Getting Organized: Storage Options for the Home Herbalist

With a new year, many of us resolve to get organized! Sort out those closets, finally get the hooks and shelves up in the garage, and, maybe, bring order to the chaos that is the spice, tea, herb, and tincture cupboard. Working around all of these wonderful, fresh, organic herbs means my cupboards at home are brimming with bags and boxes just like many of you and I'm determined to get things organized. Fortunately, there are so many helpful options for bringing about the tidy… Space Saving Stacking Jars For those with little cabinet or shelf space, these stackable spice jars are life savers! They are solidly made so they can be stacked as high as needed, interlocking and sleek. They have […]

The Sunday Steep!

  One of my favorite ways to consume nourishing herbs is by way of an infusion. Really, a cup of tea is a type of infusion, but when I think of an infusion, I generally think of something a little more than tea – steeped longer and made with my health or mental state in mind. While taste is important, it isn't the primary motivation for creating an infusion for me! I prefer to make infusions by the quart jar. This way, I can take a jar with me to work or have around the house and sip throughout the day. It is a wonderful way to stay hydrated while ingesting beneficial herbs, vitamins, and nutrition. My coworker, Mason, is also a […]

Homemade Herbal Dog Treats

  Many dog treats on the market today are mainly composed of flour and low nutrient foods. With the recent addition of a puppy dog into my life, who really appreciates treats, I’ve taken to making some of my own puppy treats with some of the same wholesome ingredients I love. I’ve been reading Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care for a while now and picking through information to formulate special herbal blends for my furry friend. The herbal blend I use in this recipe is intended to be consumed at least once daily during times of stress in order to help support Fido's strong and healthy immune system. Baking a healthy treat is a great way to administer herbal supplements in your […]

Monthly Specials: What’s on Sale at Mountain Rose?

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DIY Beauty: Nourishing Skin Serum

  Growing up, I was fed this beauty myth that oily skin is bad. The cosmetics industry pushes the use of really harsh, drying soaps and products that strip natural oils to help you get rid of shine. However, those oils actually help protect delicate skin! This can result in overly dry and rough skin, rather than soft and supple. Really what you want is skin-loving oils like the serum recipe below paired with a nice, gentle astringent like Wild Rose Facial Toner or Rose Hydrosol for a balanced regimen. Using natural plant oils is a wonderful way to help nourish, replenish, and plump skin cells. Some of my favorites are organic rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and tamanu oil. I love how quickly they absorb […]

Stories from the Herbal Path: Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

  A few weeks ago I ventured up to the National College of Natural Medicine with our Domestic Farms Rep, Anna, for the sixth annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering. What a lovely event! This was my second year attending PPMG, so I knew I could expect a fantastic time. We kicked it off Friday evening with a fun and inspiring keynote from the one and only Robin Rose Bennett. She had us sing while she drummed on a djembe, and we honored the four directions. She then flowed right into an uplifting discourse about herbalism and its importance as a healing modality. We both came away from the keynote feeling uplifted and inspired. If you ever get a chance to […]