Meet the Herbalist ~ Giveaway!

 Meet Kathi Keville!


Kathi Keville has been teaching and writing about herbal medicine, aromatherapy, herb gardening, and ethnobotany for over forty years. She is the author of 14 books, hosts an herb centered radio show, is the director of the American Herb Association, founding member of the American Herbalist Guild and United Plant Savers, was given honorary membership to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and the American Aromatherapy Association for her work, and much more as this impressive list of experience goes on! We are thrilled and honored to have Kathi share her wisdom with us at this year’s Rootstalk Festival! 

The Giveaway!

To celebrate, we are giving away a copy of her book Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art  along with one of our Classic Essential Oil Kits so you can experiment! There are 5 easy ways to enter for a chance to win this awesome prize:

1. Read our interview with Kathi below and leave a comment telling us your favorite herb for aromatherapy and why you love it.

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Submit all of your entries by next Tuesday, April 5th and we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!

Good luck and enjoy the interview!

What classes will you be teaching at Rootstalk this year?

- Medicinal Herb Gardens for Sustainability

A self-sufficient approach to growing and wildcrafting herbs you and your family need for medicine. Replacing the exotics in your backyard pharmacy.

- Aromatherapy with Conscience, Safety & Sustainability

Choosing good medicines that are safe and sustainable. We’ll discuss conditions aromatherapy treats the best and which oils to use, and aromatherapy products you can make from your garden.

What is one of the most powerful moments you’ve experienced in the wild or through your work?

After working with medicinal plants for over 40 years, what comes to mind is a mosaic of experiences that mesh into a deep appreciation for the wonder and power of plants. There’s the first time I saw lavender and helichrysum growing in the wild in the mountains of Provence or the experience of traditional Mayan or Native American healings, or connections to the plant world through deep and amazing meditations on plant energies. But then, there’s also simply walking through the woods around my house or seeing the first seedlings emerge in Spring. Perhaps the most powerful of all is every time someone tells me they’ve been healed by a plant. 

What is your primary environmental concern?

I’m deeply aware of many concerns about the environment because I write about what’s new on the ecological scene in every issue of the American Herb Association Quarterly. My focus is most often the unsustainable use of natural products, so ways in which we can stop depleting our native plants from the wild. There are also newly-created, modern compounds that tax the liver, kidney, and immune system, such as the toxins in some plastics used to store food and herbs. Herb plants that are not organically grown can contain pesticide and herbicide residues. Imported herbs may be fumigated. Synthetic essential oils permeate many products on the market, even creeping into products sold in natural food stores. These essential oils are especially worrisome because they are composed of small molecules that can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled.

Wonderfully aromatic lavender reaching for the sun!

What can people do to help combat this in their community?

As an educator, it is my responsibility to the environment to discuss these issues as much as possible in seminars and on my radio show. As a writer, it is a subject that is often addressed in my books, magazine articles, as well as my AHA Quarterly. I encourage other writers and educators to do the same. The environmental concerns around herbs and essential oils can be controlled by us as consumers when we do become educated and then make choices in what we choose to buy, or not buy. It is our job to spread the word so more people become aware of the facts, verses the fiction. We can all support sustainable products and environmental causes with our money and time. I suggest buying herbs and associated products that have been grown organically and sustainably–or even better–growing your own.  I suggest that my students join United Plant Savers <> and attend their conferences, helping organize carpools and caravans with herb-related stops on the way. 

Are there any projects that you are working on and would like to share?

For a long time, I’ve been studying and working with the local medicinal and edible plants around me, including those that are native to the Sierra. I’m always seeking to learn more and expand my experiences, then share this with my students. For several years, I’ve been working on a book covering the edible and medicinal plants of California.

What do you hope to experience at Rootstalk this first year?

People of like minds coming together to celebrate our plant allies!

What is your favorite plant and why?

This question is too difficult to answer. It’s like asking about a favorite child or friend! When I give herbwalks either in the wild or my garden, I find myself repeatedly saying, “This is one of my favorite plants” depending upon what is in front of me at the time. I see them as a united plant community that come together in different combinations and in so many ways to heal us in body, mind, and spirit.

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For more information about Kathi’s amazing work, visit the Rootstalk website here:

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Congratulations to the Winner!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your herby knowledge and stories with us this week. Lavender sure does have some big fans out there!  

And the randomly selected winner is…

54. organic says:

Hard to choose… I definitely use lavender all the time but another great favorite of mine is yarrow… I love the blue color and properties that match chamomile (another great scent and the German strand is also blue)I grow yarrow in my backyard and come fall I harvest the plant, let it dry and make a pretty dry arrangement for my table. Ingesting it as a tea is pleasant and subtle and easily mixes with other herbs to create herbal flavors of your liking : )

We’ll be in contact to make arrangements for you to receive the prize!

116 Responses to “Meet the Herbalist ~ Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite aromatherapy herb is lavender. I use it in almost all my homemade cleaning products and always have some in a clay container by the bed to help me relax and fall asleep.

  2. avatar chgassen54 says:

    My favorite herb for aromatherapy is lavender as it can be used as the herb itself, say in a muslin bag with oatmeal in the bath or I make lavender water to add to my homemade facial and body cream or in the essential oil. I love the lavender essential oil for bath salts, direct application to facial blemishes (which it clears up almost immediately), as inhaled scent through my aroma lamp, and as a scent and medicinal value in salves and creams.

    What a wonderful interview you did with Kathi, she is truly an amazing woman and one that I would definitely like to emulate. Thank you for these great blogs and keep up the neat work MRH does for their customers and in the community.

  3. avatar Rachael says:

    I love lavender…it’s soothing and extremely versatile! Great interview.

  4. avatar Erin says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome support, chgassen54! Happy to hear you enjoyed the interview and our blog.

    Spring cheers,

  5. avatar Meliss says:

    I also love lavender. It is in most of my cleaning products. The smell always makes me think of spring!

  6. avatar Kathi says:

    I SO agree w/fellow Kathi ;) about favorites!! Impossible to pick….lavender, basil, rosemary, cilantro, culantro, chives……I can’t do it. LOL

  7. avatar anherblady says:

    Thanks for the wonderful interview with Kathi.
    Hard to choose just one herb as a favorite…but use a lot of lavender, tea tree and chamomile. See, I couldn’t pick just one! Cindy

  8. avatar maryhathor says:

    my favorite essential oil is rose otto for hair & skin.

  9. avatar donsqueen says:

    I love the smell of lavender. I am just starting to explore making my own products and learn more about herbs. This book looks like it would be a great start for my personal library.

  10. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Lavender, no question.

  11. avatar Shannon says:

    Right now I am loving the combination of rosemary and lemon for cleaning and scenting.

  12. avatar Jude61 says:

    Wow! What a great interview. I love the smell of eucalyptus oil, it is my favorite. I find it very calming when I am feeling stressed out and over loaded.

    My blog with a comment about the Giveaway is:

  13. avatar ravenro says:

    I like the combo of rosemary and lavender, especially for headaches.

  14. avatar alilcrunchidoula says:

    I love to use peppermint. It is so soothing on achy muscles

  15. avatar alilcrunchidoula says:

    I liked on facebook.

  16. avatar alilcrunchidoula says:

    I retweeted


  17. avatar dancerlil says:

    I love lavender. It’s calming and helps soothe my nerves (I’m on disability with complex issues including a neurological disorder). Many Blessings.

  18. avatar Lunazul says:

    I agree with Kathi on several important points.
    One the importance and effectiveness of using essential oils and herbs for medicine. I have effectively replaced potentially dangerous drugs with essential oils and am not only feeling better, but safer.
    Two, sustainability is a key not only in medicinal herbs and plants for essential oils, but in food production, building, etc.
    And three, I couldn’t pick a favorite herb or essential oil, there are too many I love.
    I would love to win Kathi’s book because I am eager to learn more. I’ve been relying heavily on the Learn More info on the Mt. Rose website and it is fantastic.

  19. avatar ssickler says:

    Great interview! Thank you. Right now I’m using Tea Tree Oil for all my face products I’m making. My skin absolutely loves it! But I just bought some Ylang Ylang and it has such a unique, pleasant smell. I just used it to make a massage oil – can’t wait to try it out :)

  20. avatar Lara Baumann says:

    I love to use frankincense and combine it with lavender or grapefruit. I use it on the burner, in the bath, or in a massage oil. I really like to learn about the healing properties of essential oils.

  21. avatar susie says:

    I love to use lavender in so many of my handmade products; however, I depend so much on peppermint and rosemary for rubbing on my temples for my headaches. I have shared this “Magic Remedy” with so many of my friends. It works so well for me. I would like to learn more about essential oils, as I must be so careful what I use because of my parrot friends.

  22. avatar Casie says:

    “liked” Rootstalk on facebook!

  23. avatar Casie says:

    Following Mnt rose herbs on Twitter!

  24. avatar Casie says:

    I’m new to herbals. Right now I like eucalyptus.

  25. avatar Herbal Teat says:

    I would have to say that Tea Tree is my favorite. It is an amazing antimicrobial and antiviral – shockingly effective against herpes, BV and HPV – and increases the immune response of your skin when used topically. I have healed gouged out tooth enamel with a tea tree mouth wash. This is supposed to be impossible but I swear it’s true! I also have no cavities and relatively healthy gums and I never went to a dentist (until last week and I am 29). I like to believe my tea tree mouthwash helps with this, too. I feel safe for a variety of first aid healthcare needs if I have it on hand. It’s the best!

  26. avatar sanjoe says:

    I’m relatively new to aromatherapy, but find lavender and peppermint are ones I use often.

  27. avatar jayred78 says:

    i would have to say my favorite herb would have to be ling zhi(ganoderma lucidum) i love the way it makes me feel after i brew some up, i even love the way i hate the HORRIFIC taste

    as for my primary environmental concern, i feel the circulation of fecal matter, mutagenic material and pharmaceutical waste, through important mediums such as the food chain and the water cycle, i have no clue what can be done about this(besides halting the creation of such things) and it just scares me to think about the horrible things in “MODERN FOOD” i liked rootstalk

  28. avatar smzeledon says:

    My favorite is organic French lavender oil. I put a drop under my jaw bone for fresh breath. I also use it for headaches. I put a few drops on a hot wash cloth and put the wash cloth over my face when I have headaches. Nevertheless, I am trying to learn about new uses for essential oils.

  29. avatar sissymase says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite herb…in fact it is downright impossible! I love the earthiness of Vetiver, Sage, Patchouli (I think I spelled that wrong), Black Pepper, Francinsense & Neroli. Yet the girly side of me enjoys Blue Tansy, Helichrysium, Rose, Roman Chamomile, & Jasmine. I could roll in fields of Basil & be tickled pink! heheheee
    What a great person to have interviewed! Oh Kathi if only I could have a smattering of what you know running around in my brain…I would be that much closer to being a wise useful woman & healer. Your book would be a definite bonus to my meager collection & a great resource. I can always use more essential oils!!!

  30. avatar christineofthecoast says:

    I really love lemon. It’s warming and refreshing, grounding and uplifting, all at the same time. I often use it as an addition to Rosemary’s Perfect Cream recipe : )

  31. avatar Kyla says:

    My favorite it defintely lavender. I just love the scent and it has so many uses.

  32. avatar jancr57 says:

    My favorite is patchouli. It reminds me of incense, a warm, comforting smell. It’s earthy. It’s so relaxing that I just want to be in a field, lying under the warm sun. It’s my favorite stress reliever.

  33. avatar jaded79 says:

    Hard to pick just one… but I would have to say eucalyptus oil. Can’t live without it during cold & flu season! Also use a lot of lavendar, peppermint & rosemary oils. And I LOVE Mountain Rose Herbs!

  34. avatar jaxthelorax says:

    One of my favorites is lavender. It is wonderful in herbal shampoo and a soothing addition to herbal tea. When I want to relax I use essential oil in a diffuser so it permeates the room.

  35. avatar Jennifer says:

    I am new to essential oils, so I don’t have a lot of experience with them. I recently made lip balm with orange and lavender, so I would have to say they are my favorite. I would love to learn more about them with this book and kit!

  36. avatar Jennifer says:

    I left a comment on the Green Spring Clean post, but I have no idea how to leave a tag…so I’m hoping this kind of counts for that?!

  37. avatar theholistichick says:

    Lavender is a hands down winner! Especially in handmade soap…

    I gave a more detailed answer and a shout out for your contest over at my blog:

  38. avatar GabyMama says:

    Hello, And thank you for the opportunity to win this great set. I use a lot of different oils for aromatherapy (diffused or in body sprays, cleaning products, body products) and I have to say my hands down favorite is lavender. I love its smell, but also how versatile it is. You can use it for so many different things! And because I have a baby, I also love that it is the least allergen oils of all, I can use it in his body products (I make a body oil for him with olive oil and lavender oil). Good luck to all!

  39. avatar ayurvegan says:

    I love too many to list, but as I am learning Ayurveda I realize that with my predominate Dosha, sandalwood suits best for my high “fire” days shall we say.haha. It makes sense, throughout the years of using sandalwood lotions and incense, soaps and now aromatherapy, it definitely suits me well. Though I am also VERY big on Clary Sage. Excellent article!

  40. avatar AlyBlu says:

    I love Patchouli. It is deeply soothing to me and is a wonderful addition to personal care products. It blends well with so many other oils, yet is awesome all on its own

  41. avatar perfectskincareforyou says:

    I love lavender and rosemary….they are extremely soothing for me….

  42. avatar Denise says:

    I love peppermint

  43. avatar kittykat13 says:

    I LOVE lavender! I enjoy using it many of my homemade cleaning and cosmetic products. I also like to use tea tree oil for cleaning.

  44. avatar says:

    my fav has to be citrus bergamia, bergamot, love using it during the winter to help with SAD. I also love the taste in a good cup of earl grey tea!

    so many great essential oils also partial to lavender (high altitude) and rosemary

  45. avatar Pimpinella says:

    Thanks for the wonderful interview with Kathi. My favorite aromatherapy herb is lavender. I use lavender oil at home as an antiseptic for wounds and pain reliever for minor burns and insect bites and stings. I also prefer lavender all my cleaning products. I love lavender smells and remind me spring, summer, flowers….

  46. avatar Huckleberry says:

    My favorite is the flowering herb, CALENDULA :) It has proved so effective to me. I usually buy it from my local health-food stire in a gel tube, but I am most interested in being able to learn how to make a Calendula salve, ointment, gel, spray — you name it! — on my own, homemade. I use it for any skin ailment, rash, burn, acne, irritation, bug bite, cut, swelling, etc…. it really works! Using it turned me into a believer in homeopathic treatments, I no longer am deceived into buying conventional or main stream or petroleum-based products. I still have so much to learn and I hope I will be selected to win the tickets. I would benefit so much from Kathi’s instruction, not only for my knowledge and use, but because I passionately love to teach my friends and family about the wonderful medicinal uses of herbs and such. I don’t have the opportunity in my circumstances to purchase tickets, I would be over-joyed and super appreciative if I was selected to join such bearers of wonderful information as Kathi, at Rootstalk festival! i would be a most avid and attentive student, who in turn would spread the “love” and wealth of info to others :) Meeting the herbalist would also be invaluable to me as I am working on creating vegan bath soaps and body&lip balms and salves, the ingredients of which I only would trust purchasing from Mountain Rose Herbs, as they are by-and-large the best, most conscientious company I have found in my research to Organic & Wildcrafted herbs from. In this day and age of pollutants all around us, how important it truly is to know how to feed our skin with such pure nutrients as we would want to feed our bodies. Thank you so much! ((Hugs)) Lauren

  47. avatar SpaLady says:

    I love lavender. I have a little bag next to my bed, a bunch in my office, a spray for my linen and I use it a lot in aroma massages.
    I hope to win the book and kit. I have the book at home from the local library after waiting a long time, as it is very popular.

  48. avatar CandiceErika says:

    I have to go with the group and say lavender. I use it for just about everything from cuts and scrapes to calming down hyper dogs. My dream is to go to Provence to see fields of lavender swaying in the breeze. Tried growing it once. I managed to get one flower before frost killed it.

  49. avatar arectortn says:

    Loved the interview! One of my (many) favorite herbs is lavender. It has so many healing properties – I use it constantly!

  50. avatar arectortn says:

    I liked Rootstock on Facebook

  51. avatar arianneg says:

    Orange is one of my favorite aromatherapy applications. It cleanses, brightens, and uplifts the spirit. All healing plants posess their own unique specialness though.

  52. avatar kmagno says:

    Tough question…it changes with the seasons…chamomile, peppermint, and orange are a fav right now.

  53. avatar organic says:

    Hard to choose… I definitely use lavender all the time but another great favorite of mine is yarrow… I love the blue color and properties that match chamomile (another great scent and the German strand is also blue)I grow yarrow in my backyard and come fall I harvest the plant, let it dry and make a pretty dry arrangement for my table. Ingesting it as a tea is pleasant and subtle and easily mixes with other herbs to create herbal flavors of your liking : )

  54. avatar npeters says:

    I love the usual suspects, lavender, anything citrus, but I heart real rose essential oil. So soft and floral.

  55. avatar Kallista says:

    Difficult question, I must say!

    Personally, always loved two essentials:

    Orange – helps me wake up in the morning better than any coffee and I find the scent uplifting and inspiring. Always the ‘pick me up’ of choice.

    Rose – deep floral aroma, perfect to relax and calm. Not to mention, it’s been great in salves for my sensitive and attention-demanding skin :)

    Thank you for the interview, was a pleasure to read!

  56. avatar daythyme says:

    Patchouli essential oil has always been a very comforting aroma for me. There’s something about the woody-earthy scent that calms and soothes.

  57. avatar Hannah says:

    I love lavender too, but recently purchased eucalyptus oil and LOVE it for its many benefits.

  58. avatar Hannah says:

    I am following @mtnroseherbs & retweeted!

  59. avatar cynpurple says:

    I love lavender. I buy all my cleaning products with the scent of lavender if I can. Natural cleaners of course. I also have some growing around my property.

  60. avatar LostRose says:

    I think I’ll have to go with the slightly musky-sweet scent of Calendula for when I need some quick relaxation and Bergamot for uplifting. I really wish I could go to Rootstalk, it’s just so far away.

  61. avatar Vicki B says:

    Both my husband and I LOVE lavender! It is so calming and I love the antiseptic properties.

  62. avatar Vicki B says:

    I “liked” Rootstalk on Facebook!

  63. avatar honeysuckle says:

    I’d have to go with lavender, it is so versitile. My mom has much better luck growing it in her garden than I do. For essential oil my very favorite is neroli. Love, love, love it!!

  64. avatar karey.p says:

    I find lavender to be my favorite. It’s calming and puts me in a good mood.

  65. avatar lindaj says:

    i can’t choose just one scent – I love them ALL! citrus – tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime, for a lift to the spirits, as well as cleaning; lavender for soothing; pine, spruce, sandalwood, sage, and other woodsy ones for my husband’s aftershave, eucalyptus and mints for air freshening, carnation, rose, angelica, for a romantic delicate scent, and am experimenting for a safe pest repellent for my dogs, and around the house – lavender and mint will repel japanese beetles!

    • avatar oliveoil54 says:

      I agree with Ms Keville in that it is very hard to pick a favorite. They all do so much. I like to use them in cleaning my home as well as medicinally. Spring and Summer I enjoy all of the citrus oils: orange, lemon,grapefruit, etc..
      I use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. I have used lavender on a wound my Bo dog had with great success. Tea Tree works excellent on tics. Fall, I like to diffuse cinnamon and cloves. It makes my home very cozy. Winter time I diffuse cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus and others to help during flu season. There is virtually nothing that oils cannot be used for that doesn’t effect us emotionally, physically, spiritually.

  66. avatar Ginger E. says:

    It is so good to have an opportunity for this giveaway. One of my current favorites is lavender. Remember reading, “When in doubt use lavender.” I am using MR lavender to make lavender tea and using lavender essential oil neat on some nicks and scrapes from gardening without gloves. And I use lavender essential oil in a diffuser from time to time. Lavender is so easily used and can be used in so many ways. One thing especially nice about lavender is it can be safely recommended to a person who is newly introduced to herbs and essential oils. If I had to choose only one essential oil it would have to be lavender. There are many herbs and oils that I have enjoyed but for the present I’ll say lavender is my current favorite.

  67. avatar smb says:

    In wintertime I diffuse oil of citronella on a shelf where the breeze hits it when the front door opens. It makes the house seem cheerful and warm to anyone coming indoors, and for people inside when the door opens the cold coming in also feels positive, a breath of fresh air, a promise of summer.

    I’m a newbie reader, thanks for the terrific interview.

  68. avatar RainbowMom says:

    My favorites vary depending on the season but right now I really love Lavender all the time and right now with colds and coughs going around I love Euclyptus.

  69. avatar kimsalerno says:

    it is hard to decide, but i never get tired of patchouli, especially for bodycare products…..

  70. avatar kimsalerno says:

    follow you on twitter and retweeted about giveaway

  71. avatar jeam says:

    Oh, I love so many! Like those who have responded before me, lavender is always at the top of the list. Since I was a young child, I was drawn to its scent; around the age of 7 or 8, I made my dad a little sachet full of lavender to sleep with under his pillow because of his complaints about not being able to sleep.

    My other current favorite is lemon! There’s something about the fresh, clean scent that is reinvigorating! I’m always trying to explain the difference between the “chemicalized” lemon and lemon essential oil to friends!

  72. avatar perfectskincareforyou says:

    ‘Like’ the rootstalk on facebook: Swati Murti

  73. avatar julie says:

    I love adding peppermint to our homemade laundry detergent. It just makes it seem that much more fresh and clean!

  74. avatar b12now says:

    I love chamomile because it helps me relax and sleep…very calming.

  75. avatar lesinfin says:

    I love rosemary!
    I wrote a poem about it on my blog:
    Also, I love your blog! I added you to my “Blog Love” blog roll.
    Happy Monday!

  76. avatar bubblybern says:

    “liked” Rootstalk on facebook!

  77. avatar greendragon42 says:

    My two favorites are lavender and mint because it reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

  78. avatar frankozi says:

    My favorite is lavender, cuz it fixes everything!!!!

  79. avatar Diana says:

    Lavender…for years it has been our go to herb. Daughters skinned knee – lavender. Ouch, an oven burn – lavender (after icing). Cranky baby – lavender bath. Itchy back – a balm made with lavender. Home made cleaning products – Lavender (makes me happy too). Sick room – lavender!

  80. avatar soundsabsurd says:

    I really like Basil and Holy Basil. Sometimes I find one with chocolate overtones. Frankinsence is always very calming to me as well.

  81. avatar cleverk9s says:

    Love so many, but commonly used are lavendar, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, geranium, and eucalyptus. Love my essential oils and would LOVE to get the book and the kit!!!

  82. avatar marmichla says:

    I have several favorites, the obvious ones: Lavender for all things cleansing and fresh, tea tree for utility and medicinal use. Rosemary for cleaning and hair rinse. Frankincense for calming and meditation. My FAVORITE favorite is Neroli. It is the most uplifting fragrance and it is wonderful in face creams and oils. One whiff and I am back in my childhood sitting in an orange grove with bees buzzing and the air scented with orange blossoms…

  83. avatar mmedina says:

    My favorite is clarey sage for aromatheapy…it just makes me happy..Grapefruit is another good’s so refreshing and uplifting..

  84. avatar kswanson says:

    I am going to have to step away from the crowd and say that I hardly like lavender at all. My favorite is actually sandalwood. I find it to be very calming and earthy. I use tea tree and peppermint the most. I don’t know too many other ones….

  85. avatar agirlandherrobot says:

    Peppermint always lifts me out of a funk. I couldn’t live without it.

    I loved the interview!

  86. avatar agirlandherrobot says:

    I like Rootstalk on facebook.

  87. avatar carmenj says:

    Lots of favorites. With out them all I wouldn’t be able to move much less clean. I do have to say that lavender has got to be up there in the nosebleed seats because you can use it for just about everything.

  88. avatar PucaandPixie says:

    I love the combination of basil and lemon. I am not a morning person, but this combination is so refreshing and energizing.

    • avatar Ghita says:

      My favorite is always changing…in the past it has been rose, sandalwood, lavender, ylang ylang, cistus… the moment I am in love with Neroli, it makes me happy and reminds me of when I lived in Central Florida surrounded by orange groves; the scent of the blossoms were intoxicating at night.

  89. avatar cat says:

    I like lavender, lemon and mint – I use those three in most things I make.

  90. avatar vrtish55 says:

    Tea Tree Oil is one that we use in our household a lot, plus Lavender helps us relax and benefit greatly from its uses.

  91. avatar jwebb721 says:

    I liked the Facebook page! Oh, and one of my many favorites is Clove.

  92. avatar daniellaroses says:

    Hello fellow herb lovers! Thank you for the fantastic interview! My favorite essential oils have got to be lavender (relaxation), rose geranium (gorgeous smell and far less expensive than the real deal) and the citrus oils. When citrus is out of season, I use lemon or orange essential oils when flavoring cakes, pies and sweetbreads! It works beautifully.

  93. avatar LizR says:

    Vetiver…Woody: earthy-weedy with a wet impression and a sweet undertone. It is incredibly relaxing and literally cool to this Pitta mind and body; has chill-out properties. It is soothing to my nervous soul and system.

  94. avatar ladywalker says:

    pinion pine. there’s some serious fairy-tale-magic in that scent. & there’s little more wonderful than watching someone catch a whiff from my small brown bottle — a look comes over their face like “oh! now i remember magic & nature.”

  95. avatar Bernadette says:

    I love anything that is earthy and woodsy smelling like sage. It reminds me of being in the outdoors which is calming for me. I also love lavender for a natural way to fall asleep.

  96. [...] need to comment on your favorite herb for aromatherapy and post it on your blog and/or comment on their blog. Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favorite sources for dried herbs, they have grown so much and [...]

  97. avatar lazy-composter says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, lavender. Here’s my love letter to you:

  98. avatar renewoman says:

    I use lavender, grapefruit and patchouli when I make soaps (not together), but I make infused oils using comfrey and calendula when I make salves. I make thieves vinegar for cleaning. Love, love, LOVE my herbs and oils!!

  99. avatar gentlemel says:

    Thanks for the great interview! As a massage therapist, aromatherapy is my favourite part of the sessions. I get to benefit from the oils as much as my clients do! I use a variety oils, (all so wonderful!) based on what people need to balance their elements.

    My overall favourite would be bergamot. I get a lot of people who feel burnout, exhausted or mentally overloaded. Bergamot (with a lil’ help from its citrus sisters – tangerine, lime or sweet orange…and maybe a hint of vanilla…. :) helps bring some grace into their frenzied mind & pace. It never fails to soothe, uplift and bring a gentle wave of peace in. ‘It’s alright…it really is alright.’ says bergamot. :)

  100. avatar Chel says:

    Thank you for your interview with Kathi Keville. It is so wonderful to learn from our experts from such varied distances.
    I love how much extra info I can learn from something like this. The references in the interview were very helpful for a newcomer like me, but all the information in the replys was amazing! I want to print them out and make some notes on what folks are using for cleaning, and skin, and energy, and all the ways people love to use lavendar has me thinking about putting more in the front garden! I love when the dogs run through it and them come in the house.
    My favorite herb up till now has always been basil because it is so pungent and happy smelling and pulling out pesto in mid winter can transport me right out into the garden on a warm summer day. I love smells and am lucky to have no plant allergies so anything fragrant is my personal favorite as I pass it. I love planting frangrant herbs and just realized that I can’t think of one plant that is fragrant that isn’t beneficial in some way… I am a new, but forever fan of Mountain Rose Herbs!

  101. It’s a tie between peppermint and lavender… We use lavender for just about everything but there is nothing quite like the power of some peppermint oil on a compress when you have a bad headache! Wonderful interview – many thanks!!

  102. avatar sherrye says:

    I so,so, love lavender.I am new to essential oils but I do love lavender in with my bath salts and in the bath area especially.It smells so wonderful thru the whole house.And I have read that it also prevents mildew in the bath!! I would so love to win this as my income is very limited as I cannot work due to a health condition that I am trying to turn around using herbs and natural products.I am very interested in learning about herbs and essential oils and would love to be considered for this prize.Thank you so much!!

  103. avatar Cheri says:

    I’m partial to lavender. It is soothing and well…pretty!

  104. avatar RubyDragon says:

    My favorite aromatherapy herb is peppermint. I use it in shampoo, soap, lotion, lip balm, oil burner, tea, flavoring foods and anything else I can thing of!

  105. avatar LivingAsOfTheDay says:

    I love Lavender baths. They are so relaxing!

  106. avatar LivingAsOfTheDay says:

    I liked Rootstalk on FB.

  107. avatar LivingAsOfTheDay says:

    My biggest concerns are tainted water and tainted food. GMOs and oil spills really get my blood boiling for my kids future and my own present.

  108. avatar OnlyEssentials says:

    What’s my favorite aromatherapy oil? Do I have to have just one? I have 3. Lavender, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange. I love the versatility of these oils. They do many wonderful things from mood enhancement to their healing properties in lotions, creams and soaps and their cleaning properties when I make laundry soap or spray cleanser for the kitchen. These are my three mainstays, I can’t live without them!

  109. avatar ssnakelady says:

    i appreciate your concerns in the interview.I have concerns that are simular. GM foods are a concern to me. Chem trails that paint our skies and slowly poison our food sources are a big concern to me.
    my favorite essential oil is Oregano. It purifies the air. Great for the common cold. Love to use it with a carrier oil to massage on sore muscles.

  110. avatar mom2nine says:

    It’s hard to choose just one favorite! I love lavender because it smells so wonderful and can be used safely for so many things but I also use eucalyptus a lot, especially during the cold and flu season.

  111. avatar riddicksgirl says:

    I am new to the herbal and essential oil life style, and i do consider it a life style. My fav so far is a mixture of lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus oil mix with a carrier oil in a handy roll on tube. I use it for migrains, roll a little on my temples, between my eyes and on the back of my neck, put a hot moist towel over my face and pull the black out curtains in my bedroom after drinking a nice infusion of willow bark and ginger. I swear it works wonders with out the nasty side effects that I experienced with prescription meds. So soothing and relaxing. I also swear by tea tree oil for my dogs hot spots. The whole world of herbal medicine is so very educational and awe inspireing to me that I want to learn as much as I can just so I can help my family in the most natural and healthy way possiable. Thank you so much for the fantastic interview.

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