DIY Spring Aroma Sprays

Spring Aroma: Out to Play


Spring is upon us and with it comes many adventures from cleaning out all the nooks and crannies of your home to long road trips exploring faraway trails.   When I’m coming out of winter blues I need something to help reawaken my spirits, refresh my mind, and help me smell wonderful on the go!  I sat down with our lovely aromatherapist Christine Guerts to put together some spring aroma blends for each moment of this blossoming season.

Each of these recipes produces just a small amount, a test batch let’s say. If you have been dabbling your toes in the aromatherapy world, this will be a fun opportunity to play around with making a small test batch and then multiplying it for a recipe of your choice.  Below each of the recipes is a suggested use for the blend – by no means are those suggestions the limitations of this scent!  Enjoy them however you’d like, use each recipe in a different way, or try all of the blends and pick your favorite to use in all of these recipes.

Recipe 1: Out to Play

A sweet and playful blend bound to excite the senses.  Benzoin is a cost effective replacement for vanilla in recipes and excellent for gentle DIY skin care products. The fruity carrot seed and sweet orange combination make this an exciting and delightful blend, perfect for wearing on your body, especially during sunny adventures!


4 drops organic Benzoin essential oil

4 drops organic Sweet Orange essential oil

3 drops organic Carrot Seed essential oil

Suggested use: Great as a solid perfume or mixed with jojoba oil in a roll top bottle which can be found here.  If you want to make a solid perfume, you can follow our balm base recipe here and simply replace the organic essential oil blend with the Out to Play recipe, multiplying the ingredient measurements above by 7.  If blending for a roll top bottle, make sure your essential oil blend doesn’t constitute more than 1-2% of your total blend.  This means in a 1 oz bottle you would want no more than 6-12 drops of essential oil. If you have questions or want to learn more about converting drops to ml to oz you can check out our handy conversion guide!


Spring Aroma:  Soft Cleansing


Recipe 2: Soft Clean Breeze

This is a soft smelling and cleansing combination of powerful citrus laced with the delicately spicy nutmeg, topped off with a touch of fresh fir needle.


5 drops organic Lavender essential oil

6 drops organic Grapefruit essential oil

4 drops organic Fir Needle essential oil

1 drop organic Nutmeg essential oil

Suggested use: This blend will work great as an air freshener.  A perfect way to diffuse essential oils in your car is by using one of our Terra Cotta Pendant Diffusers. Simply place a couple drops of this blend onto a pendant and enjoy the luxurious car scents for weeks to come!


Recipe 3: Awakening

A wonderfully sharp and penetrating combination of petitgrain, uplifting rosemary, with balancing and energizing eucalyptus. Great for pulling your spirits right out of that winter muck.


5 drops organic Petitgrain (combave or regular) essential oil

3 drops organic Rosemary essential oil

2 drop organic Eucalyptus essential oil

Suggested use: Drip oils together in a glass spray bottle and mix by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands. Pour 1 oz organic witch hazel extract to the top of the bottle and shake well. Spray in the air or on the body when in need of a smile.


Recipe 4:  Spring Flowers

A royal blend of floral scents because nothing says “spring!” like blossoming flowers! If you are lucky enough to have both of these luxurious essential oils around your house, get ready for a treat.  If you have one or the other or don’t want to overindulge on your essential oil collection, you can replace lavender for either of these floral oils to create an impressive scent, sure to please guests from far off lands.


4 drops organic Neroli essential oil

2 drops Jasmine Absolute esssential

Suggested use: In a diffuser of your choice, add 1-2 drops at a time of the blend and diffuse per the instructions. Enjoy!

 Spring Aroma:  Awaken and Floral blends

12 Responses to “DIY Spring Aroma Sprays”

  1. avatar Wendy says:

    To my knowledge benzion is also an ingredient used in adhesives for bandages and in medical facilities to help bandages stick to the skin. Do you know if this is that same ingredient? I am very allergic to the benzoin that is used as an adhesive compound. Is there an alternative to using this in the first recipe?

    • avatar Alieta says:

      Hi there Wendy,

      Thanks so much for reading this post. If you have had a bad reaction with benzoin in any form in the past I would not experiment with using it as an essential oil, since this is a very concentrated form. Vanilla would be a excellent replacement for Benzoin and you can find that here: Hope that helps, happy blending! – Alieta

  2. avatar Anita McCorvey says:

    Hi. I called a few weeks ago regarding Rhassoul Clay. Do you have it?205-422-4199

    • avatar Kori says:

      Hi Anita~We currently have Rhassoul Clay in the 55 pound quantity and you can find it on our website. We expect to have the smaller quantities back in stock in the next week or so. Thanks so much for your interest! ~Kori

  3. I wonder if you make custom perfumes. I want something that combines jasmine and gardenia, and intense “Oriental” notes. Looking at your perfume oils, I am not sure that any exactly fit. My daughter gave me a Versace perfume for Mother’s Day but which has jasmine, but I would like something more exotic and intense.

    • avatar Kori says:

      Hi Juliana~Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Alas, we do not make custom perfumes, but it sounds like a wonderful project! Perhaps, you might find our books on aromatherapy useful in your quest. It is such a vast and wonderful world of scents! Good luck ~Kori

  4. avatar Kitty Pevey says:

    Hi, I am looking for a formulation that would help repel viruses and bacteria as I travel with an infant and a 3 year old. We will be in more than one airport. I think having it in a small spray bottle where I can spray my 3 year olds hands will be most helpful. Thank you for any advice.

    • avatar Alieta says:

      Hi there Kitty,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, as an herbal distributor we are unable to provide you with any medical advice, due to regulations. Specifically, we are not able to suggest dosages, nutrition, or any information regarding the prevention or treatment of conditions. The FDA prohibits our organization from offering this sort of advice.
      My best suggestion would be to check with a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine which of our products would be best for your particular needs. This is important for determining the safest and most effective way to take herbal products. You may also wish to peruse our selection of medicinal herbal books, which you can find online here:
      You might take particular interest in Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals by Stephan Harrod Buhner I hope that helps you along the way Kitty, have a nice day! ~ Alieta

  5. avatar sarah says:

    I wanted to use a roll top bottle and jojoba oil with the out to play recipe. However my bottle only holds 10 ml. How many drops do you recommend of the oil mixture?

    • avatar Kori says:

      Hi Sarah~ Ah! I see you are trying to throw a math problem our way :) Since Alieta suggests 6-12 total drops of essential oils per 1 ounce of carrier oil, and 10 ML is about 1/3 of a fluid ounce, you would want to use 2-4 drops of essential oils. (about 1/3 of the amount for 1 ounce.) I do hope this helps and good luck! ~Kori

  6. Would you please send me a list of the herbs y I u sell as well as a price list.

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