Since the City of Eugene’s plastic bag ban went into effect May 1, 2013, we’ve been giving away organic totes to customers who pick up their orders at our showroom. We’re giving away a total of 500 reusable,100% organic cotton bags! I sincerely hope that the City of Eugene will inspire others to reject single-use plastic bags and adopt practices to reduce and reuse waste.

Featuring our new Support Organic Agriculture design, these bags offer a perfect way to celebrate our dedication to recycling, reusing, and phasing out harmful materials from the waste stream.

Plastic bags have long been favored by retailers and consumers for their light weight and durability, but this convenience has come at a high cost to the environment. Produced from non-renewable fossil fuels, these bags take hundreds of years to decompose and often find their way out of the landfill, littering our neighborhoods, killing marine animals, and draining economic resources to clear them out of our cities and waterways.

Although paper bags are often thought of as more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts, they too are a serious environmental nuisance. Millions of trees are cut down every year to produce paper bags, and the energy utilized to make, transport, and recycle them is greater than plastic.

As we strive for sustainability in all of our products and practices, we invite you to join us by using reusable tote bags for your shopping needs. Making this commitment helps protect our precious ecosystems!