Monthly Specials: What’s on Sale at Mountain Rose?

  Oooh! Check it out!  Some of our most beloved herbs and favorite botanical products are on sale this month! Click here to enjoy 15-50% off selected sale items from Mountain Rose Herbs until 3/31/2015.    

We Won AHPA’s Herbal Industry Leader Award!

  We're back from sunny California with a great honor in hand! Mountain Rose Herbs was named the 2015 Herbal Industry Leader Award recipient by the American Herbal Products Association at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California last week.  We were thrilled to be recognized by our peers for going beyond normal business practices to advance the herbal industry. The efforts highlighted include our sustainability programs, a strict focus on organic agriculture, ethical sourcing, elevating the quality and identity of our botanical products, support of environmental conservation and organic advocacy groups, and sharing free herbal information through social media and community events. We were also acknowledged for our participation in the Osha Sustainability Study.   “Receiving this recognition from AHPA and the herbal industry is a huge honor for Mountain […]

We Love These Organic Skin Creams!

We are excited to share that our handcrafted Organic Skin Creams have a beautiful new look. Don't worry though, none of these classic formulas have changed! Each jar is still made with organic oils that are now Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. These luscious creams have been a Mountain Rose Herbs favorite for decades. Our talented staff in the herb kitchen have been handcrafting these creams in small batches to create the freshest cream available, all completely free of synthetics, chemicals, and preservatives, but filled with pure botanical goodness. Your skin will feel the difference! Rich and nourishing, these were formulated as facial creams, but why stop there! They also make a wonderful body lotion and moisturizer for dry spots. The scented options will lightly perfume your skin while […]

Farm Stories: A Look at Root Harvesting Techniques

  The life of a root is born from its seed into an environment teeming with microbiology, loaded with organic matter, and abounding with nutrients. That soil protects it from the elements while a caretaker sporting rubber boots delivers precious water throughout the summer. To reach maturity it may be a season or two of dormancy followed by vibrancy. A root is the sole contributor to the lush foliage which is its only connection to the outside world, the photosynthetic life-force.  One of my earliest memories on my family’s farm was picking Echinacea purpurea roots out of a field with a dusting of snow. My siblings and I worked alongside workers and a handful of neighbors who turned up to help us “save” the harvest […]

Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden: How to Start Seeds

Starting herbs from seed can seem a little daunting! While we may be used to starting some summer vegetables in the window sill, the idea of starting yarrow, lavender or arnica plants from seed may seem a little mysterious. It doesn’t have to be. Like other plants, you just need to give them what they need and soon you will have a garden overflowing with all your favorite medicinal and aromatic friends! It helps to know a little bit about how the plants grow in their natural environment, as this will guide the seed propagation. Some seeds need cold to germinate while others crave some warmth and luxury. Some plants, like Catnip, like to be planted where they are to grow […]

The Sunday Steep!

  It can be tempting to go to the same tried and true "tea" herbs again and again when creating pots of tea. Organic mints, chamomile, and trusty blends all come to mind. There are some wonderful herbal ingredients, however, that one doesn't always think of when it comes to crafting a tasty herbal brew. Visions of a freshly harvested, wild, spring salad influenced this tea recipe and it is made up of some wonderful plants for a little nourishment! This tea has a light, leafy flavor.    Wild Salad Tea 1 teaspoon organic Dandelion leaf, dried 1 teaspoon Watercress, dried 1 teaspoon organic Violet leaf, dried 1/2 teaspoon organic Sunflower petals, dried 1/2 teaspoon organic Sheep Sorrel, dried Combine all the herbs in a tea infuser, nest, strainer […]