Monthly Specials: What’s on Sale at Mountain Rose?

July has so much to offer! Enjoy discounts on a selection of our essential oils, bulk herbs, natural body care goodies, teas, and our much beloved Tea-To-Go glass travel infuser this month only!  Click here to enjoy 15%-30% off selected sale items until 7/31/2015!  

How We Give Back to the Land

    It’s such a treat when our employees have the opportunity to travel off campus and see first-hand the projects and organizations that Mountain Rose Herbs supports. Plus, when we volunteer on the land, we get to put our hands in the dirt – and on this occasion, wade in the water! In early June, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the McKenzie River Trust invited us to Green Island, which is their largest protected property. The 1,100 acre tract is located at the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. Restoring the floodplain forest is crucial to enhancing habitat on the property for native wildlife. So we piled in two cars and struck out early to participate in another Mountain Rose River […]

DIY Herbal Hair Care: Detangler & Anti-Frizz Spray Recipe

  Tangled hair and tired of it? Have you tried all of the fancy spritzes and sprays out there?  Ready to make your own and customize the scent?  Well, we have the perfect herbal recipe for you!   When applied to wet hair, the mucilaginous quality of organic marshmallow root mixed with aloe vera gel will coat, soften, and help smooth out those knots, making it much easier to brush through those otherwise difficult to manage manes. This mixture will also help flatten out and tame a bed head, giving you perfect, soft, shiny and ready-to-go hair within just minutes of rolling out of dreamland.     "Tame the Mane" Detangler Spray Ingredients: 2 TBSP organic marshmallow root  2 cup water 2 TBSP aloe vera gel  20 drops organic lavender essential oil  10 drops organic rosemary essential oil  Optional: 1 TBSP organic argan oil, jojoba oil, or avocado […]

Farm Stories: Cultivation of Our Precious Medicinal Plants

  In the realm of herbal products, there are many wild plant species subject to overharvest, misidentification, contamination of other harmful species, and a host of quality control issues. To alleviate some of these problems, Mountain Rose Herbs invested in cultivation projects of certain problem products. Sometime during the 1970s, herbal industry pioneers collected Echinacea purpurea seeds from wild populations and painstaking efforts were made to cultivate and hand collect every last seed. It took a number of years before enough seed was being produced to grow a substantial crop. Over the following few decades, work with varietal selection and plant breeding was preformed to improve genetics, constituent levels, and yields. This idea of domesticating and improving plants is something that humans have been doing since the […]

The Sunday Steep!

  Sometimes, the best tea is the simplest. While many of us know of Plantain as a good and readily-available herb for wounds and skin abrasions, it also makes a very useful tea containing Vitamins A and C and also calcium. I like the simple combination of Plantain Leaf and Peppermint Leaf for a cooling, refreshing cup of gentle medicine. So easy, but so tasty too! The recipe below is for dried herbs, but since both of these plants are so plentiful this time of year (most of us have Plantain growing in our yards), you could definitely make a fresh leaf version of this… Plantain & Peppermint Tea 1 Tablespoon organic Plantain Leaf 1 Tablespoon organic Peppermint Leaf Combine herbs in a strainer, infuser, […]

3 New Combination Extracts!

  We are happy to add three new blends to our line of combination extracts: Berry Care Extract, Hawthorn Care Extract, and Mushroom Care Extract. Our new Berry Care Extract contains wildharvested maqui and hawthorn berries, as well as certified organic bilberries. All of us can use more berry power in our lives. These fleshy treasure troves of wellness offer us a natural source of antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanosides that are present in the deep pigments of the fruit. In addition to these health-enhancing benefits, this is also one of the best tasting extracts that we have! Our Hawthorn Care Extract was formerly known as our BP Care extract, and still contains the same formula of wildharvested Hawthorn berries, and certified organic Milky Oat […]