsletter

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    I also Subscribe to our Blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest

  157. I shared your giveaway on my Facebook (Annie Laurie Pedersen) : )

  158. Oh and i subscribed to your blog and pinterest.

  159. avatar Judi says:

    I love Lemon Balm. I have shared your giveaway on my FB page I like MRH and Urban Moonshine on FB. Just followed you on Pinterest and have been following your blog and YouTube videos for some time.

  160. avatar Chelsea.BirthOptionsLLC says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender! And bonus, it smells terrific! I posted a link on my Facebook and also liked you and Urban Moonshine on there too! I subscribed to your Pinterest page a few weeks ago and am loving it!

  161. avatar vclark321 says:

    I enjoy some hot tea while looking at the Mountain Rose Herbs web site and blog. And lavender in my diffuser. Serenity and joy! I am posting and tweeting this.

  162. avatar cassadess says:

    Lemon Balm has been a big hit for me. A great cup to enjoy after a stressful day. :) :)

  163. avatar cassadess says:

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page!

  164. avatar cassadess says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  165. avatar Huckleberry says:

    i look forward to learning more about calming and joy-inspiring herbs and trying them! I would LOVE to try Urban Moonshine products as I am so interested in natural remedies! I do love calendula for moisturizing my healing my skin and arnica i use for muscle aches. Thank you :o)

    • avatar Huckleberry says:

      I shared on fb & like both pages on Facebook, I am subscribed to your blog, youtube, and the newsletter and I commented here on your blog <3 i totally would be delighted to win the giveaway and try and recommend these lovely herbal products!

  166. avatar cassadess says:

    Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine have been liked on Facebook!

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    Subscribed on Pinterest and the newsletter. :)

  168. avatar CountryGal says:

    I grew peppermint and chocolate mint along with lavender, thyme, basil and rosemary this year. I repotted the lavender, thyme and rosemary to overwinter indoors as I love to have fresh herbs available to use. I love crushing a leaf or two in my fingers just to smell the aroma. I would love someday to be able to have a greenhouse so I could grow the herbs I want all year long! I have Mountain Rose Herbs Pinned, Liked on Facebook, subscribed to on YouTube and your newsletter!!

  169. avatar coleen says:

    Yumm, I pinterested Mt. Rose and love all the inspiration. Thank YOU.

  170. avatar Robyn says:

    I subscribe to your blog, I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook and I tweeted about the awesome contest!

  171. avatar s01lotus says:

    I always use chamomile and sweeten with honey. yum!

  172. avatar Healingroze says:

    Rose is my favorite aromatic nervine. It always lifts my spirits.

  173. avatar Healingroze says:

    I tweeted through GreenlivingNc

  174. avatar Healingroze says:

    I pinned and subscribe to Mountain Rose Herbs on Pinterest.

  175. avatar Healingroze says:

    I also follow MRH on YouTube. I really appreciate all of the effort you put into providing excellent products and information.

  176. avatar Nyghtstar says:

    I love chamomile and lavender, I love to get my hands on lavender and just carry the scent around with me. I liked urban moonshine on Facebook and joined the you tube channel. Thanks!

  177. avatar adarabryn says:

    1. Lemon Balm is my favorite joy-inducing herb… and Motherwort for calming peace. :)

    2. Posted a link on FB!

    3. Tweeted about the giveaway, and am following on Twitter.

    4. Liked (and love) Mountain Rose and Urban Moonshine on FB.

    5. Already a follower on Pinterest, YouTube, blog and newsletter.

    Many thanks!

  178. avatar jennieo9 says:

    I have signed up for the email newsletter.

  179. avatar jennieo9 says:

    I have signed up for the blog.

  180. avatar jennieo9 says:

    Hi. I am already a Facebook fan! I just love what I read from your company!

    • avatar ranae27 says:

      I like kava kava, chamomile, passion flower, and lavender. I went to the Urban Moonshine page on FB and liked it, subscribed to the blog, and I already like y’all on FB.
      Thank you for the contests!

  181. avatar sweetppolly says:

    peppermint always makes me feel better

  182. avatar jennieo9 says:

    My current calming favorite is lavender. I am going to have to check out the lemon balm that it seems so many others are talking about. My favorite invigorating herb is mint. Looking forward to learning and experiencing the benefits of more scents.

  183. avatar sweetppolly says:

    I get the newsletter and I liked urban moonshine on facebook.

  184. avatar jennieo9 says:

    I do not have a twitter account and do not want one. If I did though, I would definitely be interested in what you have to say. I find it too distracting. Thanks!

  185. avatar jennieo9 says:

    I liked Urban Moonshine on Facebook. I love Burlington, VT! “Bring the bitters”!

  186. avatar micheleedith says:

    Favorite calming herbs are valerian root, skullcap, passionflower.

  187. avatar micheleedith says:

    And for a calming yet joyful combination I enjoy chamomile and lavender as teas and scents!

  188. avatar saratung says:

    My favorite is a giant mug of chamomile tea when I need calming.

    I’ve also liked you on facebook and signed up for your newsletter.

  189. avatar micheleedith says:

    Aromatherapeutically, I love ylang ylang, neroli, calry sage and rose for an uplifting feeling!

  190. avatar thefragile7393 says:

    Valarian, Tulsi, lavender. Liked you guys and Urban Moonshine on FB too….I make my own infusions and I am so glad to have disocvered both companies.

  191. avatar kariedancer says:

    I love Lime oil for making me smile. Really anything citrus is great.

  192. avatar kariedancer says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter.

  193. avatar kariedancer says:

    I’m friends with you and UM on Facebook.

  194. avatar karmakaytlyn says:

    Orange and tangerine oils inspire joy for me and I find them very uplifting. Thanks from karmakaytlyn at!

  195. avatar karmakaytlyn says:

    I like Urban Moonshine and MRH on FAcebook as Amber Gillespie.
    Thanks from karmakaytlyn at!

  196. avatar kristenterga says:

    My favorite calming herb is lemon balm.

  197. avatar kristenterga says:

    I tweeted the giveaway

  198. avatar kristenterga says:

    I follow you on pinterest, subscribe to the newsletter, and facebook.

  199. avatar Valri says:

    Lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, chamomile.

  200. avatar staceygraham says:

    I love chamomile for relaxation, it’s my (and my children’s) favorite tea.

    Subscribed on the blog, facebook, pinterest and twitter with a shoutout to the giveaway:

  201. avatar HibiscusJane says:

    Shared on facebook, “like” both pages, subscribed to blog and youtube channel and adding… I love lavender. My mother always had lavender growing somewhere or drying somewhere growing up. She would put bundles around the house, in vases or hanging. I love the smell, I love using it in almost every oil blend I make. I love getting to keep the tradition going with lavender and my babies. I also love Mountain Rose Herbs, we just moved to Co from OR and I already miss sweet MRH, so thankful for your awesome online store. <3 Happy Holidays!

  202. avatar Hollie says:

    I love lavender and geranium. They both seem to calm and relive anxiety almost instantly.

  203. avatar Hollie says:

    I also liked your page and Urban Moonshine on Facebook!

  204. avatar Hollie says:

    I also receive your newsletter and follow you on Pinterest.

  205. avatar be_atticus says:

    A professor of mine got me hooked on lemon verbena! When I was stressed during finals, she made me a cup of tea using dried leaves from her garden. Maybe it was that act of kindness combined with the soothing qualities of verbena! For bedtime, I’ve always loved lavender.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  206. avatar be_atticus says:

    PS I ‘liked’ Mountain Rose’s page on Facebook!

  207. avatar be_atticus says:

    Okay, tweeted and posted on Facebook as well!

  208. avatar jlillethun says:

    In the morning I love to cut fresh Lemon Balm from my garden, and as the day continues I will use a calendula/lavender and Lemon Balm tea. Super delicious. I subscribe and I posted on facebook

  209. avatar thegreygoose says:

    Love basil and lavander!

  210. avatar thegreygoose says:

    subscribed to your newsletter

  211. avatar hellolion says:

    My favorite calming herb is Lavender. It’s my all time favorite fragrance!

  212. avatar hellolion says:

    Just shared on FB as well!!

  213. avatar BotanicalMOM says:

    I love my Lavender! I put a bit in my pillowcase. I have sent a link via facebook.

  214. avatar violetfemme says:

    lemon balm is my joy herb!

  215. avatar pdtaylor says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender…I love it

    I liked Urban Moonshine on Facebook

    Followed on Pinterest


  216. avatar JessiLynn says:

    Working overnights in an Animal Emergency Hospital I am always looking for a pick me up to keep me calm and happy for my furry patients sake. I believe in the power of positive energy healing. Some days I could use something like this to help me remain positive.

    I currently turn to lemon balm in my teas to brighten my spirits at work. <3. Shared on FB.

  217. avatar Dragonflywillow says:

    Love Lemonbalm, lavender, motherwort, skullcap, linden, sweet orange, sage…so many lovely herbs that bring joy to my heart.

  218. avatar Dragonflywillow says:

    I have happily shared this blog because I already Love, Love, Love Urban Moonshine’s Joy Tonic!

  219. avatar BouMama says:

    I did all of numbers 1,2,4,5…(no twitter here)
    My first name is JOY so I am claiming this prize in advance…;-) it’s just so fitting!
    I loooooove lavender and rose and lemon balm and and and…
    BUT Neroli is King in my heart and always will be!

  220. avatar denicehicks says:

    I’m enjoying a lemon balm and passion flower tea for relaxation! Sure hope to get the chance to try the Urban Moonshine Tonic!

  221. avatar mslizah says:

    Lavender is my go-to herb for relaxing but I also find Eucalyptus rather relaxing too but in a different sort of way. With Lavender I feel like I want to take a nap but with Eucalyptus it relaxes me but I also feel very grounded with it.

  222. avatar mslizah says:

    I already follow you on Facebook and Pinterest.

  223. avatar jennyk says:

    My fave calming herb that I grow is the lemon balm. It just smells like sunshine. This year, I grew some Artemisia, mm, that has a lovely calming scent too.

  224. avatar jennyk says:

    Shared Joy Tonic Giveaway link on FB!

  225. avatar ctrodrigues says:

    My favorites are rose and lavender. Lemon balm and mugwort keep calling me tho… Joy tonic!

  226. avatar jennyk says:

    “Liked” Urban Moonshine on FB.- have always liked MRH on FB.

  227. avatar krayburn says:

    Favorite herb – lavender, no lemon balm, no, lavender….love them both. I’ve shared, and liked, and left notes. Would love to try the remarkable Joy Tonic!

  228. avatar finamoon says:

    My favorite soothing herbs are lemon balm and chamomile.

  229. avatar finamoon says:

    I like you and Urban Moonshine on FB.

  230. avatar finamoon says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  231. I love chamomile! It’s so earthy and grounding.

  232. I’m now following Mountain Rose Herbs on Pinterest.

  233. avatar thegreygoose says:

    I liked Mountain Rose on FB

  234. avatar thegreygoose says:

    I also liked Urban moonshine in FB too

  235. avatar tamiduncan says:

    Shared both the Urban Moonshine link and the Mountain Rose Herbs link on Facebook. I also “liked” Urban Moonshine. I already like Mountain Rose Herbs and Sage Mountain. Heck…I don’t like ‘em…I LOVE ‘EM!!

    My favorite calming herb is Skullcap. It was the first herb I was ever exposed to. I love it cuz I can be loosing my marbles, take a teaspoonful of skullcap, then…15 minutes later realize I’m feeling better without really even realizing it! It’s GREAT!

  236. avatar Bailandaluz says:

    I love eucalyptus and spearmint blend. I find it to be both calming and uplifting. I have added these essential oils to bath soaps and or lotions …wish I could find a candle made with these.

  237. avatar Bailandaluz says:

    Okay, so I shared my fave herbs, subscribed to your blog, posted a link on facebook, and liked MRH and Urban Moon shine on facebook.

  238. avatar thegreygoose says:

    I linked the give a way on my FB page

  239. avatar thegreygoose says:

    I subscribed to MR you tube channel

  240. avatar thegreygoose says:

    I followed MT on pinetrest

  241. avatar Kayla0110 says:

    Love a cup of chamomile at the end of the day

  242. avatar Kayla0110 says:

    I like MRH and Urban Moonshine on FB

  243. avatar Kayla0110 says:

    I follow the blog, Pinterest and get the newsletter.

  244. avatar saph-frugalwifeblog says:

    I like lavender and chamomile for relaxing

  245. avatar hmcohen says:

    My favorite calming herb is most certainly lavender. When I was a child I used to summer in the south of France. We would go to the Senanque Abbey in Gordes to see the lavender fields almost every summer. The monks there pressed fresh lavender oils and made many other fresh lavender products, and ever since I have been in love with this herb. I have a plant growing right next to my bed and whenever I am feeling anxious or stressed, all I have to do is rub my fingers on the plant and smell and it all melts away. A plant that powerful and meaningful is truly special.

  246. avatar pbailey says:

    Rosemary,sage, basil and licorice are my most favorite herbalescent joys!!

  247. avatar pbailey says:

    Rosemary,sage, basil and licorice are my most favorite herbalescent joys!!
    I have shared your page on facebook. I really love your website too. It is an education in itself.

  248. avatar tamberine says:

    Lavender and Skullcap are my favorite calming herbs…and I have done all of the above options. I love Urban Moonshine. I use their energy tonic!

  249. avatar Lisa says:

    I have shared this blog….my favorite scent to de-stress is pure Lavender. It’s my ‘chill pill’!

  250. avatar umstetter says:

    I have 3 favorite herbs or scents: Rose, Orange Blossom and Honeysuckle. All three scents make my heart sing!

  251. avatar umstetter says:

    And I’m subscribed to your blog and newsletter.

  252. avatar chilgedick says:

    My favorite destress herb is lemon verbena

  253. avatar chilgedick says:

    I posted the giveaway on my fb page!

  254. avatar debrababer says:

    I am enjoying skullcaps results at the moment. Very good for the nervous system. Lavendar and Patchouli are my favorite relaxing scents. I have liked both Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on FB and have shared the giveaway!!! Thanks…….

  255. avatar lcwillson says:

    When I get stressed, I go to lemonbalm. I cut fresh lemon balm and bring it with me to work. It keeps a long time in a glass of water. At times of stress I pull off a leave and rub on it. Ahh, it smells so good. My team mates even join me sometimes!

  256. avatar nerd6irl says:

    I have subscribed to your newsletter, am following you on pinterest and liked you on facebook. My favorite herb is Lavender. Love to smell it, wear it, eat it (I have a killer Lavender Shortbread cookie that I love to make).

  257. avatar guylaine h. says:

    Orange blossom !!!!

  258. avatar krystal says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender.

  259. avatar organic says:

    My favorite calming herb would have to be chamomile and my favorite joy inspiring herb would have to be saffron!!

  260. avatar Stephanie Thurow says:

    I love my herbal sleepy time tea. Seems to do the trick every time!

  261. avatar Stephanie Thurow says:

    I like Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook

  262. avatar Stephanie Thurow says:

    I subscribe to the blog

  263. avatar Tautchia says:

    My favorite EO for calming is Lavender! I love it for a lot of reasons, but it helps me get restful sleep and that makes a huge difference in my mood :)

  264. avatar Tautchia says:

    Shared giveaway link on Facebook :)

  265. avatar Tautchia says:

    Like Mountain Rose and Urban Moonshine on Facebook :)

  266. avatar Tautchia says:

    Subscribed to newsletter & following on Pinterest :)

  267. avatar pixiepunk says:

    my favorite calming herb is chamomile. beautiful in its simplicity, gentle enough for babies, simple to grow.

  268. avatar pixiepunk says:

    i shared the giveaway on my facebook

  269. avatar pixiepunk says:

    i ‘like’ MRH and urban moonshine on FB

  270. avatar pixiepunk says:

    i’m subscribed to your blog, youtube channel and newsletter :-D

  271. avatar Lisa says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter and alerts! Thank you!

  272. avatar dutchee says:

    Right now my favorite calming herb is Eucalyptus. I put the essential oil in a spray bottle with water and spray it about all the time. When I’m feeling stressed, it refreshes me and reminds me to take a deep breath.

    Also, I’m liking you on Facebook.

  273. avatar sunny says:

    subscribed to your blog and I like Chamomile :)

  274. avatar nanisbabies2000 says:

    My favorite calming herb is Lavender. Love the fragrance and helped with migraines.
    2) Posted link to give a way on my facebook page under Angeline Matinez.
    3)Tweeted about joy tonic give away. Also followed mtnRose and urban moonshine.
    4)Liked mountain rose herbs and urban moonshine on facebook.
    5)Last but not least, subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

  275. avatar damhnade says:

    I love lemon balm!

  276. avatar krswalton says:

    With a hand-crafted basket, filled with fresh, organic lavender, I smother my face in it and take deep, rhythmic breathes…ahhh, now that is my ultimate calming state. It is my happy addiction:)

  277. avatar krswalton says:

    Yup, having fun spreading the joy:) with twitter and friends…

  278. avatar lauraroses2 says:

    Oh, I love linden! My favorite herb for calming is passion flower. I have had so much luck with it. I think drinking hot teas calms me anyway…I also like lemon balm!

  279. avatar lauraroses2 says:

    Just liked Urban Moonshine (Great name!)as a second entry! Yay!

  280. avatar wolfstew says:

    EUCALYPTUS!!! Calming, centering, soul soothing……yet rejuvenating and invigorating….can’t wait to try your JOY! Have a joyous and thankful day….it’s my birthday today, a LOT of joy sent out today. :)

  281. avatar isntlifejuicy says:

    Tweeted and followed from thesparkseeker. My favorite calming herb is lemon balm.

  282. avatar ofthespirit says:

    my favorite joy herb is lemon balm/sweet melissa. It is my sisters name and one of the first plants i used herbally. it truly lifts the spirit!

  283. avatar stephanie says:

    My favorite calming herb (in case black tea doesn’t count) is lavender and my favorite joyful herb is lemon verbena with its sunny sweet citrus scent!

  284. avatar stephanie says:

    I also subscribe to the Mountain Rose blog. Thanks!

  285. avatar lynndw says:

    My favorite calming herbs are lavendar & chamomille. Lemon verbana brings me great joy! Thank you.

  286. avatar AlysiaLove says:

    I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea when stressed, or a nice warm bath with coconut and lavender oils :)

  287. avatar AlysiaLove says:

    I also follow Mountain Rose on Pinterest and am subscribed to the blog and newsletter :)

  288. avatar Terressa Zook says:

    <3 y'all. I signed up for the blog, you tube channel, facebook, twitter, & pinterest.

  289. avatar ljohnsonrubick says:

    The Mountain Rose Blog is great…love the recipes. I didn’t know Linden was so good to use…I have a tree and will be exploring that more in the future. i wonder if the seedpods are useful?
    The Joy tonic looks great! I shared this link on my FB page.Thanks!

  290. avatar ljohnsonrubick says:

    Oh…and my favorite tonic herbs are Chamomile,Lemon balm,St John’s Wort,Echinnacea…I make a tincture with these and Pansy, Motherwort,Lady’s Mantle,…and sometimes a few other things….good when you are feeling down, or about to catch a bug!

  291. avatar Rambler says:

    Love, love, love tulsi-lemon balm tea to calm and inspire joy.

  292. avatar Rambler says:

    I “like” Mountain Rose and Urban Moonshine on facebook :)

  293. avatar Rambler says:

    …and I subscribe to this blog (and your newsletter). Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  294. avatar amelia.w says:

    I’ve liked both MRH and Urban Moonshine’s pages on Facebook!

  295. avatar SarahKathryn says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender, although I’ve wanted to explore linden since learning about its calming effect from my Argentine friends.

    I also subscribed to MRH on YouTube and Pinterest and Facebook as well as the newsletter!

  296. avatar greeneginger says:

    Lemon Balm,Borage and Thyme

  297. avatar starfarey says:

    My favorite calming herb is jasmine. I love it’s scent and try to find blended oils with jasmine as its top note. :)

  298. avatar starfarey says:

    Also shared and posted in Facebook and Twitter :)

  299. avatar greeneginger says:

    i shared on FB-

  300. avatar greeneginger says:

    FB fan -Crystal Marie

  301. avatar greeneginger says:

    newsletter subscriber-cyclona66 at aol

  302. avatar madhippy5 says:

    I love lavender and lemon balm! I follow on pinterest, facebook, and subscribe to the blog (can you tell I’m a fan?)

  303. avatar mamabird26 says:

    My favorite calming herb is probably lavender but I look forward to trying the others!
    I also “Like” Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook
    I also “follow” Mountain Rose Herbs on Pinterest. Thanks for this awesome give away! <3

  304. avatar bluemoonnl says:

    I subscribed to Youtube, already follow MRHon Pintrest, facebook, twitter and blog
    Tonic herbs: lavendar chamomile, st johns wart
    Tweeted & FB about the giveaway
    Liked Urban Moonshine on FB & twitter

  305. avatar mamabird26 says:

    Oh, and I also shared the give away link on my FB page! :)

  306. avatar barbm77 says:

    I posted about the giveaway on facebook!

  307. avatar barbm77 says:

    I liked mountain rose herbs on facebook!!

  308. avatar higgipop says:

    I love the smell of lavender and peppermint together.

    (Followed on pinterest, subscribed to blog, fan of both facebook pages.)

  309. avatar Adrienne Rich-Giuliano says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  310. avatar Adrienne Rich-Giuliano says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavender & Kava kava as well.

  311. avatar sagagal says:

    Subscribed to your blog– thank you!!

  312. avatar Adrienne Rich-Giuliano says:

    Already liked Mountain Rose on FB, & now have liked Urban Moonshine as well!

  313. avatar barbm77 says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway and am following!

  314. avatar Adrienne Rich-Giuliano says:

    subscribed to blog & newsletter…thx!

  315. avatar barbm77 says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter:)

  316. avatar mellonknee says:

    For relaxing herbs, lemon balm by far, but also skull cap and valerian root, and California poppy when I can get my hands on it. I brew up a special Calm the eff down Jackson lemonade for my husband when he gets a little wound up. I know it doesn’t really count as an herb, but nothing makes me happier than honeysuckle. As soon as it starts blooming, I do too. I make honeysuckle water for a light beverage or to rinse my hair and clothes. I make honeysuckle sorbet, and a honeysuckle variant on May wine with a little lemon balm instead of sweet wood rush for a little extra relaxation on a warm Spring afternoon.

  317. avatar barbm77 says:

    I love chamomile and lavender to calm me down.

  318. avatar Ghita says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter, Thanks!


  319. avatar Ghita says:

    I also subscribed to the blog (I think) some of this stuff on the computer is confusing to me!

  320. avatar nonniecita says:

    My favorite calming herb is lavendar!

  321. avatar coffinwife says:

    I love fresh mint, because it reminds me of summer when my kids pick it and chew it all day long.

  322. avatar katesinon says:

    I love Lemon Balm any time of year (iced in summer and added to any tea anytime.

    I “Liked” Urban Moonshine and posted on FB. I’ve “Liked” Mountain Rose for a very long time and I already subscribe to your blog (and use your wonderful products).

  323. avatar Jerseychicadee says:

    My favorite calming herb is a flower, Jasmine. I follow you and Herbal Joy on pinterest, facebook and twitter. I tweeted and posted this on my wall

  324. avatar tropicalgirly808 says:

    My favorite calming herb is sandalwood. I posted the Joy Tonic Giveaway link on facebook, I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Urban Moonshine on Facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.

  325. avatar nonniecita says:

    I liked Urban Moonshine and already liked MRH! Thanks for the chance!!

  326. avatar tropicalgirly808 says:

    I also started following on pinterest.

  327. avatar emilybean says:

    For calming, I’m a big fan of lavender and lemon balm for myself and my rabbit Janis Hoplin…we love chamomile too! I use them in a lot of different ways in all their forms, from fresh to oils to tinctures! Janis thinks everybunny needs more herbally goodness in their lives, so of course we’re big fans of Mountain Rose Herbs…on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and we did every entry chance so we can win this awesome giveaway!

  328. avatar Ghita says:

    Also posted the link on my face book page, thanks!

  329. avatar farmgirl74 says:

    I liked Urban Moonshine on Facebook.

  330. avatar farmgirl74 says:

    I already receive the Mountain Rose Herbs newsletter.

  331. avatar tulegirl says:

    I follow on PInterst, Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter and blog.

    My “Go-To” herb is Prunella vulgaris, a.k.a. All Heal. The weed that whips the wheezies!

  332. avatar denwagner says:

    Following both on twitter and facebook. Lavendar is my favorite go to for calming effects.

  333. avatar shelton says:

    I love lemon balm!

  334. avatar Ghita says:

    Hmmm when I am in Hawaii my favorite calming plant is kava kava and when I am in Spain it is lavender (one rub of the leaves and a quick breath in and I am relaxed) and Tilo (linden) I love the smell of the flowers as the scent floats through the air, it is amazingly soothing.


  335. avatar sheilahh says:

    St. John’s Wort!

  336. avatar claudimoon says:

    Lemon balm is one of my favorite calming and uplifting herbs. It’s fantastic after a hard day to unwind and transition out of stress.

  337. avatar Liz Lytle says:

    I liked Urban Moonshine, signed up for your news letter and joined the blog. I already liked Mountain Rose Herbs on Facebook. I would also like to say that I love your products, your items are of excellent quality.

  338. avatar jwilson says:

    Anything Rose puts a smile on my face anytime. I tried Tulsi recently and found it to be instantly calming. There is so much to learn! I have to tread a fine line between spending for health/wellness and survival these days. Winning a giveaway at this time would be a blessing for my family. THank you for all the wonderful recipes and tips on the blog!

    I Liked both companies on FB.

  339. avatar hippiebirdie says:

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvve Sandalwood <3 I use it in almost all the cleaning products I make <3

  340. avatar letitia says:

    Definitely roses. We have a 50 year old rose bush in our front yard that makes some beautiful fragrant roses. Dried soooo many rose petals this summer. ^_^
    Also chamomile is awesome.

  341. avatar Doc says:

    I like a valarian root tonic now and again to swish around my mouth at night….with some dandylion mixed in.

  342. avatar Courtney Tucker says:

    Lavender is my favorite calming herb, but I love lots of other herbs along with it.

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    AlyssaAlyssa (29)
    Alyssa is the Director of Sustainability at Mountain Rose Herbs and an expert social butterfly. When not fluttering between community and non-profit events, she enjoys hiking, gardening, playing with her chickens, and organizing potlucks.
    On the FarmOn the Farm (18)
    Our team of farm representatives travel around the US and the world to visit our organic crops. They bring back stories and photos from their meetings with our farmers and important news about our herbal harvests.
    ShawnShawn (14)
    Shawn is the Vice President at Mountain Rose Herbs, which means he has his hands in just about everything here, but he is most passionate about advancing the company's ecological platforms for sustainable business practices. In his spare time, he can be found deep in Oregon’s designated wilderness areas or fly fishing (strictly catch and release) with his furry friends Abigail and Maggie.
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